July 02, 2015

Bring on the Long Weekend!

:: So, here is an update from our Wild Kingdom :) Those tiny little newborn birds in the nest have grown extremely quickly! It is blowing my mind, truly. In just a few days, they went from featherless and puny in the nest, to this photo above! I came home for lunch and this little fella was chirping on my front porch! No longer in the nest...hopping around, trying to fly. His parents were nearby, instructing. At one point, he jumped onto the window sill right by me and was looking at me! I believe his sibling was out of the nest as well, but off the porch too -- into our front yard! This guy is off the porch now too...so they are getting bigger and stronger everyday. It has been so neat to watch the parents teaching them. Nature is intriguing! God did incredible work when he set everything up, didn't he?! The exciting news from today -- the third, unhatched egg?? It has hatched and a new birdie is chirping in there wanting to be fed! A bit of a late bloomer I'd say...but, so glad he hatched! The parents are being run ragged -- from yard to porch to nest. That's a lot of work, keeping three new birds in line!

:: Today, gloriously, is our last work day of the week! We are off tomorrow for the 4th of July holiday. Yippie! I love long weekends!

:: Tomorrow, the 3rd, is my amazing hubby's birthday! #41! It will be fun to have the day off, and I've got a few fun things planned to celebrate. I'm looking forward to the day!

:: I plan to hunker down with The Grip of Lions and Veils this evening and finish it off! Chris won't be home until later, so that will be the perfect way to spend my evening. It has been a really interesting read, I've enjoyed it.

:: I'm suffering a bit of a headache this afternoon...so I've been slathering on some peppermint oil. Ready to lay down, snuggle up with my pups, and relax. Much deserved!


No blog...we were too busy entertaining and having fun last night! I will be back this evening with a post ;)

June 30, 2015

bees and life

 :: Well, last night we discovered that we had a good amount of bees, along with a few honeycombs, residing in our water meter box in the front yard. The man came to read the water meter and let us know that he would be coming back today to kill them. That sounded nice and all -- but I have this thing about honeybees. The world needs bees to continue to pollinate, and killing them puts us on a patch to losing out on that special skill. Why kill them? Just move them! We work with a man named Gregg who also deals with bees...unfortunately he was out of town for the week. He let me know of another bee guy, a husband of a coworker. So I arranged for him to come out this morning, and rescue my bees. All is good -- we are bee-free, but they have been transported to a good place (still alive)! Yay for pollination! I bet the water meter man was a bit confused when he came back today to kill them!

:: Today, my department at work hosted a wedding shower for Vanessa -- we had yummy treats to share, and we made a money tree with all of the money that people gifted. It was so cute! I made two batches of pine bark, which is made with saltine crackers, butter, brown sugar and chocolate chips. It is one of my favorite things, and every last piece was eaten my our crew. Yum yum! She is getting married next weekend (7-11) and it should be a fun day!

:: I have been reading swiftly in the "The Grip of Lions and Veils" -- it is a pretty intriguing story so far. I am almost halfway through, and I can not imagine what else the story holds. AND this is only the first book in a trilogy!

:: This evening, Chris is flying with his friend Alex...I should say, he is a passenger in the back seat while Alex flies with the instructor! But, I know he will be enjoying it, and he can learn through every experience.

:: I'd like to ask for prayers -- Chris' aunt Pat went in for a second opinion today, and discovered that her body is full of cancer. Lungs, throat, etc. She is dealing with a lot, and could definitely use prayers for peace of mind, knowledgeable doctors, and God's healing spirit.

:: I'm catching up on SYTYCD from Monday, and it's going well -- my only complaint about the audition process is that they don't show every audition. I think if someone is making it through to the next round, they need for their performance to be shown during the episode. So much depends on the audience connecting with the dancer from the beginning, and not showing all dancers starts them on uneven footing. Not fair :)

:: So there you have it -- true tidbits from my Tuesday!

June 29, 2015

Making Sushi!

Sunday evening, Chris and I made sushi for the first time!

