April 10, 2014


Well, this will be the last blog post from me for awhile! I will be out in the middle of the ocean for 6 glorious days!!!!

:: One more day of work ahead...I've got things fairly set for when I'm gone. Just need to finalize tomorrow and see what pops up throughout the day.

:: Stuff is ready to be put into the suitcases tomorrow after work...

:: Stopping at the dry cleaner on the way home. Having a diaper shower at work for Addison's baby girl. Taking some photos taken for the new FDLIC website. A few other odds and ends. Then getting in the car and heading to Dallas.

:: Poppy chewed up my favorite hand felted donkey this evening -- I made the mistake of putting it on the floor (I was taking it to work for the photos tomorrow), and when I realized she had taken it it was too late. Legs torn off, ears gone. My favorite little Quinten. So sad, blah.

Ok, time for a good night of sleep!! I hope you all have a great week ahead! I will post when we return!!!!!

April 09, 2014

two more

:: Time is ticking down! One day at a time.

:: Work was good today -- I feel like I have been able to accomplish a lot, so that helps my stress level. Let's have two more days just like that, and I will feel great walking out that door at 5:00 on Friday!

:: Did 3:00 zumba today -- 15 minutes of fun fun! Too short for my liking, but gives a good break to the day. I am looking forward to the full session tomorrow after work.

:: We ended up not attending our life group this evening. We hated to miss, but our to do list is too long. Chris needed to get the grass cut, so he needed those day light hours.

:: I realized a minute ago that I had said that popcorn was the thing I missed the most while I was on Whole 30, and I have not even had any yet. I guess I didn't miss it as much as I thought? I have had sushi, honey, and dark 70%+ chocolate. I believe that is it so far. We'll see what the cruise holds. I'll be having some treats on there for sure! The key, for me, will be to get back to normal as quickly as possible upon returning home. That is where it gets me every single time. That is where I am going to need some support. Once I am in the zone, I am in it. Once I have a few treats though, I start to lose my motivation. No! I have worked too hard for this 15 pounds to gain it all back again. I am done doing the yo yo dance.

:: I received my April Birchbox today and it was full of goodies! I got a lotion, an eye liner, a nail polish, a granola bar. And a sample of a really nice smelling orange perfume that is $100 bottle for the full size! Can't wait to wear it! Love getting my Birchbox, it's such a fun surprise to see what is in there each month.

:: Also received my new black sandal heels today and they fit perfect. Love them!! Just in time for the cruise!

:: Two more days!

April 08, 2014

happy 64th birthday to mimi

:: Accomplished some good stuff today -- more tomorrow!

:: After work, Chris and I squeezed in our workouts -- he did mile repeats on the treadmill and I did 20 minutes on the Beast and then arms/legs. Felt good!

:: Mimi met us at work, and we rode together to Red Lobster. There we met Aspen and Grayson for a nice birthday dinner for Mimi. After our meal (which, by the way, we were able to use Aspen's Olive Garden Darden discount, which was $23 off!!!!), we headed home for gifts and the honeybun cake I made for her. It was a nice evening.

:: This morning, I went to the dentist. Had some xrays done, and had a cleaning; all is good on that front! She gave me a bag full of: new toothbrush, 3 little Scopes, 2 toothpastes and a floss. Typically I get one of each. Was she trying to tell me something?? :)

:: Wanted to share this photo of Aspen and her boyfriend Grayson, too -- cuties!

:: Got my third tanning done this evening when we got home -- I'm using a new sunless tan lotion that is working pretty well. Can't be pasty white on our cruise, no sir!

:: Need to finish up my book study chapter, so more tomorrow!

April 07, 2014

one day down

:: Busy busy day...got a lot done and that felt good. Ran two errands after work and then went to my 5th wellness workshop. The speaker this week was not good at all. He would say three words, then say "Ummmmmm, uhhhh, ummm" and then finish his sentence. It was a very, very long hour and I didn't learn anything from him. When he told one woman, "Yes, be sure to season your food well! Spices, salsa, anything you like. Dip your veggies into Ranch dressing" I pretty much discounted everything he said up to that point and after.

