June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

Today, we celebrate all the dads and special men in the world, and I sure have a lot to celebrate! Some are no longer here to hug, and I sure do miss them...my dad, my step-dad, and my grandpa, Joe.  I'm sending virtual hugs to m grandpa, Al, my mom's hubby, Randy, and my Clarence...love you all so much!

And, of course, my amazing hubby!!! There is no one I'd rather do this life with...thank you for all you do for our family!

Our weekend has been very low-key...Friday evening, after Chris swam a very long swim, we met at Jason's Deli for a delicious salad bar dinner. Saturday, Chris had another long workout and I went to Kohl's for a few things and then stopped at the Natural Food store. That evening, we went to the Flea Market (it is the third weekend of every month), but there was not much there at all. It was a little sad. So, we nixed that idea, and then later went out to dinner at a new (to us) Mexican restaurant in a little town of Winters. It's about 20 minutes away, in the opposite direction of Abilene. It takes us about 20 minutes to get to Abilene, too, so we decided it was worth a try. It was ok, but we still like the little whole in the wall Mexican place in our tiny town the best. So, we probably won't be going back there.

Sunday, after Chris runs for 90 minutes, we are going to meet Mimi, Aspen, and Geordon at Sharon's BBQ for a Father's Day lunch. Before then, I am doing laundry and going to our little grocery store in town. I am also looking forward to my weekly call with my grandma, in the two o'clock hour :)

Update on our Ocho -- it's day by day. We've had to give him pain pills the past few days, so we think the tumor inside is growing and making things very uncomfortable in his abdomen. The growth inside is pushing out the bumps on his side, starting to make it a little difficult for him to walk since those are on his hip and it's very tight there. Neither of us has ever had to "make the call" in a situation like this...and it's very hard to know when the right time will be. It doesn't feel like it's time yet, but we feel that it may be close.

The week ahead -- Chris is having dinner with his boss on Tuesday evening; Chris has a business trip to New Mexico Wednesday/Thursday; Friday, we are off work in the afternoon and are driving to Lubbock to help our friends from Joplin, MO, work a booth at the Buffalo Springs 70.3 Half Ironman Expo. Here's to a good week!

June 11, 2018

Fun Weekend & Sad News

What a fun weekend we had! The thing about our decision to live in a fifth wheel -- we have lots of opportunity to travel and do fun things!

This weekend, we were gifted FREE tickets to the Indy/Super Truck races in Fort Worth at the Texas Motor Speedway! I had never been before, and had never seen Indy cars, so it was a treat!

The speedway is HUGE!! The circle lap is a mile and a half long...and those Indy cars were so fast, they did the loop in about 20 seconds! They went 200+ laps, so it took about two hours for the entire race. There were three mishaps along the way, with crashes and a fire. But overall, it seemed pretty smooth sailing. Those cars are FAST!!! So fun. I enjoyed learning all the ins and outs of the race. These cars were loud, but not nearly as loud as the drag race cars.

Afterwards, they had the Super Truck races and I truly enjoyed those! They did 18 loops on a track with ramps, and they pretty much had no rules and it was a free-for-all! Arie, from the TV show The Bachelor, races in these trucks, and we were able to watch him race. So that was kind of fun! He ended up blowing a tire about halfway through, and by the time they fixed it he was two laps behind.

The neat part was, the races didn't start until 5:00, and the set up has the sun setting behind the seats. So we were in the shade and that was sooooo nice!!!

We stayed in Fort Worth that night, and then had a leisurely morning and breakfast before heading back to Abilene to pick up our puppers and doing our normal Sunday stuff.

Update on our Ocho -- Dr. Bolt did NOT do the surgery last Thursday. He did a test on him before starting, and discovered a tumor in  his abdomen the size of a tennis ball :( For a 7 pound dog, that is pretty large! It is attached to his spine, and is very fast-growing, since he said it was not there during the last surgery (which was a little over a month ago). So, he does not want to put him through surgery when this is going on inside of him. This is very sad news, as there is not much we can do at this point. There will come a time when the bumps and the tumor are too large and they begin to affect Ocho's body functions, etc. At that time, we'll need to make some hard decisions. We are sad that that time is drawing closer, but until then, we will take it day by day, spoil him as much as possible, and give him lots of love!

