October 08, 2015

Teeth & Lunch & More

:: Today was Dentist Day! I headed to my appointment at 8:30 this morning and met with Wendy, the awesome dental hygienist. She is a kooky lady and always fun to chat with! Well, she chats and I grunt. You know.  She says my teeth looked just dandy -- no cavaties. Then I met with my dentist, who I found out got married three weeks ago. How fun! She and I also discussed some issues I've been having. My lower jaw is popping and clicking a lot, it always feels exhausted, and I constantly catch myself clenching (and sometimes grinding) my teeth. Because of this, my upper gum bones are protruding out a bit. She also saw some wear on my teeth. So. She recommends that I get a custom mouth guard made to wear at night while I sleep. We both feel this will help give me some relief, and I am excited. I go back on the 22nd to get fitted for the custom mold.

:: Today was also Lunch with Vendor Day! Our direct mail vendor from Dallas came to visit us today, and he was kind enough to take us out for lunch! We met him at Copper Creek and had some delicious food and fun conversation. He is a great guy and takes great care of our work. He is definitely a wonderful partner for us!

:: Beyond that, I worked on my own work load and also the work load of Allison, who is on vacation this week. I have been pulling double duty, but it hasn't been too bad. She is the one who took over some of my accounts to help me out, so I'm familiar with them and she follows the same exact process I do. Hasn't been bad at all!

:: This evening, I am going to workout, and then make Taco Pizza for dinner...that will be for the family. I will use a portion of the taco meat for my own dinner. Not sure what that will be yet. Not too concerned. Whole30 is so easy -- I can make my meals in about 4 minutes. :)

:: Made plans today for a Sunday dinner with Nadene and Jon...we are looking forward to that! We are going to meet them at Logan's Steakhouse at 6:00. Love those two.

:: One more day to go...and then it is Scrapbook Saturday!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!

October 07, 2015

Hump Day

:: I am losing track of what day it is this week -- not sure why. It certainly does not feel like Wednesday. Hm.

:: Tonight, after work, Chris went flying with his friend Alex. Alex recently got his pilot's license, so he was excited to take Chris up. I know they are having tons of fun!

:: I worked out, and then came home to a delicious dinner -- a sweet potato, two scrambled eggs, and some carrots and celery. Whole30 day 23 has been a success! Things are going well and I'm in control...loving it!

:: Mimi took another fall this morning. She arrived at work, and was walking in from the parking lot. The wheel of her walker got caught on a rock, and she fell and hit her head. She went to the ER and everything turned out to be fine. Her pelvic bone did not re-break, and no other breaks. They did a scan on her head, and nothing wrong there. She has a bit of a headache though...more prayers needed for her!

:: Not much else to report! It was a normal day, a productive day. And now, must relax.

October 06, 2015


:: Tonight was bunko night...so this will be a short one! Bunko was a lot of fun! Small group, so we played Farkle...I won the first round!! Our friend Sammie, who is currently living in England with her military husband, was back in town visiting her family. She used to be a part of our group, so she joined us again tonight! She is a light and is full of energy! It's always a joy to be around her -- she tells the best stories!

:: I printed out all of my tags for the upcoming sale...now to get them all adhered to the items. Maybe tomorrow I can begin working on that.

:: I received my book today for the book club -- Sundays at Tiffany's -- and will get started on that too. It should be a very quick and easy read...

:: Okidokie, that's all I've got!

October 05, 2015

A New Week

:: Sooo...apparently I hadn't mentioned the pool here on the blog yet ha ha! My mistake! I swear I mentioned it a few posts back, but upon looking, nope! So there you go! Surprise! Ha!! My memory is for the birds.

:: I made a delicious dinner tonight! I cooked baked potatoes in the crockpot -- put them in at lunch and 6 hours later, perfect potatoes!! I had brisket and other toppings for Chris and Mimi, and I cut up some sausage for mine. Yum yum!