:: We celebrated a birthday in our department today and that is always fun!

:: I made a delicious omelet and some spinach for dinner...the family had fish sticks, tator tots and mac/cheese. I made it home early from my workshop so we were all actually able to eat together, for some of the time.

:: Tomorrow is Mimi's birthday! She will be 64 years young...we'll be going to Red Lobster for her birthday dinner, and Aspen's boyfriend Grayson will be joining us. Should be a fun evening.

:: Not much else to report -- just in "get it done mode"!!!!

April 06, 2014

good weekend

:: Happy Sunday! We are prepping here for the week ahead -- it is going to be a doozy. The week before vacation is always, always, always extremely stressful, both at work and at home. Never fails.

:: But first -- our weekend! Friday evening, I was pumped!!!! We were going out for sushi! :) Sushi is one thing I love and plan to reintroduce periodically. So, we went to our favorite place in Abilene. I refrained from the gyoza (fried dumplings) and instead had salmon sashimi, which is just the raw fish that I love. Then I had a California roll which is just rice, cucumber, crab, and avocado. Pretty basic. Tasted so so good!!! Stomach felt good and all was dandy. I was ready to call it a success. BUT. I had a very snotty night of sleep. Up and down, blowing my nose, back to the old Kelley. I haven't had a night like that in over a month, and here it was. So unfortunately I feel there was something at that meal that my body doesn't like. It could be the rice -- maybe I have a grain sensitivity. It could be what the rice was cooked in -- MSG maybe? I don't think it was the fish or the cucumber or the seaweed wrap. So...I can maybe try making the sushi at home and see if I have the same response. Or I can just enjoy sushi when I want it, knowing that I will probably have a snotty night and not sleep much.

:: After dinner, we stopped at Target for last minute things for our trip. I found a third swimsuit, a pair of shorts, and a pair of black flats. Also found a cute shirt for work. Chris found a few things as well. Here is my cute date:

:: Saturday morning, we woke up early and did a 10 mile ride/run. Rained just a little on us, and the wind wasn't great. But it could have been worse. We did encounter a loose cow, and Chris showed me his herding skills -- very impressive!

::  Then Chris and Neeley worked on the shop! :) It's been awhile since I've said that. I did the grocery shopping, did some birthday shopping for Mimi. Worked on packing and pulling stuff together for the trip. Looked over our documents, etc. That evening, we went to eat at Cotton Patch and then home.

:: Sunday, Chris was the facilitator at our leadership class! They had some technical difficulties but Chris rolled with it well and did a great job! Kris, our CEO, had a lot of good nuggets to share with us, and it was just an overall great class! To celebrate, we went to lunch at Casa :)

:: Here are two cute ones that I just had to share:

:: This coming week will be busy, busy...multiple errands and dentist appointment for me and return a pair of shoes that were too big and make Mimi's birthday cake and attend a health workshop and go out to dinner for Mimi's birthday and attend life group and facilitate a nomination lunch at work and go to zumba and paint my nails and pack and meet with Aspen and Mimi about the week we'll be gone. Whew. Lots going on. Plus, work itself, guaranteed, will be insane. Deep breaths and lots of prayers! Then, paradise.

::  Here's to a good weekend ahead -- I will remain calm!! When things get this crazy, I get very into my head and am extremely task oriented. Give me grace!!!!

April 03, 2014

busy day

:: Today, we received some very exciting news!! The company we work for, Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC), found out that we were voted "Best Place to Work in Texas"! Texas Monthly magazine gives this honor, and there are three categories. 100 companies are chosen, between the three categories. Our company fell within the 100 - 499 employee category -- and in that category, we were voted #1!!!! Such a big honor, and I couldn't agree more with the decision. Chris and I are both blessed to work for this amazing company. Chris has been there 14 years, me 12 years. We have always known what an amazing company it is, and now all of Texas knows too :)

:: This evening, after zumba, I went to a Pampered Chef party at Kim's. It was a fun evening, and I bought a few goodies too -- a meat spatula (the one I had and loved got melted on the dishwasher coil), a veggie peeler (the one I currently have is awful), and a long skinny water bottle cleaning brush. Very excited to receive it all!

