July 31, 2015

Getaway & Update

Well, I am very excited to say that it is time for our anniversary getaway!!! It's time to go back to the little city where we said "I do" and celebrate our 8th anniversary together!

It has been a wonderful eight years with this man...I wouldn't change it for anything! We have had some amazing high points, and some devastating low points. We can get through it all, together.

Fredericksburg, here we come!

Update: I did want to also offer a quick update on Chris' sports hernia.  He met with the surgeon yesterday afternoon, and a plan has been set. He will have day surgery on August 13. It should take about 1.5 hours, and then he'll be in post-op for about an hour. The doctor feels that he should be up and moving the next day, and Chris is thinking he will go back to work. We shall see on that! He can do no activity or lifting for three weeks, and overall the recovery time should be about three months. He goes in for pre-op on the 11th, and we should know more then.

Headaches -- Oi!

So, sometimes I get headaches...

About once a month, I get a massive migraine that is 100% no fun. Sometimes I can keep them at bay for the most part, and sometimes they kick my butt completely and I have to go to bed.

(I will say, another perk of perfectly clean eating is that the migraine situation was waaaaaay better...almost non-existent. Yes, another reason to get back on track!!)

So, Tuesday and into Wednesday this week I suffered from this type of migraine. I had a fun girl's night planned with my Bestie on Wednesday evening, and really wanted to do everything I could to prevent the headache from reaching the point of no return. So I pulled out all my secret weapons:

:: Peppermint Oil -- I do love this stuff. And even if it doesn't work, it smells amazing :) I dab a drop on my forehead and temples, and on the knob at the base of my neck. I also add a drop right under my nostrils, so that I am continuously sniffing it. It provides a tingling feeling and offers some relief. It also helps to put the peppermint oil into a diffuser of some sort, and have it misting into the air around me.

:: China Gel -- this is sort of like an Icy Hot type of cream. It is a light turquoise green color, and has a very intense menthol smell. I follow the same procedure with this -- temples, forehead, base of neck. This also provides a tingling feeling.

:: Acetaminophen -- this is about the only type of pain medication I can take. I can't do Tylenol, ibuprofen, or aspirin because they cause severe allergic reactions. I can only take one acetaminophen at a time, because two causes the same allergic reaction. My body is very weird. I'm not sure that this offers any relief but I take it every four hours just to be safe.

:: Ice Pack -- I alternate this between my forehead and the knob at the base of my neck.

:: Nap -- sleep tends to help. The longer the better, but it is always good to get even a bit if possible. Closing the eyes and relaxing the face and body are good.

:: Sugar -- sugar is bad in many, many ways, but it does take the edge off the migraine. Sweet tea, candy, chocolate milk. If I can be constantly inhaling some type of sugar, that helps.

:: Wine -- I discovered, during our girl's night, that a nice glass of wine takes the edge off, too! When all else fails, imbibe!! :)

Do you have any headache relievers to share? I'll gladly add them to my bag of tricks!

July 28, 2015


:: I forgot to tell you the best story from yesterday!! So, like I mentioned, I stopped by Katie's house to look at her clothes and then made my way to the grocery store. On the way, I got stuck in some traffic that was caused by an accident. Finally made it to the store, and you know how that went. Mass chaos from the moment I set foot in the door. Well, I made it through produce, and had traveled two rows down, which was the health-food aisle. Completely empty aisle. Only empty place in the whole store. I wanted to sit down and just rest there for a moment!! I was looking at some protein bars at one end, and for some reason looked up...and there, rounding the corner and making his way down the empty aisle was my sexy hubby! He was totally out of context and I couldn't imagine why he was there...but he totally made my day because right at that moment I felt so overwhelmed!! He had dropped some things off at the bank, which is right by the store, and decided to stop in and find me! Ah! Love him. God is good, because I almost went to a different store, knowing Market Street was probably going to be crazy. But at the last minute changed my mind. I would have missed out on that fun experience!

