November 19, 2015

Almost Vacation!!

:: Today was super productive and now one more day of work before vacation!!!!!

:: I made a delicious new recipe for dinner tonight!! Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Almonds...oh nom nom nom!! Discovered it in the All Recipes magazine that my sweet grandma sent to me. Lots of goodies in there! I made a few changes, but basically the same...

:: I am nearing the end of Season 9 of Friends! That means only one more season left. That makes me kind of sad!! What will be next?? I'm thinking Grey's Anatomy! From the beginning...

 :: This may be the last blog for a bit...or maybe not. We shall see! I'll have my laptop, but not making any promises!!!!

:: Well...the packing isn't going to get done on its own :) Lots to do!

November 18, 2015

Oh Wednesday

::  This evening, Chris is working up at the office...FDLIC is getting a huge addition on the back of our building and they asked a few people to help run the electrical wires. Should be interesting!

:: For me that means leftovers, more Friends, and some reading.

:: Work was a bit overwhelming for me's the week before I take vacation, which is always crazy -- and on top of that, things are pretty hectic right now. Just trying to check things off my list and make it to Friday at 5:00!! I finally had to close my door, put my headphones in, and listen to some music.

:: Pool progress -- today they poured the patio around the pool and for the stairs leading up to the pool. Photos to come but probably not until later!

:: Beyond that, I am fried and have nothing more to share!

November 17, 2015

A List for Today


:: I started the day with Psalms 17

:: I attended multiple meetings

:: I struggled with horrible allergies -- this weather is killing me

:: I ordered some new contracts

:: I had a great food day

:: I waited in a very long line for a prescription

:: I had a hair appointment to cover up those grays

:: I picked up Joe's on the way home for dinner

:: I watched Friends Season 9, episode 9

:: I did a lot of reading in a book for work -- more details to come on that!

:: I'm in need of some relaxing

November 16, 2015


Today I want to share Chris' Bombfell experience -- it's the male version of Stitch Fix!

It's very similar -- he signed up and filled out a profile about his likes and dislikes and his sizing, etc. They assigned a stylist to him -- his was Seth. One of the main differences is that before the shipment was sent out, he received an email showing the five pieces that were on tap to mail. He was able to decline anything he didn't think he would like. Once that process was finalized, it shipped and we waited for it to arrive!

On delivery day, we were excited to dive into the box!

He received two polo shirts, a long sleeve shirt, a pair of pants, and a pair of jeans. His stylist really did a great job picking out the items for him! This first shirt is soooo soft, and a very nice shade of blue. And it fit him perfectly! Verdict: Kept!

This pair of jeans is perfect on him! The fit is right on, even the length! Which is typically difficult for him. He is so slim and so tall, pants are not easy to find. Score! They are a great dark wash as well. Verdict: Kept!

This polo is a pretty putty gray color (Chris' favorite color is gray so this was pretty much a no brainer), and again the fit was perfect! Verdict: Kept!

These pants -- the color was a bit weird. They reminded me of those heavy duty work pants. They fit okay, but they had more of a hipster feel. Hipsters we are not :) Verdict: Returned!

This plaid shirt is very nice! The weight is heavy but hangs well. The pattern is pretty blues and burgundys and the fit is slim fitting. We both really liked this piece! Verdict: Kept!

The first Bombfell was a success! It was a 4/5 and he'll be doing it again for sure! Their shipments are once a stay tuned for the next one!! :) This is a great service for him because he really doesn't like to what's better than home delivery!!?

November 15, 2015

Weekend Recap

:: The weekend is drawing to a I sit here, it is pouring rain outside. My nose always knows. I have been an absolute mess the past two the rain comes and I can finally breathe. Messes with me every time.

We had a very full and fun weekend! Here's how we spent it!

:: Friday, after work, we went to Jon and Nadene's for a quick dinner...she made a meatloaf and had some healthy foods for me (she is such a good friend to me!) We shared a bottle of wine and did some catching up. Then we all headed to Beltway (our church) for the Casting Crowns concert!! The Smiths treated us to the concert, and it was such a fun evening!! Casting Crowns is a Christian band, and they have a pretty cool story...they are youth pastors four days of the week, sing worship at their church on Sundays, and go on tour the rest of the week! They have some great songs. Their opening act was Lauren Daigel -- she had a great voice! I need to check out more of her songs! We love our time with The Smiths!!!

