March 26, 2015

:: Thursday was good! I had a good meeting with my team, and marked things off my list. Overall, a success!

:: I had a great workout this evening -- I skipped the cardio and did a HIIT (high intensity interval workout) instead. Basically, do an exercise, jumping jacks, do an exercise, jumping jacks, on and on. It's continual with little rest. I felt really good doing it, and did three sets.

:: I made clam chowder for dinner, upon request from Mr. Baber! Must've been good, he had two big bowls!! I made a big spinach salad topped with smoked salmon for myself, and cooked a potato in some ghee and spices. Yum yum!!!

:: I signed up for my next Stitch Fix!! With my $50 of credit + birthday gift card (upcoming!), it was time :) I requested a purse that I had seen in other Fix reviews, I hope they still have it and can send it! Love it! I am also trying to get additional credits, and posted it again on Facebook. I also posted a photo of me in the dress and necklace I kept, so they could see what I was getting. I had about 50 Likes, so I am hoping to get at least a few to sign up and schedule a fix! My next fix should arrive on May 2.

:: We leave for Balmorhea tomorrow after work. It's about a 4 hour drive. Apparently, there is nothing at all in Balmorhea except the State Park. One lodge (where we are staying) and one restaurant. Not even a gas station! Could be interesting!! :) It is supposed to be in the upper 80s there all weekend, so I may be able to get some sun and maybe even get in the pool too. It's a spring fed, 30 ft deep pool, and the temperature is always the same -- somewhere like 72 degrees, I believe. We shall see. He'll do two dives each day, and we'll be back late Sunday. And then I have my final Monday least for awhile :) I've become quite a fan of this, and will be also taking Mondays off after the upcoming marathon weekend, as well as our car race weekend in October :) ha!

:: Ok, time to relax...ahhhh!

March 25, 2015

:: Today was another gorgeous Spring day! Loving the weather. Hope the weekend ahead is just as nice!

:: I wanted to share some pics of a few dresses I've bought recently! The first one is from Loft (Ann Taylor) is kind of difficult to see in the photo, but it is a thick white material, and there is a nice white on white texture. It has a really cute shape and can be dressed up or down. The second one is from Steinmart, and looks a little different in the photo...I feel like mine is a little longer. It comes closer to my knees than this photo! Mine is also a little more loose. I am actually wearing the bright dress today and I have received a ton of compliments! So nice! So, between these two and then the maxi dress I bought from Stitch Fix, I think I should be good for Aruba!

::Not much else to report -- work was fairly calm and productive too. Chris ran after work, and then we had Subway for dinner. Another day in the life!

March 24, 2015

:: My first day back today wasn't so bad...I was able to get caught up pretty quickly, and then I plugged through some to-do's...

:: Did a cardio and ab workout, and then waited for Chris to get done with his 6 mile run with Steven. Then, we came home to a new crockpot recipe from my new The Paleo Kitchen cookbook -- Tomatillo Chicken. It was pretty tasty! I served the family's over wild rice, and served it with green beans. Yum!!

:: Chris is about to begin working on our taxes -- oh joy.

:: Mimi received a second Stitch Fix today -- it was a little disappointing :( They sent her tiny skinny jeans that were way too small. She got some jeans in her first fix, and they fit perfectly. She also got two sleeveless shirts, after very specifically requesting none of those because she never shows her arms. And one of those sleeveless shirts was completely backless and kind of hoochie -- she also specifically stated her age! Not sure what the stylist was thinking. Her other two pieces were a plain black cardigan which is ok, but she just purchased one for her New York trip so she doesn't need that. And the other piece was a coral color silky shirt, and she'll most likely keep that one. Kind of blah on this fix. I am excited for my next one though, but have not scheduled it yet. I have $50 more dollars in credit, and should be getting a $35 gift card from the office crew for my birthday :) Weeee!

:: It's wedding season -- the invites are coming in for all these youngins. Went to the wedding over the weekend, then have one coming up in May and then two in July (on the same date!). I love seeing all the save the date cards and invitations...and the one we got for the May wedding had the most beautiful hand lettered envelope where our address took up the entire envelope! So cute.

:: Catching up on The Voice tonight...still don't have any favorites yet, but am enjoying the season.

