May 25, 2016

One More Get Up!

It's almost time for Donkey Weekend!!! I am super excited!!

We've got one more get up before we head to our favorite town of Fredericksburg! And this time will have a special touch, as we are staying in Scotty the Shasta! It is just too cute! I can't wait to get there and check it all out...there is a bit of the "unknown" associated with this that is fun! Like:

:: How many donkeys are in this field of donkeys?? It is at least two we think...but is it more?

:: What is the inside of Scotty the Shasta like? I know there is a full sized bed with comfy linens. Is there a closet? Is there anything else in there?

:: How far away is the barn that has the bathroom? And what exactly are these bathrooms like?

:: What happens in the middle of the night when we need to go to the bathroom, and we have to walk in the dark to the barn??

:: Will we be able to get a fire started to make the S'MORES???

:: Will sleeping in the middle of a field cause me to have horrible (worse than normal) allergies??


I have never really been camping...and this is glamping (glamours camping), but it certainly isn't a hotel. It should be a fun wild adventure! I'm ready!!

We've got four more hours of work, and then we'll eat lunch and feed the pups and then get on the road! I'll be posting fun photos over on my Instagram feed if you want to follow there for the next few days! I won't be taking my laptop, so Sunday evening will be the earliest I'll post here again.

I hope you all have a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend!!

May 24, 2016

Final Day of Whole30 #6!

:: Well...Day 2 of Headache and I'm not happy. :( I spent last on the couch, trying to read a bit but mostly laying there with my eyes closed. I slept very well, but as soon as I got up, yes, the headache. It hasn't been as bad today as it was yesterday...but I am ready for it to move on.

:: But, it was also Day 30 of my Whole30! The final day...I am glad I did it and I am hopeful for the upcoming weeks. I feel like I have had a shift in my thinking and hope that will help me make this a lifestyle. Time will tell. I know my weaknesses, and my weaknesses begin on Day 31.

:: Today at lunch, I attended a Lunch & Learn at work that was put on by a doctor in town. He had a whole lot to share with us and it was almost too much. He wasn't able to get through it all in the hour, but what he did present was good. I learned a few things. He does seminars in town, so I may attend one in the future.

:: Tonight's dinner was baked fish, roasted potatoes, and sauted zoodles. Another tasty one! Tomorrow, for my celebration for Whole30, I am making my fave -- beef stroganoff! Nom nom.

:: I'm working my way through season 10 of Grey's Anatomy -- sometimes I love it, sometimes it drives me bonkers! It goes through season 11 on Netflix, and then it will probably be awhile until the latest season, 12, is available. So, I'll take a break and see what else I can get hooked on!

:: I was very productive at work today - hooray!

:: I bought two new cds today and I am excited to get them! First, I got the new Jennifer Nettles cd called Playing with Fire...this one also came with digital music that went to my phone, so I listened to it a few times today. It is really good! I like it much better than her first solo album. This one is more like her Sugarland sound and I love that. I also discovered that Sawyer Fredericks (a past winner of The Voice that I really enjoyed) has finally come out with his debut album!! So I got that one too! That one did not have digital files, so I'll have to wait to actually get it to listen! Excited!

:: Ok, time for resting my headache...

May 23, 2016

Counting Down

:: Today is one of those headache days :( I woke up with it, and it got worse and then got better and then got worse...etc. Ready to go to sleep and hopefully wake up headache-free tomorrow.

:: Work was fairly productive this morning, but my afternoon was waylaid by multiple, long meetings.

:: Two and a half more work days!! Then it's Donkey Weekend! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am! I hope the weather is good with NO RAIN!!! I'll take my rain boots just in case :)

:: Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Day 30 of my sixth Whole30!! Very excited! I am feeling good, and in the zone, and in control. Which I love! I am going to enjoy our trip to Fredericksburg and then come back and pick it back up for the most part. Then I will enjoy my trip with my Mom, and then come home and pick it back up again. This is going to be my standard, and I'll enjoy what I want, when I want it. But, I do not want to go back to that bad place again!!

:: Time for dinner -- tonight I made turkey stuffed bell peppers, steamed carrots, and some rice. The peppers are a Daniel Plan recipe that I alter up a bit. They are yum!!

:: Last night (Sunday), when I went to remove my makeup before bed -- I realized that I had never put any on earlier that day! I took a shower, semi-did my hair, and off to the grocery store I went -- without any makeup! I'm not saying I need to wear makeup all the time...but it is rare that I do ever leave the house without any. And it is a bit scary that I didn't even realize it until that night. Losing my mind!!

:: That's about all I've got head is throbbing so I think it is time to lay on the couch with my brown dog and my fuzzy blanket! I'll try to read for a bit (I am really enjoying my book!) but that may be pushing it...