If you'll remember back to Christmas 2013, I received some great sushi making tools from my sweet husband -- a wooden rice bowl and spoon, a bamboo mat, a sushi knife, a sushi cookbook,  etc. I was very excited...but also very nervous! Thus, it's been a year and half and I have yet to use these. I decided it was time!! It was a fun experience, and one we will be doing again!

Let me just say -- making the sushi rice was the most difficult and time consuming part of this process! I had to first soak the rice for 30 minutes...then, there was a detailed boiling session where it boiled for 2 minutes, simmered on medium for 5 minutes, and cooked on low for 20 minutes. Once the rice was cooked, I had to put it into the big wooden rice bowl and add a vinegar/sugar mixture to it, then slash at it until it cooled. That was interesting!

Once the rice was ready, the assembly was fun! I decided to make a very basic type of roll -- imitation crab, cucumber, scallions, and avocado. So I didn't have to deal with any raw sushi-grade fish yet. I'm not even sure where to get that here in town! I cut everything into strips and had it all set out for assembly. First step though -- getting the rice onto the nori sheet, into a thin layer. That rice is very, very sticky! There was continual wetting of the hands. I'm not sure I was able to get it thin enough, because the rolls turned out quite fat. Practice needed!

Once the rice was flattened onto the sheet, I layered on our ingredients...

From there, I rolled the first edge over, squeezed it tight, and then completed rolling the rest of the way. At the end, squeezing along the bamboo mat to ensure the roll was uniform. Again, my rolls were fat, so tighter rolling skills are probably also needed!

Ta da! Roll #1! Very exciting! The rice recipe I used ended up making 6 cups of rice, which gave us 7 sushi rolls! That was way more than we could eat, so now I know and can adjust as needed.

Once the rolls were ready, I sliced each one into 8 pieces. I then ended up going back and slicing those in half because of the size. Too large for one bite!

After I rolled a few, I stepped aside and Chris took his turn practicing too! He decided that he wanted some cheese on his, so we added that in! He even got creative, and added a few pieces from a clementine orange. That was pretty tasty!

Now isn't that a pretty roll :) Just need to get our rice layer a bit thinner. Nom nom!!

We dined on our feast with our pretty chop sticks, and I served the rolls with a side of gyoza dumplings! It was a fun evening spent with my hubby, trying something we've never done before. Perfect for an at-home date night!

June 28, 2015

We had a busy busy weekend, but it was filled with lots of good things!

:: Friday evening, we had a progressive Marketing Department party! We started at Jeff's house for burgers and chips, then moved on to our house for desserts and a game! The photo above is a pic of everyone that came, in front of Jeff's beautiful pool! A few people blew bubbles at Jeff's, then everyone brought a dessert to share at our house. Jeff and Chris took over the theater room and watched Pirates of the Carribean (but really just talked about work), and the rest of us gathered in the living room to play The Sentence Game. That ended up being a lot of fun!

:: Saturday morning, I ran a few errands. I stopped at an estate sale and bought a few scrapbook supplies, then moved on to Kohl's -- I found the three above goodies there! I love the collar on the sleeveless shirt, so cute! The leopard shirt is a subtle black and silver. I am excited about the gold bracelet -- the flat bottom will be great for work where I am typing and mousing...

:: Saturday evening, we went to Matt's house for the Internet Technology department party! I took some strawberry jello salad there, and we had a feast! Matt cooked fajitas that were very yummy! We enjoyed our time there with all the "nerds" :) ha!

:: Sunday has been filled with chores...but the highlight has been discovering that the Cardinal eggs have hatched! Two of the three. They are so precious, all huddled together. The parents keep bringing them grasshoppers. It is so fun to watch! I can't wait until they look like tiny little Cardinals!

:: Tonight for dinner, I am going to attempt to make sushi for the first time!! It will be a very basic roll with imitation crab, avocado, and green scallions. We shall see how it goes. Excited but nervous :)

:: I am loving the new Volcano candle that I bought, so I just put in an order for more! This time I got the bigger size, and am getting two. It makes our house smell so good! I am also liking Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Room Freshener in Geranium. It is kind of floral, which I don't typically like. But this one is mild and fresh.

