December 02, 2016

Stitch Fix #16

So, I took a few months off from getting Stitch Fix was a nice break and then I was so excited to get my 16th Fix!

There wasn't anything I was really hoping the only note I left for Kallie was to send cozy, baggy sweaters and stuff for winter. That's it!

I definitely got some goodies that I loved! Let's take a look!

Lucky Brand : Basel Double Sided Zipper Bootie -- $129.00

I actually just went through a search for some new brown was harder than I thought it would be but I finally bought some tan wedge booties. So I am no longer in the market for booties. And unfortunately, these are a bit pricey for my budget! But, I really like the style a lot! The color is great, with the fade-to-dark toes. And the quality is very good. They did have a little scratch on them, so if I had bought them I would've exchanged them for a different pair. VERDICT : Returned

Andrew Marc : Keru Puffer Vest -- $88.00

I was super excited to see this crisp white vest in my box!! I truly love puffers and actually had been looking at some white ones recently. I'm so glad I hadn't bought one yet, because this puffer is going straight into my closet! It has a detachable hood, and is very good quality. Love!! VERDICT : Kept!

41Hawthorn : Polah Striped Pullover -- $68.00

Seeing this sweater in my box was a bit confusing...mainly because I already have a 41Hawthorn sweater that is very, very similar to this one! It is gray with stripes on the sleeve, and stripes on the body. All similar colors. (The back of this one has stripes on it). This was a definite no right off the bat, because of the similarity. It also felt a bit sloppy to me. I like the sweater I have better than this one. VERDICT : Returned

Mak : Davici Cableknit Pullover -- $54.00

This sweater is just ok to me. The hunter green color isn't a fave (I DO love green but hunter is my least favorite!) In wanting some baggy, cozy sweaters, this one is just a bit too structured to me. Even though it did fit perfectly. Really, just too much of a basic for me. VERDICT : Returned

RD Style : Josslyn V-Neck Pullover -- $68.00

This sweater has a slouchy fit that I love! It's a little loose and very cozy. Perfect! The soft gray color is nice; a fun color would have been good too! I'm also a V-neck fan! Bonus -- Chris REALLY  likes this one!! VERDICT : Kept!

Two keepers! That's successful in my eyes! Super happy with my two selections. AND since I signed up for Stitch Fix's special program, I have a year of NO styling fees!! And that also gave me a credit to use on this order. Whoop!

Verdict : Happy girl!

November 30, 2016


So I know I mentioned that St. Louis trip posts would be coming soon...I just currently don't have the brain power. This week is draining me.

I haven't even gotten the photos off of my phone yet.

So's going to be a bit longer. Patience is a virtue!

For today, just a few tidbits:

:: My Rodan & Fields delivery came today! I got their Reverse regimen to help reduce my sun damage on my face. I am very excited to try it out!

:: We are getting our February Retreat filled up and that makes me happy!

:: This is Us was soooooooooooooo good last night!

:: Tomorrow is book club and I am looking forward to it -- we are doing a holiday treat exchange, with an ornament tied to the package. Should be fun! We'll also discuss our recent book!

:: This coming weekend is Chris' Half Marathon in San Antonio with a big group of runners from our office!! He is pumped!!

:: And there you go...all I can muster!

November 29, 2016

Just a Tuesday's how today went:

:: I had two interviews for our graphic design position -- both possible candidates!

:: I spilled a glass of water across my desk, effectively destroying my to-do list and a brand new legal pad.

:: I had a work lunch & learn during my lunch hour and missed leaving the building for that time...but did learn some good stuff about a new process we're incorporating.

:: I had some trouble with my asthma wasn't spraying right. I called the pharmacy, they told me to call the manufacturer. They didn't answer. Called the pharmacy back. They couldn't give me a refill yet because insurance didn't approve it so soon. I could purchase one at full cost, which was quite expensive. Hmmm. So at 5:00, I was getting wheezy...and when you are having trouble breathing you can panic pretty quick. I went over to the pharmacy, and he gave me a syringe so that I could try to unclog it. Headed home and worked on that inhaler for 30 minutes. All the while wheezing and getting more panicked by the second. Finally it cleared. Oh my!! Asthma isn't fun, kids.

