June 28, 2017

Wednesday Ramblings

:: Found out that we get casual day tomorrow! And Friday too -- Friday is our monthly luncheon at work, and we are having Hashi, which is a yummy Japanese place here in town. Mmmm!

:: Today was Day 45 of my Whole60 -- it's going great! I'm 5 pounds from my goal weight now and fitting into most of my clothing. Whoop!!!!!!

:: Today I had to pick up prescriptions after work, get my allergy shot, and do my workout...then make dinner...oh meal prep -- where are you!!!!!!!? I made Chris one of his faves tonight, since he isn't on his healthy eating for training currently. He enjoyed it!

:: I made an oops with two of my Poshmark orders...whoops!! I had two orders going out on the same day, and I mixed up the shipping labels. I feel so badly!!! They are getting the shipping figured out so all is good though.

:: I'm nearing the end of my energy for Wednesday...time to say goodnight for now...

June 27, 2017

Crazy Tuesday!

:: This morning, I woke up and was so out of it...I had slept so hard and I was disoriented for awhile. Not sure why! It was kind of odd.

:: Work was good...still working ahead to get ready for our cruise!

:: Still working to get the tile guy out here! He was supposed to come this afternoon to look at what we need and give us a quote...but he got tied up at his project and now says it will be tomorrow morning. We shall see. Some things seem to be like pulling teeth!

:: I got my hair done this evening, so now I am all purty once again :) It's always good to catch up with Kasi -- she's a hoot!

:: It's been a busy week playing catch up from being gone over the weekend. Laundry and errands. Always makes for a long week, but I'm marking things off my list so that is good!

:: I sold some more Poshmark items! Keep those sales coming!!

:: Between laundry loads, I think I am going to go R E L A X!!!!

June 26, 2017

Ironman Buffalo Springs Lake Half Triathlon

What a day this was for my hubby!!!

 Backing up a bit...we left work on Friday around 4:00 and made our way to Lubbock. We checked into our Hyatt Place hotel and then had dinner at Nick's Sports Bar next door. Then it was back to the hotel to rest.

Saturday was mostly a day of rest. Which was sooooo nice!! We got up and did our workouts, and then had breakfast in the hotel. Chris had a BIG meal! Then we got ready and went to the Expo to pick up his race packet and my VIP packet. It was a very small expo, but Chris did find a new running hat and some compression calf sleeves to help with his calf pain. We stopped at Spanky's for lunch and then went back to the hotel to look through all our packet stuff and get that rest in. Chris did his compression boots multiple times and took a nap (which is very, very rare). He was very anxious and nervous and full of energy...so the resting was difficult!

Saturday evening, we met up at Italian Garden for pasta with our friends who drove in to support Chris! QLefty, his wife Andrea, and their kiddos!! It was a 5 hour drive for them, and we were so thankful for their journey to be with us! It was good to catch up with them all -- Ruthie and Lev even ran across the restaurant to greet me and Chris with huge hugs...that was fun!! If you'll remember, this sweet family is the one we met recently at Adsy's triathlon...Chris met QLefty on Instagram. So good to see them! After a yummy meal, we went to our respective hotels to prepare for a very early morning.

Sunday morning, Chris got up at 2:30 to start his prep...I got up at 3:30. We left at 4:00 and made our way to Buffalo Springs Lake...about 15 minutes from our hotel. Being a VIP spectator, we were able to park in a small lot right next to the action...so helpful! Chris took his bike and transition stuff (helmet, bike shoes, run shoes, run hat, sunglasses, etc) over to the transition area and set it all up. Then he worked on prepping for the race. He started in the green swim cap group...they did it in waves to prevent a huge mass of swimmers and to spread things out a bit. As a VIP I got to watch the swim start from a wooden deck area...it was so neat to see the swimmers take off!

Chris swam the first leg -- 1.2 miles. He says it felt very surreal to be swimming that far and that long...he doesn't entirely remember too much of it! He found it easier to spot the path than he expected, so that was good!! He expected tos win it in about 44 minutes or so...and he ended up finishing it in 36!!!! He was so pumped! Coming out of the water, there were "wetsuit strippers"...people who helped the athletes remove their hard-to-remove wetsuits in two swift motions!! Chris was in 361st place out of 740 athletes as he came out of the water.

