June 26, 2016

Final Post of Mother/Daughter Trip!

6.8.16 and 6.9.16 and 6.10.16

On Wednesday, Mom and I slept in a bit and then headed over to La Villita Cafe for breakfast --I had a delicious bagel! Then we headed back to our room for the last time and packed up our stuff. After checking out, we started our journey back to Abilene. We stopped in Fredericksburg for lunch -- we decided on West End Pizza, and it was delicious!! Then we traveled a bit more and stopped in Mason to shop around at the little downtown shops on the square. Mom found a cute dress in one of the shops so it was worth the stop! Then we continued on down the highway to Abilene. It was good to be home!

On Thursday, Mom and I lounged at our pool for a bit, and she got in to use her Noodle! :) Then we decided to go and have lunch at Jimmy Johns before seeing a movie. We saw The Jungle Book, which was really quite a well-done movie! We enjoyed it!! Afterwards, we shopped around a bit at Kohl's and a few other stores, had a FROYO treat at Nikki's, and then headed home to eat my yummy crockpot lasagna. We relaxed with Chris, played a few last rounds of rummy, and then turned in for the night...

On Friday, I took Mom to the airport -- it was so sad to see her go! We had such a wonderful, relaxing week together and I think it was just what we both needed! I enjoyed every second of our time together and am so grateful to have her as my mom...I love you!!!

Pretty tiled stairs leading to La Villita
I absolutely love this photo of her! She's so beautiful!!
In Fredericksburg, at West End Pizza, I wrote a little message on the
paper tablecloth with the circle crayon! Documented!!
Mom floating on her Noodle in the Baber pool
Waiting to see The Jungle Book!
It's always sad to say goodbye...and then she unfortunately had some travel
issues on the way home with delays, etc. But, she made it home safely!
Mother/Daughter Trip 2016 was a huge success!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 23, 2016

Spa Day!


The next day of our Mother/Daughter trip was Spa Day! We slept in a bit, and then headed up to the 13th floor to The Spa at Hotel Contessa! The spa is one of the reasons I chose the Hotel Contessa -- it was one of the few hotels on the Riverwalk that had a spa within the hotel. I wanted to be able to roll out of bed and just stroll up to the spa. It worked out perfectly!

The Spa was very kushy and nice, and they treated us so well! We both got deep tissue massages, and I must say that it got a little painful at points. I think we had a lot of toxins to be removed! Deep tissue has its purposes, but I think I'll stick to Swedish or hot stone massages from now on!! I almost cried a few times!!! We were both mush afterwards! I enjoyed experiencing this with my Mom...

We were each ushered into our own bathroom/changing area...
each one had a shower and toilet, along with a basket of plastic flip flops,
towels, robes and lockers for our belongings.
Once we got changed into our robes, Mom and I met up in the lounge
area to fill out some paperwork. I had a cup of hot tea while we waited.
Then our ladies came to fetch us and off we went!
The massage rooms were very nice and relaxing...soft music, relaxing colors, soft blankets.
After our 50 minute massages, we met back up in the lounge area
and melted onto the couch like total mush! Ahhhh...
After our massages, we had lunch a little cafe in La Villita and looked
around at the little shops there. I found a cute pair of earrings in one of the stained
glass shops. Then, we headed back to the hotel pool and spent hours there...it was
so relaxing!! Some time in the sun, some shade for me, some reading, some napping...
a wonderful and perfect way to spend an afternoon!
This was my perfect little nook -- I loved it! So comfy and shady. I need one of these!
After our time at the pool, we decided to venture out for dinner at The River's Edge restaurant in the Hilton Hotel...it was quite yummy! We shared some quacamole and chips, and the mac and cheese with jalapeno bacon...mmmmm! Then we found a Haagen Dass ice cream shop and enjoyed some delicious, rich dessert there!! Then it was back to the hotel for more relaxing. Mom is such a great travel companion!!

June 22, 2016

The Botanical Garden

6-6-16 Continued

After the Japanese Tea Garden, we made a short jaunt to The San Antonio Botanical Garden. Admission here was not free (but we did get a Senior discount because of Mom ha ha!), and we didn't think it was nearly as pretty as the Japanese Tea Garden...but it was still nice to enjoy it together!