June 03, 2018

Weekend Recap

We are melting away down here! It's been between 100 and 105 degrees all week. Today we have a cool front -- it's only going to be about 92!! Brr! Then, next week we are back to the 100s.

:: Friday evening, we had a very nice dinner at the Tap House after Chris did a very long swim workout. It was a nice evening with my love!

:: Saturday, I had some errands to take care of. It was time for an oil change on my car, and I had a shirt to return to Kohl's. I bought some groceries at the Natural Grocer, and then picked up my groceries at Walmart. While I was out and about, Chris was doing his long run in the very hot sun and then he cleaned our whole place! That was a fantastic surprise to come home to!! After a relaxing afternoon, we headed over to Jon and Nadene's house for a delicious dinner and great fellowship with our sweet friends.

:: Today is laundry for me and a long bike ride for Chris. Should be a pretty relaxing day since we accomplished so much yesterday!

:: Tuesday, I went back to my eye doctor and ordered my new glasses. They'll be ready in 7-10 business days...can't wait to start wearing them and getting some relief on the strain I've been feeling.

:: I'm nearly done with Thirteen Reasons Why season 2, and whew...it has been quite intense. So much stuff that teenagers today have to deal with. I have one and a half episodes to go, and I am sure the ending is going to be insane. Once I get done with this series, I am going to watch a ton of Big Bang Theory and laugh for awhile!!

:: The week ahead, we'll have casual days all week!! Super excited about that!

:: Ocho's second surgery will be on Thursday...Dr. Bolt will remove the two new small bumps that have formed. Hopefully he'll be able to get all the edges and prevent it from growing back. Say some prayers for our sweet boy!!

Have a great week!!

May 28, 2018

Justin Timberlake!!!!!!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!

For our long weekend, we spend some of it at home and some of it in Dallas. Friday and Saturday, we  ate out a few times and went to Kohl's. I found a cute pair of shorts and a neon shirt...and was also looking for a white shirt. I've been looking for one for months and just can't find a good one that isn't see-through! Grr! If you have any recommendations, please tell me! Needs to not be too baggy, and I don't care if it is sleeveless or has sleeves.

Sunday, we left town around 10:00 and dropped the dogs off at Mimi's. Then we made the drive to Dallas, which takes right under three hours. We checked in to our hotel, which was just a few blocks from the arena where the concert would take place. We rested there for a few hours...Chris did some work and I watched a few episodes of Thirteen Reasons Why. Season 2 has been pretty good so far.

We headed to dinner around 5:15...walked the few blocks to the arena and had reservations at the Lexus Platinum Club there. It was a delicious buffet, and we had a nice window seat. From there, we found our seats (third balcony) and got ready to enjoy the show!

The opening acts -- the first one was a DJ and he was fun! He got the crowd all pumped up and then introduced the Shadowboxers. We weren't too keen on them. Then the DJ came back on for about thirty minutes before introducing JT!

It was an amazing show!!!!! Justin is a very seasoned performer, and he is a natural at what he does. His singing was so good, and his dancing was great! It is effortless for him. He commands that stage and had no problem being the center of attention for 20,000+ people -- that amazes me! He performed for two solid hours, and the show included songs from all of his albums. Justified. Future Sex/Love Sounds. 20/20 Experience. Man of the Woods.

The stage was set up to run the full length of the stadium, so that was great...and the light show/lasers added so much fun! This was definitely the type of concert where people should be on their feet dancing the whole time, but for some reason we were in a section where most people were sitting! I tried that for awhile but finally had to stand up!! Sorry, people behind me!! :)

What a fun, fun evening...this was my Valentine's gift from Chris and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience together! Much respect for Justin Timberlake, WOW!!!!

Monday, we slept in and then grabbed some breakfast at a little coffee shop down the block...then packed up and got on the road home. Another fantastic weekend in the books for the Babers!

May 25, 2018

Currently I Am...

...WAITING on a THREE DAY weekend!!!

...ANTICIPATING the Justin Timberlake concert on Sunday!

...WATCHING season 1 of Big Bang Theory and season 2 of Thirteen Reasons Why.

...READING chapter 1 of the next book club book, called Dear Dwayne, With Love.

...WORRYING about Ocho, who is having another surgery on June 7; two small spots have cropped up that are going to be removed.

...NEEDING to do some kind of food reset.

