May 27, 2015

:: Today turned into a bit of a crazy day! We had VIPs, so so an hour and a half was taken for that presentation. There was also some prep time involved for that. Then, my new hire Becka came in for about an hour of training...I'm excited for her to officially start on Monday!

:: Got a workout in, but felt very was half hearted.

:: Made a delicious tuna casserole tonight for dinner that was yum yum!

:: Had to share this doppleganger my mom found of herself online today!! It kind of freaked her out a bit :) And they have the same name!

I added the glasses to my mom, for effect!!
:: In need of some relaxation and of those days!

May 26, 2015

Hi! I wanted to post a few photos of the cute wedding details from the weekend! The wedding was in a big open room with exposed brick walls, and they decorated in so many ways...many of which were hanging from the ceiling! They definitely created a multi-level approach!

Me and my studly hubby before heading to the wedding! A bit blurry, our photog
Mimi is a bit shaky and so most photos of us are blurry!
Their colors were purple and turquoise...and the wedding was outside under a
canopy of lush, green it started to thunder and storm, we were covered for the
most part thankfully! Her dress was absolutely gorgeous and looked like it was made just for her. I've never seen a dress so perfect for a bride before...she was exquisite!!
Instead of printed programs, they had this giant chalkboard with all of the information,
right inside -- we passed it on our way to the ceremony.
Their "head table" was a round table that was beautifully decorated...and then there were long tables to each side for the wedding party.
Each table was a on the seating chart, we saw that we were at table 1987...
each table had similar but slightly different centerpieces, all of which included photos of both
the bride and the groom for that particular year. They were both about 1 in 1987, geesh.
This beautiful ladder was hanging directly over the head table for the new couple...
The cake was beautiful, with little canvas "Mr & Mrs" flags on was vanilla
with a hint of something was ok tastewise. The groom's cake was chocolate
with a thick chocolate ganache icing that was incredible!!!!
So, there is a little taste of the wedding!! Now, time to go relax...I had a full day and book club and I need to relax!

May 25, 2015

:: Happy Memorial Day everyone!

:: AND Happy Birthday to my sweet PTS Dronda Louise!!!

:: I come to you this evening from the comfort of my back patio! Chris rigged up our small tv and it is playing the Luke Bryan concert...the waterfall is trickling...the pups are laying in their beds at our feet. Currently the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. It is 7:22 pm.

:: Earlier today though, it stormed quite bad...we have a very large lake in our front yard. The largest it has ever been. I waded through it in my rain boots, and it almost hit the tops. That's a lot of water!!

:: Once the rain moved on, Chris and I went on an 8 mile bike ride...that was nice! I was able to see Gus Buttons and I fed him some yellow flowers...he was a happy boy!

:: I gave both dogs baths today, and they smell so good! They put up with it because they knew they'd get the "special bones" afterwards!

:: I worked on sizing photos for printing and designing titles to go with them. Made some good progress there.

:: We grilled out tonight and had a delicious dinner! Sausage, baked potatoes, green bean casserole, and garlic bread. I also made a strawberry shortcake trifle for dessert that was yummy!

:: Tomorrow, I am beginning a step approach to getting my eating back on track...same process I went through in January before I started my Whole 30. Week one will be no sugar. Week two no legumes. Week three no dairy. Week four no grains. I find this to be very, very necessary. Because I am very, very out of control.

:: Here's to a short week ahead!!!!

May 24, 2015

:: Here we are at Sunday! But, tomorrow is a holiday, and we have no work -- yay!! Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I headed downtown to have dinner at The Beehive. It was the next place on the Best Burger in Abilene contest, so lucky me :) I got the best steak in Abilene! Nom nom nom! We had a very nice dinner there. Then we decided to head over to The Mill for some wine. The atmosphere there is so nice, it's almost like being in Fredericksburg! A few coworkers ended up joining us, so that was fun! We talked and laughed and enjoyed our time there.

:: Saturday, I picked Kim (and her three month old niece!) up at 9:30 and we headed to Clyde for the crop at Paula's. We had a fun day there, and I was able to get some title planning done. I even designed a few titles in Photoshop. Good day! We left early, at 3:00...headed home, dropped Kim off, then got ready for a wedding. Chris and I headed to the T&P Center and the wedding was gorgeous! Her dress was so beautiful, I was in awe! She had a lot of fun, cute details. We had a great time with coworkers and friends...

:: Sunday, we went to church and Kyle and Kelsey joined us! That was fun! Then, it was a normal Sunday of laundry and grocery shopping, etc. I also worked on my scrapbook job a bit, and ordered the remainder of the photos I need. I've gotten about 27 pages done so far!! I think I have about 24 pages to go! More than half way! I made cod, roasted mushrooms, and pasta salad for dinner and that was yummy!

