October 20, 2016

The Ranch - Air BnB

We had another great experience with Air BnB! The 500 acre ranch we stayed in while in Ennis was so unique! And the hostess, Liz, was a joy! She was artsy and chatty and we enjoyed talking with her and hearing her story. She and her ex-husband built the house together, and her mother had a back portion of the house that had a separate entrance and bathroom. That was the room we stayed in and it was so uniquely decorated! Kind of an oriental flair, but also just some random interesting things.

I think the best way to tell you about this place is through pictures! So let's dive in!

We drove out into the middle of nowhere, and came upon this
gate with a keypad -- Welcome to the Ranch! We entered the code that
Liz supplied and pulled onto the 500 acre property. We arrived around 10:00 pm.
The first thing we saw when we pulled in -- the donkeys and the llamas!!
What a wonderful greeting! Perfect.
This was the entrance to our room, from the side patio...it was so pretty with the
twinkle lights! There was also a huge fountain that sounded wonderful!
The bedroom was so quaint...the bed was very comfy, though extremely squeaky!!
We didn't sleep well the first night because each time someone moved, it woke the
other one up. But she oiled it up and the second night was perfect. There was a hand painted
mural on the wall behind the bed, along with a microwave and a mini fridge.
On the wall opposite the bed was an intricate display of decorative tins...
all shapes and sizes, and from Liz's mother's collection.
This was one of the most "interesting" piece in the room! And there were two of them!
The door that exited onto the patio
The thought the wood floor was so pretty and different! I had never seen anything like it.
This was Zed! He was huge and very, very hairy! And he really wanted all the
love so he jumped all over us! I loved his little ponytail on top of his head!
This was the gorgeous breakfast that Liz made for us! A spinach and cheese omelet
with crispy bacon. We were able to eat in her kitchen, and chat with her while we ate.
This was CeCe -- she was soooo fluffy! And very spunky. Liz also runs a dog
kennel, and CeCe was one of her boarders.
This was the friendliest donkey...the others were pretty guarded.
This one liked the carrots we brought and wanted lots of petting from me!
Since the donkeys were more guarded, we stayed with the fence between us...
but I loved this moment with this sweet one...
There was a beautiful tank right outside the fence...and the first morning I woke up
and this was my view. The donkeys all gathered up around it. Majestic! She had about
8 donkeys and they seemed to be broken up into two groups...this one,
and then one that hung out with the llamas.
These were her goats! They were in rut (heat) so they were quite loud --
the male goats broke down a fence to get to the girls!
This was the view of the house from tank...
The area where the goats and the guinea/chickens lived
The view of the house from the front gate
The cool thing -- we were Liz's first guests!! So that was fun too! We would definitely stay at this place again if we were back in Ennis...the only thing I did NOT like -- there were about 10 wild cats. TEN!!!!!!!!! Luckily, they were not interested in us so they didn't come close or try to get in our laps. But that really kind of freaks me out...stupid cats!

October 19, 2016

Drag Races!

Here I am to tell you about our fun day at the drag races!

We got up bright and early and made our way to the race track, which was about 20 minutes away. The thing we like about the track is that it is very organized with the parking (which is free!) -- it is never hard to get in or get out. We found our spot, and started the trek to the entrance.

We had our same seats that we've had the past two years, and also pit passes. So when we arrived, we made our first rounds through the pit to see if there was anything to see. Then we grabbed some breakfast and ate, before making our way to our seats to watch some races. We really enjoyed the day, there is just something about all that loud engine noise and the smell of nitro!

We decided we wanted to come back the next day to watch some of the Finals races -- which we have never done before! We sat on the opposite side, which we have also never done. It was much less crowded over on that side, so that was nice! It was fun watching the drivers move up and up in the rotation.

And the sun...there was a lot of it, causing sunburn. On Saturday it was quite nice for awhile though, with clouds and fog and chilly temps. It just didn't last that long!

We ate but we didn't gorge ourselves...we had: a huge breakfast burrito that we shared; a quesadilla for Chris and chicken tenders/fries for me for lunch; a cotton candy snowcone for a treat for me; a huge corn dog for Chris; some beers for Chris; and Sunday lunch was burgers and fries. Outside of the track, we went for sushi for Saturday dinner, and our Air BB hostess made us a delicious omelet and bacon for Sunday breakfast!