:: The Walking Dead is getting crazy again -- the season finale is next week! Should be very interesting. And then we will have so very long to wait until the next season. We also won't be home to watch the finale, so we will have to be careful on social media so we don't see any spoilers.

:: Time to relax...

March 23, 2015

:: It has been a great Monday off work!

:: Today, I slept in just a bit, did all of the laundry, made the grocery list, did the grocery shopping, picked up a wedding shower gift. I also tried to get my car washed, but as the first real Spring weather we've enjoyed, the line at the car wash was insanely long. So passed on that.

:: The weekends of traveling are ruining my food plan -- back on track back on track. I can not allow myself to be derailed, because then it is a swift downfall from there.

:: I was finally able to find some new black heels for work yesterday -- my current pair, the black heel has completely fallen off, and they are torn to shreds. I am too hard of a walker it seems. They are so bad, I have been too embarrassed to wear them. So, now, on to a new pair!

:: I also found a really cute dress for work and for Aruba (same dress) the way it fits, and can't wait to wear it.

:: Chris' second scuba certification went well last night...and his final part will take place next weekend at the Balmorhea State Park. He will have two lake dives on Saturday and two on Sunday. Then his certification will be complete, and he will be able to dive in Aruba!

:: I'm off to make dinner - steak kabobs, brown rice pasta with pesto sauce, and salad...and we will be dining on the back porch, since today is absolutely gorgeous!

March 22, 2015

:: Happy Sunday!

:: We are having a wonderful relaxing morning at the Hyatt...just had some breakfast, and now Chris is doing a little work and I am here to give a blog update! It's been a full weekend, but it isn't over yet!

:: Friday night, Chris' flight arrived around 10:15 and it was so great to have him home!!!

:: Saturday morning, Chris ran his 22 mile run...his last long run of training before his upcoming marathon. Now he begins to taper down. We left the house around 12:30 and headed to Dallas. Stopped at a BBQ place in Weatherford for lunch, and then finished the trip and checked into the Hyatt. We relaxed until it was time for the wedding.

:: The wedding was in a beautiful area, at a place called The Piazza in the Village. Gorgeous. The chapel and the reception were right there together. It was a beautiful wedding, everything done in different shades of purple. Here are some of the pretty details:

:: The food was delicious -- Chris had the chicken topped with avocado and I had the steak. They were both served with mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus. The cake was red velvet, and the groom's cake was chocolate chip cookie. Chris and I had a fun evening together!!

:: When we got back to the hotel at midnight, we decided to rent The Theory of Everything -- I have been wanting to see it and it was very good. Very sad, but so well done. I haven't seen 2:30 am in quite awhile :)

:: Today, we are going to bum around Dallas a bit, and then Chris will do his scuba certification from 5 - 9:30. I am going to try to find a Super Target during that time! Then, the drive back to Abilene.

:: Thankfully I have another Monday off tomorrow!!!!

March 19, 2015

:: Today was productive and I like that. A lot. :)

:: Last night, in San Francisco when Chris went to dinner, an older British woman told him that he "smelled beautiful"... :) That really made me smile! Because he does!

:: Chris has one more day in San Fran, and then he'll be back home tomorrow night. I can't wait!

:: I don't have much else to report I won't bore my thousands of readers :) Until next time!!

March 18, 2015

:: Today consisted of a VIP presentation (that arrived late and went into the lunch hour), a quick scramble home to feed the dogs and throw some quick food into my belly, and a two hour meeting with another visitor directly after.

:: I got my car back from the dealer today, so far so good. It feels good to have it back -- driving Chris' big truck gets old after awhile!! Especially in the Dallas traffic!!!

:: I had coffee with Aspen this evening -- it was good to see her. I let her lead our time together, and she was her bubbly self. She did a lot of the talking and I did a lot of the listening. We kept it casual and didn't get into anything serious.

:: Is anyone watching The Royals? I'm kind of intrigued so far :)

:: Chris ordered some custom corks for his wines -- Baber Cellars -- they look sooooo good :) Very excited!

:: I need to unwind...bye for now!