:: We have no Memorial plans, aside from grilling out some food! I am hoping for a relaxing day.

:: I decided to wait on the book I mentioned...instead, I bought Goodbye Magnolia, which was written by my friend (and our wedding photographer) Kris Noorman! This is her second book, and I decided to support her! I started it yesterday, and it's good so far!

:: One thing I am working on with my spiritual mentor Nadene...we are going to memorize a scripture every week or so. I have a horrible memory, so this will be a challenge for me. I think I have this week's down pretty good! :)

And in the same way, the Spirit also helps in our weakness, for we do not pray as we should, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us, with groaning deeper than words.

:: My next Stitch Fix should be here by Wednesday!! I'm looking forward to it, hope it is a goodie!!

May 21, 2015

:: Still, with the rain...and still chilly too! It is almost Memorial Day weekend, this feels so, so odd!

:: Work was good -- we offered the marketing assistant job to Becca -- and she accepted! She will officially be starting on June 1, we are excited to have her! She will be in for a few hours next week, to begin a little of the training.

:: I'm through about two chapters on The Maker's far it has just been the author's story and what he did to restore his health. I am intrigued to see what he offers as a plan.

:: So so so so so ready for a three day weekend!

:: Beyond that, not much to report! I'm going to spend some time this evening working on my scrapbook job...I've been making progress and need to keep at it!

May 20, 2015

:: Rain...more rain...oi! And we got down in to the 50s today! That was a shock when I walked out at lunch time to be sure! This is the weirdest weather I've ever experienced here. Usually, by now, we are in the 90s and there is no rain in sight for months. My umbrella has gotten more use this year than ever before.

:: Currently, I am sitting on the couch with my laptop in my lap, with two little dogs curled up next to me. A fun new tradition...I bought a fuzzy peach blanket a few months ago, and every time I get it out, both dogs want to be with me. It's pretty funny! They were curled up on Mimi's bed, then they heard the drawer with the blanket open and close, and then there they are at my feet, wanting up! Love it! Love my pups.

:: This evening was good...I had my first mentorship session with sweet Nadene. I have to say, I love that woman. She is just as real as it gets. I know for sure that my time with her is going to be blessed, and that she will help me grow in a number of ways. I am so humbled that she has agreed to do this, and tonight was perfect. We each shared our faith journeys, and discussed some things we want to focus on or think about moving forward. God definitely knew what he was doing when he prompted my heart to ask her...

:: Work was good -- we had our second interview for the marketing assistant position that we have open, and we were very pleased with her again. We are going to give her a try and I am excited to see what she brings to the table.

:: I did a few scrapbook pages last night while I watched The Voice (thanks to prompting from Kim, ahem) -- got three done! That's pretty good for one short evening!

:: Guess that is about all I've got!! More tomorrow!

May 19, 2015

:: Hello! It's Tuesday! That means The Voice finale is about to begin!!! Who will win? I'm calling for Sawyer to win, but I also love Meghan...AND I am excited to see Ed Sheeran perform during the show!

:: Work was good today, I was able to get some tedious work done that's been on the back burner...

:: Tonight, we had a crockpot meal from our meal swap -- red pepper chicken served over rice, with steamed was yummy!

:: My book club book for May -- Love Does -- is going slowly. Too slowly for our club meeting next Tuesday! But that's ok! It's a collection of stories, and I don't feel it is necessary to finish all of them before the get together...I am on the 10th story out of 30, and honestly, I am feeling like all of the stories are pretty similar, with the same overall message. So, I can maybe just fit a story or two in here and there. Between my other reading.I am fine with that!

:: I started reading The Maker's Diet today...time to get back on track with my nutrition reading and learning. In the vein of complete honestly, I can divulge that I have some food issues -- mainly, if I don't have something that I am working toward, it is SO EASY for  me to slack off...and then once I slack off, it's all hell breaking loose. I hate this. I can be extremely disciplined, but then when I don't have to be, I am at the complete other end of the spectrum. This one thing about myself, above all else, is something for me to concentrate on. Why can't I have a treat without going completely off track??? The more knowledge I have, the better equipped I will be as I continue my struggle.

:: Beyond that, I think I am going to start The Girl on the Train...I'm ready, the Divergent series has run its course from my system! :)

:: So there is my book report, ha! Beyond that, I don't have much to report! Just need to start figuring out what I plan to work on at the crop this weekend!! I haven't been able to attend a crop since our February retreat, so I am super excited!! I think I have a few preplanned pages leftover, and I can work on those...then I might size a lot of photos for printing. I need a break from my scrapbook-for-hire, get those creative juices rejuvenated!

