March 01, 2015

:: Well, I'm about done done done with white icy stuff that falls from the sky! Schools were closed a few days this week. First we had snow, lots of thick falling snow. Then the sleet fell on top of that. It pretty much shut the town down. Finally today the streets are starting to clear. But alas, we are scheduled to get more this coming week. Ug.

:: Friday after work, Chris and I braved the ice and had dinner at Enchilada Express -- then we headed home and relaxed.

:: Saturday, we went up to the office and did our workouts -- Chris is quite tired of the treadmill! Then we had dinner at Skeets and did the grocery shopping. The rest of our day was relaxing. I scrapbooked five pages in my album for Kasi, and Chris bottled his white merlot. I also made some lemon poppy seed muffins, with

:: Sunday, after church, I dropped Chris off at the office again to do more miles on the treadmill, and I ran errands. I was on the hunt for new luggage -- we threw our other ones away because after being mishandled by the airports for a few years, they were on their last legs. I found some pretty plum suitcases at Target for a decent price. I don't see paying a ton of money for them, when they are just thrown around at the airport. I also stopped at Kohl's and looked around there -- found some cute workout pants and a white cardigan. I picked up Chris, and then headed home to do laundry and do my food prep for the week -- egg muffins for breakfasts, homemade Ranch dressing, and a nut butter (I made it up as I went, so hopefully it will be good!!)

:: Tomorrow, Monday, is my final day of my Whole30! I am feeling great and am excited and ready to move forward with my next phase. Basically, what I am going to follow is this: I will eat healthy, as I have been. I will decide things on a case by case basis and I will use these questions: Is it worth it? Is it special? Do I LOVE it? If yes, I'll enjoy it and then move on back to my healthy foods. I will not schedule CHEAT days or meals -- I will enjoy TREATS when I deem them worth it. Beyond treats, I will bring back: quinoa, honey, dark chocolate.

:: Tonight is the Walking Dead and I can't wait!!!

:: I did some catch up today on the new season of The Voice -- so far so good!

:: Time to make some dinner -- tonight, the family will be having black bean enchiladas...I'll whip up something spontaneous for myself :) I am excited for the guacamole though!

February 26, 2015

:: I woke up this morning, and snow was falling down pretty was so pretty! It continued to snow until just after lunch, but thankfully the roads were still warm from our 50 degree weather yesterday so it didn't stick. It is pretty cold now though, and hopefully we don't get any snow overnight.

:: I enjoyed a slightly slower pace at work today -- that is really just to say that it wasn't completely insane. It made me quite happy to accomplish some things today.

:: I had a great workout after work -- cardio and abs. Dinner was a delicious tortelini pasta with  homemade tomato sauce and shrimp -- I swapped out my tortelini with zoodles! I also roasted some carrots and that is really the only way to eat carrots! They get kind of carmelized and they are so delish!

:: Unbroken is going well -- I'm cruising through now. The amount of desolation and tragedy this man endured in his lifetime is unreal. Stories like this make me realize just how weak I am. I couldn't make it through even half this stuff! I always tell Chris -- if the zombie apocolypse ever DOES really happen, he should just shoot me right away because I don't want to experience any of that!!!

:: Had to stop at the family owned drug store by our office today for a few things, and bought some more of their Herbal Melt candle pods for my scent warmer. The last ones I had smelled delicious, it was a hazlenut coffee smell. Yum! This time I got apricot blackberry and it smells very sweet. Can't wait to use them!

:: I want to do a little research this evening on a few Paleo diet cookbooks, and a Paleo product company...and then do some reading. It's been so nice to relax in the evenings. Much needed after stressful days!

February 25, 2015

:: We worked a little late this evening, and so decided to skip life group. We are torn on how to proceed with the group...we really like the teacher and get something out of his lessons each week. But the group continues to grow in size, and what used to feel intimate is now feeling more like a classroom. In a life group, we are wanting a small group of people that we relate to, that we can do life with, that we can get intimate and honest with. In a room full of 20+ couples, that is hard to do. So, we shall see. Chris and I need to have a good discussion about it and do some praying on it.

:: I made beef stir fry for dinner and it was pretty yummy!

