October 20, 2014

tuesday tidbits

:: Today was a fine day...

:: Work was productive; and my boss also met for about an hour getting our plan in place for our upcoming business trip to San Diego. We are staying at The Bristol, and it is a short walk to the convention center. Now to determine where we want to eat in the evenings, and if there is any fun activity we'd like to do. I've never been to San Diego, should be fun!

:: I talked with my eye doctor today. Since the two trial contacts I tested didn't really improve anything, she wants to test out two different types. I need to find time to get across town to get those.

:: Today was my coworker Kathy's birthday! We celebrated her, because she is a blessing!

:: My other coworker Allison returned from her week and a half vacation -- her and her parents went to Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Kansas! Whew! It is good to have her back.

:: Zumba was great, I enjoyed it immensely!

:: I stopped to visit Huck when I picked Chris up from his run...he was happy to see us, and we fed him some leaves.

:: I made a pretty yummy dinner tonight -- chicken/mushroom/onion/bell pepper kabobs and spaghetti squash with a creamy mushroom sauce. Yum!! And all healthy too.

:: Tomorrow I have my book study at lunch. Looking forward to it!

:: Tonight I need to finish reading for my other book study, which is Wednesday...

:: I am also enjoying the novel I am reading called The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand. I'm about halfway through and it has been entertaining. A beachy, easy read -- which is nice to read right now, to break up the book studies!

:: I'm off to...read!!

October 19, 2014

great weekend

:: We really enjoyed our weekend! Hope you did too!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Wing Stop and it was yummy! I tried the boneless wings and yes, they were good -- but they were just not as "magical" as the regular wings :)  Then we stopped at Kohls (I got a shirt and some perfume)...and Academy (Chris finally "bit the bullet" and bought the gun he's been eyeballing for months - pun intended!!).

:: Saturday, Chris and I did a 15 mile ride/run...later in the afternoon, Chris and I had lunch at Enchilada Express (Chris' new fave), and then I went to see "This is Where I Leave You" with my friend Megan. That was a pretty good movie. Then I came home and made the grocery list and Chris worked in the yard. That evening, Chris and I had dinner at Brick Oven Pizza -- it was a nice date night with my man, but we have decided that they are doing something different with their pizza. It is good, but not as good as it used to be. Afterwards, we had some gelato at Mad Coffee to round out our date. I love that man!

:: Sunday, we really enjoyed our church service! Then I did the grocery shopping while Chris went to a neighborhood meeting. They are forming a committee to keep things in order, and Chris is the vice president now. Laundry, cleaned the floor, etc. Then I made some delicious fish tacos for dinner with mango salsa and guacamole sauce. Mmm mmmm! Chris and I ate out on the back porch with the water fountain going. Very peaceful. Loved it. Then Aspen got home, and we all watched The Walking Dead -- it was an interesting episode. Not as intense as normal, but there were certainly some interesting developments. Father Gabriel -- hmmmmm.

:: This week ahead should be fairly normal...and then the weekend will be fun! Proposal photos, crop day, and then jetting off to San Diego :) Hope you have a great week ahead!!!

October 16, 2014

happy boss' day

:: Ah, I can see Friday ahead and that makes me happy!

:: Had a lovely Boss' Day today! My peeps gifted me with a Willow Tree girl for Appreciation, and a beautiful turquoise infinity scarf, along with a handmade donkey card :) What more could a girl ask for? I truly have a wonderful team, they make my job easy every day. I'm luckier than most!

:: Made delicious pesto pitas for dinner, and added some green chiles to a few of them. I really love the flavor of the mild chiles, and it definitely was delicious! I also enjoyed a bit of Muskat from V. Sattui Winery in Napa (sweet nectar that is in my top 5!) and that in itself is a wonderful way to end a day!

:: Did 45 minutes on the Beast this evening. I feel like I am floundering without a plan. This weekend, I need to spend some time developing a plan for my workouts and my food.