:: Today, at lunch, we had our July book club meeting! We discussed The Sweetest Thing, and everyone really enjoyed it. I am going to look for other books written by the same author, I really like her style. For August, we are going to read Freakonomics, which should be interesting! Apparently it is short essays on weird stuff that'll make us think. I'm going to also (finally) begin reading Girl on the Train! I've been wanting to start for months now, but the book club book has been taking me so long to read each month (I'm not the fastest reader!). I think with this month's choice, I can read both. I'm going to give it a shot! I am also in the process of making a list of books I want to read, whenever anyone mentions a good one or I see something featured on social media. I'd love to hear any suggestions from you as well!

:: Speaking of books...my mom and I were discussing them today -- I love the smell of new books, but I can't really handle the smell of library books. She likes the smell of both. Sucks for me, because that just means I have to spend more money!

:: I've got some fun times ahead! Kim and I are having a girl's night on Wednesday, and on Thursday Chris and I are having dinner and fellowship at Jon and Nadene's. AND THEN!! Friday, after work, Chris and I are heading out on our Anniversary Trip!! We will be spending six days in Fredericksburg and we can not wait!!! ** I should warn you now...I will NOT be blogging during our vacation...I plan to unplug from almost all technology!! But I will have so much to share when I return!

:: Speaking of anniversary! Chris and I received our sweet gift from my Mom and Randy! The 8th anniversary is pottery or bronze...and she came up with this cute idea! A beautiful green pottery frog...and she wrote a little note that hung around his neck that said, "She kissed the frog, and he turned into the Prince! The fairy tale came true!" She is so right...I definitely married a prince!!!

July 27, 2015

Catch Up Day

:: Fun weekends are so wonderful!! The Monday afterwards...oi.  :) Wish I would have taken the day off work!! But alas.

:: So, after work today, I needed to do the grocery shopping -- I don't mind grocery shopping, but doing it after work is another story. Whew...luckily, I remembered to bring my flat shoes to change into. Grocery shopping in heels is the absolute worst! Our grocery stores -- we used to have a United and an Albertsons, across the street from one another...they combined and were turned in to a Market Street. Now there is just one building. It is a super nice store now, only it is two groups of clients combined into one store. It is always so crowded now. It doesn't help that there are now sample tables everywhere, and as soon as you walk in they have a deli and a sushi department -- you can barely get in to the store! I may need to start shopping somewhere else, at least for awhile. Until the "new" dies down. But unfortunately, this is the closest store by far. Hm. First World problems, I know.

:: Before I stopped at the grocery store, I ran by Katie's house -- she had another batch of clothes for me to look through! Since I am in the process of decluttering, I vowed to only buy what I really liked. So, I came home with two tanks -- one black ruffle tank from Express and one mustard yellow tank. Done deal!

:: Speaking of decluttering -- today I went through my shorts and my skirts! Moving right along through the clothes. I'm going to skip to my scrapbook room after I get done with the clothing, because I want to collect some stuff for our newbie scrappers. And let's just be honest -- my scrapbook room is the most cluttered room of our house. Toooo much stuff. I don't use 50% of it.

:: Chris went to our nurse practitioner today, to get a referral for a surgeon. He is 95% sure that he has a sports hernia. (That is not the same thing as a regular hernia) So, he needs to meet with the surgeon to see what the surgery entails, how long recovery is, etc. Currently, he is unable to run because it is hurting him so much. Chris not running is not a natural thing, so it makes him antsy. Please say some prayers for him...it was a big step for him to make the appointment today. Now to see what's next. His appointment with the surgeon is this Thursday.

:: A funny story about his appointment today...this is a new nurse practitioner, because our other one moved to South Dakota. This was her first experience with Chris, and when she took his pulse, she became very concerned. His resting heart rate is extremely low (49!!!!), because his heart is so conditioned from his running! Unless a nurse/doctor knows him and his running history, they always want to send him directly to the ER :)

:: Watching So You Think You Can Dance -- my favorites so far are JaJa and Virgil -- they both did great tonight!Virgil, himself, really cracks me up! Such a little nugget!

