August 21, 2017

I'm Back!

Hello there!

I know, I know...I have been MIA! Life has been, honestly, just plain crazy. I'm happy to report that everything is pretty much settled now, and I can't wait to share it all!

What have we been up to??

: Went on a cruise for our 10th anniversary!!

: Sold our house!

: Bought a townhouse, moved Aspen and Mimi in, and got them settled!

: Spent a few days "homeless"!

: Bought our 5th wheel trailer and parked it at our new spot!

: Got the RV all set up and decorated!

So, it's literally been a whirlwind these past two weeks!!

Once we have internet access out at our RV spot, I will begin working on some posts about the above! I'm excited to share it all with you, including photos! We are officially in our "next chapter" now and I couldn't be happier!!

August 03, 2017

This is it for Awhile

Hello! I realize I didn't get a post up yesterday, and I know you all understand :) We are in serious crunch mode right now.

Tonight, we will be getting the remainder of our belongings packed into the second mini pod we had delivered today. Everything didn't fit into the first one. We'll be packing up our suitcases for our cruise, as well. We'll get everything as close to done as possible, so that upon returning from our cruise, we have a very short to-do list before closing on the houses.

It's been a crazy five weeks. The last few days, especially, have been insane. My analytical brain is maxed out and stressed out and I'm sometimes not handling it well. I get buried in the logistics and just don't see how it possibly can all get done. But it will. It is. Chris has had to talk me off the ledge a few times. Bless that man.

Tomorrow, after work, we are heading down to Galveston and then boarding the ship on Saturday. We are so ready to be in the middle of the ocean, resting and relaxing and enjoying the time together for our TENTH ANNIVERSARY!!

So, this is going to be the last post for awhile...cruising and moving will occupy us through the 16th at least. I shall return when I can! Until then, have happy days!

August 01, 2017


:: Today was not nearly as crazy busy, thankfully...though, I did have an interview this morning, and a two hour meeting this afternoon. Since our kitchen floor was sealed today, we can't currently walk on that limits what we've been able to do this evening!

:: Read up about The Great Tile Debacle on our Being the Babers blog -- link to the right!

:: I was able to start on packing for our cruise this evening! I've got piles in our bedroom floor, ready to go into the suitcase!! Not much longer now. Get me on that ship!!!!!

:: I picked up Mr. Burger for our dinner, since the kitchen is closed. It was pretty tasty!

:: That's really about all I've got...I'm going to take advantage of this evening and relax a little!!!

July 31, 2017

Let Me Share

Would you like to hear about all the things I was able to fit into this day? I'm usually pretty skilled at fitting a lot in...but today took the cake.

My Lunch Hour
: Transferred 3 tables from my car to Kim's truck at work
: Drove home
: Talked to the tile guy about how things are going
: Got Poppy to eat since she was scared because of the tile guy
: Ate my own quick lunch
: Put the crockpot on for dinner
: Packed Chris' lunch
: Rolled up the living room rug and dragged it to the trash pile in the driveway
: Removed boxes from my car
: Snuggled with Poppy for 1.5 minutes
: Forgot Chris' lunch and had to circle back in the car
: Drove back to work


After Work
: Delivered a bag of hangers to a girl who stopped by to pick them up
: Picked up dog food from the vet
: Stopped at the bank to do a deposit
: Drove to our print vendor's shop to pick up boxes he had saved for us
: Went to Target to get eyeliner (mine broke this morning) and caulk (they didn't have)
: Went to Lowes to get the caulk
: Picked Chris up from work
: Stopped to get gas
: Fixed a tear in the upholstery of a theater chair
: Wiped down all of the surfaces in the kitchen to clean up the tile dust

And now...I think I am done.

July 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

WE ARE EXHAUSTED. Need to go back to work to get some rest.

:: Friday evening, we worked out and then had dinner at the house. We worked on loading stuff into the Mini pod and got stuff done around the house.

:: Saturday, Chris did a long bike ride and I got the grocery list entered for pickup. Then, we worked on collecting all of our trash into a big pile to see how much we have. We discovered that the dump closes at 1:00 on Saturdays, so we were crunched for time. We headed to Kim and Gary's to borrow their trailer...but unfortunately their hitch was too small for our new monster truck. We weren't able to use it, so no trip to the dump for us. We're going back to our original plan, which is to have a guy we know come pick it up, load it up, and take it to the dump. We'll pay him.

