August 12, 2018

Back & Forth

: Friday after work, we packed up the car with stuff and with Poppy, and then made the jaunt to Fred! This is becoming a very nice routine! When we got there, we set up shop and settled in.

: Saturday morning, Chris had a first! He went to help harvest grapes at one of the local vineyards! He left at 6:00 am, started working at 6:30, and was on his way home around 10:30. He had a blast!! He learned a lot, harvested a lot of grapes, and met some fun people. For his hard work volunteering, he got a "Harvest Crew" t-shirt, breakfast, and then later, a free glass of wine at Vintner's Hideaway. He really enjoyed the experience! While he was gone, I worked on getting things in order for our Africa trip plans and spent some good time with Poppy while watching Friends! :) After Vintner's Hideaway, we also got our free glass of wine at Grape Creek...of course! That evening, we got a text from our friend, John...he was in town visiting him mom (he grew up in Fred). We were able to meet for dinner at Pasta Bella and it was great to catch up! It's been a few years since we've seen him. We finished up with drinks at Lincoln Street. A very nice day, even with a little bit of rain.

: Sunday, Chris did a run and then we had lunch at Tubby's. After getting packed up and cleaning the house up, we got on the road to home.

: The week ahead should be fairly straight-forward. I was able to get all of the laundry done this evening, as well as the grocery shopping. So I am happy to say that I don't have to play catch up tomorrow after work. That is a good, good thing. Friday, we'll be back to Fred for one last weekend before our South Africa trip.

: I am waiting waiting waiting to cut my is soooo long right now. Longer than it has been since high school probably. I am so tired of it. I want to have my braid for our Africa trip though, so will be cutting it when we get back. I've enjoyed having it this long, but I've reached the point of IT'S GOTTA GO!!!

August 05, 2018

Anniversary #11

Hello! We are back in the trailerhood, getting things ready for the week ahead. But, we had a really nice weekend in our Fred!

Saturday was our 11th anniversary! My, the time is just flying by! We love spending our anniversary in Fred, because that is where we took our first trip together and where we held our wedding! It's special to us on so many levels.

Saturday, we slept in a bit and then Chris did his workout -- a bike trainer ride and short run. He's experiencing some tightness in his glute/hamstring, so say a little prayer for that please. We are getting so close to his race in South Africa, and we need him healthy and performing at 100%!!! While he did that, Poppy and I ate our breakfast and relaxed on the back porch. Then we had some fun!

: We looked at a few more antique stores -- didn't find anything.

: We visited a new place called Vintner's Hideaway -- they are off Main St, and have been open about 3 months. The two ladies that work there, Dana and Linda, were so great! It was a quiet afternoon there, so we had the place to ourselves for awhile...we tried all kinds of wines and chatted with them about all kinds of things. Dana helps harvest grapes, and Chris may join her next Saturday morning to do some as well! He is excited to experience that.

: From there, we went to Grape Creek, for our daily free glasses of wine :) Mmmm.

: That evening, we had dinner at Cabernet Grill -- so yummy! The servers had a Happy Anniversary card waiting for us, so sweet! I had the filet and Chris had the stuffed shrimp. We really enjoyed our celebration there.

: Afterwards, we tried a new little bar that serves craft cocktails...The Stable. It was cozy and quaint, so nice!

Sunday, we slept in again and after Chris ran we did a few things in town. I made a Walmart run, we found a big white pot for our front porch, and we had lunch at Sozial Haus. We are loving their pizza! Then, after our free glasses of wine at Grape Creek, we wrapped things up at the house and headed back to Abilene.

The week ahead...

: I'll be playing catch up with the grocery shopping and laundry...just turned in my order at Walmart and will do a pick up right after work. Then I need to stop at Kohl's for a few shirts for Africa, and then get our laundry done.

: Kim and I are going to see Christopher Robbin on Wednesday, can't wait!!!

: We have VIPs, so another presentation.

: My heart is heavy, as we will be attending the funeral of our dear friend Jon on Wednesday morning. After six years of dealing with his skin cancer that went to his lungs and then his brain, it is a tragic loss of an amazing, God-loving man who we were so blessed to call our friend. It will be a rough morning, but I know we will be celebrating his life, and his reunion with Jesus!!

: The weekend will be spent back in Fred, with a side trip to San Antonio -- it is time to take Chris' bike to the transport service that will ship it over to South Africa!! Things are getting real!