From there, he went to the transition area to prep for the bike! I had a prime spot to watch him, and then also saw him get on the bike and ride out onto the course! At this point, the VIP coordinator, Sherilyn, hooked us each up with a Harley Davidson motorcycle!! My driver was David, and he took me out on the bike course for two hours to see Chris in action!! That was so awesome, and it was fun to see Chris killing this leg of the race!! He looked so strong! I took so many pics and a few videos...what an experience!! There were a lot of hills on this course...whew!! David got me back to the transition area in time for me to see Chris come back through! After the bike leg, Chris had moved up into 203rd place! He finished the 56 miles in 2:49! He then transitioned into his run gear, and took off!

This is where the prayers started...a week out from the race, something popped in his left calf and we weren't sure how his run portion was going to go. He had rested it completely all week and hadn't run at all...so it was unknown how it would feel. To sum it up, it hurt him pretty much the entire 13.1 miles...but he powered through somehow and ran a great time! 1:39! The run portion was two loops of the course so we were able to see him a few times...and then I rushed back to the finish line to get him coming through. He looked so strong coming in! Part of my VIP experience was to include me putting on his finished medal in the finishing shoot...but he came in much quicker than expected so we missed that. :( But I was able to be in the finishing shoot with him, and to get his raw, excited reaction after crossing the line! He was so excited!!! His final time was 5:12 -- he was expecting to do it between 5.5 and 6 hours! So this greatly excited him!!!! At the finish, he had moved up to 127th place overall! And he was 25th in his age group, which is the most competitive triathlon age group. So amazing!!!!! And for his first one!

After we made it through the finish shoot, we met up with QLeft and his family again and talked a bit before they had to get back on the road to home. Soooo happy they came!! Then we got Chris' stuff out of the transition area and made our way to the car. WHAT A DAY!!!!!! We finished off our time with a big meal at BJ's Brewhouse, complete with beer and dessert...and then a little wine at the local winery!! He definitely deserved all those calories!!!!!

Mr. Baber is quite the competitor...quite the athlete...he makes me so so proud!!!!

Now he will rest for a fewweeks and see how his calf is after that...then he'll need to figure out what's going on there!

June 25, 2017


WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you followed along with us on my Instagram or Facebook accounts, you've seen lots of photos from our weekend in Lubbock -- it was amazing!! I will be back this coming week to tell you all about it!! My husband rocked his first half Ironman!!!

For now...we arrived home this evening at 7:00, put everything away, ate a quick dinner, and have been getting our stuff ready for the week ahead. I just got done putting in my grocery order so I can just pick it up tomorrow after work. I'll also be doing laundry...it's always fun to go away for the weekend, but it does suck playing catch up during the work week!

Aspen was a big help to Chris -- she came over and cut the grass for him today! We are scheduled for the house photos this Wednesday...hopefully! Still waiting on the cement guy and the tile guy. Getting closer though!

I need to try on my Stitch Fix items and decide on those...and then I am going to fall into bed. I have been up since 3:30 am this morning, with a very, very full fun day! I'm exhausted!!!

Stay tuned!

June 22, 2017

Nearing Time for Tri

:: We are oh so close to our journey to Lubbock for the Ironman Buffalo Springs Lake Half Triathlon!!! We work tomorrow, leave a little early, and drive the 2.5 hours there. Please continue to say some prayers for Chris' left calf -- he needs it to heal by Sunday!!!

:: I received the one-piece swimsuit I ordered from www.cupshe.com. I didn't love it unfortunately. The pattern was a little too busy in person, and the colors weren't quite what the website showed. It also had some lace ups along the side that I didn't notice in the photo. Hmm. I emailed them about returning it, and they said they would credit me 100% for the suit so that I could get something different in its place -- and I don't have to return the other suit. Hmmmm! So I will try to sell that one I suppose. Interesting return policy, I thought. It is obviously not an American company because the customer service email was quite funny!

:: Today I received my Teavana order...three flavors! I got another Strawberry Lemonade -- I liked that one. Then I am trying two new flavors. Their tea is soooo good. Mmmm.

:: Tonight the family is having crockpot lasagna and I'm going to have some leftover fish and potatoes...all should be tasty! Tomorrow is Day 40 I believe...traveling this weekend should be interesting...but I somehow always make it work. I have all my healthy snacks ready to go!

:: The book I am reading, Stillwater Lake, is really good! It is a Kindle First book, and it's very suspenseful. I'm about 70% into it so far, and can't wait to see how it ends!!!

:: Not much else to report...ta ta for now!!!

June 21, 2017

No blog tonight...just now realized that I forgot to get on earlier and do it...and now it is time to get ready for bed! I had a crazy busy day and must rest :)

June 20, 2017

:: Today, the painters finished up their work! All the painting and staining is now done and paid. It's looking fresh and nice now!

