December 17, 2014

:: Wednesday of crazy week! And still kicking! We completed our to-do list today and we were all quite excited!!! Just in the knick of time.

:: Tomorrow morning, we start our company meeting at 8:00 a.m. We'll be focusing on mind, body and should be a great day! We'll have the meeting, eat lunch there, and then head back to work for a debrief. Catch up on a little work. And then we have our western party! There will not be a blog tomorrow evening!

:: I received a few fun gifts today!

This is a beautiful scarf from Susie -- the print and the colors are so yummy!
This adorable chihuahua ornament is from a sales manager's wife...they have schnauzers and know our love for our pups. I thought this was super sweet of her!

:: I also captured this fun photo of Chris!

:: This evening, I made my grandma's mac and cheese! Oh it was yummy!!! I haven't made it in quite awhile. Chris was pumped!

:: I bought two Norwex towels at the craft fair I went to last weekend. It's an interesting product and I am still learning how to use them, but I have been impressed so far. For her demo, she smeared Vasoline on a mirror. She wiped it with the wet towel and then finished with the dry cloth and the mirror was spotless and streak-free. I cleaned my large bathroom mirror today, and it worked GREAT!! Not a streak. It is also great on my granite counter tops -- no film is left behind, like the cleaners usually leave. It works pretty good on my stainless steel. I think I have so much build up on them from all the different cleaners I've tried, it might take a bit to remove that. Impressed so far!

:: That's about all I've got -- it is nearing my bed time. Need to rejuvenate for our big, long day tomorrow!

December 16, 2014

2014 annual photo shoot

Hi! I wanted to share some photos from our annual photo shoot!

We got together with the Halfmanns, as is our tradition, to take some photos for our Christmas cards. We were able to get some cute ones to choose from!

Chris and Aspen decided they wanted to do something more fun this year, and so this is what we came up with! After a trip to Walmart, we all had matching Christmas pjs, and then we had a lot of fun taking these photos!

December 15, 2014

:: Whew...8:42 pm and I am t-i-r-e-d. Could go to bed right now! And today was just day one. Today was a prep day -- everyone arrives tomorrow. Lots of prep. I also completed three reviews. Two more tomorrow, and two Wednesday. They are going really well!

:: I had lunch with Kim today! We went to Firehouse Subs, my first time there. It was pretty good, and they were extremely friendly there! We exchanged gifts, and hers were so very thoughtful!

Beautiful angel holding a dove...she is quite tall, probably 15 inches or so. I need to find the perfect place for her!!
And this canvas tote!!!! I almost have no words for this! A few months ago, I had pinned this donkey image on my pinterest account. She found the image, and then had this canvas bag created for me. It is quite beautiful! This is super special to me!
:: After work, I worked out and Chris ran...then we headed to the grocery store. He needed to get one final thing for his gift exchange at work, and I needed some chips for our dinner! Then home to make taco pizza and now...time to relax. This brain of mine needs to shut off for a bit!

:: So -- tomorrow -- all managers in town. Big week-long meeting starts. Chris is going to the gun range at lunch. I am giving two reviews. I'll be sitting in on one presentation at the meeting. My department will be getting final touches put on the materials for our company-wide meeting on Thursday. And I will be finding SOMETHING  to carry to work in my new tote!!!!

December 14, 2014


So, I was informed that last week, I "failed" at my blog! Well! Just to be clear, I only missed one day. Thursday. :) I'm not quite sure that should be classified as a fail!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Enchilada Express and then went home to set up our new mattresses!!! They are awesome, so excited! The pillow top makes it a lot taller! We have to jump up to get into the bed now! I had to go and get a bed skirt now, because the comforter doesn't cover it all. Merry Christmas to us!

:: Saturday, Chris had work to do all day...and I had a very full day! I got up at 8:00, and then:

1. Did all the laundry
2. Made the grocery list
3. Went to a craft fair -- bought another Gold Canyon warmer, a rose gold Premier Jewelry bracelet, some Norwex cleaning towels, and a barn wood stocking made by Kim!

4. Finally found something for us to wear to the Christmas party.
5. Did some additional Christmas shopping -- the crowds were INSANE.

6. Did the grocery shopping.
7. Did my new jamberry wraps.

8. Chris got home around 7:00 and then we had a movie date with Nadene and Jon -- we saw Exodus : Gods and Kings -- it was pretty good! They took some definite liberties, but it was a well done movie. Long though! Started at 8:20 and we got out at 11:00. A late night for us old fogies!

:: Sunday, we had a great church service and then I headed to Kim's for the December crop. We did our exchange of little Christmas gifts, and here is what I made the girls this year. I found the idea on's so cute!

:: Busy busy week ahead -- sales managers are coming to town for the week. Company meeting on Thursday. Party on Thursday. Giving reviews Monday-Wednesday. I will fail at blogging again this week, since there will be no Thursday blog. Just giving you fair warning!!!

December 10, 2014

:: Another busy day...I think it will be like that for the rest of this week and all of next week. Next week our big Sales Meeting where all the sales managers come in from across the U.S. Big week. This week, a lot of prep.