:: Sadly, I had to skip zumba this evening because of the above. That doesn't make me happy.

:: But I did make a delicious beef stroganoff for dinner!! Yum!

:: Almost time for This is Us!!!

November 28, 2016

Back to reality

:: Whew -- it was a MONDAY. A Monday AFTER VACATION. That means lots and lots of emails to weed through. I get so many emails in a day. I am caught up for the most part, but so exhausted!

:: And that means it is time to do more interviews for the two open positions I currently have -- Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant, if you happen to know any qualified candidates!! Send them my way! And that also means I need to get started on preparing end of year reviews for my team...oh that takes a lot of time. I guess a high point is that with the two open positions, I now have two less reviews to do! #silverlining

:: I had an awful night last night...I went to bed and all was fine and then around 11:00 I was up with sneezing and asthma and runny nose and stuffy nose. It was horrible and I barely slept. I ended up going to the guest bedroom so that I didn't keep Chris up with all my racket. That was the last straw -- I went to our nurse practitioner today and got a steroid shot and a ZPac. Come on, work your magic!!! I need sleep tonight. I do not function well with no sleep. Trust me.

:: Today I received the outfit I bought to wear to our 50s themed work party!! It is super cute and it fits well yay! No reveal until after the party -- but I think you will like it!

:: I was also able to finalize my Lands' End order -- I was waiting on our new work logo to be finalized and now that it has been, I should be getting everything soon. I ordered a white cardigan and a red rain jacket! Can't wait to get them!

:: I will be getting my 16th Stitch Fix delivery this week! It was set for 11/30, but looks like it is a day behind. It's been a few months, and I am excited to get another one!!!

:: It's been a long day...back to reality...time to relax.

November 27, 2016


Hello there! It has been such a nice break from the computer! I only got onto the computer one time during my vacation, and that was to approve time for paychecks...beyond that, no computer!

I look forward to sharing our St. Louis visit posts! Lots to tell and share there, and I will get to them as I can. I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was so nice! Now, we are home and doing our normal Sunday things...and then, back to work tomorrow. A week of vacation was much needed and oh so relaxing. We shall see what I walk into tomorrow!

I just put up a Cyber Monday Sale on my Etsy shop! Everything will be 25% off through midnight Monday! If you follow me on Facebook, I'll enter your name in a prize drawing if you share my post on your page! :)

Lots of things to get done today before our week starts...stay tuned this week for STL posts!!

November 17, 2016

Almost Vacation Time!

:: One more day of work to go! And then -- VACATION!!!!!! I haven't had a chunk of time off since June, so I'm looking very forward to it!

:: As part of my vacation, I'll be taking a break from, Happy Thanksgiving to all and I will return on 11-27-16!

:: This evening, my bestie Kim hosted a Craft Night at the office for our coworkers -- it was a lot of fun and she had a great turnout! I made some very cute Santa ornaments! There was also a cute wooden painted sign that some chose to create. A very nice way to spend the evening and start the Christmas festivities!

:: Chris had a very long treadmill run this evening, so once I got finished with my crafts I went back to the workout center to wait on him. I was able to get some Gilmore Girl watching done! Then we got home around 7:30 -- thank goodness for meal prepped meals!!

:: Now I am doing laundry and doing some odds and ends...

:: Hope you all have a great holiday!!

November 16, 2016

hump day

:: Twas a long of my favorite people on my team turned in her 2 weeks notice today. It was quite unexpected, and makes me sad. I love her! She and her husband are moving to Dallas to be closer to family. The 30th will be her last day.'s changes.

:: I had a good workout this evening and watched some Gilmore Girls!