:: I've decided to sell some of my "decluttered" items at a local, annual sale that is coming up! It is called My Sister's House and I've started work on getting things ready for it. You sign up and they give you a consignee number, and then you enter everything online. I got quite a bit done last night and plan to do more this evening! Then at the time of the sale, I'll drop everything off, and whatever sells, I will get 60% of the proceeds! Whatever doesn't sell will be donated.

:: Nadene and I continue with our "Proverb a Day" activity...I am enjoying that! I do it in the morning, before I begin getting ready for the day. We pick out the principles and text them to each other...it is a great accountability project too! It gets us in the Word on a daily basis. We are also doing another project that is interesting...we are copying the Bible! She is in Psalms and has been there for awhile. I started with the book of Esther. It takes some time, to be sure...but reading and copying and writing all at the same time have a way of solidifying things in your brain. I am enjoying it.

:: Last night was the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead (the spin off of The Walking Dead)...it was 6 episodes for this first season, and it was pretty decent. It is a prequel of sorts, as in it does a lot of set up of how the whole apocolypse happened. The Walking Dead never covers that really. The finale was pretty good...and NEXT SUNDAY, The Walking Dead starts back up! Very ready for that, it's been sooo long.

:: Okidokie, that's all for tonight...time to enter more items for my sale!

October 04, 2015

weekend recap

:: Friday evening after work, Chris and I went and had a lovely dinner at Texas Roadhouse...Jeff, my boss, gave us a gift card to eat there as a "thank you" for being his taxi service for a week. We enjoyed our food :) I had salmon and a baked potato and a salad -- all plain...yum!

:: After dinner, we headed home, and then a few of my coworkers came over for a movie night in the theater room. We watched Aladdin (they "forced" me and Shaylee, since neither of us had seen it before...) It was actually a cute movie, and we had a fun time together.

:: Saturday morning, Chris went on an 8 mile run with Steven and a coworker named Alyssa...he had a great run with no pain! Then Chris and I had breakfast together and started our day. Chris worked in the yard and also supervised Domingo, who was working on the stone wall between our house and our shop. I made the grocery list and then headed out for some shopping and a movie. The Alzheimer's Association put on a free screening of Still Alice, and a few girls from my book club went to watch it because we had read the book in the club. Such a sad, sad movie...even more sad than the book. Julianne Moore did a fantastic job and definitely deserved the Oscar. Me and Kim and Kim enjoyed our outting! Then, I did the grocery shopping and came home to this:

Domingo and his guys had finished the whole stone wall!! It looks so very nice! Now all it lacks is a metal gate...a coworker's husband is going to make one for us. Can't wait to see the final product!!

:: Saturday evening, we enjoyed a nice dinner at Casa...hadn't been there in awhile. Then we stopped at Kohl's because Chris' belt broke. Found him a new belt and some new work shoes too. Received $20 more in Kohl's cash, so now that is $40! Need to spend it next weekend, can't wait! I'm thinking about this robe...

:: Sunday, chores -- laundry and cleaning and then I deep cleaned the fridge. What a doozy of a job! Now it is all sparkly and clean. I also made a delicious loaf of almond flour bread with raisens, dates and pistachios for my breakfasts this week. Mmmmm! I also attempted to make some ghee and that did NOT go well. I am going to have to rewatch the video and see where I went wrong. Boooo!

:: We think we've reached a point on the pool where we are happy...we are most likely moving forward if all goes well! Below is a drawing:

There is a bathing ledge at the entry, with steps down into the shallow end. There is room for a volleyball net; there is also a stone waterfall with a small grotto underneath with a seat. We've picked out the stone for around the pool, and the tile for right underneath the ledge and also the color for the bottom of the pool. Things are pretty set on the pool side...now we are just waiting for the bank side of things.

:: About to begin week #4 of Whole30! So far it is going so well! I can feel some differences in my body, not sure if I've lost any weight yet. Will weigh at the end. My girls are doing so well, and the support on the facebook group has been a lot of fun! This has been a great experience...looking forward to the last week. Then I plan to have a treat and then get right back to clean eating.

