February 09, 2016

One More Work Day!

:: Today was a bit crazy -- lots happening and lots to do. I have a full plate tomorrow to get everything done before I am off for three days...have to be very focused tomorrow!

:: Come on 5:00 Wednesday!!!!

:: Tonight's dinner was pretty yummy -- made hamburgers, Mediterranean quinoa, and spinach stuffed portobella mushrooms. Afterwards, I also prepped everything for a crockpot stew for tomorrow...makes my life a little easier tomorrow, but was definitely extra work tonight!

:: I believe our new bathroom decorations will be delivered tomorrow! Exited to get my Fitbit, but I think that will be next week.

:: Not sure if I mentioned it yet -- but our next book club book is called Safely Home by Randy Alcorn. I'm into Chapter 2 so it's still early. Not sure what it is about yet!! Our next meeting is at the end of the month.

:: In my Bible reading, I'm into Exodus now...have a few more days of this book. I am really loving this plan!

:: It's been a long, full day -- time to relax!

February 08, 2016

A Week Begins

:: Our Superbowl party was a lot of fun! We had three couples join us -- Kyle & Kelsey, Shaylee & Austin, and Neeley & Lauren. Great people, and we enjoyed a Daniel Plan approved feast!! I made pulled pork sandwiches on wheat buns and roasted potatoes...and also had pineapple and strawberries! Others brought hummus and veggies, Texas caviar and crackers, homemade tortilla chips with homemade salsa and guacamole, and two different Daniel-approved cookies. Oh, and popcorn!! :) I personally thought the game was a little boring -- but I wasn't necessarily watching too closely! And the commercials -- blah. The Budweiser clydesdale commercial is always my favorite and theirs was awful this year. So aggressive. I missed the warm fuzzy. A fun night with friends...

:: Poppy did so well last night during the festivities! She is getting better and better. She didn't try to bite anyone, lunge at anyone, or growl at anyone. She walked around curious, but didn't bother anyone. And she got on my lap and went to sleep -- fairly relaxed. I was very proud of her!

:: Ocho overdid it a bit -- he is pretty unstable today. He typically spends his evening resting next to one of us, but he was up and socializing all evening. It was a bit much for him. We're keeping an eye on him.

:: Yoga at lunch was so great! It's getting easier, but I have so much farther to go...

:: Ran some errands after work...then picked Chris up after his run and headed home to make breakfast for dinner. Now, I'm about to spend some Kohl's Cash on a Fitbit!!

:: Two more work days and then I'm off to retreat!!! Counting down the minutes!!!

February 07, 2016

Our Weekend & Our Recent Fredericksburg Trip

Another weekend is drawing to a close...we filled ours with a lot of good things like dinner at Chili's, a whole Saturday spent together doing errands and having lunch at Niko's, and an upcoming Superbowl get together with a few friends. We found some new decorations for our gray/purple bathroom on Amazon, and those should be here this coming week! Can't wait to see it all put together. I also found a new black bikini at Target that I love!!!! Just what I was looking for.

And now, I wanted to do a catch up post about our recent trip to Fredericksburg!

So very happy to be in our favorite town!!
We made a stop at Fat Ass Winery -- I really liked this cute little truck!
And along with that was a quick visit to Frito, the Fat Ass Winery donk...
The beautiful sunset at Grapecreek...
We were excited to check out a new winery that just recently opened -- Barons Creek -- it was so beautiful! Not quite completely done yet, but we enjoyed looking around and testing out their wine!
The gorgeous building at Barons Creek
Me snapping this photo from up in the bell tower, of Chris doing a wine tasting
Chris by their pretty fountain
We headed back to the Hilltop Cafe for the best burger in TX -- it was just as good the second time around! It was chilly chilly!!
Right near the cafe, we discovered the bat cave that we've heard about! We'll have to go next time we're there, at the sunset hour when the bats fly out. It's supposed to be quite a sight!
On our way home, we were early enough to stop at Cooper's Pit BBQ -- in all these years, Chris has wanted to take me there, but they were always closed. So we picked out the BBQ we wanted and sat down at the picnic tables to eat...it was yummy!!!
Nom nom nom!!!
It was a great, relaxing weekend -- just what we needed. We had never been to Fredericksburg in January and it was cold but not as crowded as normal...so fun! I love our favorite town!!

February 04, 2016

New Canvas

:: Tonight I made acorn squash for the first time ever -- and I do think it was quite tasty! Paired it with tilapia and brown rice pasta with healthy marinara sauce. Mmm mmm!

:: Today we received the black and white canvas that I made for our new purple and gray bathroom!! It is perfect and I love it! It is a photo that I snapped during our trip to Napa (for our 5th anniversary)...at the amazing Castello di Amorosa (our favorite). It is perfect in it's new spot!!