:: Still waiting on the cement guy and are in need of a tile guy. Getting closer every day!

:: I had an anxiety moment today...they come every now and then, but I've mostly been able to keep them at bay. I'm a PLANNER. Big time. And this stage of life we find ourselves in is more of a fluid, unknown process. As you can imagine -- whew that is hard on me!! We know Phase 1 and we are making the necessary steps for that. We want to be debt free and live a much more simplified life, and that means downsizing our living situation. We're all on board with that, and we are checking things off the list to get there. Phase 2 though -- the "what comes after the house sells" -- well...that is the unknown right now. There are a lot of factors involved, and we have so many options in front of us. It's overwhelming and daunting. But...every day, I pray to God intensely to help me step back and let Him lead us to what's next. And I have to understand that won't be in my timing. Man that is hard. So, I do some deep breathing (PEACE in, ANXIETY out)...and I just have to have faith that we will figure it out when the time is right.

:: My Whole 60 is going well, but I have decided this week that I need to tighten up just a bit more. I've been eating snacks, which isn't really part of the plan -- even if they are Whole30 approved. I'm going to try for the remainder of my 60 to only eat my three meals a day, plus one mid-morning snack. I am never hungry enough at breakfast time to eat as much food as I should be eating, so I think a small morning snack is ok. I'm going to cut out the afternoon snack and the after dinner snack. I'm starting to fit back into my clothes, but the progress has definitely slowed down. I still have 7-10 pounds to lose. I'm good with this plan.

:: Chris has been dealing with a calf issue -- on his run Sunday, something popped and he has had pain and tightness since then. Adsy told him to rest it for 48 hours, ice it, and do his compression boots. This is definitely NOT ideal to be dealing with the week before the big tri race. He is stressing, but we shall see how it goes. He's got some IT tape to try, too. Prayers would be greatly appreciated here, because he has worked so hard on this intense training -- he deserves to go out there and compete at his best effort.

:: Ok, time to relax!

June 19, 2017

My Day Today

Howdy...I hope that your Monday went well...mine was decent.

:: I was able to work ahead on some things at work, and that is a good, good thing. We're cruising soon, and I have a few things that have to be done before then.

:: My workout was good this evening...45 minutes of cardio (whew) and shoulder work. Gotta put in the work. I'm fitting back into some clothes and that is a good feeling. I'm on my way to meeting my first goal. I'm on day 35 of my Whole 60.

:: I bought a few things from Amazon and they delivered today! I got some more sunless tanning lotion, and a new application mitt. Love those -- it gives a much more even application of the tan color, and your hands no longer turn orange. Double score! I also bought a silicone gripper and lanyard to put on my phone this weekend. The lanyard will go around my neck and the gripper will help prevent me from dropping the phone. I take all of my photos on my phone now, and in a situation like a race, especially one where I will be spectating portions on a motorcycle...I needed something as a safeguard! It works perfectly too...just what I wanted. Yay!! I can also take this on our cruise, etc!!

:: This week, I have to cook dinner every evening. Meh. Meal prep will really get you spoiled quickly, because man -- I am dreading it. I felt so stressed out tonight, getting through my workout and knowing that I had to get to home and cook. That's the last thing I wanted to do. Three more days of it. But...won't be able to meal prep this coming weekend either. So...better quit my bellyaching and get it done. Tonight was the delicious clean sloppy joes served on top of a baked potato -- it's my new fave, soooo yummy!

:: I sold a few more things on Poshmark, yay!! Just need to keep selling. More more more!!!

:: The painters were here today...they got some accomplished, and will be about two more days.

Ok...that's all I've got!!

June 18, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: Happy Father's Day to all the amazing men in our lives! Sending hugs your way across the miles! We love you  all!

:: Friday evening, Chris had a long workout...so I worked out, stopped at Walgreens, and then headed home. We enjoyed a relaxing evening, once he got home.

:: Saturday morning around 10:00, my family came to visit!!! I had been so looking forward to this -- I had not seen my aunt Sandy and uncle Kevin, who live in Virginia, since 2005...at my grandpa's funeral. My cousin Raychel recently moved to Texas with her new hubby, and so Sandy and Kevin came out to visit her for a few days...and they added us into the mix! We were long overdue for a visit, and they were finally able to meet Chris!! Raychel and her hubby Chris came along too, and we were excited to meet him! We had such a lovely visit together...I just soaked up every bit of it. Love them all so dearly!! We had a lot of laughs! We loved Chris, and it was so wonderful to see Raychel so happy! We just relaxed at our house, some people did a little swimming, and just sat in the shade and talked (it was 100 degrees!). We ordered pizza for lunch and had some snacks and beers...and just enjoyed family. I loved every minute!! Ocho even relaxed enough and let each of them hold and love on him...he especially loved Sandy, and he fell asleep in her arms while she was kissing on him! Poppy...she made no friends :) We are looking forward to seeing them all again at Raychel and Chris' big wedding in September -- they had a JP wedding about 6 months ago so she could do the military move with him. She's going to be a beautiful bride! * Check out my Instagram for pics from our visit, if you haven't already!!