:: We did find out some awesome news today though!!!! The REST OF THE year is going to be Casual dress!!!! That makes me super happy!

:: My boss Jeff gave me my review this afternoon! Another good one :)

:: Tonight, we had our life group Christmas party. We brought snacks and desserts (we brought 7 layer dip and chips) and we did a white elephant ornament exchange. Then we played Catch Phrase (boys against girls) and that was a lot of fun!

:: Now, Chris is working on reviews. I should be too but I forgot them at work. So, I guess I will take this opportunity to go relax a bit!!!

December 09, 2014

san antonio half marathon

:: Today, I was very busy -- though at the end of the day, I couldn't really tell you what I accomplished! Hoping for a more focused day tomorrow.

:: I brought home the 7 reviews that I need to work on. I am just not finding the time at work, and have to get them done this week. I can do a little each evening if necessary. And I do have Saturday if needed.

:: Tomorrow we have our life group Christmas party -- snacks/desserts and an ornament exchange! Looking forward to that. I made my 7 layer dip and hopefully that will be yummy! I bought a cute ornament too, hope it's a hit :) It's a huge glass hot air balloon!

:: This Sunday will be our December crop at Kim's and I am looking forward to it! I can't wait until afterwards, because then I can post a photo of the adorable gift that I made each of the girls!! I love Pinterest :)

:: I received my second order of Jamberry wraps! I really like them -- fairly subtle designs, and can't wait to try them out! The gray polka dots I have on right now are not holding up very well. It is weird. Some seem to last a bit better than others.

:: As promised, photos from the San Antonio Rock & Roll Half Marathon on December 7th! For the second time, Chris mentored a group of FDLIC runners -- some who have run before, some who were brand new to running. I think there ended up being about 17 runners total, after two had to drop out due to mono.

The group after the race -- everyone finished strong, and they each had their own story to tell! It was fun to hear them all! It was a first half marathon for many. Some of the repeaters were able to better than time. One guy didn't train at all and suffered quite a bit! Four of them ran as two relay groups (two runners per relay), and that was new. Very proud of each one!
Chris and Steven, his protege :) Steven has only been running for a few months, but he has developed quite the passion for it! He was running 13 minute miles, and with some guidance and tips from Chris, he is now running down in the 7 minute range! He has the potential to become an obsessed runner like Chris, and Chris absolutely is thrilled! Steven had a great race, running 1:41 and looking very strong!
This guy right here amazes me, over and over again! He felt like he was in the best shape of his life, because his training had gone great and he was at a good low weight due to some dedicated healthy eating. His goal was to run under 1:30. He came in at 1:28 and as you can see above, he was super excited!! I was too, and so very proud of him! I foresee another full marathon in 2015.
This one is in the finishing shoot as well -- look how strong he is still running! He was booking it, racing toward that finishing clock! So impressed.
We had two group dinners with everyone and the spectators...Saturday evening, we ate at Paesanos. We had a rented room there, and those people bent over backwards for us! The service was outstanding and the food was soooo good. Sunday afternoon, after the race, we met up at BJ's Brewhouse and after waiting a bit for them to seat all 23 of us, we finally had a great meal together. The runners were excited to splurge a bit with drinks, fatty foods, and dessert! The amazing thing was that our CEO Kris paid for both meals, for everyone! We are all so blessed by FDLIC!

December 08, 2014

:: Very busy, full day today -- back to the normal swing of things!

:: Work was good -- it took awhile to catch up, but I should be able to start off tomorrow with a fresh start. Which is good because I need to work on reviews. It's that time of year. I have to get 7 done this week, and prepare to give them out next week.

:: Worked out after work; then did the grocery shopping and picked up dinner. Now I am doing laundry! Busy busy.

:: I need to veg out for a bit...will try to upload photos and get a post ready for tomorrow.

December 07, 2014

:: We had a great few days in San Antonio! We didn't get home until about 8:30, and now it is time to get ready for the week ahead. So, short blog this evening, and more details/photos to follow soon!

:: For now, I will say that the half marathon was a great success for all 19 of the runners!! I am so proud of my hubby for organizing the entire thing and for being an inspiration to all of these new runners! And most exciting, he had a goal of running faster than 1:30, and he came in at 1:28!! He was super pumped, and I am so excited for him!! He is amazing :)

:: We ate a lot of food, and enjoyed our time with our coworkers...great weekend!!!

More to come!

December 04, 2014

Vacation day 4 was very good! I:

:: deep cleaned my closet (I get ready in there, so there is a lot of hair spray and hair!)
:: cleaned the bathroom
:: cleaned our bedroom
:: tried to watch Frozen for the second time -- the blue ray just won't work for us; I'm going to need to find someone with a dvd that we can borrow!
:: started reading "The Art of Racing in the Rain"
:: prepared our Christmas cards for mailing
:: began a scrapbook that will have our Christmas cards throughout the years
:: made tilapia, roasted mushrooms and onions, and rice for dinner

Now, time to relax with my hubby!

