July 27, 2016

The Cat's Away

:: The hubby is gone to Denver for an overnight business trip...and so while the cat's away, I had a fun girl's night with Nadene! She came over for some wine time by the pool! It has been way too long since we've gotten together, and we had so much to catch up on! I've missed her. Being around her soothes my soul, I love her to pieces.

:: Now I have a little time in my evening to spend by myself. The best of both worlds!! I know a lot of people in this world hate to be alone...but I quite enjoy it!

:: Last night I started my free Amazon First book selection for July -- Midair by Kodi Scheer. I'm enjoying it so far...seems like it is going to be a twisted story!

:: Tonight, I am going to work on getting some items pulled together for my upcoming scrapbook retreat this weekend! I need enough stuff to keep me busy for two straight, full days!! It looks like we are going to have 5 of us for both days, with two other girls coming as they are able to fit it in. We will have a ton of fun!

:: And now, off to enjoy my quietude!

July 26, 2016

Last Night & Today


Last night, I:

:: finished our book, Ghost Boy, for book club! Just in the knick of time, since our get together is this Thursday! It was a good story, and it even ended up being an amazing love story, which was unexpected!

:: had a bad allergy night, after doing pretty good for days. I'm not sure what triggered it, but I was up around 2:00 was a severely runny nose. It took me about two hours to get it under control, and that involved some snoozing on my closet floor so I didn't disturb Chris (who had to get up early for a morning run)...

Today, I:

:: had my 6 month allergy check up (ironically!)...she and I discussed a few things. One, I have been using my rescue inhaler (I have allergy related asthma) at least once a day for awhile now...she decided that it is time for me to try Singulair, to regulate it and get me away from the rescue inhaler. I have not been having attacks, but I've been getting wheezy. Two, we talked about my night episodes where I have random allergy attacks that I can't get to stop. She thinks that the Singulair will help with that too, since I'll be taking it before bed. I'm excited to see how it helps.

:: ate a strawberry pop tart (yes, I'm way off my nutrition wagon)...it was yummy! I've enjoyed a few months now of crap food and am feeling it's almost time to tighten it back up again. Not a Whole 30. But I need to get some control. It's black and white for me...one end of the spectrum or the other...up 15 pounds or down 15 pounds. Help! I'm going to enjoy the retreat snacks this weekend, and then slowly reign it in starting next week.

:: watched some "Cesar 911" during my workout and am really enjoying that show a lot! He is so amazing with dogs. I would love for him to come to our house!!!!

:: was challenged to a game of corn hole after dinner :) Chris and I have been playing in the evenings once the sun starts to set, and it is so fun! We are getting pretty good! He beat me tonight, but it was a close game!

:: started gathering up some things to work on at my scrapbook retreat this weekend! So excited for two full days dedicated to creating!!!

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July 25, 2016

A Beautiful Summer Wedding

My sweet Jyl, a member of my Lead Generation team at work, married off her beautiful daughter over the weekend! We were blessed to witness it all!

Jyl, the Mother of the Bride, being walked down the aisle by her youngest son, Jayden.
The three flower girls were precious! Their skirts were so big -- so much tulle!!!
They also had cute laurel leaf crowns placed in their curls...
Savannah looked gorgeous! Her dress was so classy...slim satin, long lace
sleeves, gorgeous lace top. There were little buttons all the way down the back,
and a little train. And she topped it off with a long, dainty veil.
The ceremony was outside at the T&P, and though it was hot hot hot, they had little
hand fans for everyone. At one point, a train came by and the ceremony had to halt
for a few minutes...but that is the chance you take at this venue!
Savannah and Michael -- Mr. & Mrs. Young! The men looked so dapper in navy blue
suits and brown shoes. A few of the groomsmen had sunglasses on too!
The cake was very pretty...and tasted good too! It was white cake with
a white creamy filling. Mmm!
Me and my hot date! We took the opportunity to get all dolled up :)
The Marketing Girls!! We were all seated at Table 10 and enjoyed chatting.
Shaylee was actually a coordinator for Jyl, making sure the day's events stayed on task!
Heather, Jyl, Allison, Shaylee, and me..
I love my Jyl!!
Allison, Shaylee, moi
As per usual, we stayed until the cake was served and then headed out...before all the crazy dancing got into full swing! :) It was an enjoyable evening and it is always so nice to see love make a commitment before friends, family and God...Savannah and Michael have been together for about 8 years...all through high school and college! They are sweet together...

