October 31, 2014

halloween 2014

So, this year, the Marketing Department decided to be "selfies"! If you are not on social media like Facebook or Instagram, you might not really know what that is. Basically, a selfie is a photo you take of yourself with your phone...and then post.

We made frameworks that were all similar, and then cut out the square for our real self to show through. We also added fun hashtags -- I wore my new StitchFix clothes, so I used hashtags like #stitchfix, #jeansfitperfect, #ilovevests, #fallstyle, #fashionfriday.

We were retirement selfie, crazy selfie, hunting selfie, stitch fix selfie, post workout selfie, birthday selfie, starbucks selfie, duck lips selfie, zumba selfie, and Christmas selfie
Me in my new houndstooth vest, I love it!! Also have on the jeans, which you can't see!
It was a fun day -- we had our luncheon too! The winners for the team costume was the accounting department -- they dressed up like the Flintstones! They looked great! We came in second...

October 30, 2014

Just a very quick post this evening...

:: Worked out

:: Cooked dinner

:: Now it's time to finish up my Halloween costume for the luncheon tomorrow

:: Then I am going to finally catch up on the last episode of The Walking Dead that I missed! That is an hour show, but as a recording it will be down to about 35 minutes!

:: Pack for our weekend to Fredericksburg!

:: Too much this evening...

October 29, 2014


Hi there.... is been a day of travel. I won't be back to Abilene until 9:00 pm and then have some things to get ready for tomorrow. I will post tomorrow!

October 28, 2014

donkey heaven

I wanted to share a few photos from my time at Roxanne's house :) It made me super, super happy!!

When I arrived, Roxanne took me out to the pen -- and I got to go in as well! I've never been around a donkey that closely -- I've only seen them across a fence. So this was a treat! She has three donkeys -- Harley is the gray donkey, Percy is the white donkey and Ms. Priss is the black donkey. Harley was sweet, but the other two were a bit skittish at first. But they did warm up quickly!!
Percy, Ms. Priss and Harley :)
They all wanted to get close and get lots of petting! This is Harley, real close! Eeeee!!
Percy saying goodbye when I was leaving -- I love donkey ears! Percy didn't mind that I was playing with his :)
Goodbye petting for Percy and Ms. Priss...so happy!
All three, lined up and saying goodbye to me!! Once I started to pull away in my car, they all three started braying!!! What a sound!!
Roxanne got a big kick out of me for enjoying this so much! I'm going to have to go visit there more often, I left there feeling so giddy!

October 27, 2014

stitch fix #1

I was so ridiculously excited to receive my Stitch Fix! If you are unsure of what this is, you can visit www.stitchfix.com for details!

My first Stitch Fix was scheduled to arrive while I was in San Diego -- but I was surprised and it arrived on the Saturday before I left! I got home from the crop at 6:00, and had to be somewhere at 7:00. Had dinner with friends, grocery shopped, packed, and left the next morning at 8:00. So, this was pretty rushed between my one hour gap of time and I apologize because the photos are unfortunately not the best quality. Rush rush rush! But you will get the idea :)