:: After a long day...I'm signing off!

July 26, 2015

Fantastic Weekend! {Scrapbook Retreat}

Oh happy weekend!!! It was Scrapbook Retreat weekend and I loved it!!

But first things first...more tidying has been done! I tackled my purse/bag collection and my shoe collection. Man, both collections were ridiculous!! I have pulled aside at least half of each category, and it feels so good! I may try to sell some of the bags. But most importantly, they are out of my closet!! I am loving this!! More to come this week -- tops, pants, and jewelry.

Konmari Method on my Bags/Purses! http://kelleylynne.blogspot.com

Saturday morning at 10:00, the girls arrived for our retreat!! We had a pretty full house, and that was so nice! Me, Kim, Terry, Pam, and Paula -- and then we had Allison and Shelby and Linda as well, who are newbies! Fun times! Everyone attended both days, except for Linda...she couldn't return on Sunday. I think that everyone had a great retreat, and they were all so productive! So proud of everyone!

I think my total came to 64 pages! I am pleased with that, of course!

Here is out setup, in the living room...we each have our own little space, and we work work work! We take breaks whenever we feel the need, and we each were in charge of our own meals, drinks, etc. We talk, we have silence...we just ebb and flow and it is perfect!

Here I am on Sunday morning, bright and early before the other girls arrived for the day...the quiet before the storm, ha ha! 

Just a little showcase of my talented group!! Terry's book, Pam's page,
Paula's page, and Terry's supply stash!
My pages, Allison's Disney book, Shelby's page, Kim's page
The pups did fairly well throughout the whole weekend...once everyone was in and settled, they were fine. And Chris had himself a very good weekend! Look what was delivered!

So, he spent all day Saturday moving rocks into the dry river bed that he is creating for landscaping. He was a happy boy! Sunday he cut the grass, and then holed up in the theater room to watch tv and do some work stuff. All in all, everyone was happy! And productive!

Thanks to my girls for coming over and spending the weekend with me! I loved it! I'll be sharing some layouts soon!!

July 23, 2015

Short and Sweet

:: More KonMari!! Today I did my pjs and lounge clothes, along with my scarves, jeans, and hats! I also answered the urge and did a little at work too! :) Brought a whole bag of stuff (junk) home. It will be going into the "give away" pile. That pile is growing! Makes me happy happy...

:: Dinner tonight is swai fish, roasted mushrooms, and teriyaki rice...I am ready to eat out tomorrow! Too much cooking this week for me. Not enough swap meals. It will be a few weeks before we do the swap meals again, because of people being on vacations. Including me :) We'll pick back up once it dies down.

:: Work has been crazy...feeling a bit braindead in the evenings. It has been such a nice week having some down time. I value my down time! Unfortunately, a dead brain makes it difficult to blog...not much to report here. I'll be back on Monday with stories from our amazing scrapbook retreat!!!!

:: IN THE MEANTIME!! Would you be willing to take a very quick survey? Simply click RIGHT HERE and it will take you straight to it. I would love to have your honest feedback!! Thank you in advance!

July 22, 2015


:: I am slowly starting to do a little of the KonMari tidy technique, as I have time. It is honestly a great feeling, after completing each category!! When you gather everything within a category and lay it in a pile, then start going through it piece by piece, it is so easy to see where your excess lies. Why does one person need 15 pair of fuzzy socks??? We all have so much excess, in every category of life. I have done three of the clothing categories so far -- swimsuits/coverups, bras, and socks. In each category, I am very pleased with the amount of stuff I am getting rid of! (I kept 3 of my favorite pair of fuzzy socks.) To go through our entire house will take some time, and I am ok with that. I wanted to find a comprehensive KonMari list to keep track of what I accomplish, and I really like this one. Very in-depth, and listed in order of how it should be tackled. Now I am really wanting to KonMari my office at work!!!I did a little before I left this evening, and already feeling lighter :)

::I found out this afternoon that Stitch Fix's blog is going to feature my latest review from my 6th fix!! VERY excited about that! It is a company that I am really enjoying, and I am honored that they chose me for their Review section! Whoop Whoop! It will be featured on Friday, 7-24...