May 18, 2015

Today I thought I would share a few photos with you!

We have a waterfall on our back patio, constructed from natural boulders...
and from one of these boulders, we have a little cactus growing and thriving!
And today, she bloomed! It was glorious and shocking and pink! How does something
just grow out of stone??? It looks like there might be three more flowers to come!
I met these six mini donkeys last week! They are so little, and very curious!
I pulled up to the fence, and the leader came to see me. When he gave them the
"signal" that I was ok, they all made their way over and I enjoyed petting and
loving on them! What's better than a donkey?? SIX mini donkeys!!
I thought it would be fun to share my growing donkey collection with you!
Someone told me, "You should start collecting $100 bills, see where that gets ya!"
Well, smarty donkeys are much cuter! I love each one!! This first one is felted donkey (#2)...Chris bought him for me through from
Lithuania, and Poppy and Ocho unfortunately ate Quintin #1 because they thought he was
a toy. Chris was so sweet to have her make another one for me...I love this little guy!
Top left: enamel pendant on a necklace, from Mimi, a souvenier from New York! Top right:
my laughing donkey planter from Chris! Bottom left: metal, colorful donkeys from a variety
of sources: Neeley, Mimi, Kim Kent, and me! Bottom right: enamel donkey from New York,
from Mimi; he opens along the line of diamonds, and inside was the necklace!
Top left: delicious, sweet wine from Fredericksburg (I also have Kick Ass!) Top right:
photograph greeting card from Jyl, from Ruidosa! Bottom left: donkey soap souvenier
from Nadene to commemorate our trip to the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary! Bottom right:
silver pendant for a handmade necklace from Allison!
Top left: yard ornament of a donkey with a cart full of painted veggies from Susie!
Top right: another metal donkey from one of our Fredericksburg trips! Bottom left:
green donkey cookie cutter from Allison! Bottom right: sweetest little donkey ornament
to celebrate the donkey's role in the Christmas story, from my aunt Karen!
Top left: snow globe showing the nativity, including the donkey, from Kim Kent!
Top right: very, very fragile nativity donkey from my grandma Gene and grandpa Al!
Bottom left: two perfect donkeys from Israel; one a mosaic of colorful stones and one
hand carved from olive wood with the Jeresulum star! Bottom right: rusted
metal donkey "piggy" bank from the Buffalo Gap flea market!
Top left: framed donkey painting from Kathy Byram's mom's art studio, which
hangs in my office at work! Top right: turquoise donkey magnet as a souvenier from
Disney World, thanks to Allison! Bottom left: handmade donkey pinata birthday card
for #39 from the Marketing Department -- made by Allison! Bottom right:
large ceramic donkey from a nativity set from Susie; marble donkey incense burner
from our nurse practitioner Trish; Day of the Dead clay donkey from our cruise to Mexico;
and my very FIRST donkey, and the littlest one of all -- the yellow glass donk from Faith!
And finally! My canvas tote bag from my bestie Kim Halfmann...she found a photo
of a painting that I pinned on, and had a custom tote made for me...
I absolutely love this bag and use it all the time!
Bet you didn't realize that I had quite a collection, did you!? I didn't really either, until I started photographing them!! Many more to come, I am quite sure!! Just a little fun for today!

May 17, 2015

:: A nice, relaxing weekend is coming to an end...hope that you had a great one on your end!

:: Friday after work, we headed to Tap House for a burger -- it was the next place on the Best Burger in Abilene contest. We enjoyed our time together there, and then went for Nikki's frozen yogurt. Chris thought about getting another tattoo, but when we got there they were about to close. Another time!

:: Saturday, I did some errands! Stopped at Drug Emporium and Target, then went to Penneys to spend my birthday gift card! I found the cutest dress there! And it was on sale too, so I was able to get a bracelet and earrings to match it!

:: Afterwards, I headed home and got busy working on my scrapbook for hire! I was able to get 5 more pages done! That evening, Chris and I had dinner at Enchilada Express, and drove home in some hail...scary!

:: This morning, we had a great church lesson, and then I did the grocery shopping. This coming week, I am participating in a Group Cook experiment...I cook one meal four times...I keep one and take the other three to work tomorrow to swap with three girls. I will get three different meals from them. So, four meals are taken care of for the week. Should be interesting!! Us four girls are working on a Lunch & Learn about planning and prepping healthy meals...we will be presenting it at work on June 4th at lunch. Hopefully a lot of people will attend! One of the girls is going to discuss the concept of group cooking and so we wanted to try it out before she talked about it. So, I did my four meals today and will swap them tomorrow.