July 24, 2016

Weekend Update

:: On Friday evenings, we usually eat dinner out...but, since we went out to Steak Night at The Mill on Thurday to say goodbye to Alex, we decided to eat in on Friday. We had a prepped meal -- salisbury steak and mashed potatoes and peas. Then we just had a relaxing evening after a busy week -- Chris and I even played corn hole and I beat him twice :)

:: Saturday morning, Chris got up and did his long run...I worked on a few things around the house and made the meal prep menu and grocery list. Once he was home and ready to go, we headed out for some errands together. We had our pool water tested and bought the acid it needed. We went to Lowes to get paint brushes and wasp killer and ant killer and bee killer and mouse traps. We live in the country, and all the rain we've had has all these critters out in full force. Blah! Then we had lunch at Double Daves and proceeded to do the grocery shopping. Then we made our way home. We had a few hours and then we got all pretty and went to a wedding! It was the daughter of one of our coworkers and it all turned out beautifully. Once we got home, we watched a cheesy kung fu movie called The Protector...and then called it a night.

:: Sunday, Chris was up early again for another long run...I did the meal prep for the week, did the laundry, and did some cleaning. Then we got in the pool and enjoyed some relaxing time together. We put the pups in and that turned out pretty good! Ocho doesn't mind it so much when he is in the water, but his swimming doesn't seem as natural and when he is out he wants to go right inside. Poppy seems to be getting the hang of it really well! We've let her progress to complete swimming on her own, and she swims to the bathing ledge and can stand there. She is doing great! Today she even got out, shook off, and then dried in the sun while laying on the lounge chair on some towels. That tells us she is relaxing more by the pool and that is a good thing!

:: Busy week ahead -- book club is Thursday evening, and the summer scrapbook retreat is at our house on Saturday and Sunday! Looking forward to it all!!

July 21, 2016

Steak Night and Farewell

Today seemed like a long day...but alas it is now over!

Chris and I worked out and now we are getting ready to go to The Mill for a little Goodbye celebration for our friend and coworker Alex. He is moving and taking on a new job. He's been fun to get to know so it is sad to see him go. But he has a bright future ahead! It is Steak Night at The Mill so that will be yummy yummy!

I received a book I ordered from Amazon today! It is all about having a successful Etsy shop and all the ins and outs. Can't wait to delve into it and learn some good things!

I also ordered another of my favorite candles. Yay!

Today was day four of my social media fast. It's going well. There are a lot of empty pockets in my day now that I've been able to fill with more beneficial things. Or even just some quiet. Quiet for the brain. I need a lot more of that.

Since we are going out to eat tonight we are going to stay in tomorrow evening and eat some Salisbury steak! And since we ate out Monday with Mimi we have an extra meal for Sunday too! Chris is gone two evenings next week so I won't be meal prepping quite as many meals.

Had my blood work done and will get results tomorrow! She said we may not see improvement yet since it has only been a month. But she wanted to make sure the medication isn't affecting my liver.

Ok off to dinner!!

July 20, 2016

Tshirts are in the Shop!

:: Tshirts are now available in the Etsy shop!! CLICK HERE or see the sidebar to head to the shop and take a look, if you are interested! They turned out really cute, and the shirts themselves are sooooo soft. I really like the Bella + Canvas brand!

:: I am officially done with Grey's...and now onto other things. I took some recommendations from people at work, but none of that was striking my fancy. Then I tried about 6 different shows and just wasn't feeling those either. I finally decided that I am going to watch Cesar 911 for awhile. Maybe not all seasons, but it will be a good change of pace. Cesar is The Dog Whisperer, and I really like him. And he knows so much about dogs...they are always good stories with good endings...so I am looking forward to it.

:: We are going to begin a group book study at work called, "How to Say Anything to Anyone"...the woman who wrote it is pretty funny and she does leadership videos that we watch sometimes. I am anticipating it to be a pretty good read!