:: Our visit ended around 4:00, as they had a three hour drive back to Raychel's house...and then Chris and I spent a little time in the pool cooling off! That was so nice and relaxing. The water feels perfect! Then we went to eat dinner at Jojo's and saw Aspen a bit...then home to watch more episodes of The 100!

:: Sunday, for Father's Day, we ladies took Chris out for lunch at Texas Roadhouse...Aspen joined us and we had a nice time together. The rest of the day was for chores (no meal prep this week) and working out for Chris.

:: We're also working on the house when we can...the painter is coming Monday to paint and stain...the debris guy took our big pile away on Friday...we're prepping the house for professional photos to be taken on Tuesday (for the realtor website/listing)...moving right along.

:: We are celebrating Marketing birthdays on Wednesday...I'm included in this quarter :) Jyl is coming in too, and I will be able to give her the wedding album I made for her daughter...it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wednesday, we also have VIPs. Beyond that...we are leaving work a little early on Friday so that we can head to Lubbock for Chris' triathlon!!!!! It's almost here!!!!!!!!!          

June 15, 2017

A Decent Thursday

:: It is currently pouring down rain with intense winds and lots and lots of lightening...what a doozy!

:: We had dinner with Chris' boss, Jay, this evening at Taphouse...it was tasty, and we had some good conversation too!

:: I've loaded up more items on my Poshmark site, and am learning some of the tricks...you gotta share people's stuff on your page, so that they will turn around and share your stuff on their page. It's super easy to get followers -- I'm already over 500. So I am hoping to sell more more more!!!

:: I am anxiously awaiting two albums from Project Life! They have been shipped and now I wait...cannot wait to see them both!! Especially the wedding album I did for my friend's daughter!!

:: Today I found an adorable, cheap swimsuit for our upcoming cruise!! I have a few bikinis and I have been wanting to try a one-piece -- there are so many cute ones out these days! I hope the size fits and that the suit is as adorable as I think! Update to come!

:: Tomorrow we will prepare for our Saturday visitors!! Soooo excited to see them!!!

:: Our electricity just went out, so I think I will call it a night for now!

June 14, 2017

Worn Out & Water Logged

:: Seems like my mom and Randy are having a good time on their motorcycle vacay!

:: My new workout is wearing me out...whew! 45 minutes of cardio is a killer...feels soooo much longer than my normal 30 minutes. Then tonight I did 15 minutes of leg work, and that just added to my jelly legs. I'm spent!

:: I'm also trying to up my water intake...today I think I overdid it because I feel very waterlogged. That's an uncomfortable feeling...too bloated. Meh.

:: Dinner was delicious tonight -- chicken nuggets, roasted carrots, and roasted sweet potatoes. Mm. All clean.

:: I finished up my book club book this evening...it was ok. It was pretty dramatic in the fact that so many bad things happened to one person...whew. The ending was interesting in that it ended up being set in the time of Jesus...and the main character was one that a miracle happened to. The writing was ok, but it wasn't one that I loved. I wouldn't read any more books by the author.

:: Time to chill...

June 13, 2017

Moving Right Along

:: Today is my grandparents' anniversary!! Happy anniversary you two!! If you'd can believe it, they have been married for 64 years!! (I believe I have that right!!)

:: I just got done putting on another application of self-tanning lotion. This pasty white gal needs all the help she can get! I like the L'OrĂ©al Sublime lotion...the smell isn't as bad as some of the others, and I use the Medium color to make me feel like a human (instead of a ghost)!  We may be getting in the pool this weekend with our visitors, and I need some color!

:: Chris met with the painter today...he and his crew are coming back this weekend to get it all done. There will be some painting outside, along with staining all the wood on the shop/deck Chris built with Neeley. We are waiting to mee with a tile guy and a concrete guy. Moving right along.

:: Today is Day 30 of my Whole60! So I am halfway done! I've lost 8.5 pounds and am slowly starting to fit back into my clothes. Yay! I'm excited for these next 30 days. I've never done a 60 before, but I'm ready!!!

