March 17, 2018

Time for..VACAY!!

I am so, so, so, so happy to announce that I am officially on vacation!

Chris had to schedule some work meetings in Vegas, so we decided to make a trip out of it. Work/Vacation for him, Vacation for me :) Our plan is to drive and do some sight seeing along the way. I'm so excited for this time away with my hubby!

Our loose itinerary:

: Drive Saturday/Sunday to Vegas.
: Stay at Excaliber
: Chris has a meeting all day Monday and Tuesday morning
: Monday evening dinner with Chris' boss and a client
: Tuesday evening Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson show
: Wednesday Grand Canyon
: Thursday/Friday Albequerque
: Friday meeting for Chris in Albuquerque
: Drive home


Stay tuned to my Instagram -- I'll be posting pictures along the way, of course!!

March 12, 2018

Life Update


:: I just returned from a 4-day scrapbook retreat, and it was such a great time! I really look forward to this every year, at our annual retreat house in Mansfield (near Dallas). We had 12 girls, but one ended up with a toothache and wasn't able to join us sadly. One girl was only able to stay for one day, but the remaining 10 of us enjoyed our time away. We had 8 scrapbookers and 2 crafters -- they did a lot of different things, like making t-shirts and chalk signs, etc. It was good down time -- and I got a lot done, too! I scrapbooked photos from 2016 (the remainder that I have to do the traditional way; I started the digital scrapbooking with 2017); I got about 75 pages done, and that feels good! I worked on a felting project that turned out pretty well! I'm going to get a pretty frame for it, and then add it to my Easy shop. I wrote some in the fiction novel I'm working on. I ate lots of junk food. I slept well. I stayed up late. I watched movies (including Wonder, which was sooooo good!). I watched the remaining episodes of The Crown. I tried to start watching The Office, but I just don't find it funny so that's a no on that one. Watched Season 1 of Sex and The City. And I laughed a lot with my girlfriends...such a great group of ladies. It was a very successful weekend, and we have scheduled our retreats for the next two years! Now, it's Monday and I took today off to recover and do my normal weekend chores.

:: Update on Ocho -- his spot was healing up fairly well on the regimen of Prednisone and Frankincense oil. We postponed the surgery to see if we could get it to heal. We only had enough Prednisone to last until his surgery, so we ran out of that on Thursday. In the days since that, which was only 3 days, the spot has started growing again and it's gotten nasty. I am stopping at the vet today to pick up more Prednisone, and to schedule the surgery. I don't think we are going to be able to prevent it, unfortunately. This gives me a lot of anxiety, but I am trying not to worry about it too much right now.

:: I'll only work 4 days this week, and then Chris and I are headed off on a week-long vacay! Looking sooooo forward to it. He has business meetings in Las Vegas and Albuquerque, so we are going to drive and make a sight seeing week of it! The plan is to drive to Vegas and spend a few days there. He has a day and a half of meetings. We'll have dinner one night with his boss and a client. We'll also see the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson show one evening -- very, very excited about that!!!! Then, we will leave Vegas and work our way home. We're going to stop to see the Grand Canyon and a few other things along the way. Then he has a meeting in Albuquerque on Friday. We'll head home afterwards. Should be a full, fun week!

:: That's about all I know at this point :) I hope all is well with YOU!

March 04, 2018

Weekend Update

The weather here has been a little warmer, so that has been nice. We've had some gray days and some intense wind, but overall warmer. That's a good thing, because Chris is in the middle of his intense Ironman training and he definitely prefers to get outside for his long workouts!

:: Friday evening, Chris had a very long swim workout, and then he had to ride the trainer. I went home and picked up some dinner for us, then we ate when he got done. It was a relaxing evening after that.

:: Saturday, we had a relaxing morning and then Chris did a 4 hour bike ride + 90 minute run. I did a little of this and a little of that -- worked on some things on the computer, did a coffee face mask, did some reading. Our book club is reading a Nicholas Sparks book this month - we decided on a choice of two, so I picked Two by Two...I haven't read any of his books in a few years, so I am looking forward to it. When Chris got done with his workout, we decided to watch Daddy's Home with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg. That was a pretty funny one!