:: Chris just got home from his intense treadmill workout, and we're having spaghetti with ground turkey and roasted broccoli/cauliflower for dinner.

:: Tomorrow I'll be getting my cholesterol blood work checked again...think good thoughts and say some prayers!

:: My Social Media Fast is going well...day two is nearly done, and my mind is feeling less cluttered. That's a good thing. It is definitely a difficult habit to break, and I find myself picking up my phone a lot...only to put it back down because there is nothing for me to do with it currently!!

It's time to go and enjoy the evening...

July 19, 2016


:: Tshirt tshirt tshirt!! I was able to deliver the preorder shirts today, and everyone just took one size up from what they ordered. I also shipped off the other preorder shirt to Colorado, to my friend Susan. I hope that everyone loves them! I think they are so fun! I hope this becomes a successful part of my shop because I would really enjoy doing more designs and having a larger stock with many to choose from. Fingers crossed! I'm working on getting everything entered into my shop now...it's a process, and photos had to be taken as well. Soon!

:: Tonight, in our meal prepped meals, we tried a new recipe! It was pretty tasty actually -- chicken, red potatoes and spinach with a parmesan sauce. I'll make a few adjustments next time...the potatoes cut into smaller chunks, the chicken cut up instead of a full breast...but I'll be making it again!

:: Currently I am watching the season finale of season 12 of Grey's -- this will have me current with where the show is now. It is quite intense!!!!!!!!!! And then when this is over I am going to fall into "show hole" -- 12 straight seasons and then nothing. What shall I watch next????? Any suggestions?? Something happy and upbeat would be nice! Grey's, though good, is HEAVY.

:: I'm off to Etsy!!!

July 18, 2016

Monday Tidbits

:: Monday Monday -- back to work. It was a fairly quiet day.

:: I decided, after feeling like God was giving me a little nudge, to take a social media break for a week. Sometimes it just feels...too much. Too. Much. So, no Facebook or Instagram for seven days. I feel better already, after just one day. We shall see how the week goes!

:: I received the initial order of tshirts that I made today!! He even delivered them to me, even better! They look soooo good and the Bella tshirt brand is sooo soft! Yay! I have a few pre-orders and I will get those handed out...then I will get the remaining shirts put into my Etsy shop and see how it goes! So excited!

:: After work today, Mimi invited us to meet her at Heff's for dinner, her treat! That was nice! We enjoyed our meal together and then headed home. Chris did a yoga workout and I rode the bike for about 25 minutes...whew it was hot!!! But it felt good to get out there.

:: Tomorrow I am going to have a little meeting with a friend at work who is interested in learning my meal prep ways! That will be fun...I learned from someone and I am happy to pay it forward with her. I'll run down the basic process and answer her questions...and then if she is interested, she may come over and witness the process as it unfolds.

:: Thursday, I will be having my blood work done so they can retest my cholesterol levels now that I have started on the cholesterol medication. We shall see how it has helped. Fingers crossed!!

:: For tonight, this is the end!

July 17, 2016

Dig Gig

The Dig Gig is our company's annual summer party...all of our sales managers are in town for that whole week, and we have a company-wide celebration on Thursday evening of that week each year. It changes from year to year, but this year, we had a Skatin Party!