:: Reading for one book study is done...now onto reading for the second one. I also gave in and started a novel as well. :) So sue me!

:: I may be seeing a movie this Saturday with my friend Megan...waiting to hear affirmative on that one. I'm looking forward to another low-key weekend. NEXT weekend is busy -- I'm taking photos Friday evening of a proposal (!), Saturday I am attending the monthly crop and the hostess has three donkeys (!), and Sunday at 9:00 am, I am leaving for a 4-day business trip to San Diego with my boss Jeff. So this down time will be nice!

:: Time to do some reading!

October 15, 2014

a few things

:: My Cardinals need to step it up!! I am rooting for them -- would love for them to make it to the World Series :) There's nothing better. Come on Cards!!!!

:: Our Life Group was cancelled this evening because child care at the church was cancelled tonight; so I was able to workout and then we came home for leftovers. Nice relaxing evening. Chris is paying bills and I am about to do some book study reading.

:: I'm not sure if I mentioned here that I signed up for one shipment of StitchFix? I looked back a bit and couldn't find anything. Basically, I filled out a long profile of my tastes, and on October 27th I will receive a shipment of 5 pieces -- clothing, accessories, etc. Of those 5 pieces, I can decide to keep them all (and receive a 25% discount); keep whatever I like and send the rest back; or keep nothing. There is a $20 "styling fee" for the shipment -- if I keep nothing, then the $20 is just for that. If I keep anything, that $20 goes toward the purchase of those things. Shipping to and from is free. They send you a bag to ship things back in. I felt that it was worth a try and I am excited to see what they decide to send me from the profile details I provided. They also take a look at my pinterest fashion board, and get an idea of what I like. Stitch Fix -- a pretty cool idea. If I happen to like it, I can sign up for more shipments, at whatever intervals I want -- monthly, quarterly, whatever. When I get my shipment at the end of the month, I'll post pics of everything with a "review" and what I decided to keep :)

:: Nothing much else to report this evening...hope you have a great evening!

October 14, 2014


:: Quiet, productive day today...in casual clothes too! I was able to wear my new riding boots today and they looked so cute! Very comfy too. Yay for casual dress the rest of the week!

:: Today was my first session of the book study I am part of. It went well, and the next five weeks should be interesting. More reading for next week, and some homework too!

:: After work, one of our executives had a moving sale...so a lot of us headed over there to see what we could find. I walked away with $5.00 :) I got a comfy casual dress from Old Navy, a vest for work from Express, a cute tshirt from Express, a cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft, and a sleep tank top from Old Navy. Luckily, too, everything fit perfectly! Even better.

:: The southwestern beef stew was delicious this evening! Big thanks to hubby for getting it going at lunch!! I made some roasted zuchinni to go with it, and that turned out well too. Great dinner tonight!

:: Our life group is cancelled for tomorrow evening, but we are deciding whether we want to join a group tomorrow that is going to Love & Care Ministry, to hand out meals to the homeless.

:: Thank you for prayers, for Kim's mother-in-law! Her surgery went well today and she is in a great frame of mind and ready to begin healing!

:: I think I shall...relax!

October 13, 2014

good day

:: Monday was pretty good to me -- work was good and fairly quiet. A lot of people are out of the office this week. We found out, also, that we'll have casual days the rest of the week and that makes me oh so happy!

:: Zumba was cut short this evening, Vanessa's iPod was not charged! We did a quick video and that was that -- so I finished up with some weights as well.

:: This evening, Chris has gone to one tv for football and I have gone to the other for DWTS...and I am recording The Voice -- might need to start watching that too now that auditions are over!

:: I feel 100% better today, thankfully. Geesh, what a weird weekend I had.

:: I have some homework to do for my book study lunch tomorrow, and just got it today! So need to get that going. I realized a bit ago that I have a crockpot meal planned for tomorrow and it has to be put on at lunch -- only I won't be home for lunch, I'll be at my book study! Chris has kindly agreed to take care of it for me, whew!!!