:: Saturday evening, we had a date night! Chris bought us tickets at the new theater in town -- the kind that has the recliner chairs and tons of leg room. We saw Game Night, which was really funny! We enjoyed it and the time together. We had dinner at Rosa's beforehand, and then shared popcorn and a Slurpee at the theater.

:: Saturday, I received a text from the owner of our RV park. She let me know that they've installed a new washer and dryer that are coin-operated. LOVELY. Doing laundry has been free all these months (8 months), and now it adds up to about $10-12 a week, or about $50 a month. This ticked me off a bit, and so now, here it is Sunday and I am over at Mimi's house doing our laundry for FREE. I brought the puppers with me, and my laptop, and we'll spend a few hours here. Then I'll pick up my groceries at Walmart and head on home. Not as convenient but I'm not paying to do laundry in a run down ramshackle barn with an obstacle course to the washers.

:: The week ahead...NO VIPs will be coming! Yay! Wednesday, I'm taking Poppy in to the vet to have her nails lasered since she won't let us do it any longer. The good news is that we are postponing Ocho's surgery for his spot -- we've been giving him prednisone for the inflammation and I've been using a mixture of coconut oil and Frankincense essential oil on his spot 2-3 times daily, and it is showing some improvement. It looks like new skin is growing, and some hair. We're going to give it a few more weeks of this treatment and see what we have. The spot may not go away, but if we can keep it from growing and get it to heal up, that would be good. We don't want to put Ocho through the trauma of surgery if we don't have to since he is almost 12.

:: Also this week -- my scrapbook retreat!! Kim and I will be leaving Thursday morning at 6:30 am and heading to Dallas!!!!! We have been looking forward to this for months now and it is almost here! I did some packing for it and I am ready!! We have a group of 12 -- all our girls from our scrapbook group except one, but she has joined us at the last two retreats we've done. It will be a fun group and a great, relaxing four days. Can't wait!!! We'll be home Sunday evening, and then I am also off work on Monday to recover, ha ha!! I'll be able to do all of my normal weekend things and get caught up.

I hope you all have a good week ahead!!

February 25, 2018

Weekend Update

This was a very nice, very relaxing weekend...for me! For Chris, not so much! He had some killer workouts this weekend, so he spent hours on those and is pretty pooped out now!!

:: Friday, I came home after work and fed the puppers and spent a little time with them while Chris went to the YMCA to do his swim workout. Then we met at Mimi and Aspen's house so that he could finish getting his new bike put together. He needed it for his long ride on Saturday. That took just a little time and then we headed to dinner at Lucy's...I tried their chicken nuggets (not so good) but then had their homemade chocolate ice cream (so so so so yum!). Then we went home to relax and watch some Olympics. I also did some reading - I am really enjoying my current book, called The Broken Girls. This was my February Book of the Month selection, and I'm about halfway through -- it's a bit creepy and I think it's only going to get more so!!

:: Saturday, we slept in a bit and then I went to pick up some breakfast from Casa Cozumel -- that was pretty tasty! Then Chris did a 5 hour workout. Yes, you heard me correctly!! He did a 4 hour ride on his new bike (after we took some photos -- you can see it over on my Instagram or his, if you're curious!!). After his ride, he had to immediately run for an hour more, at very specific times. Long afternoon for him! While he was off doing that, I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon -- I worked on some things on my computer, then did some reading and snuggling with the puppers. The weather was beautiful (in the 70s!!), so I had the door open and the breeze felt so nice. Ahhhh!

:: Later that evening, we went and had dinner at Mian Bistro -- I tried the ramen soup for the first time and it was pretty good!! It was NOT better than the orange chicken that I typically get, so I probably won't get it again. But I was happy to try it. Then we had a Nikki's frozen yogurt treat afterwards and headed home to relax.

:: Sunday - Chris had a 100 minute run and I did chores. The Walking Dead returns this evening, but we can't watch it until tomorrow since we don't have the channel to watch it live. Ready to see how they wrap up this season, and then we'll decide if we're going to watch it next just hasn't been as good.

:: This coming week, I've got Book Club on Thursday and Chris is having dinner with his boss Thursday, too. The rest of the week should be fairly normal.