...STRESSING a bit over the planning for our upcoming South Africa trip.

...PLANNING to order some new glasses next week, with EyeZen lenses...they have some magnification in them, and help reduce the strain of blue light from computers/phones/etc. Basically, a step before bifocals -- #getting old.

...MEETING Kim on Saturday for a movie date to see Book Club.

May 21, 2018

Update on Life

Here we are, Monday evening...I came home right after work so I could get all of our laundry done. Because...yes...we had another weekend away...to Fredericksburg!

We've got some things in the works, to be announced in the days to come. And those things required another trip to our favorite town. No complaints from us though!

Friday evening, we were in town and had dinner at Nikko's...love their gyros! Then we had a relaxing evening at home.

Saturday morning, after Chris did a run, we made our way to Fredericksburg. It's just a short drive, about 2 hours and 20 minutes or so. When we arrived, we had lunch at the Brewery...one of our faves. It was a great day -- we went to Hilmy Cellars, then spent some time in the rocking chairs at 4.0. After a quick freshen up at the hotel (back to the Best Western, where we got a free night due to points!), we tried dinner at a new restaurant in town called Nurry's. It was actually quite tasty! Then we spent a little time at Lincoln Street before finding a new, trendy spot called The Elk Store...I had a watermelon moonshine martini there that was so delish!

Sunday, after breakfast at the hotel, we walked Main Street for a bit. It was a little rainy, which brought on some chilly weather too. While we were huddling under an awning, we saw my friend Sammy! She was there with her hubby and their pup, so we enjoyed chatting with them for a few minutes. We then slipped in to Grape Creek on Main for our free glass of wine (we're members), and by the time we came out the rain had stopped. We had lunch at West End (yummy pizza) and then headed home to do our normal Sunday stuff.

A very nice weekend, indeed!

This week: I'm getting my hair done on Tuesday and we have book cub on Thursday...and Kim and I are going to the movies on Saturday! Then!! On Sunday, Chris and I are going to Dallas for the Justin Timberlake concert!!!! Super excited about that!! We'll stay Sunday and return on Monday -- a lovely day off for the holiday!!

May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Today we celebrate all the women in our life!!

My mom, who gave me such a wonderful childhood, even though it wasn't always easy. I have so many great memories of our times together, and am so grateful that God chose YOU to be my mother. I am who I am because of you!

My grandma, Gene, who is the matriarch of our whole family and loves us all with such vigor and strength. My time with you is always special. I am who I am because of you!

And to my mother-in-law, who raised such an amazing man and who has the most giving, unconditional heart.

I am missing my grandma, Flo, and my sweet Fonda today...so many wonderful memories with them and they, too, contributed greatly to who I am today.

Women are amazing!!!

As a woman...I fear my season of hot flashes may be starting :( My internal temperature seems to have skyrocketed. Someone get me a fan!!!

Now, the weekend...

:: We finally had some time to investigate our closet situation (remember, our clothes bar fell)...we did some measuring and decided to purchase a free-standing clothes rack. We found one that is adjustable and I think it will work great. It is a solid bar, where our other rack had individual hanger slots that were difficult to work with. I'm hoping to get rid of the 5-hanger hangers, and get back to single hangers if possible. Amazon should deliver this tomorrow, and then we can work on getting that all settled.

:: I'm well on my way in my current book club book, The Great Library - Ink and Bone. It took me a bit to get into this one, but it's going ok now. It's a decent story, but I don't think I'll be reading the other three books in this series. We'll see what I think when I get to the end. This is the same author as the other two books I've recently read, and if I didn't see her name on the cover, I would never have guessed it was written by the same person. This one is missing something, but I can't put my finger on it.

:: For Mother's Day, Chris bought me the first four seasons of The Big Bang Theory!! I've been wanting to watch the entire series from the very beginning, in order. But it isn't on Netflix. I've been watching reruns here and there recently and find them so funny...but really don't know the whole story. So I am very excited to start with the pilot and watch in order!! Great gift, thank you hubby!! :)

The week ahead...

:: We have TWO VIP trips this week, so that means two VIP presentations I'll be part of. We are changing some things up with the format, and it should hopefully free up some time. Fingers crossed.

:: Friday evening, we are going to a 30th birthday party for our friend, Kiki -- that should be a good time!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!!