It was held at the Skatin Place, which is owned by our Chief Financial Officer
and her husband. All these years that I've lived here, I have never been here and it
ended up being a lot of fun!! About half the people skated...which was much more
than I had anticipated! We had dinner first underneath a big white tent set up in the
Skatin Place parking lot, catered by TaMolleys. We dined on fajitas, refried beans,
spanish rice, guacamole and chips, and sopapillas. Yummy! It was quite toasty out there...
we were all very sweaty by the time we headed inside to skate.
I had not skated in...well, a very, very long time! I can't even remember the last time.
Junior high maybe?? But, I did skate quite a bit growing up. It felt a bit awkward
at first, but it was just like riding a bike really...the movement came back pretty quickly.
And then I had so much fun going round and round and skating with friends!!
The Mister didn't skate -- he is well into his marathon training plan and is in really
great shape right now! He didn't want to risk hurting himself. So, he stayed off the
wheels and chatted with the others who didn't skate.
Me and my friend Angie had lots of fun skating together! This is a selfie taken mid-skate!
The lighting inside was fairly dark, which makes getting movement shots really difficult. All that I took were very blurry. Kim took this one of me, and though it is grainy and kind of blurry, it's the best we could get!
A lot of people were actually very good skaters! Our friend Nick was one of them!
He grew up in the North (MN) playing hockey, so he was zooming all around!
Me and my friend Jane! There's a story here, read below! :)
Throughout the evening, I helped a few people get started on skating. Lots of people had never done it before! But, I ended the evening with quite a BANG! My friend Jane, above, is Jamaican and grew up there. She had never skated before -- ever. I had asked her a few times if she planned to skate, and it was always a big NO. About 20 minutes before our party was over, she came up to me and asked, "If I put on some skates, will you help me?" Well I said sure! So, she put on skates and we ventured out to the floor. It was a very foreign feeling for her, and she couldn't get her feet to move correctly. Our friend Alvino came up and held her other arm, and helped her around the loop too. Him on one side, me on the other...pretty much pulling her around the loop. Right as we neared the end, I'm not even sure what happened...but before I knew it, Jane was going down, and pulling me with her! One second I was up, the next second I was down...first onto my right hip, then onto my left elbow, then my head hitting the floor. And my glasses flying off! It was quite a spectable to behold, I am sure!!! Some very nice person brought me my glasses (I have no idea who, I was quite dazed), and someone helped me to my feet and over to the wall. And then I started feeling like I had been in a fight...and lost! Jane was so apologetic, and I know she didn't do it on purpose...it was all so crazy!!

I currently have a beauty of a bruise on my hip and elbow, both sore to the touch. But luckily that is the extent of it. With my elbow, if it had been about an inch to the left, I would've landed right on the elbow bone and it probably would have broken. So, I am good. And though I hit my head, I never really had any soreness from that so -- I got lucky!!

The owner of the skating rink even called me the next morning to check on me!!! Very sweet. The Dig Gig was really fun, I enjoyed the skating!!!

July 13, 2016

Tired Brain

:: And the week carries on...we are making our way through it. In addition to the already crazy week, we discovered today that one of our direct mail campaigns has gotten lost in the postal "black hole" -- which is never good, but especially not when it revolves around an upcoming event. An event which happens to be this coming Sunday. Please say a few prayers that it starts showing up tomorrow!!!

:: Last night, I finished up a cute frame that I will be adding to my Etsy shop! I am going to get it uploaded after I post here. You can click on my shop link in the right sidebar if you're interested in checking it out!

:: Chris is home this evening! He did a tough treadmill work with specific times and inclines, and then was home to eat dinner with me. Me and the pups are happy to have him home! We are now relaxing on the couch watching the Tour de France...

:: I think, this weekend, we are going to go see The Secret Life of Pets -- it looks soooo cute! I am excited! Hopefully it will not disappoint. What movies have you seen lately?? Anything we need to add to our list? It's rare when I can talk Mr. Baber into going to the theater -- it's uncomfortable for him to sit still in the same position for that long. Plus we have our own little theater that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

:: And for tonight...I am done. Time to upload to Etsy and relax!

July 12, 2016

A Quick Note

:: Last evening, Chris had dinner plans at Copper Creek with the group from work and didn't get home until about 10:00...so, you know what that meant! Many many episodes of Grey's for me! I am in the final season, Season 12...about halfway through. Lots of things happening!

:: Today, everyone was in the office and the meeting seems to have gone well...Chris was involved with them and then he was off to another dinner with his Passare group...tonight Miguels. For me...more Greys!

:: I ordered my first batch of tshirts for my Etsy shop last night!! They should be ready next week, and I am so excited to see how they turned out!!!! I have about 6 pre-orders, and then I will get the rest into my shop. I am hoping they sell well!

:: I am reading our next book club book - Ghost Boy -- and it is pretty interesting so far. Not what I expected. I am very interested to see where it goes.

:: Tonight I am working on a little tray frame that will be a cute gift to put in my shop. I'm about halfway done with it, but it is looking cute so far!

:: I hope that Tuesday is treating you well!