:: Kim has been on vacation this week, visiting her dad and step-mom up north...she leaves tomorrow to head home, yay!! They'll be back on Friday, and she will be home just in time to attend our retreat! Please pray for their safe travels, it is a very long drive.

:: I have a delicious stew in the crockpot, it smells so good! As soon as Chris returns from his bike ride, we will be digging in!

:: Today is Aspen's 19th birthday -- I hope she had a good day. We did find out that she recently got a full-time job at an apartment leasing company, so that is good news. She has left her part-time job at Dillards, and has something steady now. We love her very much, even as she chooses to be estranged from our family right now. There are difficult things in life, sometimes. This, unfortunately, is part of our story.

:: Good night, friends...

July 21, 2015

Tuesday's Thoughts

:: Super excited right now! There is a So You Think You Can Dance 10 Year Anniversary bonus show tonight!!!! I can't wait to see the routines they bring back. Hopefully a few of the ones that remain on my top favorite list!! They started with The Bench, so you know it will be good!! (Wonder why Heidi wouldn't come back for that dance???)

:: In terms of this new season, I don't have a favorite yet -- my favorite didn't make the top 20, so...still waiting for someone to grab me. I guess right now I am going with JaJa, personality-wise.

:: Today was...long.

:: For dinner, we had buttermilk chicken nuggets, roasted potatoes and garlic, and roasted green beans (those were not so bueno). You win some, you lose some ha!

:: The days are ticking down until the scrapbook retreat this weekend!! I can not wait! And lucky us, the remaining three days we get to dress casual at work!! Woot!

:: Please continue to pray for Mimi's sister Pat...she is stage 4 and is in the middle of her first round of chemo. Mimi will be going up there this weekend, to support her once the aftermath hits. Her doctor is optimistic, and wouldn't put her through the intensive treatment if she didn't think there was a chance of remission.

:: Chris and I are prepping for an upcoming anniversary trip! It will be #8 for us :) We'll be spending about 6 days in Fredericksburg and we can not wait to get there and relax in our favorite place!!!

:: For now...I am going to relax here in my house :)

July 20, 2015

The Week Begins

:: Ahhh :) Watching So You Think You Can Dance right now! The recording worked this week!!

:: Tonight for dinner, I made pork tacos (a swap meal) and they were quite yummy! I have never made a pork roast, and cooking it in the crock pot was so easy! It was tender and so good topped with our favorite taco toppings.

:: I've made some good progress in the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up -- from what I can gather so far, it is a process of going through all of your house, step by step, and keeping only what you love. The first step is discarding. It doesn't go room by room -- it goes by category. So, you collect everything in one category from all rooms of the house, and go through it all. Then, keep only what you love. She has you start with clothing, because it is easiest to go through and give up. It is broken into categories within that, and so I started with swimsuits/coverups today because that was the smallest grouping. Had some success there! The key of the whole process is to streamline down to only things that bring you joy. Remove clutter. There are some interesting concepts, where she treats clothing like they have feelings ;) Where we should thank them for their service to us, and let them rest when we are not wearing them. Hmmm. She also recommends folding almost everything (instead of hanging) -- I just don't have space for that. We don't have a dresser! I'll pick and choose, maybe, what I want to try! Next up -- socks!

:: Of course, when Chris saw what I was reading, he asked, "Is the next book called The Life-changing Magic of CLEANING"???? I expected that. :)

:: It was a fairly crazy afternoon, so I think some wine is in order, and some relaxing...

July 19, 2015

A Beautiful Weekend

I love weekends!!

I have to share this pic -- look at those gorgeous crepe myrtle bushes!! All the rain we've gotten surely has everything green and blooming! These two bushes used to be trees...the tree portion died, and we almost wrote them off. And then this!! We have this set and another set on the other end of the house, and they are making beautiful book ends to our yard. God is a fantastic artist!!