July 29, 2018

So Productive!

It's getting to be pretty fun, splitting life between two homes...Abilene and Fredericksburg...a fifth wheel and a small house...the "work" zone and the "fun" zone!

Though, this weekend, we did a lot of work in the fun zone! It was super productive, and that was a good thing. We were able to accomplish most, but not all, of the things on our to-do list.

:: We painted two bathrooms...the hall bathroom had bright blue walls, so that one required a coat of primer and two additional coats. The master bathroom took two coats to cover the dark gray. We painted both the same color -- a pretty light gray. We are very happy with the results, but man...painting sucks! We are both so sore today...our hands, wrists, back, arms.

:: We changed out fixtures. In the hall bathroom, we changed out the towel ring, the toilet paper holder, and the faucet. We also added two hooks, for towels. In the master bathroom, we changed out the towel ring and added a hook. We still need to change out the toilet paper holder and faucet there.

:: Still to do, this coming weekend...the remaining fixtures listed above, and install a new blind in the master bathroom.

:: We didn't do too many fun was a work weekend. We did have a quick dinner at Burger Burger on Saturday evening, and a quick lunch at Sozial Haus Sunday. We also got our free glasses of wine at Grape Creek before leaving town.

:: This coming weekend is our 11th anniversary!!! Whoop!! We'll be back in Fred, doing more work but also having some good fun to celebrate!

:: Also realized today...we leave for our Africa trip in under 30 days now!!!!!!! It will be here before we know it!

:: I hope you all have a great week ahead!!

July 22, 2018

Time in Fred

We've spent another fabulous weekend if Fredericksburg! It's so fun to have our very own house there -- we are loving it!

We left Friday after work and after Chris finished his swim...the three of us enjoyed a nice car ride together, and stopped at McDonalds for dinner. With Poppy, we had to eat in the car, but it all worked out. She did great again, and we love it!

When we got into town, Poppy had fun playing in the backyard and running through the house! It was good to see! We worked on getting our two new shelves put together. Well, mainly Chris did :) We got a wooden shelf unit for a little nook in the hall bathroom, and a metal over-the-toilet rack for the master bathroom. The master bath, especially, has very little storage or counter space. Both fit the spaces well and I was able to get the towels put up.

After a good night of sleep, we woke up and started our day in Fred! Chris did his run and I went to Hilda's for breakfast burritos. Then we got cleaned up headed to Trade Days. Trade Days happens every 3rd weekend of the month, and is a very large flea market. They have a very wide variety of things -- old, new, furniture, clothes, jewelry, decorations, you name it.

Since it was about 105 degrees, it was a tad miserable...we went through as quickly as possible. We found a few cute things for the house...a neat retro lamp, a funky yellow spring, and a few homemade pottery pieces. When I found out a teenage girl had made the pottery, I was very impressed!

Afterwards, we stopped at a new winery to check it out. Signor Vineyards was a very beautiful place, we really loved it! We'll definitely be going back. Then we stopped at Grape Creek for our free glass of wine and a cheese board, and the lovely music of our favorite guy Jeff Wood. A very nice afternoon.

After a stop to Walmart, we came home to Poppy for awhile. Then tried a new place for dinner - La Tequila Jalisco. It was a hopping place and very tasty! Then we settled in and watched a movie while looking at furniture options online. Still trying to figure out what we want to get -- it's a big decision, furnishing a whole house! We made some good progress in narrowing things down, so we are on our way.

Sunday, we had a lazy morning. Did a few house things. We will go to a few stores in town before we leave to pick up a few things, and then we'll travel back to Abilene to get ready for our work week.

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

The week ahead...I'm not entirely sure what all it holds since I haven't looked at my calendar yet, but we are going to celebrate Aspen's 22nd birthday on Monday evening. She is going to cook for us. More on that to come!

July 15, 2018

Scrapbook Retreat Weekend!

What a fun weekend I had!

This was the scrapbook retreat weekend! It was held at Kim's house, and took place all day Saturday and all day Sunday. It was fun, and so productive!!

I got there on Saturday at 9:00 am. I got everything unpacked and then looked through 900 layouts that Kim finished up recently!!! That was good to look through, and she was so happy to have those all accomplished. She's worked very hard to get caught up and now she is!