Upon opening the box, I saw a neat little bundle wrapped in tissue paper and closed with a Stitch Fix sticker. Pretty! My stylist sent along a personalized letter to me, along with wardrobe cards to show how each of my pieces could be styled in two different ways. Handy! She also sent a listing of each piece in the box with the price. (In setting up a profile, you select a price range for each type of clothing - tops, pants, jewelry...)
This was piece 1 of 5 -- The Ark n Co Noren Embroidered Sleeveless Top. There were good and bad things about this one. I love special detailing, and the front of this shirt was really beautiful. I also really loved the open back. BUT. In my profile, I specifically told the stylist that I do not look good in cream because my skin is so pale. So I am not sure why she would send a cream top. It was also way too see-through for me. It was also a little blocky on top, hitting my shoulders at an odd place making me look wide. This piece was a NO.
This was piece 2 of 5 -- The RD Style Vivianna Open-Draped Knit Cardigan. I was on the fence with this one. I really love cardigans. The fit was perfect. I liked the drape. The subtle black and white pattern would have gone with 80 percent of my clothes. I wasn't too fond of the white wrist cuffs or the white trim though. It drew too much attention to the drape, and the beginning of the drape was too high and hit at an odd place. My goal with Stitch Fix is to only purchase what I really LOVE. This one I liked, but did not love. For the price of it, I couldn't justify it. This piece was a NO.
This was piece 3 of 5 -- The Collective Concepts Esten Button Up Sleeveless Blouse. I knew this would be a no when I pulled it from the box. The color was pretty, but not necessarily one of my favorites. The shell was very basic, and not worth the price. My excitement over Stitch Fix is to be able to receive fun, different, unique clothing I can't find anywhere else. This did not fit that bill. This piece was a NO.
This was piece 4 of 5 -- The Market and Spruce Shara Houndstooth Printed Vest. In my profile, I had noted that I would love a lightweight houndstooth vest. They listened and did not disappoint! I was so excited when I saw this one, and I love it. It is the perfect weight (not too puffy), and the collar is perfect...I don't like chunky collars or hoods. The print is fun and the fit is absolutely right on. Loved it! This piece was a YES!
This was piece 5 of 5 -- The Just Black Adorra Ankle Length Skinny Jean. My grandma will be just as surprised as I was -- but these jeans fit PERFECTLY. How is that possible?? I have the most difficult time finding jeans that fit me. These jeans fit like they were made just for me. The waist was perfect with no gapping. The butt fit perfect. The length was perfect. I put them on and Chris said, "Well, you are definitely keeping THOSE!" So obviously, this piece was a YES!

This was so fun! I loved the anticipation of waiting to see what five pieces the stylist would send. I loved opening the box and going through everything. And even better, I love that there were a few pieces that I could keep! I will definitely do another Stitch Fix. Maybe every couple of months or so. Anything to keep me out of the mall :)

October 26, 2014


:: Hello there!! I am writing this from my hotel room in beautiful San Diego!

:: Friday evening, I had the honor of taking photos of a proposal! It went well and I was able to get some good shots for them! Afterwards, Chris and I had dinner at Cotton Patch and then headed home -- I had an awful headache :(

:: Saturday, I spent the day scrapbooking at the monthly crop. Roxanne was the hostess and she lives out in the country. She has three donkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a ton of photos and went into the pen with them, and was in absolute heaven!!!! I visited with them about three times and can't wait to see those sweeties again! I'll post pics in the next few days.

:: Saturday evening, we went over to Jon and Nadene's for dinner -- what a lovely evening we had with them! They are really an amazing couple and we love them. Need to spend more time with them. Nadene made us a delicious dinner and dessert, and we brought the wine and beer :) Afterwards, we did a quick grocery shopping for the week and then I packed up for my trip and fell into bed around 12:30.

:: Sunday morning, Chris dropped me off at the airport at 8:30, and Jeff and I began our journey to San Diego! First flight was perfect. The second flight, from Dallas to San Diego, was delayed for three hours. Three hours of sitting ON THE PLANE. They could not get the cargo doors open. That took forever. Then they finally got them open and loaded all of the luggage. But then they could not get the doors closed. Oi. Once we finally got in the air, it was almost a three hour flight. That was way too long on a plane. Exhausting! We made it to our hotel -- The Bristol, which is very nice! Then we had a quick dinner of pizza and then headed to the theater to see the Broadway production of Jersey Boys! What a fantastic show about the Four Seasons group. Loved it!!!!

:: I am exhausted. It is almost 10:00 here, but in reality it is almost 12:00 at home. Whew. The wake up call will come bright and early tomorrow for another full day. Tomorrow the key note speaker is Magic Johnson (the basketball player)!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to that!

:: I will be working on a post about my first StitchFix delivery!!!!!!!!! It came in on Saturday and I had so much fun going through it. Definitely a fun experience. I'll do it again. Not every month, not even every other month. But periodically. (It isn't cheap!!)

