April 26, 2017

Moving Through the Week

:: Chris is safely in New Mexico, in the land of meetings...it will just be one night away, so that isn't too bad. I will see him tomorrow!

:: This evening I hope to find some block heel shoes at Target with my gift card! I'm looking forward to meandering. This evening, I am also going to take a bath with one of my new Lush bath bombs! I typically don't take a lot of baths (I'm more of a morning shower girl), because Chris takes one every night to soothe his sore leg muscles...there isn't enough hot water for us both! So when he is away, I always take advantage :) Looking forward to the fizz! I'll also be enjoying my leftovers from Szcheun -- pork fried rice...mmmmm!

:: Not much else to report...still waiting on the laptop...tomorrow is book club...I'm still enjoying my ice cream cake!!

:: Starting Monday, it is three months until our 10 year anniversary cruise! So I am starting on a healthy eating kick so I can feel confident! Chris is in intense training mode, so he wants to tighten it up too. So I am enjoying the rest of this week and then getting down to business!

That's it for today!

April 25, 2017


So...still waiting to hear the news on my laptop. Fingers crossed. That leaves me here on my phone though, which is a small screen for blogging. I'll do my best.

Today was our annual Shareholders meeting at work, so from 10:00 - 2:30 we were occupied with that. It was a nice meeting and lunch was delicious! Tomorrow I need to work on catching up on all my work.

I made a Teavana order today! On our weekend trip, we visited a Teavana store and I bought their new tea brewer. Love it! For signing up they gave me a $10 coupon so I got a few different teas. Can't wait to get it!

Tomorrow I should get my next Fix!!!

Chris is off to New Mexico tomorrow. I'm going to go spend a few of my gift cards tomorrow evening ;) A little meandering is in order!

That's all I've got right now ;)

April 24, 2017


Sooooo. My laptop seems to have a bad hard drive all of a sudden. This is not good. In fact, it could be quite bad. Please say a little prayer! Our friend Zack is taking a look at it and I hope he can work his magic!!!!!!!!!


My birthday today was very nice! We had dinner at Szcheun and then enjoyed some delicious ice cream cake mmm!! I got some very sweet gifts. I'm blessed beyond measure.

Bye for now. Blogging from my phone is no fun!

April 23, 2017

The Week Ahead

Hello! We have returned from The Woodlands and what a fantastic weekend we had! If you've been following along on Instagram or Facebook, you've been seeing some fun photos :) I'll work this week to fill in the gaps with all the fun stories too!

The week ahead shows to be a pretty busy one:

:: Playing major catch up from being gone from work for three days...I don't even want to think about that right now.

:: A birthday dinner for me :) I think I might choose Szcheun for my dinner of choice. Yum!

:: Tuesday at work is our annual Shareholder meeting...lots of work goes into this for our department, and now we'll get to enjoy the actual meeting. The lunch will be delicious!

:: Chris is going to New Mexico for the Passare board meeting -- he'll leave Wednesday morning and return Thursday late afternoon.

:: Thursday is book club! I enjoyed this month's book a lot, and am looking forward to talking it over. We are having an ice cream sundae bar! How's that for a healthy dinner!?

:: Friday morning, I have to get a mammogram now that I am over 40! Oh, isn't it fun getting old! I've had one before, at 35, as a baseline. It wasn't too big of a deal for me.

:: Saturday is Kelsey's (Kim's daughter) wedding shower...so looking forward to celebrating this sweet girl I've known for 15 years!!! I've watched her grow up and now this is such an exciting time for her!

April 17, 2017

Tough Day

:: Today was extremely busy, riddled with large problems, and a race to accomplish a long list of things that have to be done before I leave for three days. I'm exhausted. I worked until 6:30 and have one more day to get it all done. Including a little training in case something comes up while I'm gone.

:: In even worse news...we (and by that, I mean Chris) just killed a baby rattle snake on our driveway. It was curled up behind our big trash can. Lovely.

:: In great news though, I received a birthday gift today from my mom and Randy!!! It is a gorgeous Brighton necklace that can be worn two different ways! So clever! I love it, it's so pretty! I'm wearing it tomorrow!

:: Chris felt a little sickly yesterday but is feeling better today. Not 100% but better. He's missed two days of workouts, but I am proud of him for laying low.

:: And now, I shall go stare at a wall for awhile.

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a good day honoring the risen King! What an amazing sacrifice and gift for us.

:: Mimi and I made a delicious lunch together...ham, potato salad, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, rolls, and green jello salad. Mmmm! Aspen joined us for lunch, and we had a nice time together. Today, Ocho let Aspen pick him up...that's progress; so far, both pups haven't been too interested in her.