:: Saturday morning, Chris ran 22 miles with Steven...and I hosted the November crop at our house! We had a full group, which was nice!! It was a fun day, and I was able to get everything prepped for my Aruba trip album. Now to just lay it out online!! Our Poppy was soooo good all day long! She didn't bark or nip or attack was so nice!! Proud of her.

:: After the crop, Chris and I had dinner at Lucy's, a small burger joint in town. It was yummy! Then we spent the evening with Shaylee and her husband Austin. They invited us to their beautiful home for drinks and we had a relaxing, fun time with them! It was great to meet their two adorable dogs -- Gizmo and Fritz. Loved them!!! Shaylee is on my graphic design team at work, and she and I are very similar in personality. Oddly enough, our husbands are also very, very similar in personality!! So it is fun to get together as a foursome.

:: Sunday was chores and a quick stop to Christmas in November to see Kim's booth and purchase a few of her gorgeous goodies! I'm making a quick frito pie for dinner (for them) and then it's time for The Walking Dead!! Then...ONE MORE WEEK OF WORK AND THEN IT'S TIME FOR OUR VACATION!! So ready.

November 12, 2015

Busy Life

:: This day felt a bit hectic...more meetings, more work...the to-do list is ever growing and that satisfaction of feeling caught up...well that seems to be a thing of the past!

:: I made a yummy stew for dinner tonight, with a side of spaghetti squash...nom nom!! And croissants, for those so inclined to eating gluten :)

:: We signed up today to do a Secret Santa in our department...instead of buying little gifts for everyone, we're going to do one gift of $15-$20 for one person. I think it's going to be fun! We each filled out a little questionnaire about the things we like, etc. Can't wait to draw names and see who I get!

:: Started Season 9 of Friends this evening! Two seasons to go!

:: I intend on doing some reading on my book club book this read read...

:: We had a casual day today, and I wore my new cozy sweater vest that I got at My Sister's house...I love it! It's going to be a great winter piece. Glad I found it! I checked my sales for the first night, and I made $33...excited to see what happens over the next four days!! The $33 is my 60% cut, minus the $15 consign fee. I can log in every morning for an update...stay tuned!

:: Tomorrow evening, we've got some fun planned! After work, we are going to Jon and Nadene's for appetizers and wine, then we are going to the Casting Crowns concert at Beltway! Our church is hosting the concert, and it should be fantastic! They are a Christian band and promises to be an uplifting evening!!

:: Saturday I'm hosting the crop at our house! We'll have a full house too, can't wait!!

:: Sunday, I'm heading over to Christmas in November to shop at Kim's adorable booth! Can't wait to see all of the goodies she has created for this season!!!!

November 11, 2015

Busy Day & A Sale!

:: Currently -- sitting on the couch with Chris...each with a laptop...watching The Notebook :) Fave.

:: Work was fairly insane today...I had a morning full of  meetings, and then lots of work to be done in the afternoon. I got through it in one piece thankfully!

:: After work, I headed over to the My Sister's House pre-sale! As a consigner selling items in the sale, I had a ticket for the was crazy there! So many people and so much stuff to look through!! I found some goodies :) My goal was to be picky, since I just decluttered my closet. I found an Ann Taylor Loft racerback tank top (black/white stripe), a Christopher Banks cozy sweater vest (gray), and a pair of wedge sandals with a vintage vibe (red) that fit perfectly! Now, from Thursday-Sunday I can watch online and see what sells...fingers crossed that I make some good money!!

November 10, 2015

Just a Tuesday

:: I was able to make a little progress on our Christmas card last night...hopefully a little more progress this evening!

:: Last night my hubby fell asleep on the couch at 9:00! For one thing, he rarely ever sits on the 13 years I don't think I've ever seen him lay on the couch! I thought for sure he was sick, but no...he was simply relaxed and what a marvel!! :)

:: We had a health and wellness lunch & learn over the lunch hour, and we got a lot of good, useful information! They did a cooking demo and made chicken strips coated in almond meal and some black bean muffins for us to sample. They told us how to read nutrition labels and things to swap out as healthy substitutes...I think it will be the first of many lunch & learns to come...

:: I'm about to start reading our next book for Book Club...Go Set a Watchman...I've heard mixed reviews about it so far, but I am going to go into it with an open mind. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorites, so I have high hopes. Stay tuned...