:: The week ahead -- thankfully, it will be a little less busy than last week! We are off work on Friday for the holiday, and we will be celebrating Chris' 41st birthday that day! Saturday, we are going to Granbury to spend the 4th of July at the lake with Jon and Nadene. We'll come back Sunday morning. Looking forward to it!! What are your plans for the 4th??

June 26, 2015

Hi everyone! Here I am with a bonus Friday post! :)

I learned about a new service today that I wanted to share! It sounds neat, but please know I have not tried this for myself. So I can not give a detailed opinion!

The site is called Blue Apron -- you can click through the site to learn more!

The quick rundown -- basically, you pay the weekly fee, and they send you the ingredients for the meals that week. For example, a family of two would get 3 meals for the week for $60. They overnight the package to you, and the shipping is free! Inside the box, you have everything you need for those three meals, in the exact portions required. So there is no waste. The recipes are different each week, and if you happened to get a shipment each week for the year, you would never get the same recipe twice!

Just wanted to share! I always enjoy learning about new fun things, and since I had never heard of this one, thought you might like it!

If you happen to try this out, I'd love to hear about your experience!

June 25, 2015

:: I have discovered a way for me to post printable recipes here on blogger! I will post the recipes, sometimes with photos...and underneath, there will be a PRINT button. When the button is clicked, it will take you to a page that can be printed. Yay! ** I would like to note that I am not a recipe creator and I take no credit for these recipes (unless otherwise stated)!! These are just recipes that I have tried and loved. I will state the source when I know!

:: So, today I made Cake Batter & Sprinkles Dip for our departmental party tomorrow evening, and below is the recipe -- it is yummy and it is always a hit!

Cake Batter and Sprinkes Dip
(courtesy of www.ashleemarie.com)

: 1 box white cake mix
: 1.5 cups plain yogurt
: 1 carton whipped topping
: As many colorful sprinkles as you like!

In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix until smooth and creamy. Chill for at least one hour before serving with graham crackers or fruit. Yum!


:: Tomorrow begins our weekend of fun!

:: Friday evening -- everyone in our Marketing department is going to my boss, Jeff's, house for dinner. We are having burgers and chips there. Then, we are progressing to our house for dessert, games/movies! It should be a fun evening for our team!

:: Saturday evening -- everyone in our Internet Technology department is going to Matt's house for dinner and a movie...yet another fun night with coworkers!

:: Our book for the July Book Club has changed...we are now going to read "The Sweetest Thing" by Elizabeth Musser...looking forward to it!

June 24, 2015

:: Today -- was a gorgeous day!! The sky was bright blue with big fluffy white clouds, not a drop of rain in sight...ahhhh! We were in the lower 90s...so crazy for June in Texas, but we'll take it!

:: Today -- I was excited to purchase an online course called Blog Life, by A Beautiful Mess bloggers Elsie and Emma! I am looking forward to seeing all the tips and tricks they teach.

:: Today -- I started a new book called "The Grip of Lions and Veils" by Audra Grace Shelby, which was actually written by a coworker's mother! I'm only on chapter 2 and it is already off and running! I think I am going to enjoy this one!

:: Today -- we enjoyed the beef stew that I made for the meal swap this week! It was really yummy! As promised, I am sharing it below!

Crockpot Beef Stew
- 1 pound stew beef
- 2 cups beef stock
- 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
- 1 medium onion, chopped
- 2 stalks celery, roughly chopped
- 2 large carrots, peeled and roughly chopped
- 3 small potatoes
- 3 cloves garlic
- 1 tablespoon paprika
- 3 bay leaves
- 1/2 teaspoon salt
- 1/2 teaspoon pepper
- 1 teaspoon each of: rosemary, basil, oregano

Place meat in crockpot and cover with remaining ingredients. Cook on low for 8 hours.


:: Today -- I went shopping in my friend Katie's closet again :) She goes through her stuff every so often and invites the girls over to go through it. I always find a thing or two! Below are my goodies this time! LOVE that first necklace, gotta find something to wear it with!