:: I didn't prepare for enough food for this week for me, and I am scrounging for healthy stuff. I was craving protein when I got home from the party, so I cooked two poached eggs in the microwave and that hit the spot. It really doesn't matter what you are craving -- I find that an egg will always satisfy and end the craving.

:: Tomorrow night, as long as hubby agrees, we are going for sushi! Sushi is definitely in the top 2 things that I missed on Whole30 -- can't have it because of the white rice. Sushi is something that I am going to bring back periodically because I love it so so much. I can also have sashimi until my heart is content because it is just raw fish (no rice). Looking very forward to it!!!! :)

:: Departmental book study in the morning. A few other meetings as well. And more importantly, I have to really get organized for being gone a week on our cruise. My list for that is quite long. No stress no stress.

April 02, 2014

mid week

:: Today we had a 3:00 zumba party!! 15 minutes of movement to break up the day, and a hodge podge of people in there moving!! It was awesome!

:: Life group was good tonight -- continuing in our talk of the things that can destroy a marriage -- Devil, Distractions, Debt, Disagreements, and tonight we discussed Distance and Disunity. Great class and great discussion.

:: I received the new summer black sandals I got for work from Amazon -- they are a little big :( Will buy some inserts and see if that helps, otherwise I'll have to exchange them.

:: Feeling a little extra hungry this evening, so you know what? I'm eating more food!

:: My new favorite treat is dehydrated apples from the Natural Food store...but man they are expensive. And then I remembered -- for our wedding, almost 7 years ago, we received a gift of a food dehydrator!! I used it a lot that first year, and haven't since. I am going to pull that bad boy out this weekend and make some yummy treats!!

:: Allergy rating today? 95%. I am a happy girl!! I blew my nose on the way to life group, and Chris said, "That is honestly the first time I've heard you blow your nose in weeks." And it's a true statement. Blowing my nose once or twice a day is a HUUUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE improvement.

:: We have been enjoying casual days this week! It has been so nice. I love it. I feel a lot more productive when I am comfortable.

:: Gotta go read the rest of my book study!

April 01, 2014

bunko night

:: Hosted bunko this evening at my house -- well, technically, opened my house for bunko and another woman hosted. That is more accurate :) We had 6 girls, and it was a fun evening. I walked away with a Target gift card, woot woot! Time to spend that baby!

:: A vendor also gifted me with a Starbucks gift card today! I bought two things of tea bags -- mint and paradise. Can't wait to test them out.

:: Had a bit more focus at work today -- was productive.

:: No workout today.

::  Now that Whole30 is technically over, I was able to weigh today!!! It was weird, stepping onto the scale after not doing so for 30 days. I weighed exactly what I expected, which means I lost about 7 pounds on the challenge! My total since January now is 15 pounds! So, I am right on track and if I can just stay right here, I will be happy. My body feels more like ME and I feel healthy. I brought back honey today, to start off. That is still a natural food, and I didn't have any effects from eating. My allergies are still running at about 95%, which is amazing for me!!!!!! My old standard used to be about 65% daily. That's no way to live! I am loving this new control of allergies. Eating this way is worth it to me, just for that reason alone. It doesn't hurt that I wore a pair of jeans today that haven't seen the light of day for about 3 years!

:: Today is Ocho's 8th birthday! So hard to believe that we have had him that long! We were blessed the day we walked into the mall pet shop in Lubbock, TX and saw him curled up in his metal food bowl. Our life wouldn't be the same without this sweet chap. He was excited for the bunko ladies to come this evening to help him celebrate :) He played a lot with Pam, which was sweet to see! Happy birthday Bobo!!

:: Time to read more for my book study!!