May 22, 2016

Weeked Recap

:: Friday evening, while I waited for Chris to get done working, I kicked back and put my feet up and watched some Grey's on my Kindle :) Then we headed off to Tokyo for some sushi and sashimi together! Afterwards, we decided to drive out to Fort Phantom lake for a bit -- the water there is at 100% capacity because of all our rain. Very rare. It was nice to listen to the water and spend a little time in nature! Then, home to relax...

:: Saturday morning, I picked up Kim and we enjoyed a nice breakfast together at The Flippin Egg. Enjoyed that immensely! Then we continued on to the May crop at Allison's house! We had a really fun day there and I was able to get about 40 pages started. Allison made a delicious baked potato bar for lunch, and we laughed a lot. Fun fun! Then I dropped Kim off and Chris and I went to dinner at Enchilada Express before heading home to relax.

:: Sunday, we slept in a bit and did not go to church -- the summer of guest speakers has started and we do enjoy that. However, they started off with a speaker that we have listened to before and neither of us liked. So we did not go. We ate breakfast out on the back porch and then Chris worked in the yard while I did laundry, grocery shopping, and gave the dogs baths! We did break for a bit in the late afternoon in order to spend some quality time in the pool! That was quite nice and relaxing, and afterwards we were pooped! I made chili for dinner, and now it is time to unwind and read.

:: The week ahead -- I'm attending a lunch and learn on Tuesday about health and am looking forward to that. And we are working a half day on Thursday and then leaving at lunch for our "donkey weekend" in Fredericksburg!!!! Sooooo excited!!!

May 19, 2016


Today I want to tell you about Chris' first experience with Cryo! Have you heard of that? It is a recovery treatment for athletes that use extreme cold temperatures to speed up the process. It recently came to Abilene, and I got Chris a 5 pack gift certificate for a holiday (his birthday? Christmas? can't remember at this point!)

It took a bit for him to get in touch with them to make an appointment...they seem to have weird hours! We finally got appointments, one for him and one for Kiki, for after their 20 mile run one Saturday. The boys ran and then I met them up at D1 for the procedure.

First up, they had their blood pressure taken to make sure their health could handle the cold temperature. They both checked out fine!

Then Chris went first...he stripped down to shorts and socks, then put on slippers and gloves that they provided. He got into the machine and closed the door, and then the person came back in to start the process. The temperature was extremely cold and he was in the machine for two and a half minutes. During that time, he had to turn in small, slow circles within the machine. It was super cold, but he felt like it did help his recovery afterward.

Kiki went second, and he enjoyed the process as well! And his son, Jayden, was very, very curious while he was in the machine too!!

Chris has three more sessions to use!

May 18, 2016

Bombfell #3

A few weeks ago, Chris received his third Bombfell shipment! This time, there were four items...a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, a polo shirt, and a short sleeve button up shirt. It was fun to turn the tables where he was trying it all on and I was taking the photos :)

These shorts...oh my! They were an interesting lightweight tweed material, and they had these contrasting striped belt loops. They were honestly a tad girlie...and the size and fit were pretty tight. Even on me, because yes I tried them on too! Too tight on me too! These were a definite no!

These pants were more in line with Chris' conservative style, colorwise...they fit really well and the length was good too! A good pair of khaki pants! Only...the fabric was linen. And yes, linen is nice...but not when your husband is highly anal about wrinkles, etc...there is no way that he could have worn these longer than 10 minutes! These unfortunately were a NO.

This Penquin shirt is great! It is a nice coral/salmon color, the fabric is really nice, and the fit is perfect! He liked it and I liked it on him! This one was a keeper!

This shirt was iffy...the color was nice, and Chris typically likes a good button down. However, this fit a little too loose and baggy (he's a very slim fella!), and the fabric was pretty scratchy and not comfy. That's no fun. So this one was a no too.

Chris kept one of the four pieces, but we are pleased with that. Since he never shops for clothing, we will take it!

May 17, 2016

Today I

...ate some unsweetened apple sauce for stomach has been achy the past day or so, and I couldn't handle a big bowl of oatmeal.

...I watched some Grey's at lunch, and more during my workout after work...

...woke up with a headache because of the weather...more rain...and oh yes...lots of snot. Luckily both receded by about 10:00 am. More rain in the forecast. Grrrrr!!!

...started a new book called The Butterfly Garden...since we are on Amazon Prime, I get to get one FREE book each month, picking from a selection of six books that have yet to release. This one is a creepy premise about a serial killer who collects beautiful women for his garden. It might creep me out, we shall see. It sounds so interesting though, I had to give it a try!