:: Today -- I've been hobbling around because my left heel is hurting for some reason. I am not sure why. I can't recall stepping on anything, etc. It's been hurting since Saturday, so weird. I've been icing it, and some times it hurts more than others. I hope I am not getting a bone spur or something. Grrr. Please say a little prayer for me!

June 23, 2015

:: This evening was book club! We had it at our house, and there were 6 of us...we talked about "I Am Malala", and had some yummy snacks too. It's a fun group of ladies! Next up, we are going to read "The Neverending Road", which is written by a local author. And the next hostess, Glenda, is going to have the author come talk with us :) That should be interesting! It is not a novel, though, so I am going to have to read two books at once. I am not used to all this non-fiction, and it isn't entirely my cup of tea. Gotta get some make-believe in there!!

:: Chris went to the Rangers game this evening, with some people from his department (to make up for the game they were supposed to go to, but didn't because of the rain). They were able to take the company jet, but they didn't get to sit in the normal company seats (which are right behind the third base duggout). They are up in the nosebleed section :) They are still having a good time though! It will be a late night for him.

:: Tomorrow, I am putting my beef stew into the crockpot, and am hopeful that it will be yum yum! I shall let you know!

:: The rest of my evening, I'm going to finish up the scrapbooks. Not much left at all! Super excited!! Hope she loves them!!!

June 22, 2015

:: Last night I thought...ahhhh! At least we have one more day in the weekend! Only...nope. It was Sunday night and it was time for back to work.

:: Today we did our meal swap -- I took a beef stew, and in return I got: baked almond chicken tenders; coconut chicken patties; and salsa lime crockpot chicken. All of them sound good, but won't be making them all this week -- that's too much chicken! If my beef stew is tasty, I will share the recipe!

:: This evening, Mimi bought us Mr. Burger as a late Father's Day meal :) It was yummy!

:: Today at work, I dealt with an issue for about an hour and a half, and then discovered that it wasn't an issue at all. So, a bit of a waste of time, but also thrilled that there was no issues. Issues wear me out.

:: I was thinking that our board meeting was tomorrow, and was feeling stressed to get my two albums complete so she could pick them up. However, I was a week early whoops! The meeting isn't until next week! So that gives me a little extra time to fine tune. BUT then I discovered that the meeting next week is going to be a webinar and they aren't coming in to town! So, her sister will pick it up next week. A little breathing room :)

:: Tomorrow is book club -- still haven't finished the book. I've skimmed enough to be at about 65% and will skim the rest tonight. Not my fave. I hope the next hostess picks a novel. If not, I will need to read something else at the same time -- I have The Girl on the Train that I need to start!

:: I just took some egg muffins out of the oven and they smell so good! I used the farm fresh eggs and the farm fresh pork sausage...will be very delish for my breakfast!

:: And now, I must scrapbook and do some book skimming!

June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

:: This guy right here is such an amazing man! He leads our family and I couldn't imagine life without him! Happy Father's Day Chris! I love you!!

:: The weekend is drawing to a close, and I feel like it was fast and furious! It was a packed weekend, but there was a lot of fun involved!

:: Friday evening after work, Chris and I enjoyed dinner at Miguels and then headed to The Mill. We had a group of about 30 from our office there, and it was a fun evening! We rented a silo, and we were all able to sit together. Fun times! We stayed there until they closed at midnight, and then stopped at Taco Bueno on the way home with a few friends...it was about 1:00 when I finally crawled into bed!

:: Saturday morning, Chris and I went to the farmer's market to get some goodies! Lucky me though, we didn't have to buy nearly as much as planned because we were able to stop by Kim's house to get a huge bounty there! They left for their week-long cruise and didn't want their veggies to go to waste from their awesome garden! Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, greenbeans from their garden, and cucumbers, grassfed beef/pork/eggs from the farmer's market. Yay!! My menu for the week is revolving around all this goodness!

:: While we were at Kim's, we took the opportunity to check on their new pup Molly...she is soooo sweet, Chris enjoyed meeting her! She is the most laid back puppy I've ever met!

:: While we were out, we drove by this field -- there are seven mamma horses and seven baby horses altogether here. It was so sweet to see! Each baby was right next to their mamma, and they were frolicking too. Loved it!