Friday evening, it was time to celebrate!! Chris has officially been named the Chief Product Officer (CPO) for a company called Passare!! This is a huge promotion for him, and a challenging new position. Passare is a company that FDLIC's mother company, Directors Investment Group, has acquired this year. It is a start-up technology company that has created a platform for funeral directors and consumers to work together. Kind of complicated to explain, and it is still fairly new so there is a lot to still determine and figure out. They have a great team in place, and we are certain that after a few years of dedicated work, Passare will be a big success. What does this mean for Chris? He will still office out of our building here in Abilene, but he won't have any day-to-day dealings with FDLIC business. However, since he is part of the mother company, he will continue to have the same benefits, etc.

I am extremely proud of my hubby!! He has worked hard for many years to set himself apart from the rest, and he is an amazing leader! I wanted to celebrate this big step in his career, so I made dinner reservations for us Friday evening at Copper Creek. They have an online reservation service, and in the notes I requested that they have a bottle of champagne waiting for us at the table on arrival. I think Chris was surprised and excited to see it waiting there! :) We had a lovely dinner and talked about a lot of different things...and sharing the bottle of champagne was icing on the cake!! I made a little toast to him, and it was just perfect! Congratulations to my amazing man!!

After dinner, we stopped at The Mill to have some drinks with Alex and John...that was also an enjoyable time with good conversation. They are both single men in their twenties, looking for the spouse that God has for them...it is interesting to hear their perspectives! On the drive home, we listened to some Ed Sheeran, and when we got to the house, we left the car running and got out to dance in the driveway! It was quite a romantic moment. Love my guy!

Saturday, Chris and I had a much-needed relaxing day. We slept in a bit, then headed to have breakfast burritos at La Polular. Yum! Then we stopped at the farmer's market (local pork sausage and red potatoes). From there we went on a donkey search but didn't have much luck. So it was then to the flea market where we pet some puppies and I enjoyed a mango sno cone. It was very nice to unwind a bit and just go wherever the wind blew us!

Afterwards, Chris embarked on the adventure of installing our new dishwasher...it will be quick and easy, they said. Hmm. My poor hubby worked on this all day Saturday :( Taking out the old dishwasher and installing the new dishwasher was no treat. If we would've known, we surely would have paid for delivery and installation!! But, we now have a beautiful new dishwasher and I am sooo happy to not hand wash any longer!

Sunday, today, is my grandma Gene's 90th birthday!!!! She has been such a big blessing to me throughout my life, and I thank God for her daily! I love you Grandma!! Hope you had a beautiful day!! Wish we could have been there for your yummy lunch!!

I was able to finish my book club book this weekend, and I liked it quite a lot. It was a very good story! I picked up this little gem to read next:

I have read a lot of wonderful reviews of this book online through different blogs, so we shall see what it's all about. I am, overall, a fairly "tidy" person. I am not necessarily a "clean freak", but I like things in their place and I don't like clutter. I am looking forward to seeing how this can improve my life even more!! While my house probably seems tidy to most, the closets, drawers, scrapbook room, etc are definitely not (out of sight, out of mind!!). I can see this book making some impact there for sure. I will keep you posted!!

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead!! Ours looks fairly quiet (yay!!) and then this coming weekend I will host the two-day scrapbook retreat at out house...so excited and ready for that!!!

July 16, 2015


:: Last Friday (7-10), we had a Game Night at Kim and Gary's! It ended up being a fabulous, fun time! There were four couples altogether -- Gary, Kim, Me, Chris, Kim, Jason, Taylor, and Shelby! We arrived around 7:00, and enjoyed a delicious meal that Gary and Kim had prepared -- grilled chicken, jalapeno poppers, corn on the cob, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and and and! It was like a holiday spread of endless, delicious foods. They really outdid themselves! For dessert there was a chocolate delight and a berry crumble. Yum! They really treated us all to quite a feast! After we ate, we played a game called Loaded Questions -- basically, a question is read, each person writes down an answer, and then one person tries to pair up the answer with a player. Harder than it sounds! As Gary made more and more blue frozen drinks, our answers got funnier and funnier as you can imagine. Ha! We laughed so hard, our ab muscles were sore the next day! We are all looking forward to the next Game Night!!