October 23, 2014

:: Today I rearranged my office at work! For a few reasons. First, my computer monitor was nestled underneath a row of cabinets with a bright light right above it. The cabinets also prevented me from raising the height of the monitor. With the contact problems I've been wrestling with, I feel that that extra light might've been making things too intense. So we will see if moving it away from the light helps. I also reduced the intensity of the brightness of my screen. That might help too. In the new location, I was able to raise the monitor about 6 inches more, and now it is at eye level and I no longer have to stoop. That might help with the shoulder cricks I've been getting. So, we shall see. If it works better here, Jeff has offered to buy a mount to put the monitor on in this new location so I don't have to stack it on books :)

:: Now, however, everything is backwards in my office and that will certainly take some getting used to!!! I am a creature of habit.

:: Tomorrow is Friday, yippie! Be thinking of me around 6:00 tomorrow evening...I'll be prepping to take some proposal photos in very low light -- candles. They will be arriving at 6:30, so I have 30 minutes to test and get things figured out!

:: I finished The Blue Bistro this morning -- good book. The ending was a tad weak, but overall I really enjoyed the read. What next????? I don't think I currently have any novels. All of it is "better myself" books. I can only read so many of those at one time. Currently have two going with the book studies. So no more! May look for one for my Kindle.

:: Hope you all had a great day! Tomorrow we are that much closer to the weekend!!

October 22, 2014

good day

Hi there! Wednesday came and has almost went. It was just a typical day.

:: Jeff and I finalized our plans for San Diego! We decided to go see the Broadway show Jersey Boys while we are there. It is the last performance in San Diego, and we are going on Sunday evening. Looking forward to that! We decided which classes/sessions we are going to attend, etc. All set.

:: Began training with Allison today -- at the first of the year, she is going to take on a portion of my workload to help free me up. I am grateful to her openness.

:: We had life group tonight, after it being cancelled the last two weeks. It was good to be back together and to learn. Steven is really a great teacher and I take something from his lessons each week. We are blessed to have him as our leader.

:: I'm nearing the end of my novel now and am at the point where I want to read read read and finish it up. There is a point in every book where I get like this. Like in Casual Vacancy, that point was about Chapter 2 :) That, though, was me wanting to finish because the story was no good. This is me wanting to finish because I am looking forward to seeing how it ends. Bit of a difference.

:: My StitchFix has shipped!!! I am ridiculously excited to receive it! I hope it gets here before I leave for my trip. I will be able to check the tracking tomorrow to see when the delivery will be here. I can't wait to see what they have sent to me!

:: I received an update from my mom today -- Randy gets to return to work on Monday! That is great news because that means he is healing well from his surgeries. Prayers in the works!

:: That's all I've got!!

October 21, 2014


:: Great workout this evening -- cardio and three sets of arm workouts. Tom, the guy who gave me some exercise plans, mentioned that he is starting to see some good definition in my back. That was nice to hear!

:: I made a delicious dinner tonight! Mmm! Hamburgers with roasted asparagus and baked potatoes. Yuuum!

:: Not much else to report...tomorrow, we have our life group. We haven't had it the past two weeks, so I am looking forward to it. And I will miss it next week due to my business trip.

:: I have to admit -- I think I am done with Dancing with the Stars...I gave it a few weeks and it is just really not grabbing me. Yes, there are a few really good ones. But meh. I'd rather read :) I also watched my recordings of The Voice, and I just can't get into that really either. I'm just not huge on tv and committing to a show is something I have trouble with!

:: For now, that's all I've got!!

October 20, 2014

tuesday tidbits

:: Today was a fine day...

:: Work was productive; and my boss also met for about an hour getting our plan in place for our upcoming business trip to San Diego. We are staying at The Bristol, and it is a short walk to the convention center. Now to determine where we want to eat in the evenings, and if there is any fun activity we'd like to do. I've never been to San Diego, should be fun!