Us in the parking lot, excited to head inside!
This girl really cracked me up. She was assisting the driver as
he waited to race, and she took her job very seriously.
Our delicious breakfast burrito
The John Force team...

This is always my favorite food place, it is so fun and festive!
This year, Papa John's is sponsoring a race car, and he was there in
their pit stall! It was pretty fun to see him in the flesh!
Leah Prichett is the Papa John's driver...we were able to see her working
on her gas before racing. It was quite a process. And great to see another woman driver!
On our second rotation through the pit, we were able to see John Force pretty close as he was driving off to an interview. We also spotted his daughters (also drivers) Courtney and Britney...
Cotton candy snow cone -- I quite enjoyed it! Boy, it was sweet though.
This was on Sunday, watching some of the Finals! Vroom vroom!
The view was different from this side -- I felt like it was closer
to the cars and I kind of liked it better!
We left around 2:00 to head home, because we both had some things to take care of at home before the work week. We had such a great time!!

Next, I'll share our fabulous Air BnB with you!!!

October 18, 2016

Full Evening

:: Please say a few prayers for my Grandma Flo...she is back in the hospital dealing with esophagus issues. She is currently on an all liquid diet and I'm not sure where they go from here. 

:: I got SO MUCH DONE at work today. I love days like that!!!

:: I'm working on the first post of our race weekend! Cooking and dishes in the evenings really takes up a lot more time than I remember...oh meal prep, how I miss you!! Also, tonight was This Is Us, which was another hour out. So...soon!

:: Tomorrow is my book study at lunch, and the "#struggles" book is really a very good read. I'm enjoying it a lot, and we have some good conversation at our meeting. I'm glad that I decided to join in on this one!

:: I need to get to work on my Halloween costume! My department is dressing up together again, and I think it is going to be cute! I have all of my pieces, just need to figure out how to put it all together. Of course, I can't tell you what it is until after our Halloween luncheon on the 28th! Stay tuned!

:: This evening, I finished Season 3 of Gilmore Girls and started Season 4!!! Season 3 got pretty good, and I'm quite into it now!

:: This evening, I was so, so happy!! The one hour evening Zumba class has started back up!! I did not realize just how much I missed it. It's been over a year since they went to just 3 15-minute sessions in the afternoons. Those are in work clothes and bare feet, and it's only 3 songs worth. It felt so good to do song after song after song, in workout clothes, and work up a sweat! Love it! I'm already looking forward to next Tuesday!

:: Time to go do some reading for Book Club, which is next Thursday. It's a little too much reading for me right now...I have two studies that I have to read each week, and I don't really like HAVING to read on a time frame. Add in my book club and that's a lot! I only have a few more of one study, and after that, things will ease up a bit. The other study is on hold for the month of November, and that will help too!

October 17, 2016

Life Today

:: Back to work today...Chris had a very, very busy day full of a very, very long all-day meeting...and now he is out to dinner with the Board too. Long day for him. My day was normal.

:: I'm taking a break from cardio this week, and am instead doing weight. I need to switch it up and I think this will help. This evening's workout was good.

:: Gilmore Girls is getting good! I'm well into season 3...

:: I got our Book Club book today and started on it at lunch. Should be interesting! I also have my two book studies to get read. Lots of reading. I also started another book, while waiting for this one to arrive (and that one is going good!!). That one will be on hold until Book Club is finished.

:: I had to do the grocery shopping this evening after work, and it was my first time actually going into a grocery store for over a month now...it did feel kind of nice, and thankfully it wasn't too crowded. I picked up some sushi for my dinner, and now I'm watching Gilmore Girls...

:: That's about all I've got...

October 16, 2016


We are home from our fun weekend at the races!

We had a great time and I'll be putting together some posts to share photos and stories with you!

We left after work on Friday, and made our way to our unique Air BnB! Saturday was a full day at the race track! And we decided to go to the final races on Sunday too! We got home around 6:00 and we are both now trying to get some of our normal Sunday stuff done. I've got laundry going, and am making the menu/grocery list. I'll be doing the grocery shopping tomorrow after work...it will be the first time I've been into the store in over a month, since I started doing the Walmart Online Groceries! Should be interesting. I also don't have time to do any meal prep for the week, so I will be cooking every night. Also, I'm a bit out of habit on that, so that should be interesting too! Chris has a work dinner on Monday, so I'm off the hook that day :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend, too!!