:: Then we ran to Home Depot to get a new lock for the front door (the other one broke), and then we met Mimi out at Jojo's for lunch (her treat!) and to see Aspen. The rest of the day was spent packing and loading and sweating and lifting and etc. We got a lot done thankfully.

:: We decided to have a nice evening out (much needed!!). We had dinner at Vagabond -- pizza and delicious chocolate cake. Then we relaxed and watched tv in bed with the dogs.

:: Sunday, I picked up the groceries and did a few other errands while Chris ran. Then it was a solid day of packing, loading, cleaning, and deep cleaning the carpets. We had someone come by to pick up some items, and we've just gone over a list of to-dos for the week ahead.

:: We basically have five days of work and then we head down to Galveston to take our 7 day cruise!!! Which is much, much, much, much needed and we can't wait. There is a lot to get done before then, and the New Tile Guy has a lot to get done...but it's all coming together.

:: We are exhausted, and my lower back feels like it is going to give out on me. Trying to be careful with that. We are nearing the end of the tunnel, and it is crazy and tiring but we are keeping the big picture in mind.

Hope you all have a great week ahead...we'll take any prayers you want to send our way!!!

July 27, 2017

Moving along

:: Work was fairly chaotic today...a bit crazy. I'm hoping tomorrow will be more calm.

:: Working on finishing up stuff for the loan on the townhouse. Getting the insurance quote...waiting on some info from the realtor.

:: Made delicious baked potatoes with my healthy sloppy joe recipe and it was oh so good! It's one of my faves.

:: My eating is going well...even though I am a HUGE stress-eater...amidst all the stress we are currently in, I've managed to keep things under control. I've lost 3% body fat and some inches and pounds! Now that I am done with my Whole60, I am doing 6 days of clean eating (basically Whole30-ish) and one day of eating some fun stuff. Last week was my first time doing it, and I enjoyed a few treats. They were yummy, but I was fine getting back to normal the following day. I am very hopeful that this plan can keep me on track.

:: 9 days until our cruise! I didn't want to do a countdown because while that is soooo exciting, it is also very crazy because we have a lot to get done before then with the house. But, we got an email today with the 9 day notice, and it couldn't be ignored :) We are soooo ready.

:: That's what I know today...tomorrow is thankfully Friday. I have one person picking up some stuff tomorrow, and on Saturday we have a guy coming out to look at the riding mower. If he doesn't want it, I have someone else lined up to get it. This is our last weekend before the cruise, so it is crunch time and will be non-stop work. Finish packing, finish loading the pod, take trash to the dump, etc etc. Big (and tiring) weekend ahead! Wish us much productivity!

July 26, 2017


Oi! This day was a bit of a doozy!

:: Work was quite busy...I'm working ahead as much as possible to prepare for my week + 2 day vacation coming up. I'm making some good headway, so I'm feeling good there.

:: I took a brief nap at lunch, and that was good...I'm feeling pretty pooped lately.

:: Today was the appraisal at the townhouse...and things got really bad before they got really good. Chris and I were feeling pretty desolate for a few hours. Basically, the townhouse didn't appraise for what we agreed to pay, and we didn't think the seller would budge on her price. We went back and forth a few times and it actually worked out well for us. She agreed to sell at the appraised amount, and we were it is official now and this was the last piece of the puzzle. Thank you God for pulling it all together!!

:: We also found out that Tile Guy #2 can't work on our tile within the time frame we Teri is back to the drawing board on that. She guarantees she'll figure it out and doesn't want us to worry about. That's hard, but we are putting our trust in her!

:: We had a lot of visitors this evening...people picking up things they've bought. Made a little more money and more things have left the premises. Whew.

:: I just ate my blueberries and almond milk and that made me happy happy. I have also been eating a ton of watermelon -- it is sooooo good right now! Mmm!

:: Now, it's time for bed!

July 24, 2017


:: I got a lot done at work,which was needed.

:: I wore a braid, my quick and easy go to.

:: We had business casual dress...tomorrow too, and then causal the rest of the week.

:: I had a great 45 minute cardio session, along with a 15 minute shoulder workout. Killer.

:: I made ranch topped fish, roasted potatoes, and roasted squash from my friend's garden for dinner. It was quite tasty.

:: Chris and I worked on bagging/boxing stuff up for Goodwill to come and pick up. SO MUCH STUFF.

:: I officially ran out of steam at 9:20 and could seriously go straight to sleep right this second.

July 23, 2017

Weekend Recap

And...whew. The weekend is over!