:: I talked with my eye doctor today. Since the two trial contacts I tested didn't really improve anything, she wants to test out two different types. I need to find time to get across town to get those.

:: Today was my coworker Kathy's birthday! We celebrated her, because she is a blessing!

:: My other coworker Allison returned from her week and a half vacation -- her and her parents went to Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Kansas! Whew! It is good to have her back.

:: Zumba was great, I enjoyed it immensely!

:: I stopped to visit Huck when I picked Chris up from his run...he was happy to see us, and we fed him some leaves.

:: I made a pretty yummy dinner tonight -- chicken/mushroom/onion/bell pepper kabobs and spaghetti squash with a creamy mushroom sauce. Yum!! And all healthy too.

:: Tomorrow I have my book study at lunch. Looking forward to it!

:: Tonight I need to finish reading for my other book study, which is Wednesday...

:: I am also enjoying the novel I am reading called The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand. I'm about halfway through and it has been entertaining. A beachy, easy read -- which is nice to read right now, to break up the book studies!

:: I'm off to...read!!

October 19, 2014

great weekend

:: We really enjoyed our weekend! Hope you did too!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Wing Stop and it was yummy! I tried the boneless wings and yes, they were good -- but they were just not as "magical" as the regular wings :)  Then we stopped at Kohls (I got a shirt and some perfume)...and Academy (Chris finally "bit the bullet" and bought the gun he's been eyeballing for months - pun intended!!).

:: Saturday, Chris and I did a 15 mile ride/run...later in the afternoon, Chris and I had lunch at Enchilada Express (Chris' new fave), and then I went to see "This is Where I Leave You" with my friend Megan. That was a pretty good movie. Then I came home and made the grocery list and Chris worked in the yard. That evening, Chris and I had dinner at Brick Oven Pizza -- it was a nice date night with my man, but we have decided that they are doing something different with their pizza. It is good, but not as good as it used to be. Afterwards, we had some gelato at Mad Coffee to round out our date. I love that man!

:: Sunday, we really enjoyed our church service! Then I did the grocery shopping while Chris went to a neighborhood meeting. They are forming a committee to keep things in order, and Chris is the vice president now. Laundry, cleaned the floor, etc. Then I made some delicious fish tacos for dinner with mango salsa and guacamole sauce. Mmm mmmm! Chris and I ate out on the back porch with the water fountain going. Very peaceful. Loved it. Then Aspen got home, and we all watched The Walking Dead -- it was an interesting episode. Not as intense as normal, but there were certainly some interesting developments. Father Gabriel -- hmmmmm.

:: This week ahead should be fairly normal...and then the weekend will be fun! Proposal photos, crop day, and then jetting off to San Diego :) Hope you have a great week ahead!!!

October 16, 2014

happy boss' day

:: Ah, I can see Friday ahead and that makes me happy!

:: Had a lovely Boss' Day today! My peeps gifted me with a Willow Tree girl for Appreciation, and a beautiful turquoise infinity scarf, along with a handmade donkey card :) What more could a girl ask for? I truly have a wonderful team, they make my job easy every day. I'm luckier than most!

:: Made delicious pesto pitas for dinner, and added some green chiles to a few of them. I really love the flavor of the mild chiles, and it definitely was delicious! I also enjoyed a bit of Muskat from V. Sattui Winery in Napa (sweet nectar that is in my top 5!) and that in itself is a wonderful way to end a day!

:: Did 45 minutes on the Beast this evening. I feel like I am floundering without a plan. This weekend, I need to spend some time developing a plan for my workouts and my food.

:: Reading for one book study is done...now onto reading for the second one. I also gave in and started a novel as well. :) So sue me!

:: I may be seeing a movie this Saturday with my friend Megan...waiting to hear affirmative on that one. I'm looking forward to another low-key weekend. NEXT weekend is busy -- I'm taking photos Friday evening of a proposal (!), Saturday I am attending the monthly crop and the hostess has three donkeys (!), and Sunday at 9:00 am, I am leaving for a 4-day business trip to San Diego with my boss Jeff. So this down time will be nice!