Then I got to work! I had a list of things I wanted to work on.

1. Ironman 70.3 Texas -- the half triathlon from early April
2. A memorium album about Ocho
3. Ironman Texas - the full triathlon from late April

Since everything that I do is on my phone through the Project Life app, it gets a little tiring on my eyes and upper back/shoulders. But, I hooked up a blue tooth keyboard, and that made the journaling a lot easier!

I am happy to report that I finished #1 and #2 on my list above!! The 70.3 album was well underway when I arrived...I just needed to fine tune everything and do all of the journaling, which takes awhile. I had to do the Ocho album from scratch, so that included placing the photos, choosing the art cards, and doing all of the journaling. I got it all done, proofread it all, and loaded it up for ordering. Then hit Place Order on both! Can't wait to receive them both.

Chris and I were going to meet somewhere for dinner Saturday evening, but after we couldn't decide on a place, I told him Kim had made chicken spaghetti and he decided to just come over and join us since he loves that! It was so fun having him there, and he stayed for dinner until 10:00 and then we both went home. Earlier in the day, Mimi had come out to see him and they went to lunch at the local Mexican place -- they make great burgers and Mimi wanted to try one. They had a nice time together.

Sunday, I was back at Kim's around 9:00 again and had another full day or productivity. It was a good time with the girls -- we had a decent size group! Me, Kim, Allison, Pam, Paula, Terry, her daughter-in-law Leanna, and Roxanne. We talked and laughed and enjoy our time together.

Weekends like these are so nice! I don't have to worry about anything else and can just relax a bit and enjoy the hobby that I love.

Now, another week is about to begin...I'm getting my hair done on Tuesday...I have a VIP presentation on Wednesday...and we are back to Fredericksburg for the weekend in hopes of getting more accomplished. I hope you have a great week ahead!

July 10, 2018

Our Sweet Ocho

July 2 was a very tough day for us...we decided it was time to say goodbye to our Ocho. It was such a hard decision to can a human being be expected to determine this kind of thing? It was gut-wrenching. Chris struggled with it. I struggled with it. But, Ocho's quality of life had greatly diminished, and he was doing a lot of stretching to relieve the pain and make more space inside his body, where the very large tumor was quickly growing. The bumps on the outside were growing very fast as well, and additional bumps were cropping up all over his little body. At night, he was no longer really sleeping...he would pace and whine, and we knew he was in pain. He hadn't played ball in over a month, and that was his very favorite thing.

Other times, he seemed ok...he had ok moments. But, his good days were behind him. We knew in our hearts that it was time, though selfishly, we really wanted to delay the decision for as long as possible.

I talked to the vet, and they were able to get us in at 2:15. Chris decided that he could not go with me to the vet, since he was taking it so hard already and couldn't bear to witness that. He took a few hours off that morning, and spent the time with Ocho. He was able to say his goodbyes in private, and then Ocho and I drove to the vet.

Along the ride, he stood up against the passenger door and looked out the window with a big happy smile on his was such a good sight to see, and warmed our hearts. He enjoyed his last ride to see Dr. Bolt.

We had to wait about 30 minutes in the waiting room, and then about 15 minutes in the exam room. I won't go into more detail, but it was gut-wrenching. I sobbed uncontrollably for awhile. I pulled a chair over and sat holding Ocho's little paw, talking to him and crying and loving on him.

I left feeling so raw and drained. It was the hardest decision to make, and the hardest experience to witness. Now, we are left with a huge hole and it is so obvious he is gone. This little 7 pound dog made such an impact on our life and his absence is astounding. We are all trying to adjust.

Ocho was such a special dog to us...we have so many amazing memories with him and we just have to hold those close to our hearts and know that we made the best decision we could for him.

He'll always be a part of us.

July 08, 2018

Five Days in Fred!!

WOW. What a great 6 days we have had!!

:: Tuesday evening after work, we celebrated Chris' 44th birthday! We went to Perini Ranch and enjoyed a very nice meal together. Mimi and Aspen joined us, and he was able to have his favorite bread pudding! I gave him his gifts, too -- a 1.5 hour massage in Fredericksburg, and a 7-course meal experience there too!