:: Nadene and I had a great meeting last night! We decided on this as our memory verse for the week:

Jeremiah 33:2-3

This is what the Lord says, he who made the earth, the Lord who formed it and established it - the Lord is his name. Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

We all question God...I think he welcomes it. He wants for us to call to him, ask him. The more we continue to ask, the more he will show us.

:: Chris is home!! He arrived back in Abilene last night around 3:00 am. Whew, he is a tired boy! They were told that they could get some sleep and come in to work later, but of course he got up and went in at the normal time. He's an overachiever like that :) Me, I would have slept. No one wants to see Kelley on 4 hours of sleep, I guarantee it!

:: We broke down and bought a new dishwasher -- our water here is so hard, that it just ruins the appliances. We've been handwashing and that is NO FUN. Looking forward to getting it installed!! We also bought a new mini fridge for our back porch. The one we have out there died awhile back, and we like to have it to store all of our beverages. Our indoor fridge really has limited space.

:: We are also contemplating the idea of turning off our Direct TV service and going with something else like Netflix or Hulu. We barely watch any tv, and with a service like that we could pick exactly what we want to watch and not pay for 100s of channels we never watch. So it could definitely save us some money. Something like this excites me because I would be able to pick some series I never watched and watch it from the very beginning -- like Grey's Anatomy. So, we'll be doing some research on this...

:: Time to have some dinner and go relax!!

July 15, 2015

Wednesday Ramblings

:: Today, I tried using a diffuser on my hair dryer, for the first time. Hmmmm. I had to watch a youtube.com video to even figure out how to use it, and it wasn't at all how I thought! Ha! Unfortunately, I was not able to find a diffuser that fit my dryer exactly, but it is close. I had to hold it in place :( So redneck!! Where's my duct tape!!! So the search is still on to find one that fits. The curl the diffuser produced was pretty, and way curlier than I am used to. The bottom looked decent, but the crown not so much. Need to keep practicing!! Currently it is in a pretty, curly ponytail because I couldn't deal with it!

:: In disappointing news, the first live episode of So You Think You Can Dance did not record on Monday for some reason. What!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried when I went to watch it and it wasn't there! It's a small thing, people, but it's my fave and sometimes the small things seem big. I will be double/triple checking next Monday, you can be sure!!!

:: I am wearing one of my new Stitch Fix tops, and have already gotten a lot of compliments! Also getting a lot of oooohs and aaaahhhhs over my new purse. :) I have tried selling the two tops on a Facebook site, but haven't had any luck there. I have to checkout at Stitch Fix by Thursday, so I will go ahead and send the tops back then if I don't have any sales by then. It was worth a try! (The reason for attempting this is that purchasing all 5 items in a Fix gets you a 25% discount!)

:: Last night we had our monthly bunko! It was cancelled last week due to the flooding, and we had a nearly full group last night. We decided to play farkle instead, and that was lots of fun! Came home with an Arby's gift card. We haven't eaten at Arby's in over 15 years, so I will most likely regift it next month! :)

:: This evening, I am meeting with Nadene for more spiritual mentorship -- I'm looking forward to our time together! I love it! Then I am going to make chicken salad for dinner and RELAX!!!!

:: Our current book for book club, The Sweetest Thing, is turning out to be a very good story. I am really enjoying it. It is nothing flashy, and it is ramping up slowing -- but things are beginning to unfold and it is a much deeper, layered story than I imagined. I'm about 65% done, and I'm looking forward to discussing it with the girls at the end of the month!

:: Chris' meetings in Denver are going great this week! He is pumped, and that is so great to see. He makes me proud! He should be home late Wednesday.