...I made chicken nuggets, roasted purple onion and mushrooms, and mashed potatoes for dinner.

...I missed emailing with my mom! She is on vacation in Gulf Shores, and my email buddy is missing. Hurry home!!

...I find that my list of things to share is was just a day.

May 16, 2016

Random Photo Share

Today there are some random photos and stories that I want to share with you :)

The Craft Fair at The Mill was a lot of fun! They had booths out under the pavilion
and in the warehouse. Clothes and jewelry and house decor and food and drinks, etc. I found
a tank top and a short sleeve shirt and a cute baby gift!
Kim and her daughter Kelsey joined me at the Craft Fair! Love them both!
Kim and I ended up with appointments to see Kasi on the same evening!
We had a lot of fun chatting and taking fun photos of our silly hair!
Whew...look at that hair on the left! It had gotten so long and nasty!
Granted, it just came out of a braid, so it wasn't quite that "witch-like"
normally. But still! So healthy now!

My Poppy Sue is the absolute best snuggler...she is definitely the best dog
for me because my love language is physical touch...she will lay on me with
all her weight and get as close as possible! Love her.
We were so excited to get the pups into the pool for the first time! This was back
when Ocho had not yet regained all of his motor skills, so his front legs weren't
working very well. His natural instinct to paddle his legs didn't work too well.
But he didn't seem to mind the water much, and that is a good sign!
Poppy, on the other hand, did not seem too fond of the water, but her instincts kicked
right in and she began to paddle like a machine! We're excited to keep working with her!
And finally, I deemed the water warm enough to get in for the first time!
It was still pretty chilly, but once my body got used to it, it was fine!
Chris and I played with a ball and paddles and he blew up our innertube!
It was a fun few hours and I'm looking forward to our summer in there!

May 15, 2016

Weekend Recap

:: Friday evening after work, Chris and I headed to Copper Creek for dinner. It was so, so yummy! I was able to remain on my Whole30 easily there -- had grilled salmon and asparagus yum!! Our waitress was so perky and friendly, and we enjoyed our delicious dinner together. Afterwards, we decided to head home and enjoy our beautiful backyard oasis! We sat out by the fire pit with our two pups and talked and laughed and dreamed...

:: Saturday morning, Chris and Kiki ran a long run, and then I made breakfast for us. Then, I picked up Kim and her daughter Kelsey at 10:30 to head to the Craft Fair at The Mill. We really enjoyed our time there, shopping through all the vendor booths. I found a very cute tank top and short sleeve shirt, as well as a little baby gift. Then, Chris met us there for a Food Truck lunch! There were about 7 food trucks there at The Mill, and we enjoyed chatting while we ate. Afterwards, Chris and I stopped at Michaels so that I could spend my birthday gift card (and 50% off coupon!)...then home! We relaxed for the afternoon and watched a movie on Netflix (Begin Again, which was fairly meh). Then, we headed out for a quick dinner at Nikki's (gyros) and then a movie date night! We finally saw The Divergent movie Allegiant -- I don't really feel like they needed to break the third book into two movies. This one felt fairly empty of substance. The effects were pretty good, but it was a bit too PG. Guess we shall see how the final movie goes! Movie tickets are up to $9.25 now -- wowza.

:: Sunday, we went to church and then I made the grocery list and did the shopping. We had lunch, did chores, etc. Prepping for another week ahead. Fairly normal week ahead, and the crop is on Saturday! I am looking forward to it, since I've missed the last few...

Happy week ahead to you!!

** Be sure to scroll down to the previous post! I've reviewed my 14th Stitch Fix delivery!!

May 14, 2016

Stitch Fix Review #14

For this fix, I requested the wonderful Kallie again, and I left things pretty open -- I just asked for no jewelry, no scarves, no chevron patterns. And Kallie came through again with a few great pieces!

Collective Concepts : Ardenas Split Neck Blouse - Light Green - $54.00
This blouse makes me happy! I love the colors and the whimsical paisley pattern! The fit is great and it can be casual or worn to work. The material is nice and just the right amount of flowy. VERDICT : KEEPER!

Collective Concepts : Ardenas Split Neck Blouse - Light Green

Papermoon : Welton Bow Back Detail Top - Light Blue - $48.00
This top was a maybe...but in the end, there was just too much going on. I loved the back and the little bow detail. The front, though, had two different layers, and the layers were trimmed with little balls. And, the pattern and colors weren't quite right for me. So, even though the fit was perfect -- VERDICT : RETURNED

Papermoon : Welton Bow Back Detail Top - Light Blue

Skies are Blue : Caitlynn Dress - Coral - $68.00
I really love this dress! The fit is so nice, it is slightly loose but not too frumpy. it is lined and that is always a huge plus with me. The colors and pattern are bright and cheerful, and the back! I love the back!! The length is also perfect. In love! VERDICT : KEEPER!