February 18, 2018

A Full Weekend

:: Chris didn't have a workout on Friday, so we headed to Sharon's for a BBQ dinner before heading home. It was quite yummy, and then we watched some Olympics and relaxed at home.

:: Saturday was the February crop at Kim's house! I had a nice, lazy morning and then headed over for some good hours spent with sweet friends. I worked on some random things, getting ready for our upcoming retreat. Kim had baked potatoes and all the toppings for our lunch, very yummy! Afterwards, I stopped at Old Navy to find some jeans and Michaels to get a few necessities for the retreat. Then home! Chris finished up some work, and then we went to dinner together at Little Ninja -- sushi, spring rolls, cheese wontons and bubble tea! Mmm! Only, I ordered the wrong bubble tea and it was so yuck -- I usually get tea with tapioca boba, but whatever I ordered had some kind of cream in it. Ick ick ick. Reminded me of eggnog, and I am not a fan of eggnog. Disappointing!

:: Sunday, we slept in a bit and then watched church online and did laundry. The, I met Kim and her mother-in-law at the movie theater to see Peter Rabbit -- it was soooo precious! We really loved it! Then, I picked up my grocery order at Walmart and headed home. Now I need a nap!

:: The week ahead -- I'm getting my hair done on Tuesday, and we have a VIP presentation on Wednesday. Beyond that, it will be a normal week and no plans for the weekend. I hope the weather is nice...we got some rain this morning but then it ended up being in the 60s.

:: I will be calling the vet tomorrow to get some appointments for our pups. For Poppy, we need for them to sedate her and do nail lasering -- she will NOT let us cut her nails any longer, since Chris knicked her one time. Since then, she goes crazy growling and squirming when we try. For Ocho, he has a spot on his side that is growing and is now quite large and gross. Not sure what needs to be done with it, but we can't just continue to let it grow. So, we'll see when they can get both in.

Hope you have a fabulous week ahead!

February 11, 2018

Mavericks Weekend

:: Well, the flu finally reached our household...meh. Chris got it first, and it was only a matter of time before I got it, as well. I was able to get Tamiflu to start as soon as I started feeling symptoms, but that doesn't seem to have helped much. Chris is feeling much better now -- more energy and back to himself. I am still struggling. My throat hurts pretty bad, and Friday evening was the worst. I was pretty much in bed all evening, watching season two of The Crown and feeling achy.

:: Saturday, after Chris did his first workout since being sick, we headed to Dallas. We dropped off the dogs at Mimi's house and then drove the three hours to our hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt downtown, which was within walking distance to the American Airlines Center. We unpacked, and I rested for about a half hour. Then we ventured out and found the cutest coffee shop a few blocks down. Chris had some coffee and I had a delicious hot chocolate...and after a quick stop back at the room, we then made our way over to the stadium. We decided to forego concession stand junk food and instead had dinner across the street at a delicious Italian dinner. It was very tasty! Then we hopped across the street for a fun evening watching NBA basketball! In our 15 years together, this is something that Chris and I have never watched together, so that was special! It was a really fun environment, and the Mavericks won! That's a plus! We had a great time! Chris thoroughly enjoyed his Christmas present!

:: Sunday morning, we got up early and met QLefty and his family for breakfast! We drove about 25 minutes and they drove about 45, and we enjoyed some great food at Crossroads Diner. Mmmm! It is always so fun spending time with them and their sweet kids -- Liam, Lev and Ruthie! I enjoyed chatting with Andrea and Chris and QLefty chatted about their own things. It was a good couple of hours! Then we drove home and picked up the puppers and made it home in time to grocery shop and do laundry. I had to take a little nap because I was feeling super zapped...hoping to feel much better for the week ahead, as I have one on my team out and I have to cover her work load. I'm sure it is going to be a crazy week, and I'm not sure I have the energy for it, to be honest!!

:: The week ahead -- Valentine's Day and then Saturday is the February crop at Kim's house! Looking forward to that. We are working our way toward out March scrapbook retreat in Dallas and I am so, so ready for that!!!

I hope you have a beautiful week ahead!!

February 04, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday

:: We had a pretty common week...and the scheduled VIP trip was cancelled so that was a nice break! Chris had a lot of time in intense workouts, and he had dinner with some coworkers on Thursday. We were both very ready for the weekend -- it seemed like a long week for some reason!