:: Aspen also cleaned out her closet today and I have a pile of clothes to go through -- I might be finding myself some new cute things! Need to go through that as well. Lots going on :)

:: Please say a few prayers for my friend Kim's mother-in-law -- she will be having a knee replacement surgery tomorrow! I'll be thinking of her...

:: Time to get a few things done -- bye!!

October 12, 2014

weird weekend

Hope you all had a great weekend!! Mine was interesting...

:: Friday evening, Chris ran after work. I waited for him in the comfy chairs, and did not work out. My stomach had felt a little off all day, so I didn't want to push it. Once he got cleaned up, we went and had dinner at Enchilada Express for the first time. It was really good -- but I could barely eat anything. My stomach was doing a weird clenching thing. Not nauseous, just cramping/clenching. Chris loved his Texas Tacos though!! Then we came home to relax.

:: Saturday, Chris ran 13.1 miles in the morning and then worked on the shop with Neeley for a bit. Meanwhile, I felt awful. My stomach hurt bad. The clenching would come in waves, and pretty much had me down most of the day. I did size some photos for awhile, and watched some of the Walking Dead marathon. I was able to get both book study readings done while in bed. Poppy laid with me all day long. It was pretty miserable. I took a bath, took a nap, and then Chris and I went to Target and to eat at a new burger place called Lucy's. It was really good, and I was actually able to eat most of it. Which was good, because I was starving! Still clenching though.

:: Sunday, we went to church, and then I went to the Walk-In Clinic because though the stomach clenching was gone, I had woken up with huge hives all over the back of my thighs. Tons of them. They didn't itch or hurt, but definitely weird. After waiting there for three hours, I finally got a steriod shot. She told me to put hydrocortizone cream on them, and take some Benedryl as well. As I write this now, it all seems to have cleared up. Very bizarre. She had no helpful hints as to what caused it unfortunately. Will be watching it.

:: Aspen is on her way home from work, and she offered to pick us up some dinner on her way. Girl making more money at Dillards is definitely feeling more giving :) We are all super excited because at 8:00 tonight, the season of The Walking Dead begins and we have waited oh so long!!!!!!!!!!

:: Aspen received some great news the other day at a work meeting with her manager. She was told that for all of this Dillards district (not just our store in Abilene), Aspen was #1 in sales!!!! After working there for only 4 weeks! Incredible, we are super proud of her. It is obviously a natural fit for her -- she is a big people person, and they said that though she is only part-time, she is making the full-time goals each day, and if she continues they are going to increase her pay to the full time pay! Go Aspen!!!!

:: Ok, time to wrap up a few things before we have dinner with Aspen and watch our show! Then another week begins!

(Oh -- and big time thank yous go out to my sweet hubby who helped me with the laundry and cleaning today, since I was out of pocket for three hours!!! He certainly eased my burden today and I love him so much!!)

October 09, 2014

some things

:: Still watching The Walking Dead marathon...catching up before our new episode on Sunday!!! We are so pumped!!! It's been a long hiatus without it every Sunday.

:: Picked up the dry cleaning this evening, then had a great workout -- cardio + arms + legs.

:: We got to see sweet Huck this evening...he came running to say hello, and enjoyed some mesquite leaves :)

:: Soooooooooooo glad that tomorrow is Friday!! I've been thrown off this week for some reason, not knowing what day it is. Ready for the weekend. We have no plans -- nice!!!

:: I've got about 20 pages left of my book. Quite a lot is happening now...squeezing it all in right at the end. And all of it is bad. Everything in the book is linked and all going down. I won't go on about that, but quite ready to finish it up and move on.

:: Fish, roasted sweet potatoes, and salad for dinner tonight! Yum! I had a protein shake around 3:30 and am still fairly full from that. I am usually starving after my workout and have to eat a snack when we get home. Not tonight!