May 06, 2018

Relaxing Weekend in Fredericksburg

So, after six months of intense triathlon training, Chris decided he was ready for a relaxing weekend in our favorite place -- Fredericksburg!

Of course, I was up for that!

We went out for my birthday dinner with Mimi on Friday evening...I decided I wanted SzeChuan! Mmmmm, it so was tasty! We had a nice time together there, and then went back to the townhouse for gifts and ice cream cake. So, so good!!! Mimi gave me money so that I can buy some Young Living oils that I've been wanting to try so I can't wait to put that order in!!!

Saturday morning, Chris and I headed out early and made the short drive without incident. We went to The Brewery for a delicious lunch and then headed out to Grape Creek to enjoy a bottle of wine and the lovely atmosphere there. We then stopped at 4.0 Winery for a bit of time spent in the rocking chairs on their porch, ahhhh! So relaxing. Then we went to check in to our room.

Chris chose a hotel room at a small hotel right off Main Street. It has 22 rooms, and they are decorated quite eclectically. Our room was the Waylon Jennings rooms and it was cute! There are pics on my Instagram if you'd like to see. It was small, but clean and the bed was quite comfy!

We had dinner at August E, which has the most delicious sushi!!! It was a great evening there, followed by a little time at Lincoln Street and then the goth bar. We made it to midnight, which is good for us old folks!

Sunday, we slept in a bit and then walked a few blocks to get some doughnuts. After spending a little time in our room and packing up, we then walked Main Street and looked in the shops. Then we had lunch at a new place to us, which was tasty but a bit slow service. After the drive home, we've been spending the evening doing normal Sunday things -- laundry, groceries, etc.

Now, onto a new week! Hope you all have a great one!!

May 03, 2018

The Whole Ironman Experience

So, I told you about Chris' amazing Ironman run! (And yes, he's still riding that high!)

Today, I want to tell you all about the entire experience we had there...because it was all pretty fun!

:: We left Abilene Wednesday after work and stayed in Gatesville for the night...then we finished up the drive on Thursday. Once we made it to The Woodlands, we made our way to the Ironman Village so Chris could do his athlete check in and attend his mandatory athlete meeting. We also browsed at the Ironman shop, and he bought a t-shirt that had the big Ironman logo on the back with every single participant's name listed. We had lunch at a place called BurgerFi, and it was delicious! Then we checked in to the Laquinta, where we would spend the next few days. Chris did his recovery boots and we relaxed. That evening, we had dinner at a local pizza place and enjoyed a nice, quiet time together.

:: Friday, Chris did an easy workout and then our friends, Jordan and Lauren, arrived from Missouri!! They drove 8 hours to come and support Chris in his first full Ironman -- that right there is so amazing! Their excitement for being there was so contagious! It meant so much to Chris that they came down for the event. We headed over to the transition area so Chris could check in his bike. He also checked in his transition bags, one for the swim to the bike, and one for the bike to the swim. The bags held everything he would need for each transition. He got the lay of the land so he would be familiar with everything race day. Lauren and Jordan gave Chris some transition tips, too!

:: That evening, we met up with QLefty and his family, as well as Ruben and his family. Ruben is an athlete that QLefty and Chris met on Instagram, so it was neat for them to finally all meet in person! We had an early dinner at an Italian restaurant, and the guys talked race strategy and us girls chatted about our own stuff. Every single person at that table had met each other through Instagram -- that is really just so crazy to think about!! After eating, we walked around and took some pics in front of the Lulumon wall of athlete names - too fun! Before we parted ways for the evening, Chris presented QLefty with a nice bottle of wine and Ruben with a nice bottle of whiskey, as a congratulations and a job well done on all their training. We even had a stranger take a group photo of us all...all 13 of us!! Back at the hotel, we relaxed and Chris got all of his last minute stuff together...then we went to bed around 9:00, so we could get up at 4:15 the next morning!

:: Bright and early the next morning, we drove over to transition, parked in the HEB parking lot, and made our way to the swim start line. It was about a mile walk. We all stood together while the guys got into their wetsuits and stretched. We took photos and wished them luck and left them to get into their wave start. We all watched them start the swim from the bridge, and it was so neat to see them step into the water and take off! We made our way down the water to watch them come through the channel -- and we were so excited to spot them! It was not easy since everyone was wearing black wetsuits -- but QLefty was bare chested because his wetsuit bothered his collarbone where he had recent surgery. He was much easier to spot, and Chris was right behind him! We saw him in transition, as well, and then he was off onto the bike! We didn't make it to see him mount the bike, because the path was so congested...and from there, we had about 5-6 hours to waste until they returned.