:: Friday evening, we had dinner at Brick Oven Pizza, and that was tasty! I did a pepperoni/black olive pizza on gluten-free pizza crust. I'm not planning on bringing gluten back for awhile, unless it's something I deem "worth it"! We enjoyed our time together chatting, and then we headed home to watch a few more episodes of Ozark -- that show is so interesting! We are really enjoying it! It's different, and very unpredictable.

:: Saturday was a good, relaxing day (well, for me!). Chris had three workouts -- a trainer ride, then a run...and a few hours later, a swim. I cleaned house, then relaxed. I went with him to the pool and read, and then on the way home we ran a few errands and then took a drive through the country looking for donkeys. We found a few, but none that were overly friendly. It was still fun :) That evening, we had dinner at Deutchlanders -- catfish. Mmm! We also picked up a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and I had two as my "worth it" treat. They were very tasty! I will be rationing those out to two at a time, and not every day!!! I could seriously eat the entire box. We watched more Ozark episodes, and now only have one left. Very interested to see how they wrap up season one. And we will most definitely be watching season two, whenever it comes out!

:: Sunday -- church, laundry, grocery pickup. Added bonus - today is the Justin Timberlake concert!!! I hear they are going to add some football in, too. (HA!) Looking forward to the halftime show for sure. I am really, really liking JT's new album that just came out and think I am going to download it. Also, right after the Super Bowl is the big This is Us episode where we finally see how Jack died.

:: The week ahead...we are going to Dallas next weekend for a Mavericks NBA game against the Lakers! We are so looking forward it to! This was my Christmas gift to Chris, and it's something we have never done together. It's going to be lots of fun!! Ready for a weekend away with my love.

Hope you all have a great week!!

January 28, 2018

Weekend Recap

Here I sit on Sunday's a gorgeous day today! It's currently 60 degrees right now, and I've got the door open. The pups are napping and I've got my essential oils diffusing (lemon and peppermint and thieves today).

Just met Chris in town -- he dropped Mimi off and then met me at a local hotel so we could leave a company car there for Nick, who is coming into town tomorrow. Now he'll have a car to get around in. It was sooo good to see him!

This weekend was his trip with Mimi to Oklahoma for the Pittbul concert and gambling! This was her Christmas gift and she was excited to get away with her son! The concert was Friday evening and was like a big party! Chris says that Mimi danced throughout the whole thing and was sore the next day! They had a good time. The rest of their weekend away was spent at the WinStar casino (where the concert was), eating good food and doing some gambling. Mimi left with earnings of $500 so she was a happy girl!

My weekend was quiet and nice...picked up BBQ for dinner Friday; slept in Saturday; met Kim for lunch at Jason's Deli and then went to see The Greatest Showman together; stopped at Kohl's, the Natural Food Store and Academy; watched a few movies on Netflix; did lots of things on the computer; did normal Sunday chores; gave the dogs baths. It was some good alone time, which I need every now and then!

But now it is good to have my other half home with me again!

I believe the Grammys are on tonight...maybe we'll watch, maybe not.

The week ahead should be fairly normal...more VIPS are in on Wednesday so I'll have a presentation that day. Otherwise, life as normal. Hope you all have a great week!!

January 21, 2018

Weekend Recap

Here we are on Sunday afternoon...moving through chores and relaxing as much as possible.

:: Friday after work, I came home to feed the puppers and then picked Chris up at the Wellness center after his workout. Then we headed to dinner at Ta Molleys for some Mexican. Chris has been doing so good, eating all of the Whole30 meals I've been cooking! He deserved some of his favorite food. We had a nice meal together, and then came home to relax.

:: Saturday, I went to get my oil changed. They were pretty busy, and it ended up taking over two hours...but during that time, I was able to do a little scrapbooking on my phone! Once I was free to go, I headed over to Kim's house for the January scrapbook crop. It was such a nice day with the girls, and we had our biggest group in awhile -- 7! It would have been 9, but two were unfortunately sick. I had a productive day -- I got all of the journaling done in our anniversary cruise album! I also set up the album for Chris' first Ironman, and have that ready to go, too! There is going to be a sale on Project Life this coming week, and I am all set to order these two! Yay!