:: I've been in a mood lately where I am getting tired of my straight, flat hair...so I talked with my hairdresser Kasi about how to work with my natural wave. She gave me a few tips, and I tried them on Saturday -- I was actually pleased with the results, and wore it down and wavy all day! Her tips: while wet, do not comb...just use fingers and then add curl enhancer spray. From there, use a diffuser to dry it. So, both were good tips. I had to do a bit more work from there to get it to lay right, which included wearing the top section in a clip for awhile. Chris seemed to really like it so I will need to continue working on it this week!!

:: While we were downtown for the farmer's market, I spotted this chartreuse door that I had never seen before...and Chris was kind enough to let me snap a few photos!! :) He's good like that! Love this one...

:: Saturday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Chili's and then looked around the bookstore for awhile. When we got home, I watched Divergent while I worked on finishing up my scrapbook job, and then I joined him in the theater room to watch Fault in Our Stars...I am about 98% done with the albums and should be able to have them ready for her on Tuesday!!

:: Sunday, after church, I did laundry and then had a lot of prep work. I prepared a beef stew for the meal swap this week, and then I prepared everything for dinner with Nadene and Jon this evening. They are coming over around 5:00 for dinner and fun!

:: The week ahead -- busy!! Tuesday is book club at my house, and Chris is going to the Rangers game. And then over the weekend, we have two departmental parties! More to come on that!

June 18, 2015

:: This day is drawing to a close...overall, it was pretty decent. I hope you had a great day!

:: I had to share this cute pic of my mom! She and her hubby Randy just got back from a vacation to Branson. Their original plan was to ride their motorcycle there, and then take little bike trips from there. With all the rain though, they were smart and played it safe -- they took their car instead. That didn't stop my mom though! She bought herself this sassy motorcycle hat! I would never have imagined her wearing this, but cannot get over how great it looks!

:: Last night, Chris and I stumbled across a show on TLC called "Born Without Limbs", which was a documentary about Nick Vujicic -- it was beyond inspiring! Nick was born without arms and legs, and I believe has part of one foot. There were so many touching moments in the show, and moments that were just mind blowing in how creative they are for him to do things on his own. Simply incredible. If you haven't heard of him, you should definitely give him a google. He has a few books that I would really like to read. With him in the pic below (borrowed from People Magazine) is his wife...she is so strong and was also so inspiring to see. They have a little boy, and another one on the way! I read today that if the show was a success, they might begin filming a reality show about him. I would definitely be watching!

:: I stumbled upon a "pet peeve" today -- there are so many recipes online these days, and it is crazy to come upon one that doesn't have the "easy print" button included. Really!? Come on. They never print right, and then I have to copy it and take it into Word, reformat, etc. Unless it is a really good looking recipe, I just will not go to that effort. Look at that Paleo blueberry bread below...no Print button. So, I passed. Ok, rant over. (In talking with Chris -- my techie -- just now, it doesn't seem as easy to set that up as I thought -- so maybe I shouldn't have a pet peeve about this ha!)

:: I am still skimming my way through I Am Malala -- one thing that really stands out to me is how the Taliban ravaged their own country. I think, as an American, I was under the impression that the Taliban were terrorists who were out to get America. (Don't judge me, I rarely watch the news.) Malala's story tells of the awful things the Taliban did in her country and to her people, as well. So, that is a good takeaway.

:: Okay folks...time to scrapbook!!!

June 17, 2015

:: Five more pages to go in the scrapbook-for-hire!! Last night I was reading through a few notes the 10 year old girl sent her parents while she was at summer camp -- those were so funny! They will make a very cute page, just need to figure out what to do with them.

:: Chris met today with Bryce, the flight instructor he flew with on his discovery flight. He is gathering up his notes so he can tell me all about it here in a minute!