Sooooo...there we have it!

October 01, 2015

Crazy Week Continues

:: Whew...long day on the 4th day of a very busy week. I'll make this quick, because I really just want to lay down on the couch!

:: This morning I attended the Alan Wolfelt grief seminar at a local funeral home, and that was really interesting. Dr. Wolfelt is a very smart man with a huge passion for the grief industry -- I enjoyed hearing part of his teaching. We were there from 9:00 until noon...

:: Afterwards, I headed home for lunch and fed the pups...and spent just a small pocket of time vegging out and watching Friends...speaking of Friends, I noticed something really funny today. In every episode, there is a message board next to Chandler and Joey's door. Most of the time I don't pay attention, but I am going to have to start! In one episode today, the message kept switching back and forth within one scene! At first it said "Poop" and then it switched to "Get Out!". Back and forth. Is this something they do in all episodes? Or was it a mishap in this one episode?? I'll be paying attention to it :)

:: After work, our company hosted the Abilene Young Professional event and it went well. There was a great turnout, the food was yummy, and The Mill catered the drinks. Everyone was very happy about the rootbeer flavored beer. (Ick!) We stayed to help clean up, I picked up Mr. Burger for dinner, and we got home around 8:30.

:: Now, blogging and Friends...and ding ding I'm done.

September 30, 2015

Wednesday of Busy Week

:: This evening was hair night! I got to spend a little time with Kasi and she made me young again :) There is nothing like the 15 minute shampoo/head rub!

:: Friends -- working my way through Season 4! I'm on episode 17...loving this! It's so fun to see it all in order!

:: I made a new crockpot dish tonight...it was average. It was a chicken marsala -- chicken and portabello mushrooms in a broth, served over wild rice (for them, not me). Not bad, but don't know that I would make it again.

:: Book Club was fun last night...we all had a lot to say about the book! None of us really liked it, because it was pretty glum and depressing. Even the ending. But lots of opinions about it! We had a delicious dinner -- taco pile up! Our next book is going to be Sunday at Tiffany's by James Patterson. That will be a nice break from Afghanistan (I've been there through three books this year, no more please,) and from gloom. I've read this book before but it has many years. So I will reread and refresh my memory. We are meeting next at the end of October...we're going to have breakfast and then homemade ice cream!! Whole30 will be over by then, so that will be my treat of the month!! I am going to try a new recipe -- hashbrown cups. Cooked in a muffin pan with cheese. Sounded yummy to me, and something I can make the night before.

:: Tomorrow, a few of us from work are going to a grief seminar here in town. Alan Wolfelt, a renowned grief counselor/speaker, is coming to town. He has a grief center for loss in Colorado, and we use his articles in our newsletters at work. It is going to be neat to meet him in person! And the seminar should be pretty interesting too...

:: My allergies have been doing so well lately...the Whole30 tends to help them a lot. However last night, I was up and down quite a bit, dealing with snot. Not sure what got me but I was sleepy this morning. Hopefully tonight will be better.

:: Tomorrow, after work, Chris and I are helping at an Abilene Young Professionals event that is being hosted at our office building. We shall see what that entails! Busy week, continues...

September 29, 2015

My Random Thoughts

:: Isn't Poppy the cutest?? :) Well, she is yes -- but this photo is NOT of Poppy! Looking around Instagram last night, I discovered Poppy's twin! It is really quite uncanny how strong the resemblance is. This dog's name is Rad and I can't tell if it is a girl or a boy...but they are identical! Wonder how their personalities would match up? Is Rad as anti-social? Is Rad as sweet and cuddly? Crazy world we live in.

:: Tonight is book club and I am looking forward to discussing The Kite Runner...I think there will be a lot of good conversation on this one! Looking forward to the time with the girls. We are having a taco pile up and everyone is bringing a little something to add to it. I'm armed with my sliced olives and my cilantro lime rice! I should be able to eat about half the stuff there. I'm dropping Chris off to run home, dropping the dry cleaning off, and then heading on to Kim's!