March 31, 2014

is it only monday?

:: Day 30 is done and successful!! What a great 30 days it has been. I'm proud of myself and what I was able to accomplish over this month. I'm looking forward to weighing in the morning just to see where I am. We'll see about pounds, but my body is definitely different. Much less fat, more muscle, and fitting into all my clothes. No matter what the number says on that scale, this was a successful month. I'll touch base tomorrow and let you know! I would definitely recommend that everyone go through it -- IF you are willing to be diligent and follow the rules :) You will learn things about your body and your hunger and yourself.

:: If anyone is interested, I created a new board on my pinterest page that has Whole30/Paleo recipes that I have tried and loved. Once I try a recipe, I will be moving it from my main recipe page to this new page. I've had some people request these recipes so that was the easiest way to have them all in one area. If you want to try any, here is the link: recipes

:: Work was good today, though I need to focus more tomorrow. Didn't feel as productive as I could have been today.

:: Did a moderate workout after work, since my back is still a bit sore. The workout did it some good, and I stretched really well afterwards. Chris started running toward home, and I picked him up on way there. We stopped to see my favorite new little donkey, but she wasn't around. Boo.

:: Need to do some reading for my book study -- long chapter this week!

March 30, 2014

happy sunday

:: We are 15 minutes away from season 4 Walking Dead finale!!!!! We are super excited to see what happens -- but sad too that it will be over until October :(

:: Had a full weekend, of course -- but it was fun!

:: Friday evening, Chris made dinner reservations for us at Copper Creek and we had a delicious date night together. I had the cedar plank salmon and the roasted asparagus. It was so yummy! Chris had the filet, mashed potatoes, and asparagus, along with some wine and a piece of chocolate cake :)

:: Saturday, Chris was not feeling well so we skipped the 13 miler he was supposed to do. Instead, he worked out in the yard and I cleaned the house. That evening, we had dinner at Enriques and then did a lot of errands. Started at the Natural Food Store, then Dillards for some new leopard print Sanuks flip flops for me, and then to do the rest of the grocery shopping. Then Walgreens for just a few things. Whew! While I was cleaning, I also ended up hurting my back a bit, so I iced it and heated it a few times. It sucks to get old!!!

:: Sunday, we went to church and then had our second leadership class. It went so well!! The police chief came to speak and he did a great job. Woot woot! Chris is the facilitator next weekend and I can't wait! He is interviewing our CEO Kris Seale!

:: I rode out to Chris' second work site with him today. Took us about three hours total. I was able to see the one they have already installed, and the one that they are going to do next. Pretty interesting stuff! It was a super windy day, whew.

:: When we got home, I did some food prep for the week. Made my egg muffins. Boiled some eggs. Made some nut butter. Then made dinner and tried an almond meal recipe for lemon poppy seed muffins -- very delicious, oh my!!!! The nut butter I made was called "oatmeal cookie nut butter" and it tastes just like the icing on german chocolate cake (minus the walnuts). It has macadamia nuts, cashews, and almonds, plus shredded coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg, almond extract, raisens, dates, and honey. Tomorrow is day 30 and then I plan to bring honey back. So I will save this for starting Tuesday :) Mmm.

Ok, time for Walking Dead!!!!

March 27, 2014

thursday was good

:: Hello peeps! Thursday is closing which means we have almost made it to Friday!

:: Zumba was fantastic tonight! Last Thursday I was sick and had no energy, and did it about 50%. I had so much fun this evening, doing it 100% again. I love zumba!

:: Day 26 is in the books and it was delicious! Here my log (skip if you want) -- B: two egg muffins, 1/2 banana, handful blackberries, 16 oz water; S: trail mix, hot tea; L: salad with smoked salmon, strawberries and avocado with oil/vinegar dressing, unsweet dried banana chips, 16 oz water; S: trail mix, 16 oz water; D: 4 grass fed beef meatballs, steamed broccoli, homemade sweet potato fries, fruit coconut water frozen pop, 16 oz water; W: 8 oz water. Hard to believe I am almost done with the Whole30. I'll just change that to Whole365 :) I will pretty much be switching to the Paleo lifestyle, which is just a little less strict than Whole30. I will be able to enjoy dark chocolate, honey, and wine all in moderation. Those are certainly things I plan to bring back.