July 11, 2016

Stitch Fix #15

It's hard to believe that I just received my fifteenth Fix from Stitch Fix! I've had fifteen exciting deliveries and I love this service! My stylist, Kallie, has gotten such a handle on what I like and don't like. It makes me smile! It is fun to see what she chooses for me each time.

For this fix, here were my requests:

: No chevron, jewelry, or scarves
: More casual clothing

That's it! I find I like it better when I'm less specific and just let Kallie do what she does best!

Let's take a look at Fix #15!!

Renee C Naveen Dress -- Green
This was a cute, casual dress, but didn't work for me on a number of levels. The colors weren't quite "me" -- the dark green and mustard aren't my faves. The pattern was a little too loud and busy for me. The fit was a little too baggy, and it was super short. Short in the front, but even shorter on the sides. Kallie suggested that I could pair it with leggings or shorts, but it didn't quite fit right with those. And my 40 years of age can't pull off that shortness anymore! :) VERDICT : RETURNED

Dolce Vita Darrah Strappy Sandal - Mint
I liked these pretty sandals right out of the box! They are dainty and I love the nude and white colors. They will go with everything! I can wear them to work and for casual too. They fit perfectly and are comfy too. This is an all-around win! The price was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but I couldn't resist! VERDICT : KEPT!

Dear John Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short -- Light Blue
I really like these shorts! They are a lightweight material with cute cuffs, and I really like the blue and white stripe pattern. They fit perfectly and are a good length. I can pair these with a lot of shirts that I already have, and I couldn't pass these up either! VERDICT : KEPT!

Skies are Blue Abiga Lace Detail Knit Tank -- Yellow
I was thinking that this tank would be a "yes" when I pulled it out of the box...yellow is not typically one of my faves, but this yellow is pretty. I liked the dainty quality to it, and I really liked the lacey back (though it would've been difficult to find a bra to wear with it)...once I put it on, the fit was good but I really didn't like how the bra was pretty visible in the front. The detail on it was pretty clear, and I am not a fan of that. VERDICT : RETURNED

Pixley Lety Lace Up Back Top -- Navy
Kallie said that this tank was her "adventurous pick" for me :) That gave me a chuckle! However, I don't think this was too far fetched for me! I love bright colors like pink and green, and the fit of this was cute. And I'm a sucker for a strappy back! This was a good pick! If it weren't for those $$ sandals, I would have kept this one...but I couldn't justify both! VERDICT : RETURNED

Thank you for another great fix Kallie! I am so pleased with my sandals and shorts! I really appreciate the effort you've put into getting to know me! It makes this so fun!!

** Check out the Stitch Fix topic in the sidebar to see my 14 previous Fixes!!!

July 10, 2016

Weekend Update

Happy Sunday to all! I wish it would stay Sunday forever! Because tomorrow begins Crazy Week at work...the July sales meeting where all of our sales managers come in from all across America, and they spend the week doing training, etc. It's madness. Pray for me.

The highlight is Thursday evening, when we have our summer company party! This year, we are having it at the local skating rink! Roller skating and TaMolley's mexican for dinner. Should be a fun evening. Hopefully nobody breaks any bones!

So let's see...our weekend. It was good and full.

:: Friday evening, Chris needed a good, clean meal to fuel his Saturday morning run...so we went to Copper Creek and he had delicious salmon and carrots and rice. I had the mahi, rice and spinach and it was tasty too! From there, we were both pretty brain dead from the week, so we headed home and got in the pool! With the sun going down, it was actually a bit chilly in the water so that didn't last long. Then we moved inside to the couches where we snuggled with out pups and watched the Olympic Trials (gymnastics).

:: Saturday morning, Chris and Kiki did a 5K time trial -- running it as fast as possible so Chris' trainer can get an idea of his current fitness level. They did great! Then Neeley came over and they worked on spray staining the deck and working on some other things outside.

:: I spent my Saturday being very productive: I checked out for my Fix (I'll be posting on it all this week!); did most of the laundry; planned for meal prep week 3; made the grocery list; watched a one-hour webinar on creating products that sell; loaded up a tshirt design to social media to see the interest in any preorders; corresponded with three tshirt printing companies to get pricing for production; worked on a scrapbook item to put into the store inventory. Busy busy! Then Chris and I swam for a bit and relaxed before dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse with the birthday gift card Chris got from Mimi and that was sooo yummy. My steak was perfectly cooked (medium) and that is hard to get!!! Mmmm. Then we got sno cones and took some to Kiki and his family too...visited for a bit and then headed home to relax.