:: Friday after work, Chris and I worked out...we needed that outlet after a long week! Then we had a quick dinner at Nico's (gyros) and then headed home to work on stuff at the house. We had to price everything for the garage sale Saturday. It was HOT and it took awhile...but we got it done and then fell into bed.

:: Saturday, our first person arrived at the garage sale at 7:45, and we had a decent amount of people come by. A lot were actually from our neighborhood, but we did get some from town, too. We sold some stuff and made some money. We unfortunately still have some big items that are needing to go, but we are working on those. Also, we still have our two love seats -- those didn't sell. We found a place that was needing couches donated, so we'll have them come pick those up. Done! Kim came over to help us out in case it was crazy...since it wasn't crazy, it was a great opportunity for her and I to catch up. We haven't been able to spend a ton of time together lately, with all this we both really enjoyed that! Thank you to her for spending the day with us!!!

:: After the sale, Chris and I worked on loading up our storage unit with our packed stuff. We don't think this unit is going to be large enough for everything. Boo! We may need to get another one delivered. Their "holds up to 5-6 rooms" is quite a stretch of the imagination, I believe! But, making some progress there.

:: Saturday was also Aspen's 21st birthday! So hard to believe. She had to work, so Chris, Mimi and I went to have dinner at Jojo's so we could see her. She had on a 21 birthday crown, and was getting lots of birthday tips...she was having a good day!

:: Sunday, after picking up groceries and doing laundry, we went for a late lunch at Perini to celebrate Aspen's birthday! The food was yummy and we had a nice time together. Then we came back to the house for gifts and cookie cake (her request)! It's very nice to spend this time together as a family again.

:: And now, I prepare for another week...hopefully it will be smooth sailing!!

July 20, 2017

Too Tired to Type

:: Busy, busy day at work today...I'm working to get things done ahead of time for when I am gone for over a week on our cruise and closing on the house/moving. Lots happening there.

:: This evening has been super busy. I've not been able to work out much but that's ok because I am working my bootie off at the house. This evening I ran to the Dollar Store on the way home and also stopped to get gas. Then I cooked dinner and we ate real quick. Then we worked on super cleaning the tile to get the scummy haze off. Then a couple came to pick up the two filing cabinets they bought from us. Then we worked on getting stuff from the attic and the garage that are going into the garage sale. Now I am pooped.

:: That's about all I know at the moment...

July 19, 2017

Getting Stuff Done

:: Mmmmmm...I just enjoyed a bowl of frozen blueberries topped with almond fave. So yummy.

:: After work this evening, I: got my allergy shot; picked up the dry cleaning; picked up a birthday gift for Aspen. When I got home, our realtor Teri came by to see the state of our tile floor. I love this woman...she is always very matter of fact and makes a plan and I feel so much better having it in her hands. Stay tuned.

:: Chris' presentation was today and it went great!! He is really talented at public speaking, so I knew he would do well. Very proud of him, always!

:: I started moving more stuff out to the garage for our garage sale this was SO HOT. I was dripping sweat. This heat is killing me! I was able to get most of it out there...Chris can help me with the rest!

:: Some friends came over to pick up a bed frame and mattress set...another thing out the door!

:: Now it's 9:00 and I think I will go take a bath with a bath bomb and call it a night...

July 18, 2017


Our tile project is going to be the end of me, I dare say...

After walking on the sealed tile as little as possible, after 24 hours the seal was just not settling into the stone in our kitchen. It was greasy and sticky and looked like crap.

After texting and talking with he tile guy, he thinks whatever seal was put on it 5 years ago has prevented the new seal from soaking in. Which has caused a big mess.

And don't even get me started on the 9 new tiles that currently look too light compared to the rest of the floor.

Chris and I both scrubbed the floor on our hands and knees this evening, getting up the gook. That at least is gone now, but the floor does not look good. May Day May Day!

My brain can just not fathom what to do next. He's coming out tomorrow to put another coat of seal on the 9 new tiles to try and darken them. And he'll check out the rest and see what can be done.

I feel like throwing myself on the floor and weeping.

Other than this, we're dealing with stuff with the bank (which stresses me out) and work is busy busy. I also had to drive to the mall to order the cookie cake for Aspen's birthday this weekend -- I tried calling them, and they don't do orders over the phone. Are we still living in 1980? Good grief. While there thought, it was a great opportunity to go to Bucketheads to get the "It's 5 O'Guac Somewhere" shirt that I've been wanting! Wearing it on Thursday this week (casual day!).

Please say some prayers for:

:: Our tile dilemma!!!!
:: Chris' business trip to Denver, specifically his presentation
:: My sanity!!!!