March 17, 2015

:: This morning, I dropped Chris off at the airport at 7:15 am -- he is off to San Fran until Friday. I headed to work after the airport and got there around 7:30. It was weird being there so early, but I definitely had enough work to get started early!

:: I had a very productive day, but had to close my office door to get it done.

:: I made a yummy chicken salad dinner for me and Mimi. I made hers the normal way, and I changed mine up quite a bit. Both were yum!

:: Now I am catching up on The Walking Dead -- interesting things happening.

:: And catching up on The Voice! (Mom -- Fancy!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!)

:: Still Alice is going really well -- it is already very sad, a 50 year old woman diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Scary. I'm barely in, and am hooked. Good book.

:: I had my yearly physical today with our nurse at work...all went well and she should have blood work results tomorrow.

:: I enjoyed St. Pat's Day today! Everyone wears my favorite color all at once, and it makes me smile :) I love being Irish!!

March 16, 2015

:: Crazy whirlwind happening here...I think things may slow down sometime around September, at this rate!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Heff's -- another round in the Best Burger in Abilene contest he and his department are doing. It was tasty. Then we came home and relaxed!

:: Saturday morning, Chris did his long run (17 miles), and then we packed up and headed to Dallas for the weekend. When we arrived, we went straight to the Scuba Shop to pick up the gear that he needed to buy. He got a mask, a snorkel, boots and flippers. I don't know if that is the technical or correct name for any of it, but you get the idea :) From there, we checked in at our hotel, and then headed to dinner on Main Street Grapevine. We had never been there before, and we found a very nice restaurant. There was quite a wait, but we got lucky and a couple with reservations decided to leave. Yay! There was live music, and it was a great time. From there, we stopped at a winery shop and enjoyed some wine there before heading back to the hotel for the night.

:: Sunday, we had a relaxing morning, which was nice. Then we had sushi at Sushi Zen and did a little shopping at Grapevine Mills mall. I found a few goodies -- two tank tops, a shirt for work, a skirt and a dress from Loft, and some Sanuk shoes!

:: Chris dive certification class was from 5:00 - 9:30 pm. I dropped him off at the indoor pool, and then I headed to Whole Foods! I had a fun time there, and then proceeded to stop at a few places. Unfortunately, it was Sunday evening and everything closed at 6:00. So, I went back to the pool and did some reading while I waited. Chris had a great lesson in the pool, and we'll be doing it all again this coming weekend!

:: We didn't get home until about 1:00 am -- I was lucky enough to have the day off, but Chris wasn't able to swing that. He is leaving for San Francisco and will be gone Tuesday - Friday -- so he had to be in the office Monday to get some stuff in place. I took him in to work because I needed his truck. My car is still in the shop as they wait for the ordered part. Not sure if I mentioned the diagnosis here, but there is a connectivity issue between two parts.

:: I spent my Monday off doing the grocery list, doing the laundry, doing the grocery shopping, and making some food for the week -- egg/sausage muffins, vanilla almond butter, and cinnamon apple scones. Yum!

:: Tomorrow morning at 9:00, I will be having my annual physical done. They will be drawing blood so I am currently fasting from now until then. I will be a hungry girl tomorrow!!!!

:: Time to spend some last hours with Chris before he jets off -- more tomorrow!!!

March 12, 2015

:: So happy my man is home!!! :)

:: Their flight was supposed to come in at 8:50 pm last night, but it ended up being around 9:30 pm. All went fine though, their luggage was there, and we hugged and made merriment!

:: For souveniers, Chris brought me a beautiful 9/11 Memorial mug that shows the Survivor Tree (the only tree left near the two buildings that they nursed back to health). Mimi brought me a gorgeous enamel donkey that I just love! And he opens, and inside was a necklace with a tiny donkey pendant! Just precious!

:: On the drive home from the airport, my Fusion did that weird "dying while driving" was freaky. The Wrench warning came on, and the Check Engine light. The car started up, but had weak power for the rest of the ride home. This morning, when I started the car, the warning was still showing, so I took it to the dealership. I left it there, and they are looking into it. They should have been able to see the error code since it was showing. Didn't hear anything about it today, so maybe tomorrow. A very nice woman driving the shuttle brought me to the office...I was about an hour late.