:: When we left for dinner Saturday evening, Mimi was out in the pool...and Chris locked her out accidentally! She called us from the neighbor's phone to get the garage code...whoops!! He made it up to her with some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream :)

:: Sunday, I did more laundry and did the grocery shopping and meal prep for the week. Another successful adventure, and all yummy food is ready for us to eat this week. Loving this!!!

:: This evening, our friend Nice is arriving in town for the meeting -- we are picking him up from the airport and going out to dinner with him. Should be a nice time catching up. He's the greatest!

Here's to the week ahead. One hour at a time.

July 07, 2016

Happening Around Here

Hi!! Let's catch up!

:: I think I may have sprained one of my toes! I stubbed it severely on our little ottoman yesterday and now it is pretty sensitive and is purple. It brought tears to my eyes!! And perhaps a curse word to my lips too! I don't think it's anything major, but it does surely hurt!

:: Chris is starting a new running program with a professional athlete in Australia!! It's sure to be a fun adventure. He is going to help Chris meet his long-time goal of running a marathon in under 3:00 hours. Chris is going to run the Houston marathon in January, and his trainer is talking about flying in to the states to run it with him!! This is his first week on the program and it has been specific runs for the trainer to get to know Chris. He can link up to Chris' Garmin watch stats to see all kinds of data. And today was an off day and he had to do yoga! It is definitely stretching him out of his comfort zone!

:: I had my first SALE in my Etsy shop yesterday!! My sweet cousin Shelly bought two of the little albums for her sons -- Soccer and Baseball! It was so exciting to see the congratulatory email from Esty on my first sale! Whoop! I got it packaged up and shipped off today, and now I am hooked! Need to get more items into the shop!

:: I received my 15th Fix today!! It was a pretty good one too! I'm excited to share soon. Two tank tops, shorts, dress, and sandals! Will be trying on and photographing, and deciding what to keep. It could be a 3/5 or 4/5. Not sure yet!! This may be my last one for awhile, as we are trying to save some money.

:: Meal Prep Week 2 is going great! All of the meals have been delicious. I need to come up with the menu for Week 3!!

Time to go and enjoy my extra hour in the evening :)

July 06, 2016

4th of July Pool Party

We decided to open up our pool for a party on the 4th!! We invited about 50 people, and about 30 ended up coming! It was so fun to see the pool full of people! It held so many more people than we ever imagined.

It was the hottest day ever...whew! The majority of people relaxed and played in the pool, and a handful preferred the shade. Overall though, everyone seemed to have a great time!

Everyone brought some food to share -- a snack or a side dish or a dessert. We provided the BBQ meats and the sangria! We had sausage, chicken and brisket; lots of different chips and dips; steamed broccoli; lots of fruits and dips; a crockpot of beans; green beans; fruity pebbles treats; cookies; cobbler; strawberry lemon bars. It was all so tasty!! And I made a pretty tasty sangria! And the beer was plentiful (it was BYOB)...

We played some yard games once the sun started going down...and once it got dark, some of the guys shot off some fireworks while we sat on the deck watching...and then a few people even took a late night swim! The last party-goers left around 11:45 or so...and we did a bit of clean up before crashing into bed...

Sangria made with two different Baber Cellars wines, Sprite, oranges, limes, and green apple
Shelby with her sweet new baby Emery -- she was so festive!
Mimi quite enjoyed herself...she had some Samuel Adams and even got in her suit for a bit
My bestie Kim loooooves the babies...she arrived and made a
beeline straight to get that baby! And she held her forever!
Victor brought their teeny tiny new Yorkie puppy Beau!!
He was soooo precious! He weighed about 1.5 pounds!
Kim's son Brandon killed it on the flip!
Me and Alex took on Kim and Brandon in Cornhole -- I love yard games!
Photobomb :)
Me and my pretty freckle buddy!!

What a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th!! Until next year!