:: Lauren, Jordan and I decided we wanted some breakfast, so we went to La Madeline right in that area. It was swamped with spectators, and was about a 45 minute line to put our orders in. Then about a 45 minute wait for the food. But, it was in the air condition, and it wasn't too bad of a way to pass some of our time. We enjoyed chatting! I really loved getting to know them both better. Our food was quite delicious when it finally came, and then we made our way back to the transition area. We were able to track our three athletes on the phone app, so we knew about the time they would be coming through. We decided to divide and conquer, and see them at a few different spots. I got some good pics of Chris coming in to the dismount area, and then he was off onto the run!

:: The run course is great, from a spectator's point of view...it was three loops, on both sides of the water channel. So we could see them on both sides of the water. Jordan had brought hammocks to hang in the trees, so we found a shady spot, set those up, and waited for our runners. We'd head down a small hill each time one of them came by, cheer wildly for them, and then head back to the shade. Those hammocks were awesome and such a great idea!!

:: When it was time, we headed to the finish line to see Chris come through! Lauren and I found a spot right near the finish line, and it was so fun to watch Chris come zooming through, arms outstretched and flying in like a plane! Then he started clapping, and Lauren and I were squealing as the Ironman Voice said, "George Baber, YOU are an Ironman!!"

:: We made our way to find him in the Ironman Village...he was smiling ear to ear with pride!!! That was so good to see. We had a few moments together and then Lauren and Jordan joined us. We went over to one of the booths so Chris could do recovery boots that we set up there. And afterwards, he had some snacks while Jordan helped him get his shoes back on. Then we made our way to the finish line again, to see Lefty and then Ruben cross the finish line. Sooooo exciting!! Our three Ironmen!!

:: We said goodbye to Jordan and Lauren later that evening so that they could drive back home for work the next morning. Crazy kids!! We then had breakfast with a lot of the group the next morning before heading home ourselves. It was such good, sweet time with friends, and it was amazing all of the support and love we all felt. I, personally, am an extroverted introvert, and definitely enjoy my alone time. For most races, I am by myself cheering Chris on, and I love those times where I can spend hours with just me. But this race was special and the time spent with these friends was special. I loved every minute of it!!

April 29, 2018


WOW! What a weekend we had!

We just got home from a 4-day weekend in The Woodlands (near Houston) for the Ironman Texas 140.6! This was Chris' first full ironman race, and it was one for the memory books!

The 140.6 includes a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a full marathon (26.2 miles)! Stop a moment and just think about that. After all that swimming and riding, these crazy people still had to do a MARATHON!

In this post, I'll give the specifics on Chris' race...and in future posts, I'll talk about the other things like the trip itself, the friends/support crew, etc. Lots to share there, too!

As for the race...

Chris trained extremely hard for this race for six full months. Hours and hours of training and sweat and dedication and mental training. His coach, Adsy, really worked to get him in the best shape possible.

The swim went GREAT! It ended up being a lot faster swim than he anticipated, and he was pumped! For the first time in many years, this race was a wetsuit-eligible race. That means that the water was colder than a certain temperature, and they were all allowed to wear the suits. This is a great bonus, in that the wetsuit adds a nice amount of buoyancy. Since swimming is Chris' weakest leg of the three disciplines, he was pretty happy about this!

The swim starts quite a distance out, in a lake. They do most of the swim there, then finish off down a straight stretch of channel. Imagine the San Antonio Riverwalk...it's about that wide, and is surrounded on both sides by sidewalk and buildings. Chris came powering down the channel, right behind QLefty and we were actually able to spot him! I've never been able to see him during a swim, so that was pretty cool! Out of the water, there were volunteers who helped them strip off their wetsuits and then Chris ran through the transition area to the bike and set off on that leg!

The 112 mile bike ride was mostly four 20 mile stretches up and back on the toll road. They had closed down one side of the toll road for the race, so that was kind of interesting. We weren't able to see any of the bike leg, unfortunately. But, it went very well and Chris had a solid, strong ride. There were a lot of accidents, flat tires, etc. so we are both so glad that he made it through safely!!!! We saw him as him came back in, dropped off the bike, and transitioned to his running gear. Then he was off for the marathon!