:: I was up again last night with an allergy attack. Not as long as last time, but still at least an hour. I was a tired girl this morning! I can't seem to kick this sinus infection, I'm not sure what is going on. I am on my second dose of antibiotics. I have a few days left, and if it is still there when I am done, I'll be visiting again with the nurse practitioner. Sick of this!

:: Kim did our presentation this morning at our weekly supervisor meeting, and she did a great job! We are each taking a week and presenting on a topic that we feel passionate about. She was able to get some good conversation going, and I enjoyed it!

:: We are blessed with casual days tomorrow and Friday! In this cold weather, that was music to my ears!!! Yesterday was in the 20s with lots of ice on the roads. Today it got into the 60s. I swear our weather here is bipolar! More snow supposed to coming. That could very well be the cause of my nose issues!!!

:: Time to unwind and I think I shall read :)

February 24, 2015

:: The roads were worse this morning -- very icy. We went through the country and made it safely to the office. We took our lunch and ate there, just to be safe. Thankfully, this evening when we left, the roads were clear of ice. So back to normal for a bit, but more snow is on it's way later this week.

:: I made a big photo order over the weekend and am very excited to get them. Over 300 of my own photos, and the rest of the photos for the scrapbook I'm working on. They shipped today, so I should be getting them in a few days.

:: Had a great workout this evening -- some cardio on The Beast, and then arms and legs. Felt good! I was even given a compliment at the gym tonight -- Alvino told me that my shoulders are starting to look defined. Woop!!

:: My coworker Allison is currently at Disney World -- she ran her first half marathon there, and then is spending the week at the park. I asked her to bring something Eeyore back for me, and she sent me a few pics today of things to choose from. :) Yay! I picked a mug, it is super cute!! Sweet, sad little Eeyore donkey :)

:: The Unbroken story has gotten much better, after I got out of the war section. There was just too much detail there for me! The part after that they are stranded in the ocean in a raft surrounded by sharks for a very long time, and then the part after that they are captured by the Japanese. These parts are very interesting. I don't know how the story ends, but we shall see!

:: I downloaded a majong game :) Still love my solitairre, but need something else to alternate :) Good mindless interaction to keep my brain active and alive! And to zone out and not think.

:: Off to read!

February 23, 2015

:: My day, I really have no words for it. Hectic and crazy and stressful just don't do it justice. It was 8:30 am and then I looked up and it was 5:00 pm. And I'm not even sure what I did. But it was a lot! And involved two meetings, one of which was an hour and a half long. We have one out on vacation this week, and I am covering for her. We had one call in because of the bad weather, and that left me one designer and a brand new designer. She jumped in and helped where she could. Tonight, I miss wine.

:: We woke up to our town covered in snow and sleet...the drive in to work wasn't so bad, but by lunch it had gotten a bit slippery and our commute home this evening was very icy and we went through the country. We didn't get home until about 7:25 after our workout, and it was too late to cook -- so I made grilled cheese for the family and a salad topped with egg salad for me.

:: Please say a prayer for my poor Mom -- she broke her shoulder today, and sprained her ankle :( She'll be meeting with a specialist soon to see what next steps are. She and Randy have had such bad luck health-wise for about a year now, and they need lots and lots of prayers.

:: I'm in my last week of Whole30 -- next Monday is my last day. I am so happy to be where I am right now. I feel great! And am loving the changes I see in my body. People tend to think that I have this amazing will power, but honestly -- I love rules. I love knowing exactly what I can and can't eat. It makes life really easy for me, even though it looks really hard to outsiders. So, now, in one week I will come to a point where my RULES GO AWAY. That is when it gets hard for me. Because I have to decide what to bring back, and some of those things do not do me any favors. From my past Whole30s, I have learned that in addition to sugar, corn is my downfall. Corn chips, popcorn. They just make me want more more more. And once I am off the wagon, I go way off. I have a hard time treating myself, because I just want more. So, these are the things I struggle with.

:: A few of us "healthy" women at work are going to put together a Lunch & Learn, and we had a meeting today. Discussed what we'd be able to bring to the table. In general, I am going to go over how to read a nutrition label and decipher the ingredient list, how to cook one meal each night, but break it up so it suits the needs of multiple people, how to make healthy versions of things like mayo and ranch dressing. I am looking forward to this!!