:: My workout was good tonight -- and I was sore from my leg workout yesterday! Did cardio and abs and stretched. Good stuff. Then picked Chris up after 7 miles, on my way home.

:: Working my way toward the end of Grey's season 4...it goes through phases. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it is so so. We shall see how it goes... :) Drama drama!

:: Time to read my daily bible verses!!

February 03, 2016

Bombfell #2

Chris received his second Bombfell shipment! It wasn't as successful as his first one, but he still got one keeper out of the deal!

This shirt fits perfectly, and the color is a great teal plaid. This one is a keeper!
This cardigan -- well, it was promising, since it is his favorite color (grey)...
and it fit just fine. But...how does a man wear a cardigan? It didn't look right
buttoned or unbuttoned or semi buttoned...so back it goes.
Again -- promising...a black slick jacket with a sporty feel. But, he already
has a handful of black slick jackets, and can't justify the price of yet another.
Same jeans as his first shipment, but oh my goodness that color. For a man? No.

This burgundy sweatshirt was not bad...but it wasn't anything great. It fit ok. But, no.
1/5 but without dragging Chris into a shopping mall? We'll take it! He looks very hot in the one shirt he's keeping, so woo hoo!! :)

February 02, 2016


:: The Daniel Plan is moving right along...we are into week 3. Made a so-so dinner this evening -- beef and broccoli in the crockpot. It cooked a bit too long because the broccoli was pretty cremated :) The flavor was ok. Probably won't make it again.

:: Workout today was cardio and then arms -- a good one!

:: I had another one of those days where I was pinging every which direction...no focus...hopefully tomorrow is a bit better in that regard.

:: I printed out the scrapbook titles I worked on over the weekend, so now I am ready to preplan the final pages for the retreat. It's coming up so soon and I can not wait!!!!

:: I'm going to prepare a few picture posts, so I'm cutting this short for tonight! :)

February 01, 2016

New Favorite Drink

:: Met with our nurse today to see how she thinks my leg rash is progressing. She said that last time she saw me, my legs were "angry"! She believes they are looking better. I feel they are too, but it is slow going and since I see them everyday, I wanted to be sure. So, a few more days of my current treatment and we'll touch base again on Thursday.

:: La Croix carbonated water is something natural we can have on Whole30 and Daniel Plan...the top pops and sounds like soda, and the carbonation can fill in for that need too. We've been trying out the flavors, and this one is, by far, the yummiest!! The tall, skinny cans are better than the squatty cans. Not sure why! I'll be buying a lot more of these!!!

:: Yoga at lunch today was wonderful!! So into it!

:: Since I worked out at lunch, that freed me up to do some errands after work while I waited for Chris to run. Went to the pharmacy, the dry cleaner, Walgreens, and the gas station. Then back to the office to watch Grey's and wait for the hubby.

:: I made turkey stuffed bell peppers for dinner, along with sauteed spinach. The pepper recipe was from The Daniel Plan book, and they were pretty darn good!! Leftovers tomorrow!

:: Got home later than normal, so it's time to read my Bible verses and end this day...

January 31, 2016

This Weekend

:: We had dinner on Friday evening with Jon and Nadene at Perini's...yum!!! They were so sweet to treat us too, because they had a gift card to spend. What a treat!! And what wonderful company too...love those two! They stopped by the house first to see the pool :)

:: Chris ran 20 miles with Steven Saturday morning and they had a great run! Afterwards I made us some gluten free pancakes (which were quite good!) -- he was able to enjoy his with real butter and pure maple syrup on the core plan, and I enjoyed mine with ghee and pure fruit jam. Mmm!

:: Chris and Neeley worked on our sprinkler system...when the pool went in, it destroyed part of our set up. Unfortunately, our landscape guy was a no show, so Chris decided to take care of it on his own. He and Neeley can do anything together!!

:: I worked on a lot of different things, including getting stuff pulled together for our retreat, preplanning more pages, and creating titles for pages in Photoshop. Very productive!! I watched Grey's while I worked, and it was great!

:: We had dinner at TaMolleys and I enjoyed some yummy fish tacos...mmm! Then we did a little shopping! We are redoing our master bathroom in gray/purple...so we found the towels and rugs at Bed Bath and Beyond. So pretty!! We also stopped at Kohl's to get some new cologne for him and perfume for me...and some new workout pants. And I signed up for a Kohl's card so I can start getting coupons :)

:: We sat with Jon and Nadene at church as Pastor David preached on the Fitness level of The Daniel Plan. Then I headed to grocery shop while Chris stopped at Lowes. Then he and Neeley finished up with the sprinkler system and I carried on with my Sunday chores.

:: Yoga tomorrow at lunch and I am excited! Really loving that.