:: Pool update -- today they started on the's starting to take shape! I'll try to get some more photos at lunch tomorrow. It was too dark this evening when we got home from working out! We FINALLY got our loan check from the bank today, so we can start making the construction payments. I'm sure the pool company was starting to get nervous!! (Though I didn't agree with starting the pool process before the loan had been finalized!)

:: Ok, off to work on the card!!!

November 09, 2015


:: I now have all of our photos from the shoot, and I've narrowed it down to three selections for our Christmas card! No to work up a design and get them printed!

:: Not a lot to report from my Monday...I woke up super sleepy for some reason, even though I slept great. I had a very productive day at work though -- was able to get my first batch of new applications sent to the printer! Feels good to have some of them accomplished. Still lots to go.

:: I just realized that I bought some shoes on Target's website last Friday, and I didn't ever receive the order email...I'm not sure if the order went through. Hmm. Need to check on that...found two pairs of heels (one black and one a black/white pattern). Dang it!

:: Sorry for the short one...but need to work on my Christmas card!! :)

November 08, 2015

Full Weekend

Hi there!! This weekend flew by! Here's what we did:

:: Friday evening, after work, Chris and I headed to Miguel's for a yummy dinner! I enjoyed my treat there -- coffee rubbed brisket and cheddar taquitos with chips and queso...soooo tasty! Chris and I enjoyed ourselves and had some great conversation...then we headed home and watched a few episodes of The 100 Season 2! That show is so incredibly intense! Loving it.

:: Saturday morning, Chris went on a 16 mile run with Steven and got home around 9:30...I worked on decluttering the kitchen cabinets (almost done, just three drawers left!) and then made the grocery list. Around 4:30, I met my friend Kim Kent downtown to take photos of her cute family! We had a fun time and I got a few great shots of them. Hopefully one will work for their Christmas card! Then I met Chris at Cotton Patch for dinner. We stopped at Academy to look around (bought some adorable Nike shorts that are mint green with black/white leopard print trim) and then Target briefly to get a baby shower gift. Then home and more of The 100! We only have three episodes left in Season 2.

:: Sunday, church had a great message about money and wealth, and then I did the grocery shopping. A quick lunch, and then we got ready for our annual photos! We met the Halfmann clan downtown at 2:00 and had a good hour and 45 minute shoot. Most of the pics were taken on their camera, so I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow! I am confident that we have some great ones to choose from!! Of course, I won't be sharing any until after our Christmas card comes out...but I will share then!! The above photo is some graffiti we found while walking downtown today...I thought he was cute! We then went to drop off all of my items for the My Sister's House sale -- that was an experience!! Then we finished off our evening with The Walking Dead...still don't know if Glenn is alive or dead --- argghghggh!!!

:: The week ahead holds more progress on the pool, a health lunch & learn on Tuesday, pre-sale shopping at the sale Wednesday evenign, a baby shower at work on Friday, the Casting Crowns concert on Friday evening with Jon and Nadene, and the crop at our house on Saturday! I'm sure we will also finish off the remaining three episodes of The 100!!!! Happy week to you!

November 05, 2015

Pool Progress

So -- it's time for an update on the pool!

First off, a photo of our backyard -- pre-pool. It was a huge, wide open space! Chris is finally getting his wish of filling it all up with a pretty pool!

First, they came in and dug out the shape of the pool. This process took two days, and gave us a good idea of the size and shape of the pool. Chris made a tweak to the left side, and then we were good to go!

The above photo is a shot of the deep end of the pool -- 6'

After that, they came out and put up the concrete form and braced it with 2x4s

And, the current stage -- putting in the plumbing! We've had some rain, so they first had to drain the water from the pool and now are at a bit of a standstill while it dries out.

We have never witnessed the pool process, so each step is brand new to us! We are excited to see it all come together! I'll be sure to post updates every so often!

November 04, 2015

I Hate Headaches

:: Today was day three of my headache...blah. Aspirin and peppermint oil and China Gel have kept it at bay, but man, I am ready for it to go away completely. I can't concentrate.

:: I skipped my afternoon snack today, and ended up having no energy for my workout. Boo. Won't do that from now on!

:: I set the DVR to record the CMA award show, and dang it, something else took precedence. I'm not sure what. So, just started watching -- missed an hour and 20 minutes of it. Oh well. I am anxious to see who wins Male and Female artist of the year...after Blake and Miranda winning it for so many years now, I have a feeling their personal issues (divorce) are going to have an effect on it this year. They are no longer the Country "It" Couple.