:: After that, I did some more scrapbooking -- I was able to get about three more pages done. I may be able to do a few more this evening...maybe!

:: Chris and I grilled out was delicious and so relaxing to sit on the patio with the water fountain and some wine!

:: I am happy to say that today was my first headache-free day!! I have had a headache for the past 10 days, and I was miserable. Pain meds didn't help. I tried peppermint essential oils, and that seemed to help a bit. I put it on my temples, and that brought relief. I also diffused it into the air and that was refreshing and good too. I bought an oil heater at Drug Emporium and was going to get some oils from a girl at work that sells them...until I saw the prices! Whew! I will try the cheap stuff from Drug Emporium first!!! I am hoping that today is the day of the end.

:: I should be receiving my next Stitch Fix this week sometime!! Very excited!

:: Mimi left Saturday after work for another visit to Decatur, to see Eddie! She will be back on Tuesday...hope she is having fun!

:: The week ahead...the crop is on Saturday and we also will be attending a wedding Saturday evening. Beyond that...normal week!

May 14, 2015

Hi! No blog tonight ;) We had a dinner guest from Minnesota and enjoyed his company instead...he just left and it's time for bed!

May 13, 2015

:: Here we are at general, for me, it was a fairly productive, overall decent day. Stress was at a minimum thankfully. For me, anyway.

:: Getting back on track with food and workouts...going well so far.

:: I made a random, "make it up as you go" dish tonight for dinner! I used brown rice pasta (no gluten) and added this and that and this and that! Two different kinds of olives, diced pickled okra, capers, mushrooms, cilantro, coated in olive oil. I thought it was pretty tasty, and there are leftovers! Yum! We had this alongside baked fish and zoodles!

:: My lunch with Nadene was great today! We went to McCalisters and discussed my request of her -- I finally got up the courage to ask her to be my spiritual mentor! One of my goals for 2015 was to find a spiritual mentor, and I've been praying about it these first four months. There are a number of people in my life who could easily become a mentor, but every time, I kept coming back to Nadene. I was so nervous to ask her though, mainly because that meant I was making it official and I knew she would push me way outside of  my comfort zone. And then I decided that I just had to face my fear and ask her. We discussed it today, and we're going to go for it...we are going to keep it unstructured and just see where it takes us. I am excited and nervous. We are going to meet after work next Wednesday for our first "session"...I don't know where this will take me, but God does!

:: We had another day of crazy rain here today...I spoke with our nurse practitioner about my week-long headache, and she does feel like it is probably weather related. I need some clear days so this can move out of my system. Tired of it!

:: Time to unwind with a glass of Mr. Baber's delicious watermelon wine! :)

May 12, 2015

Howdy! We are nearing the end of Tuesday...just had tacos for dinner, complete with delicious guacamole (my favorite)...nom nom!

:: Tomorrow I am having lunch with my friend Nadene, I'm looking forward to it!!

:: Work has been crazy -- one of my direct mail reps is on vacation and won't return until's been quite busy going through her emails and trying to figure things out. It is difficult to jump into someone else's work! I can jump in to Allison's because I trained her and she does things exactly like I do :) Susie has her slightly different own way of doing things!

:: My eating has been a bit crazy lately...I'm reigning it in this week! There was the cruise, then my birthday celebration week, then last week out of town. I've enjoyed a bunch of junk, but can feel a swift downward spiral coming on if I don't get control now! I'm being conservative this week, and then next week I plan to jump back to healthy completely. I can't stress this enough -- what we eat greatly affects how we feel. Currently, I am so incredibly sluggish. I am still so tired when I wake up in the morning. I barely have any energy for my workouts. All I want to do is take a nap! I've only gained a few pounds, but I feel like I am carrying about 10 extra. I've had a headache for a week, and it's possible that my eating is to blame. Our eating affects everything. It really is quite crazy.

:: I am excited that Sawyer and Meghan made it through to The Voice finale! Can't wait to watch it next week!!!

:: I found out today that the next season of So You Think You Can Dance is coming on in three weeks!!!!!! June 1! Yay! I was just thinking about it the other day, wondering when it would be back. Super excited!

:: That's all for tonight! :) Maybe I will go start a book.

May 11, 2015

Well hello!

Today will just be a regular post -- haven't had one of those in awhile because I have had so much to share recently!