:: I put in an order with Target yesterday -- I had to replace my lovely straw hat that was sacrificed to the bottom of the lake!! The website was also having a Buy One, Get One 50% Off sale (on accessories), so I also purchased some sandals too! (These but in brown!! Guess I got the last brown pair!) I've been needing brown ones, and I thought these were simple and cute. So, sale items, and free shipping too!!

:: Our July scrapbook retreat is coming up soon!! Kim and I placed a joint photo order on Winkflash last night, and it is time to make sure I have enough preplanned to keep me busy! Very ready to have a scrapping weekend!!!

July 14, 2015

Stitch Fix #6

I was very excited to receive my 6th Stitch Fix!! I love this service!

For this fix, I requested the following:

: A bright colored tote/purse
: A midi skirt (a full skirt that goes to the knees) in a bright color
: Something in kelly green (my favorite color)
: To be styled by Kallie

Upon opening my box and doing the initial look-through, I was so pleased! I liked the looks of everything! That hasn't happened yet, so that was great! It was all so bright and cheerful and colorful! So then it was simply a matter of trying everything on to determine what to keep. Let's get started!!

Urban Expressions -- Elisha Zipper Accent Structured Satchel

Urban Expressions -- Elisha Zipper Accent Structured Satchel -- Coral -- $58.00
Oh I love this bag!! I had pinned this exact bag on Pinterest, but in a shade of delicious turquoise. That bag, apparently, is THE hot item because it is always out of stock! As Kallie said in her note, "The turquoise bag has eluded us again!!" Kallie sent me the same bag, but in a yummy, bright coral color. And I am digging it! It is a pretty large bag, and the straps are just long enough to go over the shoulder when needed (which is what I like). The inside lining is a very navy blue/white pattern.


Skies are Blue -- Scribe Ruffle Front Blouse

Skies are Blue -- Scribe Ruffle Front Blouse -- Green -- $48.00
I love this color! It is spot on as my favorite hue for sure. The shirt itself though has me on the fence. I prefer patterns over solids, but the lace backing is cute. The ruffle in front is ok, but lays a little weird on me. The shirt fit perfectly overall, size-wise. The fabric is polyester, but feels kind of silky.


Brixon Ivy -- Fallon Dress

Brixon Ivy -- Fallon Dress -- Blue -- $58.00
The fabric of this dress is silky and thin...really beautiful! It is see-through, however, and isn't lined. So it definitely requires some kind of full slip (which I don't have). This photo doesn't really do it much justice, as I am currently up on my weight. If I was back where I used to be/want to be, the dress would hang better on me. Currently it is tight across the breasts, pulling the button and stretching across my back. I'm working to get back to my goal weight, and so I think I will keep this one. It can be worn as a dress, or even with leggings and a jean jacket in the winter maybe. Chris' reaction was, "Well no way are you sending that one back!" If hubby likes it, it's a go!


Renee C -- Napson Lace Panel Blouse

Renee C -- Napson Lace Panel Blouse -- Fuchsia -- $48.00
I really, really love this tank!! Sadly, just not on me :( I had this exact top pinned on Pinterest, because I love the colors a lot. I didn't realize there was quite the exaggerated high/low difference between the front and back, and that look doesn't flatter me. The length of the front really cuts me in half. If the front was the same length as the back, this probably would have been a keeper for me. Also, the vertical lace panel in front is pretty, but that requires a tank top underneath, which I'd prefer not to do. It's a beautiful flowy fabric, but perhaps a bit too flowy?


Sweet Rain -- Earlson Split Neck Blouse

Sweet Rain -- Earlson Split Neck Blouse -- Teal Green -- $44.00
These colors are gorgeous! I love the colors, the different patterns, and the silky material of the shirt. The shirt fits perfectly, with a modest neckline and not-too-big arm holes. I can even wear a normal bra, instead of a strapless! Yay! This can be worn to work or casual, so that's even better! Really happy with this one!  


Kallie did a great job, and I will be requesting her every time! Thank you Kallie!! I think we are on to something here!!

P.S. Three of my four requests were met. You may be wondering about my request for a midi skirt. Kallie mentioned that she has one in mind for me but it is currently out of stock. So, I very much appreciated her acknowledging my request in her note!!