:: Then, we loaded up the car and got on the road to Fredericksburg. We had things planned for Wednesday morning, so we wanted to wake up in town. We witnessed, no exaggeration, at least 50 deer on the side of the road (and probably 4 in-the-road close calls). It was a very tense drive and we were not fans. We took Poppy with us this trip, and we were excited to see how she did. The longest car ride she's ever done is about 15 minutes, so the 2.25 hour drive would be new to her. She did great, and laid in my lap the whole way. We were so proud of her!! We pulled into Fred around 1:30 and made a beeline to bed!

:: Wednesday was the 4th of July and we had a very fun day!! We met Don (our realtor) and his family on Main Street for the big 4th parade, and that was so much fun! Loved it!! Then we had a glass of wine at Grape Creek on Main...the perf of being a member at this winery is you get a free glass of wine (each) every day!! We were really able to enjoy that perk this week! That evening, we met them all at their church to watch the big fireworks show. A great holiday!

:: Thursday, we relaxed and did things around the house...lots of trips to Walmart...groceries at HEB...

:: Friday, Chris enjoyed his massage in the morning. That evening, we met Don and all for Art Walk on Main, which happens the first Friday of every month. We went to a handful of art galleries and enjoyed free wine and snacks at each. Fun! Then Chris and I went to Vaudeville, a restaurant on Main. They have what is called "V Supper Club", and you can choose. 4-course or a 7-course chef's tasting experience. I gifted Chris with the 7-course, and he was also able to do the wine pairing with each course. The food was so amazing!! We had 4 different waiters, and each course was unique and very tasty. It took 2.5 hours to get through the whole meal. We were so stuffed when we left there! It was definitely a successful gift experience!! We finished the evening at one of our normal bars, and then headed home.

:: Saturday, we met new friends at Grape Creek's winery and then ventured out on our own -- we went to a handful of other wineries and enjoyed our day together. That evening, we tried a new restaurant -- Pasta Bella. It was very tasty. We had an early evening and watched a movie.

:: Sunday, we tried out the church that Don goes to, and it was a very nice service. We were glad that we went. Then we got things settled at the house and drove home. Poppy did great again, on the ride!! She'll be coming with us on all future trips.

In amongst all of those fun things, we did a lot of things on the house -- switched out knobs in the kitchen, put cabinet liners in all the cabinets, cleaned, Chris cut the grass, we made about 6 trips to Walmart, we picked out stuff for the bathrooms, we spent an hour at the internet provider company getting internet set up at the house, we had two more mattresses delivered, we did internet searches for furniture, we shopped some antique stores, we let Poppy explore her new back yard (she looooooved that!!!), we enjoyed the porch swing, etc!! It was very productive.

Now, we are back to the Trailerhood preparing for a CRAZY week ahead -- the second most crazy week of the year. All of our sales people will be in for the whole week for meetings, and we'll have our summer company party (the Dig Gig) on Wednesday. Chris' company is having a meeting all day Monday, and then a dinner that evening. Busy week ahead. I'll also have to do some catchup after being off Thursday/Friday.

Later this week, I'll be back to tell the story about our Ocho...we had to say our goodbyes and we are quite heartbroken...

July 01, 2018

Fred Weekend

We spent the weekend at our new house!

Saturday morning, we left bright and early and made the 2.5 hour drive to Fredericksburg to get our keys and check out our new house! Our realtor, Don, had left the keys there for us, and when we walked in, there was a bottle of Grape Creek wine and a congrats balloon waiting for us!! So sweet of him.

We walked around and checked out everything there...overall, it's a great structure. We have some things we'd like to update/change, and we had some cleaning to do. We had a mattress delivered, and we were able to see how comfy that was, too.

We had lunch at Sozial Haus, then shopped the Main Street shops for any finds for our house. We left empty handed. Then, we headed to Grape Creek and 4.0 for some wine and relaxation. We decided on August E's sushi for dinner (sooooo yummy) and then we made a 10:00 p.m. run to Walmart for a long list of things for the house.

Sunday, after a very good night of sleep, we had a late breakfast at a new place and then headed back home to work. Chris did some stuff outside and in the garage, and I did some cleaning inside. And we made lists...lists of things to fix, to change, to buy, etc. Lots and lots to do.

But you know what? We are super excited to be owners in Fred!! We're looking forward to getting it all put together.

Know what else?? Our house is about 1300-1400 square feet, and it feels like a mansion to us!!! After living in the 5th wheel, this little house feels super roomy! It's all about perspective.