:: I'm nearing the end of my book club book -- it's been an interesting story, and I just found out that it is set back in the time of Jesus...the main character just met him! That was an interesting twist! I think I shall spend the remainder of my evening doing some reading!

June 12, 2017

This Monday

:: Our Summer Challenge started at work today...I typically do about 30 minutes on a cardio machine and call it done...but in the challenge, I'm upping my cardio to 45 minutes and adding in 15 minutes of weights. So tonight's workout took me an hour. I'm pooped!! Tomorrow is Zumba :)

:: This morning, I had my allergy testing with Dr. Shringer. I've had this done a few times over the years. She told me that the last time I did allergy shots was 7 years ago! I didn't realize it had been so long. It's time to start them up again to see if I can get some relief. My allergies have been very bad this year. My two bad things this time were ragweed and mountain cedar. The cedar here has been awful this year. That explains it! I go on Wednesday to get my first weekly shot. I couldn't take any allergy meds Sunday, so I was quite a mess Sunday night...my sleep was very compromised :( I had to sleep in the guest bedroom so I didn't keep Chris up all night. I slept very fitfully, with a lot of snot and sneezing...finally slept from 3:00 - 5:00, but the rest was iffy. Meh. Hope to sleep very well tonight.

:: My Mom and Randy are on their vacation this week! They are traveling around on their motorcycle, seeing the world! I hope they have a great time -- I sure do miss emailing with her everyday though!!!! :)

:: That's about all I've got...I need to go to bed early!!!!!

June 11, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: Friday, Chris had a long bike ride workout...so I worked out and then headed home. We decided to eat at home since it was later in the evening, and then we watched a few episodes of The 100 season 4, which just released on Netflix!

:: Saturday, I did some chores and Chris had a very long workout. Afterwards, he was spent...and while we were still supposed to head out to the lake so he could finish it off with a lake swim (and me in the kayak), he listened to his body and decided to cut the swim. It was super windy, so I was kind of glad -- the kayak would have been difficult!! That evening, we went to dinner at Chili's, and then stopped at Lowes for a few things. Then we got home and did some thing around the house to fine tune for getting it on the market -- replaced a blind that was broken, painted some things, etc. Felt good to mark things off the list!

:: Sunday, I picked up the groceries and then did the meal prep for next week. Then I cleaned the house. Whew, I am pooped!!! Chris planted some things we got at Lowes, around the pool area. It looks very pretty! Then I cooked a quick dinner and now Chris is enjoying a Coke Float :)

:: I plan to sit on my bootie for the rest of the evening!!!

:: Tomorrow, I am having allergy testing done, and then I will begin getting weekly allergy shots again. Since I have been so bad lately, it is time. I'm looking forward to some relief.

:: Chris' boss is in town this week, so we will most likely have dinner with him on Thursday.

:: Saturday -- we are so super excited for my aunt, uncle, cousin and hubby to come visit us for the day!!!!!! We are going to relax and hang out by the pool, and possibly order some pizza. Can't wait!!!!

For now...I must veg.

June 08, 2017

It's Friday Jr.!

:: So, our summer wellness challenge starts on Monday...I don't have my plan yet from the wellness director, but I do know that it is going to include bumping up my cardio from 30 minutes each time to 45 minutes. So this week, I have been adding the Tim Erin to my cardio to get a feel for it. It's just 15 minutes...but whew!! It is wearing me out!!!

:: Chris is currently at th Y swimming and then doing a weight workout. This is his last intense week, and then starting Monday he will begin a two week taper -- he'll still be doing quite a bit since it is technically three sports in one...but I assume they'll be less intense and shorter too. We shall see. Last night, he fell off the treadmill during his workout and hit his back...everything seems to be fine but we're watching it. Oi.

:: We have a painter coming out on Tuesday so we can show him what we need done, and he'll give us an estimate. Then we can put him to work!! First phase of getting stuff done!

:: Tonight I tried frozen blueberries topped with some almond milk...mmm mmmmm! It gave the blueberries a frozen covering and it was so delicious! I'll be having that more often!

:: Last night, I ordered the wedding album that I made for my friend Jyl! I can't wait to receive it. The wedding photos were absolutely gorgeous, so I cannot wait to see how the book turns out. She is going to gift it to her daughter for their one year anniversary coming up. I hope it is beautiful!!!!

:: In my scrapbook world, I have finished my first 60 page album and need to get it printed. I've started on my second album for 2017. Completely loving this whole process. Completely caught up and up-to-date. So awesome.

:: I think as I wait for Chris to get home this evening, I will head outside and relax by the pool...it's a beautiful evening!