October 08, 2014

hair and glasses and books

:: Ahhhh, freshly cut and colored hair. That's a good feeling! I'm liking the shorter length but it had definitely grown out some. Was flipping out oddly. So, now I've got a style again! And no gray hairs :)

:: Work was good today...missed my workout though because of the hair appointment. Looking forward to tomorrow's!!

:: I'm about 90% done with my book now...nearing the end, and ready. Very ready. I'll give it to her, the last 25% has picked up...a bit. But not enough. This isn't one I will ever recommend. What's next?? I have a whole basket full, just waiting for me. However, I am currently doing two book studies...one with our management group, and one that I am going to be starting soon about Giving, with a group from work. So that is a lot of reading, and could get overwhelming. I may not read for pleasure for awhile. Stick with my magazines for quick, fun reads.

:: My evening is short due to my long hair appt, so bye for tonight!

October 07, 2014

new specs

:: Received my new glasses today! They came with a pretty pink case, and I think they look pretty cute on! They are bigger than my previous glasses and I feel like I have a lot more vision room. Very pleased with my online Bonlook experience!

:: Bunko was fun this evening...we had 6 players and good food. I came home with an iTunes card, yay! I already know a few songs that I want to get.

:: Tomorrow morning is the dentist, and then I'm getting my hair done after work. Full day!

:: Long day...guess I'm done for now!

October 06, 2014

good day

:: Zumba was awesome tonight!! Had so much fun and worked up a sweat!!! There is one new song we are doing and I just love it!

:: We are in the count down to Sunday, when the Walking Dead returns!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!! Currently the marathon is happening, right up until the time the new one starts. We love this show! And have missed it all these months!

:: Currently I am watching DWTS, and it has been a good show! Sadie's has been my favorite so far...still a few to go though. It was so fun! I also really love Alfonzo, he was awesome tonight!!! He's my favorite of them all!!

:: Tomorrow is bunko, and I just made my side dish...roasted red and purple potatoes and onions. Yum yum! Bunko should be fun, as always.

:: New glasses tomorrow, can NOT WAIT!!! I am finished with one style of test contacts -- I couldn't really tell any difference/improvement with those. I started the second style today, and it is better. Not great but better. We'll see how the other 4 days go. The unfortunate thing, though, is that this style is way more expensive that what I currently wear since they are dailies compared to monthlies. So unless I feel there is a good amount of improvement, I don't think it will be worth it. We shall see.

:: You know it! Time for some relaxation...

October 05, 2014

baber weekend

:: Winding down this Sunday...we accomplished a lot this weekend!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I had a date night! We had sushi at Tokyo and then walked around Target for a bit. And then, we headed to the movie theater to see Gone Girl! It was so good! Probably the only movie I have seen that was that close to the book. I was not disappointed! I thought the female lead was perfect; the casting of Ben Affleck was a bit iffy for me, but he did a good job. It was hard to get past it being Ben though, and a less known actor might have been better (for me anyway).

:: Saturday, I went and got my oil changed and hit the Natural Food Store...Chris and Neeley worked on the second flagstone patio in the back yard. Chris then had to work from 1-3, and then he and Neeley worked on the patio some more. Meanwhile, I washed our rugs, and worked on preplanning for the next crop. I currently have every single printed photo planned for a page, and should get those done at the crop. That is a huge accomplishment!!! Then, I can focus on getting the rest printed (it's a lot) and finishing those. After that was done, I worked on my Project Life album. It is tedious recreating it, but I was able to get 22 weeks of the 52 redone. I'll just plug away. I am trying out My Publisher; you download software and work on it from your computer. Then you upload the finished album and they print it. We shall see.

:: That evening, we had dinner with Aspen at Cotton Patch and caught up. We literally hardly see her, so it was nice to spend a little time together. And an added bonus -- she paid for dinner! That was a surprise, and much appreciated!

:: Sunday, church and chores...and Chris and Neeley finished the patio! It looks amazing!!

:: So this coming week, I've got bunko on Tuesday! Wednesday I have a dentist appointment and am getting my hair done that evening. Beyond that, I should receive my new glasses on Tuesday!! Can't wait -- hope I love them!