:: The rest of our week is pretty normal...let's see what it holds!

January 28, 2016


:: Today I borrowed my friend Kathy's recipe binder of healthy recipes! Need to steal a few so that I can jazz things up a bit. Getting bored with the same old thing.

:: We had book club this evening after work, and it was fun! We met at work in the Parlor and discussed Room -- which we all really liked. Next up, we are going to read Safely Home by Randy Alcorn...it's a Nadene pick, and looking forward to it!

:: Need to catch up on my Bible reading -- only made it halfway through last night because my meds are making me very sleepy. Couldn't even keep my eyes open! So, a little extra reading tonight!

:: Thank you, Mom, for sending us the magazine recipe of the most delicious mac and cheese muffins...such perfect timing, you know, during the Daniel Plan and all. Geez!!!!! Chris was practically drooling!! :) They do look yummy -- we'll try it out in March!

:: We have approval to start the process of hiring another lead generation specialist in our department! I am sooo excited! It will be interesting to see who we get in the resume pool!!!

:: Better go enjoy my evening before I end up falling asleep!! :)

January 27, 2016


:: Happy hump day to you all!! Today I...

:: Ate two egg muffins for breakfast -- they were yummy, had deer sausage in them!

:: Attended our mid-management meeting with the other supervisors...it's weird now, that Chris is no longer attending them because of his move to Passare. We did a few team building exercises and it was fun!

:: Watched Grey's at lunch...and then again after my workout...and then again while I blogged!

:: I did a quick workout -- didn't have a ton of energy this evening for some reason.

:: I took multiple doses of the four medications I'm on for my leg rash issues.

:: I attended a nearly two-hour long meeting...whew.

:: I read Genesis 43-45 in my reading plan.

:: I made chicken nuggets, roasted potatoes, and roasted radishes/mushrooms/purple onions for dinner...yum!

:: I experimented with my new LolliZ gel pens, in my fun coloring book! Those gel pens rock!!!

:: I missed 3:00 zumba because of aforementioned long meeting.

:: I chatted with Kim after our workouts while we waited for our men folk :)

:: I started working on a list of everything I need to pack for our upcoming retreat!!

:: I looked for a new swimsuit online...no luck. Where's the best place to buy bikinis?? Or even a one piece that doesn't look granny-ish??

:: I read through some of our company's business plan for this year -- we're going to be discussing it at our luncheon on Friday.

:: Loved up on our two pups!

:: Spent the rest of the evening with my amazing hubby!

January 26, 2016

Just a Tuesday

:: Today -- felt a little off. Not sure why. But, it seemed like a long day.

:: It was all good though...nothing crazy or bad happened. Just life I suppose.

:: Ocho is doing pretty good! His arthritis medication is working well, and he hasn't had any more spells where he couldn't walk -- one day at a time!

:: I've developed some kind of odd, severe rash on my lower legs -- itches and burns..so I visited our nurse practitioner today and got some meds to try and kick it. It is so unattractive. I feel like a leper.

:: Just started Season 4 of Grey's -- the end of Season 3 was iffy for me, so let's see where Season 4 takes us.

:: Chris broke his phone today...dropped it one too many times and it finally refused to turn on. Whoops. Looks like he'll be switching over to the iphone afterall.

:: I bought some new gel pens for my coloring book! They are Lolliz and they are incredible! So sparkly and fun! Easy to use! So much better than the colored pencils!

:: That's about all I've got...ta ta!

January 25, 2016

Stitch Fix #11 Review

 I was very excited to get my 11th Fix!! I had two gift cards from Christmas that I couldn't wait to spend!

I had requested my normal stylist, Kallie, who is really getting to know me well! And I didn't request anything specific, but I did add a list of a few things I didn't want:

No: jewelry, scarves, bags, chevron pattern, or sheer shirts.

I received my fix and dove in to read the note from my stylist -- turns out that Kallie was on vacation, so I had a stylist named Bailey. Bailey did a fine job, and picked out some decent pieces. I didn't necessarily feel like they were spot on choices for me, per se...but it wasn't bad! I do feel it brings home the point that Kallie knows me pretty well!

Romolo Linette Layered Strands Necklace

Romolo : Linette Layered Strands Necklace -- $34.00

I was a little surprised to see this in my Fix, since I had requested no jewelry...it was a nice, classic gold long two-strand necklace. I already have a number of those. And really was not interested in another one or any jewelry. VERDICT: RETURNED

41Hawthorn Jordanne A-line Plaid Skirt

41Hawthorn : Jordanne A-line Plaid Skirt -- $68.00

This skirt is so pretty! It fits perfectly -- not too tight, not too loose, and perfect length. It has a lining which I love! The color scheme is a little different for me -- it it brown, cream, and another color that could be either really dark blue or black. A very pretty plaid, and the fabric is so super soft. This will be great for work; just need to figure out what to pair it with!! VERDICT: KEPT!