Neither of us had ever seen how a pomegranate grows! It hangs from a tree!
This one was my favorite, the color was just gorgeous!
My Mom has a big green thumb and it was fun to watch her walk through and recognize
things...I wish I had some kind of green on my thumb, but alas it is pure black!
When leaving the garden, we asked the employees for a good place to eat lunch nearby.
They actually gave us a list, and we picked out where we wanted to go -- only to find out it
was no longer there. Then we tried another one, and it was nowhere to be found. So, we decided
on a cute little French cafe called Le Madeleine. It was quite delicious, and Mom bought us a package of these delicious Linzer shortbread cookies filled with jam...mmmmmm!
When we got back to the hotel, we headed up to the roof to spend a little time by
the pool! Mom laid in the sun and I lounged in the shade, it was perfect. My big round
lounge chair was positioned in a corner surrounded by glass...it was gorgeous
with the downtown skyline behind me!
Once we had relaxed and read and napped by the pool, we headed to the
Riverwalk Mall and shopped around there. I found a very cute dress on a very big sale...
but otherwise we struck out there. Then we decided that we wanted Italian this evening,
and so we chose Michelino's. It ended up being quite tasty! We shared a linguine
dish with shrimp mmm mmm!
Mom asked our waiter where the Harley store was and he had no idea. He was
sending us down the highway! But, we knew that there was one by the Riverwalk,
and google led us right there! Mom found a great souvenir tshirt for Randy!
We wandered on, and Mom was able to find her beautiful turquoise bracelet souvenir!
We loved this gorgeous glass sculpture!
Mom had to get real close to this mosaic to inspect all the tiny little tiles!
We randomly returned up to street level from the Riverwalk, and ta da! There was
the Alamo! I had no idea (but knew it was close by somewhere)...so we were able
to see that. Neither Mom nor I are too concerned with history/museums/etc, so we
just snapped a quick selfie to say we did!

Once we walked back to the hotel, we stopped in the hotel bar for a night cap. Mom had a moscato and I had a Baileys. We chatted and relaxed and then headed up to the room for some tv and showers. Another wonderful day! All in all, my FitBit told me that we walked over 14,000 steps! So about 6 miles done in this one day!!

June 20, 2016

Our Trip Continues

Mother/Daughter Trip


The next morning, we slept as late as we wanted and got ready to head out for our day. Mom wanted for me to french braid her hair, and it turned out so pretty! Next time I'm in St. Louis, I'm going to teach Randy how to french braid so he can do it for her too!

One of the most fun things about our trip was that it was all a surprise for Mom! She knew we were going to San Antonio and that was it. She didn't know where we were staying or what we were going to do while we were there. I enjoyed that aspect of our trip immensely :) And Mom was a very good sport about it all too! With braided hair, we headed out for our day of fun!!

Our first stop was the Japanese Tea House! I had never been here either,
and it did not disappoint!! We walked into this gorgeous garden (free admission!!)
and our jaws dropped! It was an oasis right there in the middle of downtown!
Every inch of the place was perfection!
The view across the pond was an incredible waterfall tucked away in a lush green wall of beauty!
Mom in front of the waterfall
The masonry was so impressive! So many little and big stones built into gorgeous
structures like bridges, walkways, and a buildings...
Along one of the pathways, Mom looked up and asked me to capture these three
birds on a wire! I loved that she was looking at life as through the lens of a camera :)
This beauty was my fave! Look at those colors! Wowza!
A selfie of Mom and I with the Japanese Tea Garden behind us
Beautiful woman! Inside and out!
Look at that gorgeous building! All those little stones!
Toward the end of our visit, we stopped at the little tea house called Jingu House --
and we got bubble tea! Bubble tea has little balls of tapioca at the bottom of the tea,
and you suck them up through the fat straws! I was a fan, Mom not-so-much :)
It was so fun to share this first time experience together!! From here, our next stop was the San Antonio Botanical Garden!!