Skies are Blue : Caitlynn Dress - Coral

Skies are Blue : Pansy Racerback Top - Blue - $44.00
Again, this one was a maybe. Here is why it ended up being a no: the pattern and colors didn't do it for me; the fit was a bit too snug across the chest; it was a little too short; and even though I really love a racerback (it's my fave style), these thick elastic straps didn't lay quite right. Chris liked this one, but I just wasn't comfy in it. VERDICT : RETURNED

Skies are Blue : Pansy Racerback Top - Blue

Colourworks : Allyse 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan - Cobalt - $58.00
This color is ok. And the fit of the cardigan was quite nice actually! The fabric really was not for me though. It was very itchy, and transparent -- to me, it looked and felt a little cheap. It was kind of fun that the color matched the dress perfectly, but it was not to be. VERDICT : RETURNED

Colourworks : Allyse 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan - Cobalt

So, this fix turned out to be a 2/5 for me, and I am pleased! I really love the two pieces that I kept, and I'm looking forward to #15 :) Thank you Kallie for another fun fix!! I really think you are getting my style!

May 13, 2016

Living Life

Good morning! No blog for today -- we were busy last night living life and making memories with Jon and Nadene! They joined us for dinner at our house and we enjoyed their company!

May 11, 2016

Hagerman Natural Wildlife Refuge

So...after the concert in Oklahoma, and after our pit stop in Sherman, we started our journey home. I had settled in with my book and then Chris saw a sign that announced the Hagerman Natural Wildlife Refuge was at the next exit. Wanna take another detour and see what it's all about? Yes! Let's!

Since we have had so much rain here in Texas, the Refuge was actually flooded in a lot of places...but we still made the best of it and saw some cool stuff!

The clouds were so gorgeous while we were there!
There is not much better in this world than this right here!
We sat on that little bench for a bit...
On our way back to the main road, we stopped and visited a bunch of cows...mooo!
I love that my hubby is so spontaneous sometimes, and gets us into this fun experiences! He is the best!!

May 10, 2016

Sherman, TX

On our way back from the concert in Oklahoma, we returned by way of Sherman, TX...we had never been there before and it was a quaint little town to meander through! There were a few boutiques and antique stores (found a cute shirt, a gift, a little donkey for my collection)...and we ate lunch at a great brewery called Old Iron Post. It had a lot of yummy food, Chris really enjoyed the monkey balls! I wouldn't mind if we stopped back by one day!

This car cracked us up! It had actual bricks and mortar on top of the outside.
Such an oddity!!
Oh I love love love this :)
Ha ha, this one makes me laugh! Chris on the trolley display!

Sometimes we stumble upon the neatest little places!!

May 09, 2016

The Next Women of Country Concert!

For Christmas, Chris gave me tickets to see Jennifer Nettles at The Next Women of Country concert in Durant, Oklahoma! And on April 29th, the occasion finally arrived!!!

Chris and I took off work a little early and drove 4.5 hours to Durant...we cut it a little short and ended up not having enough time to stop for dinner -- we stopped by our Best Western hotel room to drop off our stuff and change clothes...then we headed back out to make our way to the casino where the concert was being held. We found our seats and settled in to enjoy the event!!

There were three opening acts -- Tara Thompson, Lindsay Ell, and Brandy Clark -- Tara and Lindsay were both good and we enjoyed watching both! Lindsay Ell was quite talented on the guitar! Brandy Clark was a bit much -- she sang for quite awhile and her songs were about shooting men and other bitter things...  :)

And then Jennifer Nettles came on!!! The one thing I immensely love about Jennifer is how overly dramatic she is! And performing live, that's exactly what she brought! She was wearing a black body suit, and on top was a flowing, long red komono -- and knee high black boots! She sang some Sugarland songs, some of her solo songs, and songs from her upcoming album! And she even threw in a few random songs, like Salt-n-Pepa's Shoop! It was such a great concert! I love every minute!

When we left the concert, we stopped by the casino -- neither one of us is much on gambling, so we each spent $1.00 on the penny slots :) I got absolutely nothing, but Chris quadrupled his money! :) He walked away with $4.00!!! Whoop!

After Chris' big win, we ate at the diner in the casino and had a yummy meal before heading back to the hotel...soooo fun! Thank you to my amazing hubby for always planning this fabulous experiences!!

Tara Thompson
Lindsay Ell
Jennifer Nettles!!!
The big winner!!