I'm also very happy that the last owners left the porch swing on the back porch...yay!!

So...we are back home now and will work for two days. Then we are going to enjoy 5 days down in our new house, working on it some more! We'll be there for the 4th of July, and we are excited for the fireworks show there. It's always soooo good!

Tuesday is Chris' 44th birthday! We'll be having dinner at Perini Ranch so he can have his favorite bread pudding to celebrate!

June 20, 2018

Dreams Coming True

I'm here today with exciting news!!!

If you know Chris and I at all, you surely know that our very favorite place is Fredericksburg, Texas! We went there, fifteen years ago, on our first trip together as a couple. We got married there, almost eleven years ago. We've visited many, many times beyond that. We've been there so much that we often feel like locals.

Well, we are now officially locals!! We just bought a cute little house there! We closed on it yesterday!

For years, we have talked about owning something there in town. After downsizing to the townhouse last year, we found ourselves in a situation to actually make this long-time dream come true. Crazy stuff! So, we began to look for something to buy.

In our price range, houses for sale are kind of rare there. The real estate market in's a very booming market. We found one very adorable house that we loved, and put a contract on...but that one wasn't accepted. We came home that weekend feeling very glum.

Our realtor, Don, didn't give up though! We went back a second weekend and looked at four other houses with him. One of them was very well-kept, and most of the house had been updated/remodeled. It was move-in ready, which is what we wanted. We don't want to go to Fredericksburg and spend all of our time working to get it ready to live in. We have other fun things to do while we are wineries!

We decided to put an offer in on that house, and it was accepted! The inspection came up with only very minor things, and the appraisal came in at higher than what we paid. Everything went very smoothly with the entire process, and we were able to do a remote close here from Abilene yesterday.

It's hard to believe, but we own a second home!!!!

We are planning to spend five days there around the 4th of we'll have some good time in the house and can begin to get things going there. We have a full house to furnish and you know, we sold a lot of our belongings when we downsized, and everything else is being used at the townhouse. So, we get to start from scratch. It's a weird feeling, to decorate like that! I'm excited to see how it goes.

Looking forward to meeting up with Don to get our keys and then getting into our vacation home!!!! Stay tuned to my Instagram, as I, of course, will be posting before and after photos as we go along!!

June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

Today, we celebrate all the dads and special men in the world, and I sure have a lot to celebrate! Some are no longer here to hug, and I sure do miss dad, my step-dad, and my grandpa, Joe.  I'm sending virtual hugs to m grandpa, Al, my mom's hubby, Randy, and my you all so much!

And, of course, my amazing hubby!!! There is no one I'd rather do this life with...thank you for all you do for our family!

Our weekend has been very low-key...Friday evening, after Chris swam a very long swim, we met at Jason's Deli for a delicious salad bar dinner. Saturday, Chris had another long workout and I went to Kohl's for a few things and then stopped at the Natural Food store. That evening, we went to the Flea Market (it is the third weekend of every month), but there was not much there at all. It was a little sad. So, we nixed that idea, and then later went out to dinner at a new (to us) Mexican restaurant in a little town of Winters. It's about 20 minutes away, in the opposite direction of Abilene. It takes us about 20 minutes to get to Abilene, too, so we decided it was worth a try. It was ok, but we still like the little whole in the wall Mexican place in our tiny town the best. So, we probably won't be going back there.

Sunday, after Chris runs for 90 minutes, we are going to meet Mimi, Aspen, and Geordon at Sharon's BBQ for a Father's Day lunch. Before then, I am doing laundry and going to our little grocery store in town. I am also looking forward to my weekly call with my grandma, in the two o'clock hour :)

Update on our Ocho -- it's day by day. We've had to give him pain pills the past few days, so we think the tumor inside is growing and making things very uncomfortable in his abdomen. The growth inside is pushing out the bumps on his side, starting to make it a little difficult for him to walk since those are on his hip and it's very tight there. Neither of us has ever had to "make the call" in a situation like this...and it's very hard to know when the right time will be. It doesn't feel like it's time yet, but we feel that it may be close.

The week ahead -- Chris is having dinner with his boss on Tuesday evening; Chris has a business trip to New Mexico Wednesday/Thursday; Friday, we are off work in the afternoon and are driving to Lubbock to help our friends from Joplin, MO, work a booth at the Buffalo Springs 70.3 Half Ironman Expo. Here's to a good week!