October 13, 2016

Almost the weekend!!

:: Chris is doing an hour and 20 minute bike ride...I'm watching Gilmore Girls!

:: One more work day until our fun, fun weekend!

:: We had a Joanne's craft store open up in town! I am excited to check it out, though I hear that there isn't as much scrapbook stuff that we were hoping for.

:: Tonight is Grey's! I'm still not used to having a show to watch at a specific time...and I'm not thinking this season of Grey's has been that great so far. Hopefully tonight it will take it up a notch.

:: Chris talked to our Air B&B lady today, and she gave us the explicit directions for getting onto their property. Apparently, we'll have to have a code to get through a gate...and then a little farther down the road, we'll have to go through another gate, this one motion activated. And then when we arrive, most likely around 10:00 pm, she will meet us out front of the house. So excited! I believe we can do muffins for breakfast Saturday (we'll be leaving early for the races!) and then she'll cook us breakfast on Sunday morning! Looking forward to meeting her.

:: I also checked the weather for the weekend, and it looks to be in the high 80s. But Saturday is supposed to be cloudy, so that might help us not get sunburned like normal!! I'm not quite sure what to pack though. This weather is tricky right now!

:: Ok, off to watch Grey's! Good night!

October 12, 2016


:: To me, it feels like this week is going pretty darn slow. How is it only Wednesday?

:: I'm getting very excited about our weekend at the drag races! And our 500 acre ranch with the donkeys! Just to have the weekend away. So, so ready. Two more work days...and yay, we get to dress casual!!

:: I found out that the one-hour zumba class is starting back up again, on Tuesday evenings. I love zumba and the 15 minute sessions just don't cut it! So, I am going to try to attend those classes as often as I can. That will make my heart happy!

:: I'm still plugging through Gilmore Girls...I'm not liking this Jess kid at all. He is not a good boyfriend for sweet, young Rori!!! Stupid teenage girls, always picking the "bad boy"...

:: I'm STILL awaiting our next book club book -- so I have nothing to read and let me tell you -- it is a very, very odd feeling for this girl. I always have something to read. I feel a little lost!

:: This Is Us was so good again last night! Loving that show! I am not entirely fond of having to watch at a specific time, with commercials and all. I haven't done that in awhile! But this show is worth it.

:: Our Walking Dead show is returning very soon!!!!! Not this Sunday but next!!! We are super pumped about that.

:: Ok, I know I promised "riveting" but that's all I've got!


Hello, blog world!

No blog from last night...do forgive me! My laptop was doing some weird upgrade process that ended up taking about an hour and a half. Then I ate dinner and watched This is Us...and well, by then, I forgot all about blogging!

I'll write a riveting blog this evening :)

October 10, 2016

Back to Work

:: Sitting here, waiting for Chris to get done mowing the grass...mama is hungry!! Tonight -- fish topped with crab, mashed potatoes, green beans.

:: I was finally able to catch up on Grey's Anatomy from last week. I'm just not entirely feeling this season yet. It's missing something. Tomorrow, though, This is Us is back on (it was off last week because of the debate) and I can't wait for it!! Loving it!

:: For now, I'm watching The Voice...battle rounds!

:: I'm waiting on our next book club book to arrive...we ordered them on a discount site. So can't start that quite yet. I do have two book studies going on so that is keeping me busy.

:: Imported another big batch of photos into my meal prep book. I'm somehow still lacking two pictures!!! Oi. So need to get those done. And I've actually added a lot more to the book, copywise -- and so I need to do a little proofing too. I'm getting really excited!

:: For now, it's time to relax!

October 09, 2016

Weekend Recap

:: Whew...I'm tired! It's been a full weekend!

:: Friday after work, Chris did a long run and then we went out to dinner. He was craving Mexican, so we went to Enchilada Express. The food was just ok, and they were very busy with slightly "off" service. From there, we headed home and relaxed.