:: We ate dinner out at JoJo's that evening, to see Aspen and enjoy some good BBQ! Then we came home to watch two more episodes of Ozark -- that show is pretty entertaining! We are both enjoying it.

:: Sunday, we watched church online and then I've been doing chores like laundry, dishes, etc. I'll be going grocery shopping soon. A typical Sunday.

:: The week ahead holds an allergy appointment on Monday, delivering my scrapbook-for-hire on Tuesday, Book Club on Thursday! Should be a good week. Chris and Mimi are heading to Oklahoma for the Pitbull concert this weekend, they are both excited for that!

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!!

January 14, 2018

Weekend Recap

I love the weekends...they are so good to refresh us!

:: Friday evening, Chris had an off day for training!! Very rare! So, we went straight to dinner. We ate at Sharon's BBQ and had a nice time chatting. I love my man! Then we headed home to feed the puppers and relax.

:: Saturday was a good day! Chris had two workouts -- a run, and then later a trainer ride. We had a lazy morning and then I took him into town to Mimi and Aspen's townhouse. He did his run on the treadmill there, worked on unpacking his new custom bike, and did his trainer ride. While he was doing all of that, I went to Walmart and the Natural Food Store for groceries, and then home to put it all away. Then I spent a few hours getting the remainder of my scrapbook-for-hire completed. I watched movies while being creative and it was a fun afternoon! Then, I picked Chris up and we went to Hobby Lobby and dinner at Red Robin. Then we decided to start watching the Netflix series Ozark. We are two episodes in and we are enjoying it.

:: Sunday, we slept in a bit and then watched church online. The rest of the day has been laundry for me and a swim for Chris. A good day! Soon, my grandma Gene will be calling and that is always a highlight of every Sunday!!

:: Whole30 is going really well! I'm two weeks in, two weeks to go.

:: This coming Saturday is the January crop! I'm looking forward to that!! It will be at Kim's house and I need to figure out what I want to work on.

:: Monday, we are taking both puppers to the vet for their annual shots. We're also going to talk to the vet about Ocho -- two things. One, he has an odd spot on his side that doesn't seem to be getting better. Two, he is 11 now and seems to be losing weight, even though he is still eating the same amount and has a great appetite. So, just checking in on our boy's health.

I hope your week ahead will be lovely!

January 10, 2018

Mid Week Post!

Hello, blog world! Happy Wednesday!

The week is progressing's the first full week of work in awhile. After having two 4-day weeks due to holidays, this definitely feels longer!

:: Tomorrow morning, we have a mini VIP presentation first thing.

:: Tomorrow afternoon, we should be getting our RV heater fixed! The repair guy finally figured out what was wrong, had the part delivered, and fixed it. Now he'll come and put it back into our RV. Perfect timing -- we've had glorious weather in the 70s the past few days, but another cold front is coming.

:: I'm reading the newest Harry Potter book...this one is outside of the main series and is a continuation of the characters as adults. It is also written in play format, which is very different. It is definitely not as good as the regular books, and I'm not sure how the story will end up. We shall see.

:: I did read Wonder, and that was so, so good. Such a feel-good story! Can't wait to go see the movie!

:: This weekend is wide open and I am looking forward to that big time.

:: I got a book today that I ordered, about essential oils for dogs. I'm curious to see what can be done with them. I've already started using some lavender oil on a spot Ocho has on his side...we'll see how that progresses!

:: Chris has a long swim workout this evening, followed by a run in the park. Then he'll be home to us!

:: Tonight is salmon and asparagus...mmm!! For this Whole30, I am going to cook all of our dinners from my new Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook -- so far, everything has been very tasty!!

:: Hope you are all well!!

January 07, 2018

Weekend Recap

We are one week into the New Year and so far, so good...

:: Friday, we had the pleasure of a nice dinner with Jon and Nadene...we went to Copper Creek and laughed and talked and ate lots of good food! Time spent with them is always a blessing to us both.

:: Saturday, Chris had a long workout and I went into town to Hobby Lobby. I have five more pages to do in my scrapbook for hire, and needed to get more scrapbook supplies for them. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing! That evening, we went to The Mill for a going-away get-together for Vanessa and Caleb. They are now on their way to the Philippines to do mission work for a few years. We'll miss them! It was a fun evening with laughter and stories.