:: Time to do some reading!

October 15, 2014

a few things

:: My Cardinals need to step it up!! I am rooting for them -- would love for them to make it to the World Series :) There's nothing better. Come on Cards!!!!

:: Our Life Group was cancelled this evening because child care at the church was cancelled tonight; so I was able to workout and then we came home for leftovers. Nice relaxing evening. Chris is paying bills and I am about to do some book study reading.

:: I'm not sure if I mentioned here that I signed up for one shipment of StitchFix? I looked back a bit and couldn't find anything. Basically, I filled out a long profile of my tastes, and on October 27th I will receive a shipment of 5 pieces -- clothing, accessories, etc. Of those 5 pieces, I can decide to keep them all (and receive a 25% discount); keep whatever I like and send the rest back; or keep nothing. There is a $20 "styling fee" for the shipment -- if I keep nothing, then the $20 is just for that. If I keep anything, that $20 goes toward the purchase of those things. Shipping to and from is free. They send you a bag to ship things back in. I felt that it was worth a try and I am excited to see what they decide to send me from the profile details I provided. They also take a look at my pinterest fashion board, and get an idea of what I like. Stitch Fix -- a pretty cool idea. If I happen to like it, I can sign up for more shipments, at whatever intervals I want -- monthly, quarterly, whatever. When I get my shipment at the end of the month, I'll post pics of everything with a "review" and what I decided to keep :)

:: Nothing much else to report this evening...hope you have a great evening!

October 14, 2014


:: Quiet, productive day today...in casual clothes too! I was able to wear my new riding boots today and they looked so cute! Very comfy too. Yay for casual dress the rest of the week!

:: Today was my first session of the book study I am part of. It went well, and the next five weeks should be interesting. More reading for next week, and some homework too!

:: After work, one of our executives had a moving sale...so a lot of us headed over there to see what we could find. I walked away with $5.00 :) I got a comfy casual dress from Old Navy, a vest for work from Express, a cute tshirt from Express, a cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft, and a sleep tank top from Old Navy. Luckily, too, everything fit perfectly! Even better.

:: The southwestern beef stew was delicious this evening! Big thanks to hubby for getting it going at lunch!! I made some roasted zuchinni to go with it, and that turned out well too. Great dinner tonight!

:: Our life group is cancelled for tomorrow evening, but we are deciding whether we want to join a group tomorrow that is going to Love & Care Ministry, to hand out meals to the homeless.

:: Thank you for prayers, for Kim's mother-in-law! Her surgery went well today and she is in a great frame of mind and ready to begin healing!

:: I think I shall...relax!

October 13, 2014

good day

:: Monday was pretty good to me -- work was good and fairly quiet. A lot of people are out of the office this week. We found out, also, that we'll have casual days the rest of the week and that makes me oh so happy!

:: Zumba was cut short this evening, Vanessa's iPod was not charged! We did a quick video and that was that -- so I finished up with some weights as well.

:: This evening, Chris has gone to one tv for football and I have gone to the other for DWTS...and I am recording The Voice -- might need to start watching that too now that auditions are over!

:: I feel 100% better today, thankfully. Geesh, what a weird weekend I had.

:: I have some homework to do for my book study lunch tomorrow, and just got it today! So need to get that going. I realized a bit ago that I have a crockpot meal planned for tomorrow and it has to be put on at lunch -- only I won't be home for lunch, I'll be at my book study! Chris has kindly agreed to take care of it for me, whew!!!

:: Aspen also cleaned out her closet today and I have a pile of clothes to go through -- I might be finding myself some new cute things! Need to go through that as well. Lots going on :)

:: Please say a few prayers for my friend Kim's mother-in-law -- she will be having a knee replacement surgery tomorrow! I'll be thinking of her...

:: Time to get a few things done -- bye!!