:: For my snack today, I had some delicious macadamia nuts mixed with raisins. Tasty! Whole30 is going great!

:: Last night, I watched just a little of Dancing with the Stars...that isn't really one of my faves, but I heard that Bindi Erwin is on this season so I wanted to check her out! She is Steve Erwin's daughter, and she is all grown up! She is a cutie, and seems so sweet. Hope she goes far!

:: Work was good today -- I actually got to work ahead on a few things...that rarely ever happens anymore!

:: This coming weekend, I am going to try my hand at making ghee. Fingers crossed! Ghee is a clarified butter and is a delicious, healthy fat. The milk solids and impurities are removed. Some benefits include a high smoke point, it doesn't need refrigeration, great buttery taste without dairy,  it's anti-imflamatory and fights cancer. Win! I'm watching a You Tube video on the process of making it. More to come on that!

September 28, 2015

Scrapbook Layout Share

I realized that it has been quite awhile since I've done a Layout Share! So here we are -- take a gander!

A wedding we went to over the summer
Pics from our ice storm in January
Dinner with Shelly and her beautiful family
When Allison met Eeyore and got his autograph for me!
A few random snapshots of our time in STL
The first page of Gus Buttons...all the others have been when he was "Huck"!
Me and my hubby from Easter this year
Mimi's 65th birthday
Our Ed Sheeran concert!! Weeeeee!
A few Ed Sheeran lyrics I found on pinterest...and a backround made with washi tape!
Pretty pics from our last day in STL, spent with Mom and Randy!
A very fun evening with the Jacksons that involved a bit of wine!
My pretty, pretty princess Poppy!
There we are! A few of my masterpieces from the crop this past weekend. :) 

Already looking forward to the next one in October!

September 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

:: A good weekend here for the Babers!

:: Friday evening, we came home after work and Chris talked with the landscaper and went on a run. Then he and I went to dinner at Skeets...really, you can eat Whole30 almost anywhere. I had a plain hamburger patty with guacamole, tomatoes and pickles, along with a plain baked potato. It was quite yummy! Then my awesome husband took me to Kohl's :) That was fun! I bought a few cute things! This in gray (thought it would be fun to try) and this in the coral and a gray sweatshirt hoodie lined with furry fleece!!

:: Speaking of Whole30, things are going so well! Tomorrow will be day 15 -- halfway through! My girls are all doing so well, I am very proud of them! I am at the point where I get full pretty quickly. All this nutrition I'm getting...my body is happy happy!

:: Saturday...we got up and Chris help me set up for the crop. We moved all the furniture to the side and set up the big tables. The girls started to arrive around 10:00 and we had the best day!! There were five of us and it was fun and productive. Me, I accomplished another 30 pages...yippie! 30 has become my magic number :) Stay tuned tomorrow -- I will be doing a layout share!

:: After the crop, Chris and I headed to dinner at Red Robin. Whole 30 eats -- the Avo-Cobo salad with grilled chicken, minus the blue cheese crumbles and the dressing. I squeezed a lemon on it and it was yummy! Then we came home and watched "The Loft" on Netflix. That was a pretty good movie, intense. A good evening with my hubby!

:: Sunday, after a good church service, I took care of my weekly chores -- laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I wasn't able to go to the store right after church because I couldn't make the list because of the crop. So, I decided to go to a different store than normal -- and that was a true treat! So nice!! It is a very nice store, a lot bigger than my normal store. And it wasn't too crowded at all. Ahhhh!

:: Crazy week ahead -- I'll try to post each day, but we'll play it by ear! Have a great week!!

September 24, 2015

This Day

::Soooooo, I finished The Kite Runner last night. Hmmm. It was very well written. But. Wow, it was a downer. It started very, very slowly...it was about Chapter 11 before the story line started to pick up. Once the story started, it was a good, but it covered a lot of depressing themes. The ending wasn't even "feel good" and that really bums me out. I didn't hate it but I probably don't recommend it.