The run course consisted of three loops around the waterway, so we were able to see the runners about five times before they headed to the finish line (we could see on both sides of the water). Chris' first loop was strong, and then the intense heat and miles on the swim/bike started to take their toll. Loop two was a bit slower, but he worked hard to cool off and came back to get a little faster on the third loop. The run is definitely Chris' strength, so he fared much better than most in the run. The temperature was about 84 degrees, but there were no clouds and no wind. As spectators, we were in the shade as much as possible because it was too much to handle.

We were all so excited to see him coming into the finishing shoot!!!! He was so excited, he did an airplane move as he came down the final part of the shoot and that was great to see!! He was having fun with it and celebrating his accomplishment!!! One of the neat things was that the "Ironman Voice" was there to announce every single athlete as they come across the finish line -- so, to hear him say, "George Baber! YOU are an Ironman!" was such an epic moment in his life!

As a first full Ironman, he had fantastic times and results! He is very pleased with how the day went, and we are so proud of him!!! Below are the numbers:

Swim Leg : 1:17:01

Transition 1 : 5:17

Bike Leg : 5:15:01

Transition 2 : 4:52

Run Leg : 3:53:48

Full Time : 10:35:58


72nd Place out of 350 Males 40-44

368th Place out of 1,734 Males

438th Place out of 2,346 Overall



Here is a fun fact - Adsy's first full Ironman time was also 10:35! How crazy is that????

Chris has amazing mental strength, and that is definitely needed during such an insane physical challenge like the Ironman! He amazes me with his ability and dedication...and he is getting stronger and faster the older he gets! He is in the best shape of his life right now, and he is setting himself up well to have an awesome experience in South Africa on September 2nd!!

Congrats to my hubby!! I love you and am so, so proud of you!!!!

April 22, 2018

The Ironman Taper & A Fun Announcement!

Hello there! Another week is drawing to a close...

The Ironman taper is in full swing. You may not know what the taper is. After six months of extremely intense, very long workouts, the training plan begins to wind down within the week or two prior to the BIG RACE. So, this week the taper started. Instead of a 6 hour workout on Saturday, he did 2 hours. Big difference! The coming week will taper even more, with a few very light days right before race day. Chris is full of energy and getting a little (a lot) antsy...he is ready to get this race going!

We leave Wednesday evening after work, and will drive part of the way. We'll finish driving on Thursday and he'll get checked in for the race. Thursday and Friday will be pretty low-key, and then Saturday morning is the race.

It will be a fun day with friends, too! QLefty is doing the race as well, so his family will be there to spectate with me! Andrea, Liam, Lev and Ruthie! We also have our sweet friends, Jordan and Lauren, driving down from Joplin, MO to spectate, too! And, Chris has another online friend, Ruben, who is doing the race, so we'll get to meet him and spectate with his wife and two kiddos. Lots of fun!

At Chris' last race (the Ironman Texas 70.3 in Galveston), he got a qualifying slot to the 70.3 Championship race!

The process is similar to having to qualify for the Boston Marathon with a certain time...however, there is an added level in that there are only a specific amount of slots available per AGE GROUP per race, and so it depends on the others in your age group and if they decide to take a slot and where your time puts you in the line up. It was very interesting to witness! And it was so exciting when Chris received one of the slots!!! I'm about to post some photos of that experience on Instagram, so be sure to check them out! I don't know that I have ever seen him soooo excited! This was one of his goals that he set for himself for 2018...and it is so amazing to watch him reaching those goals!!

Oh! And did I mention? The championship race in in South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, we will be taking a little trip late August/early September to that beautiful country! We are so excited!!!

We had a really nice and relaxing weekend here...Saturday was quite low-key, and then we had dinner here in our little town at the Mexican restaurant. We've discovered that they actually have amazing hamburgers there! Who would've guessed? One of the best burgers I've had. So we enjoyed that, and then a low-key evening at home.

Sunday is chores and workout...and then I am meeting my bestie, Kim, for a movie! We are trying to do one movie a month because I have so many movie gift cards to use and Chris never really enjoys going. This month, we are going to see "I Can Only Imagine", the story about the Mercy Me band. It should be a really good story. Looking forward to that time with my girl.