:: I've got my work book study tomorrow, and we have our employee luncheon as well. Will be a full day!

:: Had a brief meeting with my accountability team today, and that was good! We each discussed changes we have made, and have set a goal for the coming week. Things like making sure to eat breakfast, packing a healthy lunch, doing a 21 day challenge, and me, reintroducing things slowly. Monday will be Day 30/the end.

:: That is really all I've got! Hope your day was fabulous!!

March 26, 2014

short and sweet

:: I'm not even sure where this day went -- it flew by.

:: Life group was really good this evening -- I enjoy our teacher and listening to everyone's contributions to the conversation. There are some godly submissive wives in there that I need to learn from.

:: I found a few new recipes today that I want to try. There is so much good, healthy stuff out there.

:: Whole30 Day 25 has been good. Now my thoughts are turning toward what I might want to reintroduce at the end of this challenge. I plan to continue on because I love it, but there are a few things I will reintroduce to see how it affects me (and my allergies): popcorn; plain yogurt; sushi; quinoa; wine. It should be interesting!

:: 16 days until we head to Dallas for our cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:: Not much else to report from this day -- just a typical day. Hope yours was good!!

March 25, 2014

Good day

Hi there! Busy day here.

Work was productive.

Checked out a new website called food gawker and it is amazing! www.foodgawker.com  So many great recipes.

Had a great workout on the beast and weights.

Chris and I went to visit Sweet baby Tatum. She is precious! She slept the whole time I held her.

We speed at Schlotzskys for dinner.

Read for my book study.

Day 24 of Whole 30 is done and successful!

Now I think I will flip through a magazine and relax!

March 24, 2014

Hi Monday

Well Chris is loading something onto my laptop so I am blogging from my phone ;)

Had a good day. Went to another wellness workshop after work that was very good. Ate well for day 23. Overall no complaints for Monday.

A big plus is that our friends had their baby Tatum today! Can't wait to meet her!

March 23, 2014

another weekend down

:: Man, this weekend flew! One more day please!!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Jason's Deli and it was very yummy. Then we stopped at Kohl's so I could spend my Kohl's kash. I found a very cute pair of dangle crystal earrings. Then we stopped at Shoe Carnival (no luck there) and then Academy (adorable black workout shorts with white polka dots)! Then home to relax a bit.

:: Saturday, I worked a little on "packing" for our upcoming cruise. Pulled things aside to see what I have, checking to see if I need to buy anything. Tried on my clothes, and am fitting into everything again. The makes it seem like I have a whole wardrobe :) Good news is that I just needed one extra swimsuit. So, while Chris was running and doing some other things, I set out to shop for a swimsuit. And had some luck! It is very cute! Now I am all set for the cruise. Afterwards, Chris and I had dinner with Aspen! She was off that evening, which is rare, so we went to eat at Enriques. There was a live mariachi band and that was fun! Afterwards, we went to visit our friends Addison and Charlee -- one last time before she is induced this Monday and baby Tatum will join us!

:: Sunday, after church, Chris and I attended the first leadership class in our 8 week series! It was fun to see all of our work on the class come to fruition, and it could not have gone any better!! We were all very excited. Looking forward to week 2 next weekend!

:: Full day this afternoon -- grocery shopping, food prep for the week ahead, book study with Aspen, and The Walking Dead. Next Sunday is the finale!!!!!!!!!! :( We hate when it is over, it takes sooo long to get to October.

:: Please say a little prayer for Charlee -- she will be induced in the morning and then we wait for Tatum!

:: About to begin week 4 of Whole 30 -- day 23 tomorrow. Moving right along. Feeling great!!!!!!!!!!!