June 11, 2018

Fun Weekend & Sad News

What a fun weekend we had! The thing about our decision to live in a fifth wheel -- we have lots of opportunity to travel and do fun things!

This weekend, we were gifted FREE tickets to the Indy/Super Truck races in Fort Worth at the Texas Motor Speedway! I had never been before, and had never seen Indy cars, so it was a treat!

The speedway is HUGE!! The circle lap is a mile and a half long...and those Indy cars were so fast, they did the loop in about 20 seconds! They went 200+ laps, so it took about two hours for the entire race. There were three mishaps along the way, with crashes and a fire. But overall, it seemed pretty smooth sailing. Those cars are FAST!!! So fun. I enjoyed learning all the ins and outs of the race. These cars were loud, but not nearly as loud as the drag race cars.

Afterwards, they had the Super Truck races and I truly enjoyed those! They did 18 loops on a track with ramps, and they pretty much had no rules and it was a free-for-all! Arie, from the TV show The Bachelor, races in these trucks, and we were able to watch him race. So that was kind of fun! He ended up blowing a tire about halfway through, and by the time they fixed it he was two laps behind.

The neat part was, the races didn't start until 5:00, and the set up has the sun setting behind the seats. So we were in the shade and that was sooooo nice!!!

We stayed in Fort Worth that night, and then had a leisurely morning and breakfast before heading back to Abilene to pick up our puppers and doing our normal Sunday stuff.

Update on our Ocho -- Dr. Bolt did NOT do the surgery last Thursday. He did a test on him before starting, and discovered a tumor in  his abdomen the size of a tennis ball :( For a 7 pound dog, that is pretty large! It is attached to his spine, and is very fast-growing, since he said it was not there during the last surgery (which was a little over a month ago). So, he does not want to put him through surgery when this is going on inside of him. This is very sad news, as there is not much we can do at this point. There will come a time when the bumps and the tumor are too large and they begin to affect Ocho's body functions, etc. At that time, we'll need to make some hard decisions. We are sad that that time is drawing closer, but until then, we will take it day by day, spoil him as much as possible, and give him lots of love!

June 03, 2018

Weekend Recap

We are melting away down here! It's been between 100 and 105 degrees all week. Today we have a cool front -- it's only going to be about 92!! Brr! Then, next week we are back to the 100s.

:: Friday evening, we had a very nice dinner at the Tap House after Chris did a very long swim workout. It was a nice evening with my love!

:: Saturday, I had some errands to take care of. It was time for an oil change on my car, and I had a shirt to return to Kohl's. I bought some groceries at the Natural Grocer, and then picked up my groceries at Walmart. While I was out and about, Chris was doing his long run in the very hot sun and then he cleaned our whole place! That was a fantastic surprise to come home to!! After a relaxing afternoon, we headed over to Jon and Nadene's house for a delicious dinner and great fellowship with our sweet friends.

:: Today is laundry for me and a long bike ride for Chris. Should be a pretty relaxing day since we accomplished so much yesterday!

:: Tuesday, I went back to my eye doctor and ordered my new glasses. They'll be ready in 7-10 business days...can't wait to start wearing them and getting some relief on the strain I've been feeling.

:: I'm nearly done with Thirteen Reasons Why season 2, and has been quite intense. So much stuff that teenagers today have to deal with. I have one and a half episodes to go, and I am sure the ending is going to be insane. Once I get done with this series, I am going to watch a ton of Big Bang Theory and laugh for awhile!!

:: The week ahead, we'll have casual days all week!! Super excited about that!

:: Ocho's second surgery will be on Thursday...Dr. Bolt will remove the two new small bumps that have formed. Hopefully he'll be able to get all the edges and prevent it from growing back. Say some prayers for our sweet boy!!

Have a great week!!

May 28, 2018

Justin Timberlake!!!!!!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!

For our long weekend, we spend some of it at home and some of it in Dallas. Friday and Saturday, we  ate out a few times and went to Kohl's. I found a cute pair of shorts and a neon shirt...and was also looking for a white shirt. I've been looking for one for months and just can't find a good one that isn't see-through! Grr! If you have any recommendations, please tell me! Needs to not be too baggy, and I don't care if it is sleeveless or has sleeves.