:: I'm behind in my reading for book club -- need to fit a good chunk in this evening.

February 22, 2015

:: Seems like our weekend went by very quickly! Hope you had a good one!

:: Friday, after work, Chris and I worked out and then headed to eat dinner. We wanted Red Robin (his department is doing a Best Hamburger in Town contest and they are next on the list), but they were slammed. We tried a few other places and finally settled on Cotton Patch. Which was still a 20 minute wait. I had a delicious steak, a baked potato, and a salad. Yum! Afterwards, we bought some water and gatorade and went to set it out for his 22 mile run the next morning.

:: That night, I had a horrible allergy attack and was up from about 2:00 - 4:00 dealing with that. I was a tired girl Saturday morning!

:: Saturday at 7:00, Chris and Steven took off on their 22 miles and had a good run. The wind was pretty fierce, but they did great! Then Neeley came over and they put in the baseboard in the shop. I worked on my scrapbook for hire, and was able to make a little progress with the planning there. Chris, Neeley and I had lunch at Firehouse Subs and I hit Michael's while they hit Home Depot.

:: Saturday evening, Chris and I were able to get into Red Robin and we enjoyed our meal there. Then we stopped at Old Navy -- haven't been there in forever, all I found was a white tank top for workouts. Which I've been needing, so yay!

:: Today, it is pouring down rain and very cold. We decided to watch church online, and then Chris bottled his peach chardonnay and will do some work. I'm about to head to the grocery store and then Walking Dead tonight!

:: Busy week ahead. The girl I gave half my workload to is on vacation this week, so that means I will be getting that work back. Should be fun!

That's about it from this end...

February 19, 2015

:: Another crazy day -- the new normal. Meetings and lots of work. My new graphic designer is fitting in well and seems to be picking things up quite fast. So that makes me happy. I've been doing a lot of listening to people talk at work, and then I come home and my ears are tired!

:: We have some exciting news that I'll be able to announce shortly -- don't want to jump the gun!

:: This evening I made a very yummy dinner! Roasted sweet potatoes, roasted green beans, and tilapia. I breaded my tilapia in shredded unsweetened coconut (the rest was in panko), and a few spices. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it was quite tasty. Will be doing that again.

:: A few of us talked today about doing a Lunch & Learn next month -- basically, people bring their lunches and we meet over the lunch hour to discuss a topic for enhanced job knowledge, something that will help in your personal life, etc. The topic for this one would be how to plan healthy meals for the week, and even how to do some of the prep (or all of it) on Sunday and not have to cook all week. It surprised me to see how many people just grab fast food on their way home. It's convenient and easy and no clean up. I have some things to add to the discussion, so they asked for me to help prepare the class. Should be fun, as health and food are passions of mine.

:: I have a fun photo post idea to share soon -- I need to work on it a bit before it is ready, but I saw it on pinterest and it is cute!

:: Time to work on my scrapbook...

February 18, 2015

:: Today was another day that flew by in a whir of activity and non-stop is wearing me out! A meeting, then training my new employee, another meeting, lunch, more training with employee, and then cram all of my work into the final two hours of the day. I'm getting a tad behind in the process. I suppose this is job security...

:: After work, Chris and I had dinner at Subway, and then headed home. We were both too brain-fried to go to Life Group. Sad, I know.

:: I can't weigh myself while on my Whole30 (day 18!!), but I can definitely see some changes in my body. It seems to have happened suddenly -- I didn't feel very different, but then suddenly I did. My standard black slacks were quite baggy in the butt and thighs today. And I was able to wear a fitted button-down shirt as well, that I haven't been able to wear in awhile. Changes are happening!

:: In Unbroken, I was able to get to the end of Part II, so the war details are over. Part III starts with three guys lost at sea, stuck on a raft surrounded by sharks. It's getting interesting now! I only know the gist of the story, but there will also be a part where they become Japanese prisoners. I'm guessing that is Part IV.

:: I'm going to do a little work on the scrapbook this evening, so this is farewell for now...

February 17, 2015

:: I can't get over how insane work life has become! It's a whirlwind of activity all day long. Just a tad stressful! I looked up and it was 5:00 and I could not believe it. Whew.