Skies are Blue Eniko Button Down Top

Skies are Blue: Eniko Button Down Top  -- $58.00

This shirt was interesting...I really liked the blue stripe paired with the contrasting blue polka dot a lot! It was so cute! I've had shirts like this in the past for work and have liked them...but for that I prefer a more giving fabric. The stiff cotton of this one left me feeling a little frumpy. It didn't look good tucked in, and it looked too professional untucked. I was unable to make this one work. VERDICT: RETURNED.

Fate Davis Leopard Print Button-Up Cardigan

Fate : Davis Leopard Print Button-Up Cardigan -- $58.00

Oh how I love leopard!! This was a good call on Bailey's part because I really have a thing for it :) This cardigan was a nice, long length, which I liked. It did have two odd pockets on the front, that were a little high -- but I could have lived with those. The unfortunate thing is that I already have a leopard cardigan that is still in good shape and I can't justify two. VERDICT: RETURNED.

Skies are Blue Hamberg Paisley Print Henley Blouse

Skies are blue : Hamberg Paisley Print Henley Blouse -- $54.00

This one was really, really pretty! I do love paisley, and the fact that this shirt had tiny little paisleys was so cute! I really liked the contrasting section on the front too, with the pleats. I was on the fence about this one though. For one thing,it is pretty sheet (yet another thing I requested to NOT get). Beyond that, it was a little too short and boxy, and the sleeves were an odd length. I was sad because I wanted this one to work! VERDICT: RETURNED.

So there you have it! This one ended up being a 1/5 for me, but I am very pleased with the skirt! Can't wait to wear it! I look forward to Kallie returning and scheduling my next fix, so I can spend the rest of my gift cards!! :)

January 24, 2016

Great Weekend

:: Mr. Ocho had a good weekend...still a little unsteady on his legs at times but overall, he was chipper and in good health this weekend. Yay! Keeping a close eye on him.

:: Friday evening, we decided instead of going out to eat we would eat in...picked up some sushi and other odds and ends at the grocery store and had a night in.

:: Saturday morning, Chris ran 14 miles with Kiki and then I made potato and egg burritos for us. I worked on preplanning some scrapbook stuff for our retreat, and Chris was sweet enough to hang my stuff over the bed! Take a look!

:: Neeley stopped by and the two of them got our back porch lights hooked up again. Yay! And then we all shot Neeley's new crossbow! That was a fun experience! It was a lot easier than shooting a gun, and my two shots were pretty darn good!

:: Saturday evening, we had dinner at Chili's and stuck to the Daniel Plan! And it was yummy! Then we did the grocery shopping and headed home to relax.

:: Sunday -- church, chores, and did some food prep for week 2 of Daniel. I made egg muffins for our breakfasts and homemade mayo and apple cinnamon quinoa. Off we go!!

:: I got my 11th Stitch Fix on Saturday! I'll be posting about that this week! I also realized that I never posted about our Fredericksburg trip...so I'll whip up a post on that too!!

January 21, 2016

Poor Ocho

:: Well...here is an update on our Ocho. I called the vet first thing this morning and they were able to get me in at 8:30 thankfully. After telling the vet everything that we had witnessed with him, he was thinking that he is suffering something neurological...like a small stroke or seizure possibly. He drew some bloodwork and his liver looks good. He wants for us to watch him and see if it happens again, and if so -- he'll be put on some seizure meds most likley. This evening, he's a little unstable on his legs, but he hasn't had another episode yet. Time will tell. Prayers are much appreciated.

:: Once I got to work at 10:00, I had missed two meetings...but then proceeded to have a decent day. Tomorrow is Friday and for that I am thrilled!

:: Daniel Plan Day 4 went great! It is great to see the people at work getting in to it...they are trying new foods and getting into the workout center and are actually having some excitement! I love it! I've done an okay job so far of keeping Mr. Baber as full as possible...it's a tough task with all of his running!

:: The third season of The 100 started tonight...but we don't get The CW channel unfortunately :( So we'll be waiting for it to come out on Nexflix in a few months. Boo. Looks like it is going to be an intense season!!

:: Time to relax --

January 20, 2016


:: Ocho is not doing well -- please pray for him!!!! I'm going to get him into the vet as early as possible tomorrow. We started him back on the arthritis medicine Monday, and it hasn't seemed to work as well as the first batch. He felt better, but not great. This evening, he was fine and then all of a sudden he wasn't able to walk very well. He seems to have lost a lot of function. Very scary, and we are worried. He is our sweet boy and I hope the vet can get this figured out.


:: As you can imagine, not in the blogging mood tonight...I will update tomorrow!