:: Sunday, we cleaned house and did laundry and grocery shopped. The rest of the day has been relaxing and we are planning to watch the Golden Globes this evening.

:: Week One of my Whole30 has been great! I'm officially over the awful headache detox day, so the coming three weeks should be good!!

The coming week looks to be normal and fairly quiet...we shall see how it turns out! Hope you have a great one!

January 01, 2018

2018 is Here!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that 2018 is off to a great start for you!

We had a quiet New Year's Eve...Abilene is super cold (in the teens) and the roads were icy. The police department advised everyone to stay home if possible, so we did just that. We watched movies all day (some good and some not so good), Chris worked out on the trainer, I scrapbooked, and we watched the ball drop in New York. I did some reading in my new book, Wonder...I'm really enjoying the story and love the main character. Looking forward to seeing where the book goes.

I unfortunately didn't get my customary Wing Stop Last Hurrah dinner last night, due to the icy roads. But that's ok. The Whole30 has started this morning and I'm off to a good start!

We do have a bit of cabin fever...especially Chris, who was off all last week and spent a lot of time at home. He is itching to move. I hear the roads are okay now, so maybe we will get out a bit this afternoon.

My Kindle First book selections are out, and I need to go pick my new one! I also had a free selection at the Book of the Month site, so I picked that out, too. Yes, I am a book nerd :) I also bought the latest Harry Potter book with a gift card from Target. I had debated for a long time whether I wanted to read this one, since it is written in play format. Finally I think I do...we'll see how that goes!

I plan to enjoy my day off today! Then back to work tomorrow and also to a hair appointment. Much needed, those grays are really shining right now!

Hope you all enjoy your holiday!! And here's to a GOOD 2018 for us all!!

December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve to you! I hope you are staying warm and is very, very cold here. 18 degrees and icy. The town has pretty much shut down, and everyone is staying snuggled up in their homes. I think it will put a damper on a lot of people's New Years Eve plans, but I am happy to ring in the New Year right where I am!

In our little home, our propane heater isn't working. Chris has had a few conversations with the dealership with troubleshooting, but nothing has been solved yet. We have our electric fireplace and two ceramic electric heaters. So we are quite cozy actually. For now, this is working fine.

In anticipation of the ice, we did the grocery shopping yesterday. So we are set for the week. I also did all of our laundry, so today has been a fun day with no chores. Chris did a 90 minute bike trainer ride and I've been scrapbooking. We've been watching movies and just relaxing. So, so nice.

I was hoping to eat some delicious Wing Stop tonight, as my "last hurrah" before starting the New Year and my next Whole 30. Butttttttt looks like this dang ice is going to prevent us from getting in to  town for that unfortunately. So I'll make some pasta that we've got here, and that will have to be it.

Tomorrow, I'll be getting back onto the wagon...wish me luck!

Not sure what else New Year's Day will hold...we shall see. Looking forward to the day off. And really hoping the ice is gone before we have to go back to work on Tuesday!!

Happy New Year's, everyone!!

December 28, 2017

Thoughts on 2018

I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming new year...and my mind is going in a lot of different directions. I want 2018 to be PEACEFUL. I want 2018 to be full of POSSIBILITY. I want 2018 to be FRESH. I want 2018 to be the year of FOOD FREEDOM and no more YO-YO. So, what kind of goals can I set in the midst of all that??? I'm not really sure. I've been thinking about it for awhile and I just can't focus or settle on anything.

I've decided to simply list out some of the things I am interested in this coming year...instead of stating big goals.

: I want to start 2018 with a Whole30 and then spend the remainder of the year solidifying my Food Freedom and MAINTAINING. No more back and forth. No more extremes at one end of the spectrum or the other.

: I want to read the New Testament entirely.

: I want to be open to anything new and fresh that comes my way.

: I want to get back to church, because I miss it. And need it.

: I want to work on being less black and white and embrace more gray.

: I want to spend a little more time on my looks...I've gotten lazy. Maybe a few less braids and a few more curls!

: I want to unplug a little more frequently...less social media and more real life.

Here's to 2018!