:: First things first...I want to introduce you to someone! :) You actually already know him...remember my little donkey Huck that I visit?? Well, I recently visited him, and met his owners! They were a cute, young family with two little kids, and the man came over to talk to me. He said that his name is...Gus Buttons! :) Regardless of his name, he is still such a little cutie! He told me that Gus really loves the yellow flowers that are growing right now, so I need to visit and feed him some!

:: We had a nice Mother's Day here...just another day really. I did the grocery shopping and on my way home, came across a yard that had six mini donkeys :) So that was fun, because they come to the fence to visit me! We did hear from Aspen for Mother's Day, so that was unexpected and nice. Hope all you mammas out there had a lovely day celebrating you!

:: It was back to work today, and there was quite a bit to catch up on. Throw in a little stress and it was back to the norm.

:: That being said, I am currently enjoying a delicious glass of moscato d'asti! Mimi's boyfriend Eddie introduced us to a very yummy brand called DiCello -- it is sweet goodness!

:: Speaking of Mimi and Eddie, things are going really well on that front! She went to Decatur to visit him a few weekends ago, and they had a nice time together. That is where he is lives, about 3 hours away. This past weekend, they went up to Amarillo to visit Mimi's sister Pat who was put in the hospital...and Eddie drove here to get her, then they went up together. Mimi is planning to head to Decatur again this weekend. Ahhhh, young love ;)

:: Watching The Voice -- still rooting for Sawyer or them both!

:: I've been working on my scrapbook-for-hire...just keeping all my mess out and working on it here and there when I can. I've gotten 12 pages done so far...plugging right along!

:: Chris and I saw Age of Adeline -- it was a good movie with a nice story. I'd call it a renter though! I also really want to see Insurgent (the second Divergent movie) but Chris has no interest in that one. So I will wait for it to come out on Red Box and then watch it in our theater here. He really wants to see the new Mad Max movie that is coming out this Thursday :) And beyond that, I am curious to see what Aloha is about with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams...looks cute!

:: I have yet to begin a new book since finishing the Divergent trilogy...I was so invested in those characters and I just don't feel ready to take on any new ones quite yet. Is that weird? Does anyone else feel that way about books? In the meantime, I've been playing solitaire...I didn't play at all while reading the trilogy. Solitaire also helps with stress. My next book club book is Love Does, but I can't begin it yet. Just not ready. I do have The Girl on the Train to up.

:: Time to relax -- solitaire!!

May 10, 2015

ed sheeran!

So -- my birthday surprise!!

We headed toward Dallas, me with no idea what we were doing! I was dying of anticipation! :)

We arrived in Arlington, and checked in at the Hyatt Place right by Six Flags -- we were able to see the roller coasters from our room! We took showers and got ready, and then Chris cracked open some Grape Creek wine and we had a toast. Then he sat me down so that he could read a poem to me, that he had written, called To was incredibly sweet! I'm going to keep it to myself as a special memory of my own :)

The poem did give away our plans for the evening...we had two tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert!!! Ed Sheeran is my favorite, and I did not even know that he was touring in the U.S.! We had amazing seats!! Row Q of the section right in front of the stage!! Ed was sooo close! I was so excited! What an incredible gift from my hubby -- he is the sweetest!!

Me upon receiving the tickets! That's an awfully big smile :)
Waiting in line at the theater, waiting to get in...we were surrounded by hipsters (age 15-25)...
a tad out of place?? Ha maybe. But that's ok! We are young at heart! There were some
older people there...parents of the hipsters!! Ha! And a few others too...Ed is awesome!
Excited about the tank that I bought! I had to stand in a crazy mob of people to get it but that's ok!
Me during our quick pizza dinner at the theater, waiting to get in to our seats...
Ed was an amazing one man show...he was the only person on stage for two solid hours.
He had two microphones...and when he sang or made sounds into one, it would feed back and play with him, creating a multi-layered was incredible! He was fantastic live!
The screen show behind him was very fun too!
I was able to zoom in on some of the screens to get a decent shot of his face...
he was just slightly too far away for my phone to pick him up in person!
After the concert, we stopped at Denny's for some was pouring rain like
we haven't seen in a long time, and we were drenched running to the restaurant! This is
an elevator shot of us back the wet hair drying naturally :) And Chris' sad lip :)
What a birthday was an incredible evening with my love! He isn't necessarily a fan of Ed but he doesn't really know his music. After the concert, I believe he is now a fan!!! He has such a giving heart, and he loves planning a good surprise! I think he was about to bust with excitement, and he was so nervous reading the poem to me...he is the sweetest blessing God could ever dream up for me...I am thankful for him everyday!

Yay Ed Sheeran!!!

May 08, 2015


More to come! But my surprise was the Ed Sheeran concert!!!!!!!!!