:: Our weekend was great -- I love long, three-day weekends!! We ate out a few times; Chris had some long workouts; I did the laundry; I did some brief cleaning; I picked up the groceries; did some scrapbooking for Kasi; watched some New Girl; and generally just shut off my brain! It was nice.

:: The week ahead -- it's just a two-day work week for us!!! That makes me super happy! We leave Wednesday morning for our adventure to meet Chris' coach Adsy!! I'll have fun stories from that!!

Happy week ahead to you all!

April 12, 2017

One more work day!

:: Chris' work meeting concluded today...and he is out on his final company dinner. This one is at Miguel's. Hope they have a fun last hurrah! Back to normal tomorrow.

:: We are super excited that our company is closed on Good Friday!!! So only one more work day for us!

:: The to-do list before then is quite long though. One thing at a time. I so, so need a four day weekend. And then, I will be off three days next week. So ready.

:: Working my way through the final episode and a half of Grey's...should be able to do it this evening!

:: Chicken pot pies are in the oven for me and Mimi!

:: And that's it.

April 11, 2017

A Better Day

:: Today was better...my frame of mind was much better. My stress level was better. That was much needed.

:: Chris had to get up early this morning to get his swim workout in...so I didn't see him. He had a day long company-wide meeting, so I didn't even see him at all today until 5:15, when he stopped in to our zumba class to say goodbye before he headed to Perini for dinner with the company. More of the same tomorrow.

:: I'm using this evening to catch up on some Grey's Anatomy episodes. I've got about 4 to watch.

:: I finished my book club book last night...it was pretty good, I enjoyed it! Now I've started The Circle Maker -- I'm excited to get into this one.

:: Zumba was great tonight...I worked up a sweat! I wish zumba was every night!!!

April 10, 2017


: Today was not my best Kelley day. Some days, I just feel like I cannot deal.

:: After work today, I did some errands...Walgreens, gas, picked up dry cleaning. I had intentions of doing my zumba video when I got home...but when I got home, yeah...not happening.

:: New Girl is making me laugh...I can always count on them!

:: Thankful, too, for my bestie -- she is always there for me!

:: I'm at 87% on my book club book -- it's been a good one.

:: I'm calling it for today...I'm praying tomorrow I will be more like myself.

April 09, 2017

Weekend Recap

Whew...it was a very full weekend here!

:: Friday after work, Kim and I headed off to Dallas for our Bestie Getaway!! For my birthday this year, Kim gave me tickets to see the Broadway musical Kinky Boots! We were very excited for our experience together! We drove to Los Colinas to our hotel and found something quick to eat. Then spent the rest of our evening chatting while being comfy in our beds! The next morning, we had breakfast at Panera (yum!) and then did a little shopping. We had a mission of finding Kim the dress she would wear to her daughter Kelsey's upcoming weekend. She's not had much luck, and we were very excited when we found the dress! It is very pretty, and I was happy to be there when she found it! Then we made our way to Music Theater at Fair Park in Downtown Dallas...and after a little parking mishap, we decided on valet and just got out at the front door :) The musical was so fun! It was bright colors and good music and the story was fun. Loved it!! From there, we stopped at Uncle Julio's for an early dinner before making the drive back to Abilene. We thoroughly enjoyed our bestie time...I am so blessed to have her in my life, and I really cherished our little getaway together!!!

:: Saturday, I got home around 8:00 pm...and then I made Mimi's birthday cake! This year, she requested the chocolate cherry cake that my mom turned us on to...mmmmm!!! I got it all baked and ready. That evening, Chris and Mimi were enjoying her birthday gift...tickets to see Charlie Price in concert at The Lumberyard in Roscoe, TX! Charlie Price is the first black country singer from back in the day, and he did not disappoint! In his 80s and still going strong! They had a lot of fun. The Lumberyard is an outdoor place -- it used to be an actual lumberyard that they turned in to a bar/venue. There were about 3000 people there!

:: Sunday, I agreed to take photos at a bridal shower for a friend's niece...it was at The Mill, and Kim and I tag-teamed it. That was from about 2:00 - 3:30. From there, I did the grocery shopping and once I got it all unloaded and put away, we then headed to Mimi's birthday dinner! Aspen joined us this year, and we also stopped to pick up our friend, Nick, who is in town for a company meeting this week. He and Mimi chat on Facebook regularly, and he was excited to be a part of the festivities! We went to Red Lobster and had way too much good food! Then we enjoyed the cake I made...mmmm mmmm!!! All in all, I'd say that Mimi had a great 67th birthday!