:: Awhile back, we switched Poppy to some different food, because she didn't want to eat the old stuff any longer. She seemed to like the new stuff better, but now she seems to have skin irritation. She is scratching so much, endlessly. I talked to the vet and they recommended taking her off that food and trying something different for a few weeks to see if that improves the situation. We bought some Blue Buffalo, and shall start her on that tomorrow. She is very finicky, so I hope she will eat it! Fingers crossed that the itching goes away. She seems miserable.

:: Two more work days until vacation!!! And thankfully they will both be casual dress days! I've worn heels for the past three days and I'm done with that!! My 40 year old feet can't handle that any longer!

:: There are still a few hours left in my evening and I think I shall go find a way to enjoy them!!

November 15, 2016


:: I am currently drowning in snot and sneezes...just a simple glass of wine. Seriously, what the heck. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn't. It's maddening.

:: Just got done with This is Us -- loving that show!

:: I did a little coloring last night, and that felt so relaxing. I need to do more of that. It is funny how your brain just wanders during it -- it's almost like meditating. Speaking of meditating, Chris recently downloaded a guided meditation app for his phone, and has been doing a ten minute session every night before bed. He seems to be really enjoying that!

:: I bought a new Essie color -- kind of a taupey gray called Master Plan. I really like it -- and funny enough, one of our vip ladies today was wearing the exact same color! Which is a little odd, because it isn't a common, standard color. Great minds!

:: Three more days of work before vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:: Our end of year party is going to be a 50s Sock Hop -- so I need to figure out what we are going to wear...not sure I want to go the standard poodle skirt route. Thoughts??? Ideas?? Especially for a man. I have no idea what Chris will wear!!!

November 14, 2016

Monday Funday

:: I've picked back up on my daily Bible reading plan -- I got a little discouraged when I got stuck through some of the early Old Testament books like Numbers. And then I just let the habit go. And then I was just so far behind, why bother?? Finally I decided that I just needed to pick up where I left off, and follow the plan it lays out -- even if I don't follow it daily. So that is going well. I've been reading in the mornings while I eat my breakfast, when the house is quiet. It's been about 2-3 weeks now. I'm going to do my best to keep this up!

:: Today I had an interview with a young girl for our open Marketing Assistant job. She was great -- she would fit right in, and she seemed to have very strong organization skills. Unfortunately, since she is a college student, she would be gone the entire month of December for Christmas holiday -- and she doesn't live local. So, we shall see. Hoping to have a few other interviews before we decide.

:: I've sold three meal prep books so far! Hoping for more more more, because if they sell well, I want to work on a breakfast book next!

:: Tomorrow we have VIPs around hopefully no working late! Then, this is our last VIP trip of the month. Three weeks in a row is a lot.

:: Tomorrow, This is Us returns! It wasn't on last week due to the election. I missed it! I still need to watch Grey's from last week. Just not as excited about that one this season. Chris and I are very excited because Season 3 of The 100 is finally coming to Netflix on 11-16!! We've been waiting forever!

:: Ok, time to go relax. More tomorrow!

November 13, 2016

A Great Weekend

Whew!! Sunday itself felt like a full weekend!! I'm pooped!

:: Friday evening, we had a nice dinner at Tokyo -- yummy sushi!! MMM. Then we headed home and enjoyed a relaxing evening together...

:: Saturday, Chris did a long bike ride and I went out to do some errands. I hit Michaels and Shoe Carnival. Bought some Project Life protectors (which ended up being wrong) and some black pumps (finally!). Then I picked up some running energy packets for Chris at Academy and then I made my way downtown to look around through the Christmas in November booths! First stop -- Kim's booth! It was nice to chat with them, and I bought a few goodies too! I quickly browsed through the rest (boooo -- the macaroon booth wasn't there!!!) and then stopped at Heff's to pick up lunch for us before heading home. We ate, cleaned and did things around the house, and then we enjoyed dinner at Nikko's (gyros)...after a quick trip to Lowes, we headed home. I spent the remainder of the evening doing some mega preplanning for the scrapbook retreat! 72 pages ready, embellishments and all! I have a whole other pile ready with titles and papers, that just need embellishments. Progress!