:: Saturday morning, Chris did a run and I got ready for the October Crop...then Neeley came over to help finish up the shop railing, and I headed off to Kim's house to enjoy a day of scrapbooking with my friends. I worked on getting photos ready for printing, and was able to get quite a bit done. In fact, I am nearly caught up to the present...nearly. I got them uploaded to Shutterfly and made an order too! 140 photos should arrive sometime later this week! Love that!

:: I got home around 6:15 or so, and then we went to Tokyo for a yummy sushi dinner! Oh yummy, it was so tasty! We had a lovely time together and then made a few pit stops on the way home. First, to Michaels to use my coupon and get a few gifts for my secret santa! Then, to the grocery store for a few things I wasn't able to order from Walmart.

:: Sunday, Chris did another run, and I headed off to pick up the groceries at Walmart. All went well there, and then I stopped at the Natural Food store as well. I had a hefty meal prep ahead of me -- I did an extra meal (trying to get all the photos done for my Meal Prep eBook!!), and also a breakfast casserole for Chris. It took about an extra hour longer than normal, and man was I exhausted afterwards!! Whew! Now I am working to finish crossing things off my list for the day...there are still quite a few items. Need to finish the laundry, read a chapter for my book study, read my Bible, and three more things if time permits. Which, it may not.

:: The week ahead should be fairly normal...and then on Friday, after work, Chris and I are headed to Ennis for the Drag Races!!!! So excited for the time away and for the experience with my hubby!! Much, much needed!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!!

October 05, 2016

Random Tidbits

:: I'm on page 42 of my new Food Freedom book, and it is so good so far! I will be doing more reading more tonight!

:: Work was a little less chaotic today, thankfully...and tomorrow and Friday, we get to be casual!! Yay!!

:: Tomorrow evening, we are taking our friend Nick out for a birthday dinner. He can pick, so we will see where we end up! I'm looking forward to our time with him. He lives in Minnesota and is in town to work in the office this week.

:: Have you guys heard about all this clown stuff that's happening??? It is seriously creepy. I'm not sure how real it all is, but I am not a fan. If I see a clown coming toward me, I'm breaking out my kung foo! Or my tiffany blue gun!!!

:: Please say a few prayers for Mimi -- she had a cat scan down because she is having some stomach issues. The doctor called her in for an appointment tomorrow to discuss the results. We shall see what's going on.

:: Chris had a hard treadmill run this evening and isn't home yet...it was double workout day, and he had to get up extra early this morning to do a long bike ride. He's a machine!!

:: This Saturday is the crop at Kim's house and I can't wait!! I am going to work on sizing more photos for printing, so I can get them preplanned for the February retreat!!!!!

October 04, 2016

Food Freedom Forever!!!

:: Today I am so excited!! I received the Food Freedom Forever book that I've been waiting for!

:: I can't wait to get started! Just reading through the chapters has me excited! I have high hopes on what I'll be learning. The topic intrigues me.

:: Today at work was -- let's just say insane! My door was a constantly full -- one person after another after another, it was just crazy. We have so much going on. Whew.

:: I'm into Season 3 of Gilmore Girls...it's going well!

:: Beyond these very basic things...it was just another day in paradise...perhaps tomorrow will have more to share!

October 03, 2016

Another Air BnB Experience Coming Up

So, not this coming weekend but next, we will be heading to Ennis, TX for the NHRA Fall Nationals Drag Races! We have attended this event the last two years, and it has been so much fun each time. I am really looking forward to it again this year too! It's fun to do something with Chris that he really loves!

The hotel we typically stay in was already full, so Chris did some research on the Air BnB website and was able to find us a really awesome place to stay!

Check it out here!

It's a private room and bath on a 500 acre ranch -- if you click on the link above, and then click on the photo, it will bring up a slideshow of additional photos that you can scroll through by clicking the arrows on the left or right. Click through and you will see -- they have donkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also have goats and llamas, but DONKEYS!!!!!! I am super excited and will have my apples and carrots ready!

This ranch is a lot closer to the race track in Ennis...the hotel we usually stay at is a good drive away, so this will be nice. It is also pretty remote, so cell service will probably not be great. So that means we can unplug a bit too! Much needed for us both.

I'm not sure how my hubby finds these awesome places, but he is the best! I can't wait to experience this with him!

October 02, 2016

Weekend Recap

I'm in a major "get stuff done" mode today! It's been very productive! And overall, it's been a really nice weekend, too.