:: I was able to accomplish quite a few things on my to do list today, and that felt good. I am a "dooer" and when I can't mark things off my list because of so much other stuff, it makes me start to go crazy!

:: Just looked through over 500 New York photos with Chris and Mimi! They were able to see so much fun stuff! It was great to hear their stories...

:: Chris is doing some studying on his scuba stuff -- he took the written test so long ago, and now he's about to do the actual dive tests...needs to freshen up him memory on some things!

:: I'm reading through my new cookbook The Performance Paleo Cookbook -- trying to educate myself on how to fuel Chris for his training. I think this book will have some great insight!

:: Tomorrow is Friday and Casual Day! Have a happy day!

March 11, 2015

:: Currently, I am counting down the minutes until I head on over to the Abilene Airport to pick up the New York travellers :) Can't wait to see my man!!!!!! They made it safely to Dallas, and I'll be leaving here in about 30 minutes to go get them. Yay!

:: I am plugging along through My Paleo Diet book and it is a great book so far. I am getting a lot out of it, and it seems to go hand in hand with my favorite book It Starts With Food.

:: I've also been reading my next section for our Soul Detox book study, and we've covered forgiveness, bitterness, and envy. Big time stuff!

:: Don't know much else today -- my belly is full, my house is clean(er), dogs are ready! Time for the whole pack to be home...

March 10, 2015

Hi there!

:: Nothing new to say about my workday...I'm sure you are all tired of hearing words like "crazy", "busy", "insane"...this is just the new normal, I fear!

:: No workout this evening -- I had a handful of errands to run and then did some spot cleaning. Picked up a prescription, made a deposit at the bank (we received our check for the mailbox the lady demolished), dropped off the dry cleaning, and picked up a few things at Walgreens. Then home to feed my pups!

:: I made a delicious dinner for one this evening, mmm mmm!! I ate up every bite!! I had a hamburger patty topped with avocado, roasted sweet potatoes, an almond meal poppy seed muffin, and some mango. Only took about 20 minutes too!

:: Watching The Voice -- currently don't have a favorite. How about you? It's early yet...

:: Chris and Mimi have one more bit in New York, and I will pick them up tomorrow night at 9:00! Can't wait to see my man and have him home!!!

:: We are heading to Arlington this coming weekend, for one of three weekends of scuba certification. The next three weekends, and then Chris will be certified and he will be able to dive while we are in Aruba. I am looking forward to bumming around Dallas, hopefully hitting up a Whole Foods :) Next weekend, we'll be going to a wedding while we are there, for a cute girl who used to work at our company. Busy times.

That's about all I've got -- going to do some internet research and then some reading...

March 09, 2015

What better way to start a Monday post than with Huck!! On Saturday, after my workout, I took the chance and drove past Huck's yard -- and he was standing on the hill! He came running down and we visited for a bit. It had been so so long since I had seen him, I was worried the owners had given him away. I was so so happy!! (I think he missed me too) :)

:: So, Monday -- it was a bit stressful, with one thing after email, then the next. I was very glad when lunch rolled around and I had a quiet hour, then was quite ready for 5:00.

:: I had a great workout -- some cardio, and two sets of arms.

:: Raining today...chilly and foggy. Luckily, it looks like it will be sunny and near 70 the rest of the week.

:: I enjoyed our first book club on Saturday! We discussed Unbroken, and I really enjoyed the conversation a lot. We all took brunchy foods and it was just great. Success!! The next club will meet on April 29 at my house and we'll be reading Still Alice. Can't wait to read that one!! We'll be doing appetizers after work.

:: I finished reading Wheat Belly -- it was VERY sciency and very detailed. I am on board with the principles and concepts...but had to do some skimming. I have now started The Paleo Diet by Cordain, and it is going well so far -- I'm liking it!

:: Tonight I am watching The Voice -- I'm all caught up and am into it this season. It's not as fun watching it live though, because I like to speed through the commercials and all the "who will they pick" drama!

:: Chris and Mimi are having fun fun fun in New York!

March 08, 2015

review of my 3rd stitch fix!

Hi all! My third Stitch Fix arrived on Saturday, and I was so excited to tear into it!!