:: For my workout, I did pure weights, no cardio tonight. I did some good stretching afterwards and then sat in the resting yoga pose for a few minutes with my eyes closed, breathing. Whew.

:: Need to do some reading this evening for book club -- Unbroken. I must say, all of the war details are bogging me down. I am going to start skimming until I get to another part. So much detail. Whew.

:: We are reading Soul Detox as a departmental book study this year, and we had our first session today. We will have four more. It's a pretty deep read, but also a very easy read filled with stories. I like the author a lot and am looking forward to the rest of the book!

:: I started organizing my scrapbook for hire last night, and it came to about 40 pages. Which is actually two scrapbooks. I checked with her today, and she wants to move forward with both books. So I will be a very busy scrapbooker for awhile.

:: I need to buy ink for our printer and #10 envelopes.

:: Black bean enchiladas for dinner for the family...I had a big salad with a sausage cut into it, with my yummy ranch dressing. I couldn't even finish it, I got so full! The rest will good for lunch tomorrow!

:: Update on Aspen -- Chris received a few texts from her the other day. She asked how we were all doing, and in a second text she said, "I'm sorry for everything." That was about the extent of the communication...we assume that she has gone full time at Dillards, and is enjoying her apartment. We continue to pray for her, and ask that you say a few too...

:: Ok, time to drench myself in some war detail skimming!

February 16, 2015

:: I'm glad Monday is over, simply because it was a Monday!

:: I must say, my homemade ranch dressing is incredibly delicious!!! I must also say, my egg salad using Fonda's recipe was DELISH!!!! Even my little changes didn't alter it -- so yum!

:: Watched the episode of Sex And The City tonight (while on the Beast for my workout) where Carrie and Big get married...oh but he stands her up at the alter! I actually got a little teary eyed when she goes hysterical on him in the middle of the street. Such a sad one.

:: I'm beginning my scrapbook for hire...first step, organizing and planning...

:: The jams I put on last Monday are still hanging on! This is the longest they have lasted. Tomorrow will be 8 days! Not quite ready to take them off yet.

:: My antibiotic I'm taking for my sinus infection is making my belly hurt -- boo. Breathing a bit better though. 4 days to go.

:: Whole30 day 16!! In the books, and it was a good one! Just for my accountability, here is my intake for the day: 2 eggs, carrots, nut butter; chopped salad at Subway with no cheese and oil/vinegar for dressing; Lara coconut bar pre-workout; and a salad full of veggies, topped with a healthy portion of egg salad and some ranch dressing, along with pineapple. I'm one full girl.

:: That's about all I've got for now...until tomorrow!

February 15, 2015

:: Hope you had a great Valentine's weekend!

:: Friday evening, Chris ran 8 miles and I worked out...then we met Neeley and Lauren and Jill at Casa for dinner. We enjoyed our time with them, and headed to Lowe's afterwards to get supplies for their work day the next day.

:: Saturday morning, Chris and I exchanged Valentine's gifts!

This little cutie is looking for a Valentine! :)
There is a runner girl that Chris follows on Instagram, and she has coined the phrase "I run this body" -- she sells merchandise, and I couldn't resist getting this shirt for Chris.
I also made this heart for him, out of wine corks! I love pinterest!
A beautiful Tiffany key -- I love that the key notch is a "T", so clever!
Chris was so excited about this gift he had made for me, he could barely stand it! It is a gorgeous tiffany blue with silver :) A Glock like his black one, so now I have a gun of my own! I love it and can't wait to go shoot it!
And, for March 3rd when my Whole30 is over, some delicious dark chocolates! Straight from the Ghirardelli plant/store in San Francisco!
Us, headed to dinner at Copper Creek -- it's in the car and the lighting was dark, but still cute!
:: Chris and Neeley worked on the shop Saturday -- they framed out the windows upstairs with cedar, and made a cedar door for the attic opening. Moving right along! I cleaned the house and did some laundry.

:: Saturday evening, Chris and I had dinner reservations at Copper Creek and it was yummy! I had the cedar plank salmon and roasted asparagus. Chris had the stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes and zuchini. So good!

:: Sunday, church was great! David spoke about grace, and I learned quite a bit today. He also did a very impassioned impersonation of a vibrant pastor he used to know, and it was hilarious! Loved it. Afterwards, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.

:: I'm on day 15 of my Whole 30. It is going really well and I am feeling really good.

:: Today, I made homemade ranch dressing with some of the homemade mayo I made. Oh it is going to be yummy on our salad, can't wait!! I also made Fonda's egg salad recipe and I am excited to have that for lunch this week. I used my homemade mayo here too, and left out the sour cream. It should be close! Love Fonda's egg salad!!

::  I'm currently on antibiotics for a sinus infection -- seems my hike in the woods at our retreat did me in! All that mountain cedar, whew. I haven't been able to breathe all week, very stuffy. Hope these meds do the trick!!

:: Hope you all have a great week ahead -- ours is fairly quiet and I am hoping it stays that way!!

February 12, 2015

:: Our prospective graphic designer came in today for her peer shadowing, and it went well! Our two designers really liked her, and she seemed to be excited about being there! We will be extending the offer to her tomorrow, and please pray that she accepts :) She will hopefully start next week!

:: Had a great workout after work, with my February fit buddy Kim! We went through the machines to show her exactly how to use them all. Now she is good to go!

:: This evening I made my mom's chicken salad :) When Chris is out of town, me and Mimi always have it (it's her fave, and Chris doesn't like it)...I split the batch in half, and made half the normal way and altered the other half for me! It was yum! I didn't add the rice or the cheese, and added water chestnuts and raisens. And my homemade mayo (which is holy cow incredibly delicous -- and so easy to make!!!!).

:: Tonight I have some reading to do in Unbroken for book isn't exactly what I was hoping. It is an autobiography, and I was thinking it would be more of a story. There are so, so many details about the war. Wowza. I'm only on section 2 of 5, so we shall see how it goes. So far, I've done some skimming, shhhh!

:: Have a Happy Valentine's on Saturday! I've been told we have dinner reservations, but not sure where!

:: Until Sunday!

February 11, 2015

:: Chris left bright and early this morning for San Francisco. He had a very long day of travel, and meetings. More of it tomorrow.

:: Another busy day...I was very productive though which felt great!! I also moved one step closer to hiring a graphic designer!! She is coming in tomorrow to "peer shadow" our designers, to get an idea of the atmosphere etc. Then we will offer her the job and hopefully she will accept!

:: After work, I picked up my prescription and then had a chopped salad at Subway. Then I made my way to life group. We celebrated a couple tonight who is having a baby that has a terminal illness. They have decided to continue the pregnancy to full term, and we had a little celebration for baby Jase before our lesson.

:: Not much else to report...need to relax my brain a bit!

February 10, 2015

:: Oh, Tuesday that felt like a Monday -- you weren't my best bud. After being gone two work days, I surely had quite a bit of email catch up to do, and my to do list is now quite long. All I can do is chip away at it. It was a long stressful morning. Then I had a great second interview with our prospective graphic designer, and she is now doing our skills assessment test -- which means she is taking one of our current brochures and redesigning it. Due tomorrow by 5:00. If all goes well there, she is hired! Yay! The afternoon was ok, but quite full and very busy.

:: Chris leaves tomorrow morning at 7:00 am for a San Francisco business trip. He won't be home until about 10:00 pm Thursday night. Very quick trip, but very intense. Say a little prayer for him! I shall miss him!

:: He was very sweet tonight -- he had 8 miles to run, and I went on home to get dinner started. He ended up home earlier than expected, and said that he cut his run short to come home and spend time with me. Wow! Love that!! And him!

:: Mentally drained...ready to relax some this week.

:: I need to do some reading, so goodbye for tonight!

February 09, 2015

I was off today, but my to do list was quite long. 10:30 party at work for a coworker turning 30, post office, took Poppy to the vet, picked up Subway for Chris' lunch, ate my own lunch, got a car wash, made the grocery list, went grocery shopping, did all the laundry, made egg muffins, made oatmeal nut butter, made homemade mayo, put on my weekly Jamberry, made dinner, and showed chris my 150 layouts from the weekend! Now I am putting them all into the albums. Whew. I'm ready for bed! So glad I had today off. Back to work tomorrow!