:: I've started on my next book (a personal choice, not a book club choice)...Flash! It's about a donkey and I'm excited to read the story! I'm a few chapters in.

:: I was very pleased with my dinner tonight! Homemade chicken nuggets, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and roasted purple potatoes. Mmmm! And enough for leftovers tomorrow. We have our monthly luncheon at work, and I need to take some food to cover in case there isn't much I can eat. Whole30 is going great! I believe today is Day 10. 

:: Our new sod is in on the sides of the house, and we are watering it like crazy. Grow grow! The concrete footer is ready, and the gate posts were set today. Next up is Domingo to come and build the stone wall, and then Jim will do the gate. Moving right along.

:: I am going to wear my new Stitch Fix shirt tomorrow! I will most likely pair it with the Stitch Fix jeans I got a few Fixes ago. Very cute! I scheduled my next Fix for late October and I requested all shirts/sweaters. Fall items. No pants or dresses, as I am hoping to lose some weight and get closer to my goal weight. I'm ready for cooler weather and sweaters!

:: I am looking very forward to the crop this weekend!! I am ready to scrap. And that begins a very busy week ahead...next week, I've got book club, my hair appointment, an after work event, a movie night at our house, and a Saturday matinee with the book club girls. Whew!! It seems that everything always hits at once. Whole30 will be interesting next week!!

:: I'm going to spend a little time in my Bible, and then call it a day!

September 23, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #8

Here we are! My 8th Fix! I was very excited to tear open the box to see what Kallie picked out for me this month. I did not give her any requests this month except for the colorful midi skirt...so she had free reign beyond that!

What I received this Fix -- a shirt, two dresses, jeans, and earrings...let's dive in!

41Hawthorn : Filbert Abstract Striped Henley Blouse -- Blue -- $58.00
This shirt is a lot of fun! I really like the fit, and the pattern is bright and different. I love the sleeves and the length of the shirt and the fact that there is no collar. I feel very comfortable when I'm wearing it. It can be dressed up for work, or dressed down for casual. VERDICT: IT'S A KEEPER!

Papermoon : Hadley Shift Dress -- Pink -- $58.00
The colors in this dress are pretty...the fabric is super soft...it has a great liner underneath. But unfortunately that is where the perks stop on this one. The dress kind of swallowed me up and wasn't very flattering. The linear pattern had an odd way of shifting to the side when I moved, as well. While the dress was VERY comfy, it just isn't the look I'm going for. VERDICT: RETURNED.

Taylor : Fannie Striped Dress -- Green -- $138.00
I had high hopes for this one! It is a gorgeous green and navy combo. The style is very cute, but the fit just didn't work out. The bottom half of the dress was a bit big, but the top half was very small/tight. I was not able to zip it all the way up, and the arm holes were very restrictive. Kind of bummed. Another downfall is that this price is out of my set price range, so I most likely wouldn't have bought it even if it had fit. VERDICT: RETURNED.

Bay to Baubles : Mayla Stone Crystal Stud Earrings -- Light Green -- $38.00
Oh these earrings!! I love them! This photo doesn't quite capture that green color correctly, but it is delicious! I was thrilled about these, because they are VERY me...but then I remembered that I just purchased some Premier Jewelry earrings in these same colors. Gold and the light green, to match a necklace that I have. Because of those, I couldn't justify purchasing these as well. BUMMED. VERDICT: RETURNED.

Level 99 : Giovanni Straight Leg Jean -- LightPink -- $98.00
These jeans intrigued me. This color? What is it? Pink? Purple? They have a grayish tint, and befuddled me. This color actually looked pretty awful against my pale skin. Weird. The fit of the jeans was a bit snug, but since I'm currently in the process of hopefully get back to my goal weight -- these would have fit fine in a few weeks. I liked the length and style...but this color was a big big no. VERDICT: RETURNED.

As for the midi skirt, Kallie is still on the hunt. There are apparently some black ones, but she isn't finding a fun colored skirt like I've requested. It's not a huge need that I have, so I can be patient on this one!