Whew. I'm already pretty tired from the upcoming week and it hasn't even started!! It will be one of the craziest we've had in awhile.

Monday evening, I am going to the Rangers baseball game in Dallas with my department...flying there in the company jet and enjoying dinner and the game. Tuesday is my birthday and also the big shareholder meeting at work. We'll attend that, have lunch there, and I will also be receiving my 15 year award (I've actually been there 16 years, but my anniversary is on the cut-off date so I get awards a year after). Chris also has a work dinner Tuesday evening. Wednesday, Ocho will be getting his staples out, and then we are leaving for The Woodlands after work. That's a lot to squeeze into three days!! Then we are off to the race!!

So, there you have it...a full update!

April 15, 2018

Weekend Recap

It's been a very nice weekend here for us...hope that yours has been good, too!!

:: Friday evening, Chris had a swim and a trainer ride...so, after I worked out, I picked up some dinner for us at Little Ninja (the best sushi in town! Also love their cheese wontons! And we looooove their boba tea!!). Once Chris got done with his workouts, we enjoyed our delicious dinner and watched some Netflix.

:: Saturday, Chris had a workout and I did some things on the computer and relaxed. That evening, we decided to have dinner at Mian, which is also delicious. It was an oriental weekend for us! Afterwards, we went to Nikki's and I got some frozen yogurt and Chris had an iced chai coffee.

:: Sunday...did you guess it?? Chris had a long workout!! :) But, not quite as long as they have been. He is tapering down toward his big race at the end of the month. I did the normal Sunday things -- laundry, groceries, yada yada. This evening, we are heading to the townhouse to celebrate Mimi's birthday! We are having dinner at Red Lobster, and then will be enjoying the delicious chocolate cherry cake that I made for her.

:: Update on our Ocho! He is doing really well after his surgery on Wednesday! They removed the spot (which was about 3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and an inch thick). He was groggy when he came home from the vet, but since then has been his normal, sassy, barky self! He is wearing a red mesh bodysuit that holds a white gauze in place over the area, which now has staples. He has to wear it for 5 days and then it can come off. He gets the staples removed on 4/25. We are anxious to remove the mesh suit and get a look at the surgery site. It's soooo good to have that stinky spot gone!!!

:: This coming week, I have a few annual doctor appointments. Beyond that, it will hopefully be a fairly normal week.

April 10, 2018

Ironman Texas 70.3 -- Galveston

So, Chris' experience at the Ironman Texas 70.3 (half triathlon) was pretty incredible!!

We woke up around 4:00 a.m. and left the hotel right after 5:00. It was a short drive to Moody Garden, the main hub for the race. We were able to find a decent parking spot, and Chris went to set up his bag of items in the transition area -- helmet, bike shoes, run shoes, sunglasses, drinks, quick snacks, etc. Once that was ready, we headed back to the car to stay warm and rest a bit. The transition area closed by 6:45, and Chris' wave didn't start until 8:08. So, we had a little time.

It was quite chilly, gray, and misty...not at all the expected weather. This was actually a good thing, because it is super humid in Galveston, so this helped quite a bit!

Chris started to get antsy, so he put on his wetsuit and listened to some pumped up music to get jazzed up. Then we made our way over to the start line for the swim leg. We parted ways, and he went over to the pier. When it was time for his wave, all of the blue swim caps jumped into the gulf and bobbed there until the race leader yelled for them to start.

I wasn't able to see any of the swim since it was out in the ocean...but, I was there to see him come out of the water. He had help removing his wetsuit (those volunteers are called "strippers" because they strip off the suits!), then he made his way to the transition area. I was able to watch him from the fence, and got some good photos of him walking the bike up to the mount line. Then he got on the bike and took off, for 2 hours and 42 minutes.

During that time, I napped and read in the car for a bit, trying to stay warm!

Chris says the bike leg went really well, that he felt strong and had no issues. His new Scott bike and aero helmet helped him have a great ride! I snapped some photos as he rode back into transition. Then I made my way over to the spot I decided on for the run leg, where I would be able to see him multiple times on each of the three loops.

His run leg was fantastic! He felt super strong, like a diesel truck! Every time I saw him, he was powering along, passing tons of people and looking determined! Once I saw him at the last spot, I hurried over to the finish line to see him coming through there. He finished strong!