If you will recall, I requested a piece of jewelry, a skirt, and something fun for my upcoming trip to Aruba. My stylist this time, Karly, did a fantastic job!!

(If you are curious about Stitch Fix, you can check it out here:

I have to preface this -- my normal photographer isn't in town, so I had to resort to selfies in a mirror -- so please bear with me!! I did the best I could, but angles might be a bit weird.

Alright, let's go!

1. Romolo Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace Silver -- KEPT

I like this piece a lot -- it is different and fun! I will be able to wear it with a lot of different things, and it can be mid-length or longer. It also fits perfectly into the neckline of another piece that was sent, which is great styling on Karly's part!

2. Skies are Blue Kendra Knit Top in Black -- RETURNED

I didn't like this top out of the box -- the fabric feels like a cheaper cotton, and it was a big lent collector. The stitching was a very nice touch, but again, these are not my colors. I do NOT like burgundy, and the cream and navy combined with it weren't doing it for me. It was dark and ho hum. I prefer bright! It fit better than I expected, but it was a definite no for me. The price was also too high for the cheap feel.

3. Gilli Sina V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress Navy - KEPT

This dress fits great! The top is a silky cotton in navy blue and I love that the v-neck is modest. (And look how nicely that necklace falls into it!) The bottom is flowy and I love the fit. The pattern and colors are a little different for me, but I am feeling it! The length is perfect for sandals or heels. I can dress it up or down. Very excited to wear this in Aruba!

4. Just USA Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket -- KEPT

I already own a denim jacket, and I am quite fond of it -- it has a different cut, more like a blazer. When I saw that Karly had sent this jacket, I was kind of bummed (since I already have one). But I loved this one and couldn't pass it up! It is more modern than the one I own, and I love the wash. It fits perfectly. I had to keep this basic!

5. Pixley June Polka Dot Skirt Navy -- RETURNED

I was excited about this one when I saw it in the box!! Double win - I love pencil skirts and I love polka dots! It looked kind of small, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to zip it. Surprisingly, it zipped right up -- however, it was pretty snug, and that caused some major puckering in the front which is never flattering. This was a Small, and I think that the Medium would be too big. So, sadly this was a no. It's interesting to me -- I posted this on Instagram, and all of the comments were that the polka dot looked "old lady"...that surprised me. I liked it! (I am NOT an old lady!)

So, this was a very successful fix for me! I ended up keeping three pieces, the most yet (I kept two each from my previous two fixes!).

I also really appreciate that Karly made every effort to meet my requests...and it is obvious that she checked out my Pinterest board because pencil skirts and polka dots are abundant there! Great job Karly!

I had $50 in credit to use on this fix, so that made me super happy too! I love Stitch Fix!!!

March 06, 2015

:: Happy Friday!

:: This morning, dropped Chris and Mimi off at the airport at 5:45 -- they were very excited to get on their way to New York! Then I headed home, slept a little longer snuggled up with the pups, and then got ready for work.

:: Their journey wasn't as planned...their flight from Abilene to Dallas took off late, which got them to Dallas late...then they had to wait to pull up to the gate because another plane had gotten there first. So, by the time they got off the plane, their connecting flight had already left for New York. With all the flight cancellations the last few days due to weather, there were a lot of people on stand by -- but thankfully, they got on a flight around 10:30 and they were in New York in the early afternoon! I'm looking forward to hearing all of their stories!

:: Work was INSANE today and I was so happy to see 5:00!

:: I did a quick cardio workout and then did some abs -- felt good!

:: Afterwards, I went to pick up some sushi, stopped at the grocery store for the food I need to make fruit salad for our book club tomorrow, and rented two Red Box movies. Then I headed home to feed the pups!

:: The I sat down to enjoy a thoroughly delicious treat dinner!! A Rainbow Roll and a Yellowtail Roll, with coconut aminos (instead of soy sauce) and mango. Topped off with a glass of Grape Creek Muscat Canneli wine. Oh, I savored every single bite, it was so so delicious!!!!! I was so sad to see the empty carton!

:: Sadly, my Stitch Fix didn't arrive today...I'll give them a little grace though, due to the bad weather everywhere lately. Maybe tomorrow!!!

:: Time to go watch movie #1 -- Blended with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler...