April 16, 2015

:: Almost Friday!! I'm ready.

:: Today was a fairly smooth day...got some things accomplished and then also was able to work on some things that I have been putting off. I hope tomorrow is just as smooth so that I can get prepared for being out for a whole week.

:: Made southwestern beef in the crockpot and it was yum! I love the crockpot, makes the evening sooo easy! Especially if you use the crockpot liners! :)

:: I've been doing my tanning lotion application for a few days now...two I guess. Another application to come each day leading up to the trip. I'm looking so much better than Casper ha ha! No more glowing white skin. I really like the L'Oreal Sublime lotion, Medium. It is working really well and gives me good color. It smells better than most too, though the smell does get to me after a bit. Why can't they make it smell like something from Bath & Body??? Strawberry? Coconut? Anything.

:: Chris is a snotty mess today...we are hoping that it is just allergies and will be over soon. I don't want him feeling icky on our trip!

:: I'm nearing the really good part of Divergent...can't put the book down! Really enjoying it. I look forward to the other two books in the series too. Can't wait to see the second movie!!! Time to go relax with my sickly hubby and read!

April 15, 2015

Tuesday evening, my Marketing department enjoyed a fun evening at the ball park!!

We left the office at 3:45 and made our way to the airport. Loaded up and were on our quick flight to Arlington. We landed, got into our waiting rental car, and headed to the stadium. Parked in our reserved spot across from the entrance, and headed to Captain Morgan's for dinner!

We had a fun time while we ate, laughing and talking...I had the brisket tacos and they were yummy! Then we headed to our awesome seats in row 11 and 12 behind the visitor duggout, and watched a great game. The Rangers won 8-2, with a few home runs (and fireworks) thrown in! It was a bit chilly, so we were bundled in jackets...but that was so much nicer than sweating!!!

We played the Angels, so it was fun to see the Cardinal traitors -- Pujols and Freese!

Afterwards, we loaded back onto the plane and enjoyed the quick flight back to Abilene...I got home around 11:30. It was a fun time!! It's hard to say how many games I have enjoyed over the 13 years at FDLIC -- too many to count. It is fun to watch the newbies enjoy their first experience!!

Jessica P, Jessica M, Jeff, Heather, Susie, Shaylee (my new designer!), me, and Allison -- yep, Jeff and all the girls :) He had fun explaining the rules of the game to Heather!
Our crew in the seats...all a bunch of 4-eyes (in glasses) except for Jessica M!!
We are certainly very, very blessed by this amazing company we work for!!!

April 13, 2015

Big D Marathon!

We had a great weekend in Dallas for the Big D Marathon!!

This was Chris' 13th full marathon! And we determined that it has been almost 4 years since he has fun a full 26.2 miles. He has done many half marathons over these years, but (except for the 40 miles on his 40th birthday) for whatever reason there have been no full marathons.

He was excited to get out there and see what he could do!

We headed to Dallas on Saturday morning...we went to Academy to pick up his race packet, and then found a Wasabi sushi restaurant for a delicious lunch!! Mmm. From there, we headed to downtown Dallas to check into our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Indigo, which was very nice (but a little stinky)! After relaxing for a bit and resting his legs, we decided to walk around downtown and see some sights before meeting our group for dinner.

We met the FDLIC group at Campisi's for dinner, and it was delicious! They have amazing pizza there, and Chris opted for pasta. It was a nice time with our small group, though it was very, very loud in the restaurant. A big thank you to our CEO for paying for our dinner!!!

Sunday morning, bright and early, we met the group in the lobby at 6:00 and made our way to the starting line about 10 minutes away. There were threats of thunderstorms, but thankfully it stayed away all day!! The weather, however, was extremely humid, and in the 60s...not ideal running conditions because it causes them to sweat so much. But, better than thunderstorms!

Besides Chris, we had Steven -- he was running the full marathon too and it was his first! We also had Ben who was running his first half marathon, and Miguell and his wife Brittany who were running their first half marathons as well. Everyone had a great race day, though the humidity did take its toll.

After cleaning up, we had lunch with Ben and his girlfriend Chelsea at a Mexican restaurant down the street from our hotel...and then we stopped at Central Market and World Market before heading home! It was a fun weekend!

Chris, chopstick master :)
This really made me smile! Our room at Hotel Indigo had a full wall of blueberry
wallpaper behind the bed! It was pretty crazy! Of everyone in our group that
stayed there, we were the only ones that had it!!
Me and my hubby in front of a beautiful rock waterfall downtown Dallas
Downtown, they were setting up for some big private party outside...and this was
an art installation they were creating...it was fun but kind of creepy too!
Our FDLIC runners Sunday morning before the race began!! Steven, Ben,
Chris, Miguell, and Brittany
This was at mile 7...he was feeling good and running strong! You can see how drenched his running clothes are though -- so humid! Also worth noting -- his white bib number. The Big D marathon messed up and assigned him a white HALF marathon bib. It should have been yellow the man's behind him. This caused some strife along the course as the volunteers were yelling at him to go the way of the half marathon course and he had to keep explaining that he was running the full. At the end, he also did not show up in the system as finishing, and had to tell them his time. It was all a bit frustrating for him. This is his second time running this one, and he's had issues both times...so he probably won't be signing up for this one again.
Chris had a good race, though not as good as he was hoping for. His goal was to run under 3:10 -- he was bummed with his time of 3:28, but I am so proud of him! He felt like in his training, he peaked about three weeks ago, so that was part of it. The humidity also played a big part, and he ended up cramping up in his legs and arms. It is difficult to stay hydrated when you are sweating so much out. It was so good to see him run another marathon, and his intensity and dedication are always an inspiration to me. He is the most driven person I know! He was 22nd overall in the whole marathon, out of almost 800 people -- what an accomplishment!!!!
Just for fun, I had to share this one :) While we waiting at the lake for the runners to come past (we were able to stay in one spot and see them at mile 7 and then again at mile 18 as they came back by), I captured this -- ha ha! Those two on the right are giving some heck to Mr. Mohawk!! Ha!!
So, Chris added full marathon #13's medal to his rack, and now to decide what comes next!! For now, he'll take about two weeks off running completely, to recover. Perfect timing, as we are about to head to Aruba for some relaxation!!!

April 09, 2015

Hi there!

Today after work, I dropped Chris off to run home and then I made a pit stop to see Mr. Huck! He's a funny little fella -- after getting a petting, and letting me feed him some bright green mesquite leaves, he wandered over and got himself stuck between the fence, a cactus, and a tree trunk :) He makes me smile!
And birthday month has begun :) Today I received my gift from my mom, Randy and Roxy! Though I wanted to wait until closer to my birthday, she insisted...and I didn't put up too much of a fight!! Inside the box was this beautiful Brighton bracelet, and the best part is that my mom has a matching bracelet! How fun!! This will go with everything, and I need to find something to wear with it tomorrow!

Looking forward to Friday finally arriving -- long week. What are you doing this weekend???

April 08, 2015

Happy 65th birthday to Mimi!

:: We met her and Eddie at Red Lobster for a yummy dinner! We had a nice time, getting to know Eddie and celebrating Mimi. Then we headed home to open gifts and have some cake and ice cream (and some Moscato that Eddie brought, yum!)...I think she had a very nice day!

:: I'm feeling a bit better today -- the sore throat is gone, now I'm left with the froggy voice and some ick. Hopefully tomorrow will continue to be an improvement!

:: Heading to the dentist tomorrow morning for my 6 month check up...

:: And...it's time to get stuff ready for bed!!

April 07, 2015

:: Feeling a bit under the weather. It came on suddenly and randomly Sunday night. I woke up in the middle of the night and my throat hurt. Yesterday is proceeded to get a little worse, and then today my throat really hurts, my voice is froggy, and I have some coughing spells. Not sure where I picked this up, but ready for it to move on. May need to have an appointment with Trish tomorrow.

:: I laid on the couch last night and read quite a bit of A.J. Fikry -- now I have only about 1/3 left. It has been a very good story and today had an event that was very unexpected!

:: Work was good today -- quiet. Lots of people were out of the office for different random things. I was able to get quite a bit of work done and loved it.

:: Not much else to report. So, going to cut it short this evening and get some rest...

April 06, 2015

:: I enjoy blogging -- I really do it to get my thoughts down, to document our life for future scrapbook journaling, and to keep my far-away friends and family updated on our life. I rarely get a comment, and I don't go through the process to get subscribers or sell anything or discuss deep, profound things. So I was taken aback today when I saw a comment on my blog from Paul S.!!!! I only know one Paul S., and he isn't someone I picture reading this blog. Paul S. -- identify yourself :) I'm so excited to have a random reader ha ha!!!

:: It was a tad weird being at work on a Monday!! It was a good day though, and we had some fun too taking photos for our annual report. I was in one shot and I just know the modeling agencies will be beating down my door!

:: I put together some new workouts over the weekend, and I did the first one this evening. Most of it was good, but a few things were harder than expected. Little by little.

:: My husband is currently sitting on the couch. In all the years I have known him, I think he has sat on the couch about 4 times. Bizarre! And he is watching the national championship game, on our regular tv -- when he could be watching it in the theater room. It's an odd night people. Is there a full moon??

:: I am enjoying The Storied Life of AJ Fikry...I'm about a third of the way through, and it is keeping me interested. I have absolutely no idea how it will end. That is a good thing! I read a line in the book that struck me -- it said that you can tell a lot about a person by knowing what their favorite novel is. I would love to know what yours is!!!

:: I am burning the last of my very favorite candle and I am quite sad -- it is only available at Christmas. On second thought, I just blew it out. I have to ration it for 7 more months!!!!

:: My mom went to the doctor today and found out that she will be out of work for 3 more weeks as she works at physical therapy to continue healing from her broken shoulder. Please pray for her complete healing! Mimi also went to the doctor today and he had her have some blood work done. Her feet and ankles are painfully swollen, and she has gained 7 pounds since her appointment last month. Something seems to be going on. Please prayer for her as well.

:: I think it is time to join my husband on the couch!!!!

April 05, 2015

This flower photo was taken by me at the Garden Tomb in Israel, where Jesus was buried after the cross -- where he rolled away the stone and returned as our savior!
Happy Easter everyone!!

I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday! We had a very nice Easter here...Chris and I attended the Easter service at church on Saturday evening. As one of the biggest religious holidays, a lot more people tend to come out for them...so our church added an additional service to help alleviate the congestion. We decided to switch it up and we really enjoyed going the evening before. It was a great service by Pastor David! Mimi wasn't feeling well after her work day, so she headed home instead.

I was excited to wear my new white dress for Easter! :)
:: On Sunday, Mimi and I made a delicious Easter lunch -- ham, potato salad, green bean casserole, and jello salad. Yum yum! Certainly not on my meal plan, but I enjoyed it all, as well as a sugar cookie and a few Peeps :)

:: The rest of our weekend was good...we were off work Friday for Good Friday, and we enjoyed a relaxing/productive day. Chris and I had lunch at Lucy's (burgers), and then picked up a few things he needed for the mower. His weekend has been spent getting rid of our "Winter" yard...quite a doozy of a task!! It looks so nice now, and ready for Spring/Summer. Friday evening, we attended a baby reveal party, and they are having a girl! They are going to name her Ester.

:: I cleaned the house this weekend...it was in dire need, after being gone for so many weekends! It's good to have it all fresh once again (for the short time it lasts!). Chris and I had dinner at Brickoven Pizza last night after the Easter service, and I treated myself to some delicious pizza there. Mmmm! Then we rented Interstellar, with Matthew McConaughey. It was decent...though it was confusing in parts I felt.

:: Busy week ahead...bunko on Tuesday, Mimi's birthday on Wednesday, the dentist, Friday lunch with a vendor, and then off to Dallas on Saturday for Chris' Marathon!!!

April 02, 2015

:: Well, I almost forgot to post this evening, because it feels like Friday! Because we are off tomorrow for Good Friday! Looking very forward to our day off.

:: Today, for lunch, a very sweet coworker prepared a delicious lunch for my department as a thank you! She really outdid herself!! We started with salad and bread, then moved on to a delicious chicken dish, roasted asparagus, green beans. And finished off with a to-die-for dessert! Today I decided on everything except the bread -- couldn't pass the dessert up, it had ice cream in it! :) And that would have just been rude :) It was a nice lunch with my team, and with our amazing coworker who served us like royalty!

:: Chris and Steven are running 12 miles in the morning...so I will be starting my day by putting drinks out for them! Then the pups are getting baths, they are in need! Tomorrow evening, we have a baby reveal party, so that should be fun! Chris and I both think it is a boy. We shall see!

:: As for the rest of the long weekend, not sure what it holds. Yard work for Chris, cleaning for me. Hopefully the gun range. And Mimi and I are going to cook a little Easter lunch on Sunday. The rest is up for grabs at this point!

:: Chris and I watched Labor Day last night. We currently have free movie channels, and that is one I had wanted to see. It was actually a pretty good movie we thought. Slower paced, but a good story and well acted. I even stayed up a little late (on a work night, gasp!) to finish it! :)

:: This weekend I am going to try to catch up by watching The Dovekeepers -- hopefully I can fit that in too!!!

:: Hope you all have a beautiful Easter!! "It is finished."

April 01, 2015

:: Today is Ocho's 9th birthday!! We love our boy! He woke up spry and spunky, and was ready to play ball with his tail wagging!

:: Learned today that Aspen has found a second job to supplement her Dillards income. So that should help her make ends meet. She will be working part time at a dentist's office, answering phones to cover the lunch hours. She and Chris are attempting to find a time to get together for their first meeting since she left mid December.

:: My new book is going well so far! It is an easy read, and I am enjoying discovering the story line.

:: I find that in the evenings, I am exhausted mentally and physically -- so I don't want to do anything productive, I really just want to lay on the couch and read or play games on my Kindle. My brain is needing to unwind. It makes it even more enjoyable when I get out my fuzzy new blanket and Poppy snuggles up with me. Can't pass up those opportunities!

:: We will be home this weekend and I am looking forward to it!! We have been gone the past three weekends. I'm going to clean our house and putter putter putter! And hopefully Chris and I can go to the gun range too! I haven't been able to shoot my new gun yet! And I am excited to go to church on Sunday for Easter! It has been forever since we've been able to go due to traveling.

:: Guess that's it -- more tomorrow!

March 31, 2015

:: My Tuesday, which was like my Monday, went well -- caught up really quickly, and then had good production. Even better, we have Business Casual days all week! Meaning capris/khakis/polo shirts.

:: Did another HIIT workout after work, three sets. It wiped me out! I'm feeling good about these.

:: Made fish and roasted mushrooms for dinner...and totally forgot to make the spaghetti squash. :( Boo, I was looking forward to that!! Life Group is cancelled tomorrow, and Mimi is buying Mr. Burger. So I will add the spaghetti squash on Thursday's menu.

:: Tomorrow is Ocho's 9th birthday!! We love our dapper boy!

:: This evening I saw my Huck! Sweet donky -- made my day!

:: Have you seen the new Bush's Baked Beans commercial? Basically, they ask the kids what their favorite vegetable is, and they are silent (because oh gross, veggies are nasty!). Then they put the baked beans on the table and the kids go crazy for them. And their tag line is "Baked beans -- the favorite vegetable of kids!!" WHAT!!! This is exactly why America is so confused about food! Exhibit A!!! Beans are not vegetables. Beans are not vegetables!!!!!! I was beside myself when I saw this.

:: On a happier note :) For those interested, this is the resort we'll be staying at in Aruba! The Marriott!

:: Time for me!

March 30, 2015

:: Alas -- today was my last Monday off for awhile...well, I take that back. I'll work next Monday, but then be off the next one! :)

:: I thoroughly enjoyed my day off, and was very productive.

- Made the grocery list, stopped at Natural Food Store, and grocery shopped at Albertsons
- Did all the laundry
- Had lunch with Kim at Jason's Deli
- Put on gold striped Jamberrys and watched an episode of Friends
- Stopped at Target for a few things, including a baby reveal gift
- Dated photos from the print shop and put together with titles I had ready for them
- Rode 5 miles as Chris ran
- Made Mexican lasagna for dinner and ate on the back porch with Chris
- Watched The Voice

:: Set the recorder today for The Dovekeepers -- can't wait to watch it! (Thanks for the reminder Mom!!). It was a fantastic book and can't wait to see what they do with it.

:: Checked a few things for our upcoming trip to Aruba -- found my water shoes! :)

:: Bought a new book today --The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry. Looking very forward to this one, saw great reviews on it from people I follow on Instagram. I'll keep you posted!

:: Mimi and her new beau Eddie are spending a lot of time together lately -- movies and dinners and visiting friends and family...and today they went fishing! He'll be coming into town for her birthday on the 8th too and joining us for her birthday dinner. We shall see where this goes!!

:: Time to relax a bit before heading back to work tomorrow -- for three days, and then we are off Friday for Good Friday!

March 29, 2015

:: We had a fantastic, relaxing weekend!! Balmorhea was a lot of fun!

:: Balmorhea is a state park about 4 hours from here. They have a spring fed pool that gets up to 30 ft deep, and stays at a temperature of 75 degrees year round. Chris and I met the Arlington Scuba Center there on Saturday morning at 8:00 am. The group did 3 dives on Saturday and one dive on Sunday.

:: It was interesting to watch everything that goes into diving -- it is definitely a process with a lot of things to remember. There were two instructors there, plus four students. There were also quite a few other dive groups there as well. Chris did great and learned a lot -- and got his official certification on Sunday before we left!! He was very excited, and can't wait to dive in Aruba in a few weeks!

:: We had dinner Saturday night at a yummy Mexican place -- Balmorhea is very small, and there isn't much there. The population is 500! The lodge we stayed in was also very cute! It was very nice to get away and have a quiet weekend.

:: Our lodge: El Oso Flojo

:: Balmorhea: State Park

:: This week ahead will be short -- I am off tomorrow, and we are both off on Friday for Good Friday!! Then, we will be staying in town this coming weekend! That will be nice, after three weekends in a row away!!! My house needs a dire cleaning!

:: We are excited, we made it home in time to watch the finale of The Walking Dead this evening!!! Can't wait for that!!!!

March 26, 2015

:: Thursday was good! I had a good meeting with my team, and marked things off my list. Overall, a success!

:: I had a great workout this evening -- I skipped the cardio and did a HIIT (high intensity interval workout) instead. Basically, do an exercise, jumping jacks, do an exercise, jumping jacks, on and on. It's continual with little rest. I felt really good doing it, and did three sets.

:: I made clam chowder for dinner, upon request from Mr. Baber! Must've been good, he had two big bowls!! I made a big spinach salad topped with smoked salmon for myself, and cooked a potato in some ghee and spices. Yum yum!!!

:: I signed up for my next Stitch Fix!! With my $50 of credit + birthday gift card (upcoming!), it was time :) I requested a purse that I had seen in other Fix reviews, I hope they still have it and can send it! Love it! I am also trying to get additional credits, and posted it again on Facebook. I also posted a photo of me in the dress and necklace I kept, so they could see what I was getting. I had about 50 Likes, so I am hoping to get at least a few to sign up and schedule a fix! My next fix should arrive on May 2.

:: We leave for Balmorhea tomorrow after work. It's about a 4 hour drive. Apparently, there is nothing at all in Balmorhea except the State Park. One lodge (where we are staying) and one restaurant. Not even a gas station! Could be interesting!! :) It is supposed to be in the upper 80s there all weekend, so I may be able to get some sun and maybe even get in the pool too. It's a spring fed, 30 ft deep pool, and the temperature is always the same -- somewhere like 72 degrees, I believe. We shall see. He'll do two dives each day, and we'll be back late Sunday. And then I have my final Monday off...at least for awhile :) I've become quite a fan of this, and will be also taking Mondays off after the upcoming marathon weekend, as well as our car race weekend in October :) ha!

:: Ok, time to relax...ahhhh!

March 25, 2015

:: Today was another gorgeous Spring day! Loving the weather. Hope the weekend ahead is just as nice!

:: I wanted to share some pics of a few dresses I've bought recently! The first one is from Loft (Ann Taylor)...it is kind of difficult to see in the photo, but it is a thick white material, and there is a nice white on white texture. It has a really cute shape and can be dressed up or down. The second one is from Steinmart, and looks a little different in the photo...I feel like mine is a little longer. It comes closer to my knees than this photo! Mine is also a little more loose. I am actually wearing the bright dress today and I have received a ton of compliments! So nice! So, between these two and then the maxi dress I bought from Stitch Fix, I think I should be good for Aruba!

::Not much else to report -- work was fairly calm and productive too. Chris ran after work, and then we had Subway for dinner. Another day in the life!