The amazing thing is to see how he moved up in ranks throughout the entire race.

Coming out of the water after the first leg, he was in 817th place overall in the swim.

After the bike leg, he had moved up to 504th place overall on the bike.

And finally, after the run leg, he ended at 115th overall in the run.

All of that brought him to these details:

34th Place out of 287 in his age group of Male 40-44

255th Place out of 1602 Males, all ages

302nd Place out of 2223 Overall

What a day! And what an accomplishment!! This was Chris' second half Ironman, and he shaved 15 minutes off of his first time. 15 minutes is A LOT of time in a race!!! He was so, so thrilled with his results.

I have more exciting news, too! To come, in the next post!

April 07, 2018


Hello from Galveston! The last month or so has seemed a bit surreal, as we have lived a lot of it on the road and out of suitcases! I do have to say -- it has been a lot of fun so far! We are really enjoying it! From our road trip to Vegas and now to Galveston (and on to The Woodlands at the end of the month!), we are having trouble remembering what hotel we're in or what our room number is!

So, now we are in Galveston for the Ironman 70.3 half triathlon! Chris is sooooo ready! We got into town yesterday and went to the Athlete Village. Chris checked in and got his race packet, and then we attended a mandatory athlete meeting where they went over rules, gave tips, etc. We checked out some of the course, including the start line, where he'll come out of the water, the transition area, etc. We'll be going out later today to check in his bike.

From there, we checked in to our hotel, and then after he did a quick, easy workout, we walked along the seawall and had dinner at Jimmy's. It was a fun place right on the water -- our waiter was great, the food was delicious, and we were able to walk their pier afterwards. It was super windy, and it's super humid here. But it was a lovely evening together.

Today, Chris did another easy workout and then we had breakfast at the hotel. We walked across the street and sat watching the waves roll in for awhile. It's one of my very favorite sounds. Now we are relaxing in the room and he is getting all of his stuff organized for tomorrow. Between 1:00 and 5:00, we'll go check in his bike. It's currently raining, but it supposed to be clear tomorrow.

Fun times!! We are ready to see how tomorrow unfolds!! We'll be up bright and early to get a parking spot, get him all set up, etc. His swim wave begins at 8:08 a.m. There are 21 waves at the swim start line and he is in the 18th.

Let's do this!!

March 31, 2018

Easter Weekend

I'm sitting at our kitchen table, writing this as I watch Chris ride his bike trainer in the living room, for 4 and a half hours. Poor guy...that's a LONG time on the bike, but it is a really long time on the trainer, going nowhere. At least in the living room, he is able to watch movies! He would've gone outside for the ride, but we are having 25 mph winds that are a bit insane today. That's not ideal for riding.

We were blessed with a three-day weekend! Our company, since it is a Christian company, gives us off for Good Friday! We had a pretty lazy day and that was so nice. Well, Chris did have his workout -- bike and swim. I did the grocery list with Walmart pick up, did some reading, and then did errands. After we got cleaned up, we had dinner and drinks with our friend, Alex, at The Mill. We haven't been there in awhile, and we haven't seen Alex in awhile either. He lives in Houston, and only gets to town every now and then. It was good to catch up with him!

So far, this Saturday, I've picked up the groceries, did a few other errands, and am doing a few loads of laundry. I'd also like to finish the book I'm reading. It's turned out to be pretty good, and I am anxious to see how it ends. This is one of the free Kindle books (I get one per month, from a choice of 6) and you never know what you're going to get with them. This has turned in to a whole lot of things I didn't expect. It's called Neighborly, if you're looking for a new read!

Tomorrow, for Easter, we are going to have lunch with Mimi, probably at Cotton Patch. Beyond that, I'll have a few loads of laundry and don't plan to do much else!! Tomorrow is also Ocho's 12th birthday!! Our sweet boy. We've been doctoring his nasty spot as best we can, and are just waiting for the 11th so he can have the surgery to remove it. We're feeling some anxiousness about it all, but are ready to get it off. It's so gross.

The week ahead...for us, it will be short. We are taking a half day off on Thursday, and will be leaving for Galveston. We're off on Friday. Chris will have his half Ironman triathlon on Sunday and he is so ready to race!! Training is getting to be a bit much for him, and he is ready to put it into action! I'm excited to see him in action!