Happy girl

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July 13, 2015

Wedding Weekend

And so...with two weddings this weekend, "wedding season" officially comes to an end -- at least for us! We had a very full Saturday, full of love and "I do's"!!

:: Wedding #1: Jamie and Matt -- Jamie used to work at FDLIC with us part-time while she was still in college, and now that she is graduated and her man got a job elsewhere, they have since moved to a different city. We miss her a lot, she was very bubbly and outgoing! It was great to see her marry her sweetheart on Saturday. Her wedding was very traditional/old school, which surprised me. I expected it to be very modern and sassy! The ceremony was held in a Methodist chapel, and they included a song and the unity candle. The vows were traditional. Her dress was beautiful but not what I expected for her either! Her color was Tiffany blue. We sat with three coworkers -- Allison (from my team), her mom Susan, and her friend Bec. We did not attend the reception, since we had to make our way to wedding #2!

In the pew -- Susan, Bec, Allison, and us
Jamie is always laughing -- so I love this one of her giggling during the ceremony!
:: Wedding #2 -- Vanessa and Caleb -- Vanessa is on my team at work; she is one of my very talented graphic designers! She and Caleb have been dating for a few years, and a few of those were spent long distance while he was being a missionary in Africa! So, it was a very happy day to see them finally getting married.

Vanessa is from the Philippines and is quite lovely -- very slim, with gorgeous curly dark hair. Their wedding was modern and she had a lot of beautiful details. They included some Philippine traditions as well, which was neat to see. Their wedding was at a place called The Grove, which is out in the county. The ceremony was outside and the reception was inside/outside there on the same property. They served Philippine finger foods, and had a small cake to cut (and cupcakes for everyone else). She was beautiful in a very simple, elegant dress with a purple sash, and Caleb wore a traditional Philippine white shirt.

Vanessa loves to paint and do hand lettering...she made this Welcome sign that was on the entrance.
The Babers
The chairs had fans handmade in the Philippines -- they were the favors, with the program attached
The arch where they stood was gorgeous with purple flowers of all different shade,
and little glass globes of different sizes...the sun made them all sparkly! We were requested
to not take any photos during the ceremony, soooo...
Their wedding cake, for cutting
Caleb and his beautiful new bride Vanessa! They are perfect together.
Congratulations to both couples! May God bless their marriages with endless love, friendship, patience and grace!!

July 12, 2015

2015 Dig Gig

We enjoyed a wonderful Dig Gig on Thursday!

The Dig Gig is our summer company party...each year, we do something different because they like to keep things fresh and fun, and they like to outdo themselves each year!! This year, we had a tailgate party in our parking lot, with five different food trucks!

The food trucks were pretty cool! We each received a punch card when we arrived, which allowed us to sample one thing from each food truck. The food trucks had pizza, grilled cheese with bacon, hamburger sliders, pork nachos, and Nikki's frozen yogurt. Yum yum!!

Us, enjoying the festivities!

Oh Ms. Nadene...there is no one quite like her :)

We had tons of drinks to choose from -- beer and wine coolers and Lime-a-Ritas and sodas and water. Something for everyone!

Me and Kim
After everyone ate, there was a Minute to Win It tournament and that was so so fun to watch!! There were 16 teams, and the games they had to do were so hilarious!! What a night of entertainment!! Ha ha! The winning team got cash, which is only fair after making fools of themselves!

Jon and Nadene (don't mind the flower crown -- she was on a Minute to
Win It team, and their name was Pushing Up Daisies)
Me and my bestie!
Taylor and Shelby
We left the Dig Gig after helping clean up...then we headed to Taco Bell with a few couples because the boys were still hungry. We had a good time laughing there...then home to fall into bed because we had to go to work the next day!!!

July 10, 2015


Yep -- I believe it is time.

Out of control eating, zero energy, skipping workouts, gaining those pounds back. Time to stop.

Time to refocus.

Getting my plan in order this weekend.