:: I joined in our 8:20 prayer group this morning at the office, and we talked about anger. How anger can eat us alive if we let it. There was a good passage that I want to share here, as soon as I can find it. The prayer group is great -- it is voluntary, and whoever shows up prays together to get the day started. And on Fridays, we also sing! This morning, we also went around the circle and each added something to the prayer, so it was some good practice for me. In being completely transparent here, I must say that praying out loud is very foreign to me, especially in front of people. I have been working on this with Nadene through a number of different exercises, and am beginning to feel more comfortable in the act. So, this morning was a good step for me!

:: I Am Malala -- the current book for book club -- mmmmm it is a doozey. DOOZEY. Not my type of book at all, and I am only 38% done. Book club is next Tuesday. I don't know that I will finish by then, or if I really care to, honestly. I am doing a lot of skimming just to make it to 38%. Oi. It is so detailed I can not even handle it. It is about a girl who was shot by the Taliban, and all the back story involves so.much.explaining. She talks about her culture, but then has to translate what it means in English. There is a young reader version and I dare say I should have gotten that instead. Hopefully for next month, we can read something light and fiction!!

:: Nadene and I are carrying on with picking out the principles in John. We also have a new memory verse for this week. I am proud of myself, I have three verses memorized so far, and with my memory that is a huge accomplishment! I am continuing to go over the previous ones, so that they stay fresh in my mind. We have tentative plans with The Smiths to get together on Sunday at some point.

:: One of Chris' coworkers discovered a baby donkey near his home this week! I think I will take a trip over there this weekend to see this baby! The guy, who isn't really fond of donkeys, actually said, "It is honestly the cutest thing I have EVER seen." That is saying a lot! It is a must see :)

:: I'm taking a break from scrapbooking tonight, so off I go to chat with Chris and maybe pull out some Bible principles!

June 16, 2015

:: You may have noticed that this blog looks a little different! I've been doing a little work on it -- I wanted to freshen it up a bit, simplify, provide a few extra things. I'd like to decide on a little more focus for my space here, but I am not sure what that is yet. Stay tuned!

:: Tonight, I had a hair appointment to cover those grays...and then I picked up dinner on the way home. Mmmmmm sushi! (L to R below) I had the yellowtail roll and the Philadelphia roll, and Chris had the spicy crawfish. My only complaint -- the yellowtail that I get used to have green scallions, and now for some reason it doesn't. I wonder if I can request??? I love sushi because I never feel heavy and nasty full afterwards...it's just a light food, and so, so delish! White rice...it isn't necessarily the most health-filled food, but I don't have any ill-effects from it...so I am willing to indulge because I love sushi so much!

:: Chris was supposed to go to Arlington this evening for the Rangers game with his department...unfortunately, the weather here and there was stormy, and the company jet was not willing to make the trip. Next time! Instead, Jon picked up pizza and beer and came over to spend some guy time together. They are watching the NBA finals game in the theater room and loving life :)

:: While we ate, I noticed something moving on the back patio...ummmmm a SNAKE! Chris to the rescue with the shovel and Jon hosed down the patio afterwards. Ick! This is the second snake in a two week period. We have lived here four years now, and these are the first snakes we have seen. Not a fan.

:: I'm catching up on SYTYCD from Monday, and am now going to work on my scrapbook. I am aiming to have both albums finished by next Tuesday, because the woman I am doing them for will be in town for the monthly board meeting at work. It's doable, but I need to get busy!
Just a quick note this morning -- Chris and I had an evening with Jon and Nadene last night, and thus there was no blog :)

I dropped off the dry cleaning, then we headed home to feed the dogs and eat a quick dinner. We got to the Smith's around 7:00 and left around 9:15. It was a really good evening...our time with these two has definitely been a blessing!

June 14, 2015

Happy weekend!! I hope yours has been good! Here is a little about ours!

:: Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are entertaining us...Mama is very nervous and doesn't like us being in the kitchen. They spend a lot of time on the gate, chirping at us! :)

:: This is Chris with his friend Steven...otherwise known as Kiki...they are running buddies :) Chris has a lot of knowledge to share with new runner Kiki, and it is fun to see them inspire each other. It is great for Chris to have a running partner again...