So, Fix #8 -- it ended up being a 1/5, though easily could have been a 2/5 if I hadn't just purchased those other earrings. Could even possibly have been a 3/5 if the jeans had been a different color. So overall, I call this one a success!!

I'm excited to participate in a blog link up with the Kinder Craze blog!

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September 22, 2015

Tuesday, Not Bad

:: This week is going well...being productive at work and a tad less stress than normal. It's nice to have a little breather.

:: I'm 80% into The Kite Runner now...should be wrapping things up soon.

:: Today I had lunch with my bestie and it was so nice chatting with her (even though she has a sinus infection and is losing her voice boo!) Her birthday is tomorrow and so we celebrated a little bit...nothing like a birthday lunch at Subway! :) I am certainly blessed that Kim was born all those years ago!

:: Last night as I read on the couch, I was excited to have Ms. Poppy laying with me! With Mimi home so much these past few months because of her broken bones, Poppy has been spending a lot of time with her...so it made my heart smile when she chose me last night! Tonight...she's back to Mimi...you win some, you lose some...

:: Wednesday after work, I am meeting with Nadene for our mentoring...I'm looking very forward to my time with her! We are going to meet at Mad Coffee for our chat, before heading home.

:: That's all for this post -- I am going to spend some time preparing my Stitch Fix review so I can hopefully post it tomorrow!

September 21, 2015

Short & Sweet

:: It's Stitch Fix day!! I'm currently in the process of trying everything on, having Chris take photos, and deciding...be looking for a review post soon!

:: Tilapia and roasted mushrooms/onions for dinner...Whole30 is going great as Week 2 starts, but I felt my food was a bit blah today. Must do better with that tomorrow! Feeling good -- headache better, and energy improving! Allergies are doing quite well.

:: Watching Friends this evening...up to Season 4 now! One thing I am noticing as I go through the seasons...I wonder why they never thought to wear a padded bra??? :)

:: That's all for this evening...I need to do more reading in The Kite Runner!

September 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

:: I hope that you all had great weekends!

:: Friday evening, we stayed in instead of our typical eating out...Chris and Neeley worked on the concrete footer for the stone wall. They wanted to get it done because it was supposed to rain on Saturday. I did some reading in The Kite Runner and watched some Friends! I had a shopper come by to look through my decluttered stash, and made $25 from that! Yay! It was a relaxing evening...

:: Saturday morning, Chris left early to ride his bike while his friend Steven ran a long run...they both had fun with that! Meanwhile, I slept in just a bit and made a nice breakfast and read...then, when Chris got home we left to do some errands and spend the day together. It was so nice! We first stopped to put in our order for the stone wall materials...then we went to Miguels for lunch. I stuck with Whole30 there and had a delicious spinach salad with grilled fruits and shrimp. Then we went to the Natural Food Store, Target, Academy, and Sam's. We ended up getting a bigger TV for my scrapbook room! The one I had in there was a small 19", and we upgraded to a 32" -- big difference! It is also a Smart TV, which means that we can connect to Wifi from it -- sooooo Netflix! I was then able to sell the small TV, so more cash in my pocket!

:: Saturday evening, we headed back out and had dinner at Chiles -- stayed on Whole30 there as well, with a small sirloin, plain broccoli, and grilled tomatoes and avocado. Yum! Best of all, we had a gift card :) We finished off the evening by watching (finally) "Frozen"...after all the hoopla about it, I thought it was a bit meh. Just an average Disney movie. There was a few funny parts, and some good themes, but overall I could have done without it.

:: Sunday, chores -- grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry. Now Chris and I are watching Stand By Me and getting our stuff ready for the upcoming week. And now...the rain hit.

:: Up ahead: my bestie's birthday, our monthly luncheon at work on Friday, and the crop on Saturday (at our house, but I am not hosting)! Should be a good week! Week 2 of Whole30 begins and I am looking forward to more energy, no headache, and no more detoxing. Yay!