:: Now...winding our Sunday down and getting ready for another work week. A short one! We are off on Friday for Good Friday -- yay!!!! Plus, everyone will be back from the incentive trip, so I will no longer need to do two jobs. BIG TIME YAY!!!!!

Have a great week everyone!!

April 06, 2017

Almost Friday

:: Worked, worked out, visited Huck the donkey...now I am home.

:: Chris is doing his swim workout...will be home soon!

:: One more day of work with half a staff...yay for that!

:: Tomorrow after work, I am heading to Dallas with my bestie!!!! We are going to see a broadway show called Kinky Boots! This is my birthday gift from her this year, and I am looking so forward to a little getaway with Kim! It's going to be so fun and relaxing!

:: Stay tuned for a fun weekend recap! In addition to my little getaway, it's Mimi's birthday so we'll be celebrating that as well!

April 05, 2017

Day 3

Day 3 is done, and my brain is fried!!

Doing 2 jobs -- whew, that will wear you out real quick. Nothing major happened thankfully, but we did have to work through a few things.

After work, I had a few errands to run -- I stopped at the bank to make a deposit, then dropped off some dry cleaning. Then picked up the ingredients for a chocolate cherry cake that I'll be making for Mimi's birthday this weekend! When I got home, I did a zumba video and worked up a sweat! It was fun.

Now I am waiting for Chris to get done with his long treadmill run and we'll eat some dinner -- orange chicken on rice and zoodles!

I have nothing else to report!

April 04, 2017

Day 2 done

So, day 2 of this week with half a staff is now over...it wasn't too bad, thankfully!

No computer or printer issues! Figured out everything that came up. Got a lot of work done. Whew, my brain is tired. So, so happy that my dinner is cooked (thank you meal prep!!!)...I'm watching a little New Girl and then this evening I'm going to do some reading.

New book club book, One Plus One, is going well so far...I'm about 30% in so far. I like Jojo's writing style. The couch is calling my name!

Tomorrow after work, I need to stop at the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for the chocolate cherry cake for Mimi's birthday! Can't wait to enjoy that this weekend!

April 03, 2017


It was an interesting day today...

:: We've been on the past few incentive trips through work, so honestly it does feel a tad odd to be at work this week. I hope that everyone has a great time in Costa Rica!

:: Being at work this week, those of us remaining (which is half my department) are trying to have some fun of our own!! Today we had a Food Day and we all brought in goodies to share...queso and guacamole and salsa and chips; sausage balls; pizza rolls; veggies and fruit. We all nibbled on it all day long and I enjoyed that! We are also (as a whole company) going to have a pizza lunch on Friday...

:: With half of our department on the trip, that leaves had a bit of a short-handed nature to the day. We all had to fill in where needed. It's always interesting to step into someone else's shoes.

:: The technology gremlins were at work, to be sure...we need to be checking Allison's email all week, and her monitor wouldn't work. It was 3:00 before we got that fixed. Our big printer, Big Mamma, got a system error and Xerox support had to be called in; and company-wise, ATT was having issues and we couldn't receive local phone calls for awhile. After awhile, you just have to laugh.

:: So....tomorrow is Day 2. What fun things will we face??? We shall see.

April 02, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: Friday after work, Chris did a long treadmill workout and I went to do some errands. I picked up some dog food for Poppy at PetSmart and then shopped at Michaels for some items for the scrapbooks I'm working on. Then we met up at the new Natural Food Restaurant that opened near our office...it was pretty tasty! We'll definitely go there again. I got an avocado half filled with egg salad and Chris got some lobster mac & cheese. Then we headed home to relax.

:: Saturday, Chris had a three hour bike ride, followed by a thirty minute run...during that time, I did the grocery list and worked on my scrapbook project. That evening, we had dinner at Nikki's (gyros) and headed home after to relax some more. Much relaxation needed!

:: I finished The Last Anniversary book -- it was pretty good. Now my favorite of hers, but a decent read. Now I am going to start our next book for book club -- One Plus One by Jojo Moyes.

:: Sunday, I picked up my online grocery order in the rain, and stopped at the Natural Grocery too...then came home to do the laundry and do all the meal prep for the week. Aspen stopped by to visit for about three hours and it was good to chat with her for a bit. This evening I am going to make tacos for dinner and then it will be time to watch the Walking Dead finale! This season has been a bit blah for me, so I am ready for the season to be over, actually. Hopefully the finale is good!

:: Our Ocho turned 11 on Saturday!!! We played some extra ball with him. He's a happy boy!

:: This week, half of my department is on the incentive trip so we shall see how the week goes. We're all covering for those who are gone, but hopefully it will be quiet. We are having a fun food day tomorrow with dips and chips and etc...yum!

Hope you all have a happy week!