:: This evening, I had to order a new case for my Kindle -- mine broke and I couldn't find one in town. So I ordered it from Amazon and also found some new brown riding boots. I've been looking for those for awhile, and finally pulled the trigger on these. I wanted them to have a bit of a heel -- my old ones are flat and I don't like that as well. Should get this shipment later in the week hopefully!

:: Time to relax!!

October 02, 2014

my day

:: A nice, easy dinner of leftovers tonight. Ahhh. Minimal prep and minimal cleanup. Nice.

:: Had a slower day than normal today, but dealt with some drama. Will have to deal with more of it tomorrow.

:: But fun news, Chris and I are seeing Gone Girl tomorrow at 9:15 and I can not wait!!!! Buying the tickets on fandango right after this! Opening day!

:: Last night I was able to get some pages preplanned for the October crop...will try for more tonight!

:: My book, The Casual Vacancy...a few things are beginning to happen now that are picking up a bit. Thankfully. I'm sorry though, waiting until you're 70% through the book is way too long to wait! That is way, way too much character set up!!! We shall see how it ends.

:: What is your favorite book????

:: Mimi and Aspen are both working this evening, so it is a nice, relaxing, quiet evening for us tonight -- love it!

:: This crick in my shoulder has outstayed its welcome. Ready for it to be gone now.

October 01, 2014

a wee post

:: Today, I have not a lot to share...it was just a standard day of work, Subway for dinner, life group...

:: Life Group was good though...we are still talking about how God uses our mates to speak to us, and how we need to make sure we keep the channels open between us and our spouse. And about all the ways that those channels get blocked, and about the ways we can gauge where we stand with our spouse at any given time. Interesting stuff. Chris and I talked about channels last night at dinner, and I think it is always good to get into the deep stuff together. We think so differently!

:: We had fitful sleep last night, as Ocho was not feeling well and kept pawing at his crate door. We were up and down with him multiple times. He seems to be fine today, so hopefully he will sleep much, much better tonight. Please.

:: My new glasses shipped today so I should be receiving them in a few days. Can't wait! I hope they fit and look good on me -- I've never bought glasses online!

::That's all I've got :)

September 30, 2014


:: Today was a sad day...we attended a funeral for a coworker's 15 year old son. They gave him a touching tribute, and we all wonder why God had this in his plan. But it IS God's plan and even though we won't ever understand, God understands. That is all that matters. My heart breaks for the mother (our coworker), and even for all his high school classmates who were taught by this single act that they are not immortal.

:: I squeezed in cardio this evening, with some arms/back exercises as well. I've lost about 2 pounds so far, and feel no different/better. I just feel very, very off.

:: I am about 60% done with The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling -- man, I am struggling a bit. The first 40%, I kept wondering why I should keep reading. I fought with myself about just stopping. I really am not a fan of stopping a book though. The only book I can remember NOT finishing is Les Mis (and that book sucked! I still gave it 500 pages, and was only halfway through!). So I kept on. The next 20% has picked up a bit, but I think it is maybe that I am just getting familiar with all the characters finally. There are a lot of different people, and I almost needed to make out a diagram to keep them all straight. I still can not say that the story line is all that intriguing, and coming from the mastermind of the Harry Potter series (which is one of my very faves, I'm not ashamed to admit!), it is a bit disappointing. But I hang on to the hope that she is going to unravel something incredible if I only see it through. So, see it through I will.

:: I have confirmation from hubby that we will be seeing Gone Girl this weekend!! Now THAT was a good book! The movie will hopefully be just as awesome! Has anyone read any of Gillian Flynn's other books? I would like to read more, but the synopsis on the back covers don't sound as spellbinding.

:: I asked this question on Facebook yesterday -- so I will ask you too -- who are your top 5 musical favorites??  Mine are Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Sugarland, Justin Timberlake, and probably Carrie Underwood. Let me hear yours!!