April 13, 2006

headed home

Friday morning, bright and early, I'm heading home to St. Louis...for my mom and Randy's big day! The union of their love. Can't wait to witness their wedding!

I'm sure to return with a ton of pictures...lots of stories...after all, the wedding is being performed by my mom's psychic friend who we lovingly refer to as Voodoo Sue! There will be a bunch of stories with that in itself.

I'm excited, also, to meet my mom's puppy Roxy...such a little cutie she is! My mom fully expects me to have her trained by the time I leave...yeah, that's possible!

I've got a three hour drive to Dallas, and then my flight shouldn't take too long. I've got lots of reading material for the plane (In Touch and a photography magazine, along with the book I'm currently reading)...and licorace for my car ride! I should be just dandy.

Please keep me in your thoughts...I want NO car troubles along the way, no major problems, no flight delays, no nothing!! Just easy sailing...

I'm gone until Monday evening...and my mom is without internet access. I KNOW! At some point we may make it up to her office to get on the internet, but the weekend is pretty filled to the gills. So, until next time...


Kim :) said...

You will have such a great time! Can't wait to hear about everything when you get back, and I know there will not be a shortage of pictures either!

You are defiantly in my thoughts on the travels!

Have fun!!

suburban mom said...

Have a good trip - sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see pics :)

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