:: Sunday, we went to church (it was a great message!) and then I had a few errands. I returned the page protectors to Michaels, stopped at Target (finally found some booties that I like!), picked up my online grocery order at Walmart, and hit the Natural Grocery Store. After unloading the groceries, I spent a few hours doing the meal prep for the week. Unfortunately, I dropped the crockpot lid -- a million little glass shards everywhere. And I don't believe you can just buy a lid -- so I may be buying a new crockpot. :( Food is all ready for the week -- whoop!

:: The week ahead -- I'm attending a Craft Night that Kim is hosting at work on Thursday evening! That should be fun! We're going to make ornaments. Otherwise it will be a pretty normal week, with VIPs and upcoming time off work -- woo hoo!!! One week to go, then vacation!!!!!!


If you haven't already, be sure to check out my Meal Prep eBook! It is full of helpful tips and tricks, menus, grocery lists, and recipes! I've done the hard work for you, so you can just settle in and get the cooking done! You can gain back some valuable hours during your weeknights!

November 09, 2016

Long day

:: So...Mr. Trump is our new president it seems...America is a very interesting place. The next four years should be something to witness.

:: VIP day -- it was interesting in our new location, and unfortunately we had multiple technology difficulties. Which is never good. Overall, it went ok. We'll see what we end up doing for next Wednesday's VIP presentation. Third in a row, but then that's it for a bit.

:: Chris had a lot of fun last night at Painting with a Twist -- a few people from his department got together for pizza at Brickoven and then painted...I'm sure there was a lot of laughter!

:: I was able to get in a workout after the presentation ended at 6:00 -- and that means some Gilmore Girls time too :) Season 5 has been entertaining!

:: Tomorrow evening, we are going out to dinner with Nick...not sure where yet but we are looking forward to it! Nick is always good for some fantastic conversation!

:: I did a manicure in Essie Smokin' Hot, which is a lovely dark eggplant color. Loving it! Essie is by far my favorite nail polish brand. It goes on so smooth, and seems to last a bit longer for me. And with my unusual long nails, it looks so so nice! I have never had long nails in my entire life...they break constantly and peel. For the last three weeks (or more), I have had long nails on every finger, with no breaking. It really kind of baffles me but I love them!

:: Time to go do some relaxing...long day.

November 08, 2016

:: This evening was zumba! Our instructor, Vanessa, is on vacation this week -- so she left us a DVD workout to follow. Whew! It was a doozy and we were all sweaty messes at the end! It was a lot of fun! It was a great workout!

:: Chris is out this evening with his coworkers -- they went to Painting with a Twist! I can't wait to see their masterpieces ha ha! I know they are having fun -- they had Brick Oven Pizza for dinner too. It's good to have some fun!

:: I ate a yummy dinner of chicken salad and am watching Gilmore Girls now! Whew -- the season finale of season four was crazy!! On to season five!!

:: Tomorrow is VIP day -- so it will be a late evening...fingers crossed that our new set up goes well!

November 07, 2016


:: Some days work to bring you down...there is a lot of "bad" going on around us, with the people that we is a struggle sometimes. When it's everywhere you look, that can be pretty disheartening. Lots to pray about.

:: We have another batch of VIPs coming in Wednesday, and we're going to be changing up our presentation in order to speed things up and make it more streamlined. Should be interesting...cross your fingers!

:: We are working hard to fill the spaces for our February scrapbook retreat at the same house we went to last year...we are getting close. We currently have 9 -- needing 12. The owner of the retreat can also help fill spots if there is always that back up plan...

:: I started After You -- so far it isn't as good as the first one. But I will give it time...