:: Friday evening, Chris had a run, so he met Kiki on their dirt rode and they ran together. Once they were done, and Chris was cleaned up, we went to dinner at Lucy's and then relaxed at home.

:: Saturday morning, Chris invited me to ride with him as he ran for about an hour and fifty minutes. It was a chilly morning, and he had a good run. The ride was nice too. We saw some wild turkey in a field, that was fun! After we got home, Neeley came over to help Chris work on the railing for the shop stairs. So close to being done with that! One more railing side to go!

:: While the boys were outside working, I was very productive inside! I did the laundry, and cleaned most of the house. That pretty much took all day! When they were done working, Chris and I met Kim and Gary at The Taylor County Tap House for dinner and drinks! It was a really fun evening with those two!! We had all planned on going to a party at a coworker's house, but they needed to reschedule it due to family health issues. I had planned to have a "treat" there to celebrate being done with Whole30, so in its place I decided to enjoy a yummy drink at Tap House. I ordered a strawberry drink with vodka, and it was yummy -- but oh my goodness, it was sooo sweet. That first sip, what a shock! After more than 30 days with no sugar, the system isn't used to that any longer. I love this about the Reset because it puts our taste buds back where they need to be. I honestly could have done without the drink, in hindsight. It wasn't as good as I had hoped.

:: Sunday, like I said, has been super productive! I picked up our groceries (still loving this service at Walmart!!) and stopped at the Natural Food Store too. Then, I came home and did all the meal prep for the week, including some breakfast items for Chris. Then all the clean up from that. Now I am taking a break and sitting down for a bit before I finish up the cleaning by doing the kitchen.

:: This coming week, our friend Nick will be in town for work! We are excited because it is his birthday, so we are going to take him out to eat one evening. Whoop!

:: Beyond that -- I have a dentist appointment and will have my book study on Wednesday at lunch. And my Food Freedom Forever book should arrive!!!! Hopefully Tuesday. Soooo excited to start reading that one pronto!!

:: My eating is going well -- I am pretty much still Whole30 for the most part. I will weight tomorrow and see if any additional pounds have disappeared. Fingers crossed! I am feeling a lot better in my skin now, but still some clothing is not yet fitting. Including my work pants, and with cooler temps coming, I really need to fit into those! One day at a time.

Have a super week ahead!!

September 29, 2016

Thursday Quick Bullets

:: Tonight was our book club, and it was such a fun evening!! There was a lot to discuss on this book, and we talked about all kinds of other things too. I like this little group a lot!!

:: And now, I'm watching tonight's episode of Grey's...a very good evening!

:: Chris is having dinner with his boss, Jay...they ate at the Tap House, which is good because that isn't my favorite place ha ha!!

:: Today was another cray cray day at work...very, very productive but exhausting. My brain is tired.

:: I am ready ready ready for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!! One more day, and thankfully it is Casual.

:: And so...that is all I have to offer tonight!

September 28, 2016

Hump Day Tidbits

This day was a long one, and very busy...the emails never ceased. I got one taken care of and three more came in. Kind of exhausting! But, it was a good, productive day.

:: I went to my first book study today for "#struggles" and it was good! We had some good discussion and I think the next four Wednesdays will be beneficial time well spent.

:: During a meeting today, I was sitting there minding my own business...and out of nowhere, I get this awful back spasm!!! It is still hurting now. I'm not sure what happened. It sucks getting old! I'm lathered up in China Gel and that is helping. Hopefully it is gone tomorrow.

:: The weather is cooling off nicely here...it is so refreshing!! I don't have a lot of in-between clothes though, so it is interesting coming up with stuff to wear to work. Especially when some of my wardrobe still doesn't quite fit again.

:: The Time Traveler's Wife is on right now...oh I love that movie! Hopefully we go to bed before I ugly cry. There is a part in the movie that gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. We'll see if I can get through it!

:: I tried curling my hair today...let's just say that didn't go well, and it ended up in a bun.

:: Chris had a double workout today. And one of them was a morning workout and he had to get up at 5:00 to get it in. He'll be asleep before long, that is way before he normally wakes up!!

:: Tomorrow is book club here at the house! Looking forward to discussing this book, there is a lot of meat to it that we can go over.

:: For now...I'm off to watch my favorite movie!!!