Tomorrow will be my last "vacation day" and I plan to enjoy every second!! Then, we are off to San Antonio on Saturday!!!

December 03, 2014

Day 3 of vacation was wonderful! I:

:: wrapped presents
:: did lots of Christmas shopping
:: wrapped more presents
:: met Chris for dinner at Subway
:: decided to skip life group because he isn't feeling that great (please say a prayer for him, he is running his half marathon this weekend and has put a lot of training time in to it -- he needs to be feeling in top shape for Sunday!!)
:: made some gifts for my scrapbook buddies and wrapped those too
:: and now I'm posting pics of some of our Christmas decorations (and a few other random things)!

The gorgeous wreath from my Mom! It looks great in our entryway! (The picture is deceiving, because this wreath is HUGE!)
Our tree, full of special memory-filled ornaments
Our wine barrel coat rack in the entry way is home to this display
Our mantle -- isn't Poppy's pink stocking cute?!
I haven't seen Huck in awhile, so I was very excited to see him!! Looks like he was excited too :)
And had to share this sweet one of Poppy in the her!
:: I am excited for tomorrow -- I am an oddball, but I am really enjoy cleaning out my closet! Tomorrow I will dedicate a few hours to that :)

December 02, 2014

Had bunko this evening, so I just have a short time to blog -- almost time for bed!

Today I:

:: slept a little late
:: watched a Sex and the City marathon
:: sized more photos
:: ordered 130 photos from
:: made a main dish for bunko
:: went to Academy to pick up bullets for Chris
:: went to Target for bunko gift card and a few Christmas goodies
:: had a great evening at bunko with the girls
:: spent some quality time with Chris

Tomorrow, day 3 :)

December 01, 2014

:: Ahhhh vacation day #1! It was perfect. I:

:: slept until 8:45
:: ate a leisurely breakfast
:: ordered a few things online
:: watched a lot of Friends
:: listened to some music
:: scrapbooked
:: sized a lot of photos for printing
:: ate a leisurely lunch
:: drank some hot tea from a santa mug
:: got organized for Christmas shopping
:: took a long hot shower
:: made dinner for my family
:: welcomed Chris home with a big kiss

Tomorrow -- day 2! :) Already looking forward to it. Not sure how I will spend it yet. But it will be good!!!

November 30, 2014

:: I love the weekends! Especially weekends that are right before a week of vacation :)

:: I wanted to post a few more photos from Thanksgiving:

The Babers on Thanksgiving day -- including the two pups!
Aspen and Chris
This one cracks me up! I'm acting like I'm yelling and going to beat him, and he looks horribly afraid :) It was all for show, I promise :)
See? :) Love this man!
I MUST love him, to do 7 miles on Thanksgiving with him! He ran, I rode the bike. It was chilly but not too bad at all! I loved our time together!
Chris and I are getting a new mattress for our Christmas gift!!! It will be delivered on the 12th.
I love Chris' 22 rifle!! It was so fun to shoot. My aim was pretty good with it too!
:: Friday evening, Chris and I broke our normal schedule and went home for dinner instead of eating out. We had a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers, and saved some money! Then we just relaxed and that was nice!

:: Saturday, Chris ran 10 miles and then we relaxed a bit. I decorated the house with our Christmas decorations and listened to Christmas music! Chris and I also went and shot his gun again. That evening, we had sushi for dinner, and then looked around at the mall a bit. Then we met Aspen at the movies to watch the 3rd Hunger Games movie! It was really good!

:: Sunday, after church, I grocery shopped, did laundry, and finished putting up the Christmas tree. The house looks so festive now!

:: Annnnnndddd the best part is that I can sleep in tomorrow and then begin my glorious week of vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking so forward to it. I plan to scrapbook, size photos, Christmas shop, wrap presents, get Christmas cards ready to mail out, give the dogs baths, and clean out my closet. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

:: To close tonight, I wanted to share this fun video -- enjoy!!

November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to you!! I hope you had a wonderful day :)

:: Mimi and I cooked a yummy meal today! She made ham, potato salad, and deviled eggs; I made greenbean casserole and jello salad. We now have very, very full bellies!

:: We celebrated today in our jammies! So relaxing!

:: We hope that my family had a great today together in St. Louis! We missed being a part of it you all very much!!!

:: Our lives are filled with endless blessings, all from God -- be sure to thank Him for each and every one of your blessings!!

:: Chris and I are ready to head out for a 7 mile run/ride -- the weather is beautiful today so it should be enjoyable!!!

November 26, 2014

Chris and I were off work today and we had the best day together!!!! We went to the gun range and shot for awhile. I love his new 22 rifle! Then we looked at country stores for party outfit ideas. Then we went to look at mattresses. Chris and I are doing that for our Christmas this year. We found a set we think we will like and can't wait to get it. Then we shopped a bit and had dinner at a new tap house in town. It was pretty tasty! Great great day!

Tomorrow is thanksgiving! Hope you have a great one!