:: The Walking Dead was a little low key last night -- that is two episodes now that haven't had much action. They are building story, which is week is a 90 minute episode, so I know there will be some good stuff happening!

:: Tomorrow is Election Day. I just am not even sure what our future holds, and I fear that whatever the won't be good. How do we find ourselves in this predicament?

:: I have a few hours left to my evening, and I plan to spend them relaxing...much needed.

November 06, 2016

Weekend Update

I love weekends!!

:: Friday, after work, I worked out and then did some running around in town while I waited for Chris' flight to get in. I went to the new Joann store -- very unimpressed. It took over the old Hancock Fabric building -- and sadly, it pretty much was still that same store. They didn't do anything to improve that old nasty store, and there was not that much to even look at. I won't be going back there. Then I had a little extra time so I went to the new Plato's Closet -- again, not impressed. That store was 110% packed with clothes and shoes, almost gave me a panic attack! I only spent about 2 minutes in there. Then...Chris texted to let me know that his flight was taking off, so I headed to the airport to get him. It was soooo great to see him! We got his luggage and went to dinner at Lytle was yummy and we chatted about his days away.

:: Saturday morning, we slept in a bit and then I went to the Christmas Carousel with Kim and her daughter Kelsey. We had fun shopping -- and I found a few goodies! A gorgeous necklace, and a cute long sleeve shirt. I also tried my very first macaroon cookie -- it was nothing like what I thought it would be!! It was incredibly delicious!!!!!  And definitely worth it. I dropped them off at home, and then I picked up Subway salads for me and my hubby. We puttered around the house all afternoon, and then we went to Kohl's and found Chris some shoes that he was needing. And then we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Fuzzy's.

:: Daylight Saving Time! We loved sleeping in an extra hour...nice! Chris watched the New York Marathon, and I went grocery shopping. And while Chris did a two-hour run, I did the meal prep for the week! Whoop! Now we are getting the rest of our things done before The Walking Dead starts!!!!

:: The week ahead is fairly normal -- though a few of Chris' coworkers are in town, so he has a few evenings of fun planned. They are going to do Painting with a Twist ha ha! That should be interested. This weekend is Christmas in November, and Kim has a booth -- I'm looking forward to shopping around there too, and seeing her booth! And she is so sweet, she offered to add my tshirts to her booth to see if we can get any of them sold...fingers crossed!!

:: I am very excited -- I was able to get my Meal Prep ebook added to my Etsy shop! I'm hoping that it will sell well because I would love to create additional ebooks -- again, fingers crossed! If you are interested in checking it out, here is the link!

:: I just got done with "Me Before You" -- it was such a good book, I really enjoyed it. It's a movie now too, so I will need to watch that! There is a sequel -- "After You" -- just purchased it and am reading that one next.

:: Here's to a good week ahead!

November 03, 2016

Almost the Weekend!

:: Today is my Grandma Flo's birthday!! She has such a special place in my heart, and I am looking so forward to seeing her on our upcoming trip to STL...

:: This day went swiftly...and was overall pretty decent!

:: I came home after work, instead of working out. I was feeling a bit "wound up" in my heart and felt I needed a little quiet time to myself to settle it down. A workout may have helped too -- but, I chose what I chose...and am now feeling much lighter.

:: Now I can head over to Kim's to do our craft night! I've been looking forward to it and can't wait!

:: Tonight is Grey's Anatomy...I'll watch it at some point. That show has lost some of its allure with me. This season seems a little meh.

:: I am greatly enjoying Me Before You -- I'm a little more than halfway through. I'm anxious to see how it end! I had a great conversation about books today with my friend Karin at work...she is about to travel and was asking me for some reading recommendations...then she pulled out her Kindle to show me what she had to choose from already, and it was about 100 books!! Dang! She had some good ones in there too...quite a few are on my To Read list. I love reading! Thanks, Mom, for passing on your own love of books to me!!

:: Time to go have some fun! Enjoy your Friday!