:: Staying on the music topic, I am loving Adele's new song called Hello! I am hit or miss with her songs, but I am happy with her comeback song! It is great to turn up really loud in the car and sing long as no one can hear me!!

:: We received great news today! Thursday and Friday will be Casual Days, and oh I love those!

:: Am I the only one excited that there is a Peanuts movie coming out??? :) It looks so cute! Peanuts are so classic. Need to find someone who wants to see it with me, as I am quite positive I won't talk Mr. Baber into it!

:: This headache needs some time to unwind...please say a little prayer that it is GONE WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 03, 2015

Hello There

:: First things first!! A very happy birthday wish goes out to my sweet grandma Flo!! She is such a beautiful, kind, giving soul...I can't wait to see her in a few weeks!!! Happy birthday grandma...I love you!

:: Tonight, we are having bunko! It's at our house, hosted by Kim K. It looks like we are going to have a small group, but it should still be fun fun! I may crack open a little wine!

:: Mid afternoon, I started feeling a bit icky...headache and general ick. Hopefully it passes swiftly.

:: Today was filled with much tedious work...lots going on. I am in charge of the contracts for all states, and all applications are changing for 2016. Big project. I tackled quite a bit of it today, but am definitely feeling fried.

:: I'm dropping Chris off on our way home, so he can run the last 6 miles to the house! Crazy man of mine.

:: We finally closed on our pool loan today. Geesh, that was a long, drawn out process. And it STILL isn't even complete. We have to wait three days and go back Monday to pick up the check. Seriously??? Lucky for us, the pool guy has been patient, and has moved forward without payment. Trusting guy! There was no progress today. I think it's still a little too wet from our last rain.

:: Speaking of rain -- yes, I think we have more on the way because I was sooooo snotty during the night. I slept very poorly. Hopefully tonight will be better.

:: Still haven't decided what to do for our annual photos this weekend!!! Any ideas?? It's always difficult to decide what to wear, and how to pose and where to take them!!! I'm excited is my favorite tradition of the year!

:: Maybe I can talk Mr. Baber into more episodes of The 100 tonight after book club!!!

November 02, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015! Our Marketing Department always has a fun time with the group costume contest and this year was no exception!! :)

We decided to come as Hunters and their Animal Trophies! It allowed us to each pick the animal we wanted to be, and to create a costume as elaborate as we wanted. We also put our awesome printer to use to make the wooden mounts so they were all the same. Aren't we the cutest!

Jeff and Michael were our mighty hunters...and then, left to right, top row then bottom row -- giraffe, raccoon, elephant, donkey, lion, jackalope, deer, unicorn, and rabbit. 

We unfortunately did not win the group category :( The Accounting Department won with their Wizard of Oz theme. We were bummed...but we know how cute we were! Don't you agree?????

November 01, 2015

Our Weekend

:: Hope that everyone had a great Halloween! Stay tuned -- I'll be posting tomorrow about our Halloween costume contest at work :) (I forgot the photos on my work computer, whoops!)

:: Our weekend was nice...Friday after work, we went for sushi! It was my first sushi since my Whole30 and I enjoyed every single bite! Sushi is something I've decided to bring back to my normal diet, because I love it so :) Afterwards, we went home to relax because it was a very busy, long week for us both.

:: Saturday morning, Chris ran 20 miles with a new running buddy named went well for them both! I picked up some doughnuts for him to refuel, and then we spent some time cleaning the house together. That evening, we had dinner at Nikko's (yum, gyros!) and then came home to watch multiple episodes of the second season of The 100 -- just came out on Netflix! We truly enjoyed it!!

:: Sunday morning, we went to church and enjoyed the service on the topic of communion...such a good message! Then I headed to do some errands...did the grocery shopping at two different places, and stopped at Target for our next book club book and some plum colored tights :) Afterwards, I finished the cleaning in the kitchen and did a little more decluttering...we're going to wrap up the day with an hour and a half episode of The Walking Dead after dinner :)

:: The week ahead is looking good...I've got bunko on Tuesday (at our house, hosted by Kim K.) and we are taking our annual photos on Sunday! We need to figure out what to wear and where to go for the shoot. Looking forward to it! Sunday is also the drop off day for the big sale...ready to get all of this stuff out of my scrapbook room!

:: Off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday!!