Sunday, we left town around 10:00 and dropped the dogs off at Mimi's. Then we made the drive to Dallas, which takes right under three hours. We checked in to our hotel, which was just a few blocks from the arena where the concert would take place. We rested there for a few hours...Chris did some work and I watched a few episodes of Thirteen Reasons Why. Season 2 has been pretty good so far.

We headed to dinner around 5:15...walked the few blocks to the arena and had reservations at the Lexus Platinum Club there. It was a delicious buffet, and we had a nice window seat. From there, we found our seats (third balcony) and got ready to enjoy the show!

The opening acts -- the first one was a DJ and he was fun! He got the crowd all pumped up and then introduced the Shadowboxers. We weren't too keen on them. Then the DJ came back on for about thirty minutes before introducing JT!

It was an amazing show!!!!! Justin is a very seasoned performer, and he is a natural at what he does. His singing was so good, and his dancing was great! It is effortless for him. He commands that stage and had no problem being the center of attention for 20,000+ people -- that amazes me! He performed for two solid hours, and the show included songs from all of his albums. Justified. Future Sex/Love Sounds. 20/20 Experience. Man of the Woods.

The stage was set up to run the full length of the stadium, so that was great...and the light show/lasers added so much fun! This was definitely the type of concert where people should be on their feet dancing the whole time, but for some reason we were in a section where most people were sitting! I tried that for awhile but finally had to stand up!! Sorry, people behind me!! :)

What a fun, fun evening...this was my Valentine's gift from Chris and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience together! Much respect for Justin Timberlake, WOW!!!!

Monday, we slept in and then grabbed some breakfast at a little coffee shop down the block...then packed up and got on the road home. Another fantastic weekend in the books for the Babers!

May 25, 2018

Currently I Am...

...WAITING on a THREE DAY weekend!!!

...ANTICIPATING the Justin Timberlake concert on Sunday!

...WATCHING season 1 of Big Bang Theory and season 2 of Thirteen Reasons Why.

...READING chapter 1 of the next book club book, called Dear Dwayne, With Love.

...WORRYING about Ocho, who is having another surgery on June 7; two small spots have cropped up that are going to be removed.

...NEEDING to do some kind of food reset.

...STRESSING a bit over the planning for our upcoming South Africa trip.

...PLANNING to order some new glasses next week, with EyeZen lenses...they have some magnification in them, and help reduce the strain of blue light from computers/phones/etc. Basically, a step before bifocals -- #getting old.

...MEETING Kim on Saturday for a movie date to see Book Club.

May 21, 2018

Update on Life

Here we are, Monday evening...I came home right after work so I could get all of our laundry done. Because...yes...we had another weekend Fredericksburg!

We've got some things in the works, to be announced in the days to come. And those things required another trip to our favorite town. No complaints from us though!

Friday evening, we were in town and had dinner at Nikko' their gyros! Then we had a relaxing evening at home.

Saturday morning, after Chris did a run, we made our way to Fredericksburg. It's just a short drive, about 2 hours and 20 minutes or so. When we arrived, we had lunch at the of our faves. It was a great day -- we went to Hilmy Cellars, then spent some time in the rocking chairs at 4.0. After a quick freshen up at the hotel (back to the Best Western, where we got a free night due to points!), we tried dinner at a new restaurant in town called Nurry's. It was actually quite tasty! Then we spent a little time at Lincoln Street before finding a new, trendy spot called The Elk Store...I had a watermelon moonshine martini there that was so delish!

Sunday, after breakfast at the hotel, we walked Main Street for a bit. It was a little rainy, which brought on some chilly weather too. While we were huddling under an awning, we saw my friend Sammy! She was there with her hubby and their pup, so we enjoyed chatting with them for a few minutes. We then slipped in to Grape Creek on Main for our free glass of wine (we're members), and by the time we came out the rain had stopped. We had lunch at West End (yummy pizza) and then headed home to do our normal Sunday stuff.

A very nice weekend, indeed!

This week: I'm getting my hair done on Tuesday and we have book cub on Thursday...and Kim and I are going to the movies on Saturday! Then!! On Sunday, Chris and I are going to Dallas for the Justin Timberlake concert!!!! Super excited about that!! We'll stay Sunday and return on Monday -- a lovely day off for the holiday!!