:: Saturday, I enjoyed the June crop at Kim's house! I was able to get about 40 pages in the works -- just need to put the finishing touches on them. Yay! It was so nice to work on my own things again. A nice break from my scrapbook job. I am nearing the end of that, and am looking forward to handing it over to her. Not much longer now. And...sweet Gary (Kim's husband) made us frozen pina coladas -- nom nom!!! Quite enjoyed those! We had a small group -- me, Kim and Pam. Such a nice day!

:: Just thought I would share this -- Chris killed it in our driveway...oh lovely. It had eggs too. Oh my.

:: Just a sweet Saturday moment with my love...

:: Kim has a new puppy named Molly...a lab mix. She is sooooo sweet, I am in love with her :) I spent quite a bit of time on the back porch with her on Saturday at the crop! She likes me too, I think :) She is a very good snuggler and likes a good belly rub. And likes to give kisses! Sweet sweet. (Excuse the awkward double chin in this photo, ick).

:: As you know, Chris spent a few days in Vegas last week for a conference...they took the company jet, and our pilot Steven let Chris sit in the co-pilot seat for awhile. You know that he really enjoyed that!!!

:: Beyond that...Friday evening we had dinner at Wing Stop and enjoyed a very yummy treat meal -- lemon pepper wings and crack fries! Saturday, after the crop, we had dinner at Niko's -- gyros! Very messy but delish! Then we headed to The Mill and had a few drinks with Alex, a designer on Chris' team. Very nice evening! Sunday, grocery shopping and a stop at Michaels...

:: Best of all -- my amazing hubby cleaned and did laundry for me Saturday while I was at the crop! He is such a blessing to me!

June 11, 2015

:: I finally figured out why this week seems to be soooooo long! We have had casual dress days all week, and so that makes every day seem like Friday!! And then, boo. It isn't Friday. It has me thrown all off! But I must say, I have really enjoyed being casual!!

:: Chris was back to work today, and busy busy after being gone for three work days!

:: Tonight for dinner, we are having a teriyaki chicken made by Nadene! This one is basically marinated chicken in a ziploc bag, so I will just have to cook the chicken. It smells so good already! I am having it with roasted yellow squash (one from Shaylee's garden and one from Kim's garden!) and roasted potatoes (from Kim's garden!)! I love having friends who share the bounty of their gardens!!! Especially since I do not have a green thumb whatsoever! All the rain we have gotten this year has really made the gardens grow like gangbusters! Shaylee also shared some chocolate mint leaves with me...that is interesting. More mild than regular mint. Chris is running and when he gets home we will have our fine feast!!

:: Alex, one of Chris's team at work, is doing his first cross-country solo flight this evening! He may be stopping by afterwards to have a celebratory drink with Chris! He should have some good stories to share.

:: Tonight I am going to work on finding the life principles in John 2. Nadene, my friend and mentor, was so sweet -- she gifted me with an incredible study bible! It has full color photos, lots of history, and a whole bottom section of footnotes. It will be a great resource for me. Our mentoring sessions are going really well -- she was definitely the correct choice for me. God led me to her and I was smart to listen!!

:: Last night I was able to get 4 more pages done on that scrapbook -- I just counted and I only have 9 more to go! Nearing the end now, which is a great feeling! Seems I have been working on this forever!! Once done, I'll be able to get all of the pages organized in the two scrapbook albums, and then get them delivered to her. This coming Saturday is the crop and I am looking forward to it!! I am going to scrapbook my own things, which hasn't happened in awhile. That will be a nice change of pace!

:: I mentioned the cardinals who have made their nest in the tree by my kitchen window?? Oh they are so fun to watch! The mama cardinal is so, so nervous. She will not go in the nest if we are in the kitchen. Instead she will perch on the metal chair right next to the tree, and she will chirp chirp chirp constantly. Like she is telling us off! Then, when we still remain in the kitchen, she will move to the front gate and chirp chirp chirp some more. I'm not sure why she built her nest next to our busy place?? The daddy cardinal comes to visit, and they are interesting together. How long does it take eggs to hatch?? And for baby birds to get old enough to move on?? I'm afraid mama cardinal is going to give herself a nervous heart attack before then!!!

:: Alrighty, off to finish the last bit for dinner!