July 17, 2017

Time is Ticking

:: Everyday, we get closer and closer to our end date...and everyday we try to accomplish something! It's a little nerve wracking, thinking of just how few days we have left to accomplish everything. I try not to think about it too closely.

:: Today, the tile guy came out and did the grout and then sealed the whole kitchen floor. That was unexpected because we thought he was doing that we have pretty much not been able to be in the kitchen or any adjoining rooms all day today. If we had known, we could have planned for that. So it made lunch very tricky, and it made the whole day tricky for Mimi who had to keep the dogs locked up in her room. We're not sure about it yet. He was able to get the chair scrape patches fixed up, and we had a big, odd circle that he was able to remove too. But the new tiles look much lighter than the rest. I think he's going to need to put the enhancer sealer on a few more coats. Hopefully that will work. This process has not been fun.

:: The other day we had a big spring on our garage door break. That had to be fixed.

:: Today we had issues with our front door lock. Ever heard of Murphy's Law?

:: The good news is that we believe we've gotten the little AC units fixed in our shop and upstairs room...that has taken awhile. No one could seem to figure it out. The guy today thinks that some wires were crossed. The rooms are cooling nicely at the moment.

:: We are having a garage sale on I worked on getting things ready for that this evening. Unfortunately the kitchen floor is putting on a halt on any further work. So here I am.

:: I'm going to do some Google searching on good closet storage...

July 16, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: I'm pooped! It's been a very full weekend! I hope you had a great one!

:: Friday evening, we each did a workout and then met up for dinner at the Natural Food Restaurant. That was yummy! Then we headed to check out a RV park option that a coworker told us about -- hop on over to my other blog, Being the Babers, to read all about that!!! Then we came home and relaxed for a bit.

:: Saturday morning, we went at 9:00 am to sign the papers on our new Ford F-250 truck! I'll post more about this truck soon once I get some is a huge beast!! It barely fits in our garage! It feels good to have this checked off the list...a truck that will be able to pull our 5th wheel!

:: While they were showing Chris all about the truck, I headed on over to Kim's house for the July scrapbook retreat! We had planned on having the retreat at our house, but it ended up being just too much...and Kim was kind enough to open up her home for it at the last minute! I was so happy to scrapbook and socialize with the girls from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm! Then I was pooped and headed home.

:: Sunday, after picking up the groceries and stopping at Target for a few things, I spent the remainder of the day doing laundry and packing packing packing! So much to do, and time is dwindling down. I also sold a few more things this weekend, so that is good! I've just now sat down...whew. I will sleep good tonight!

:: The week ahead...Chris has a two-day business trip to Denver...I will continue packing and also work on getting ready for a garage sale this coming Saturday...lots to do. Saturday is also Aspen's 21st birthday...that is hard to believe! We will be celebrating her on Sunday with dinner (not sure where yet) and a cookie cake (her request)...

Have a happy week!!

July 12, 2017

No Bueno

This day -- it was not my friend. It's always interesting to me how things pile up in one day -- why can't it be spread out a little more? For my brain that is already feeling way overwhelmed...well it all just about did me in this afternoon/evening.

:: We heard back on the things we asked the seller of the townhouse to fix (that were on the inspection)...this elderly woman has been very, very difficult to work with. She pretty much refused to do all of it but one small thing. So now, we decide whether we are willing to pay cash out of our pockets to fix the big things. We are so far into this now and we are working on a very tight time back out now and begin something brand new just doesn't seem possible. Plus, this townhouse is perfect for the girls because there is no yard to take care of, it's in a safe area, and there are some great updated things. Currently there is nothing else for sale in our price range with the things we are needing. So...we move forward and see how it goes. This royally pissed me off at first and everything went downhill from there.

:: Not long after I found this out, the tile guy called me. He was at our house working on taking up some cracked tiles that he needs to replace. He was having some issues too, and needed us to come home and look at some things. Turns out we have come up with a solution with him, thankfully...and the tiles that were ordered, that looked way too light upon seeing them, looked sooooo close to our tiles once he put the enhanced sealer on them. So that was a bright spot.

:: Upon arriving hom, we discovered that the electricity was out in our neighborhood. It was out for quite awhile, and that meant I was unable to cook dinner or even warm anything up in the microwave. Oi.

:: So back into town I went to Heff's to pick up some dinner...which was a mistake. Last time we ate there I declared we weren't going back.We should have stuck with that. It took 25 minutes to get our food (this is fast food!!) and then when I asked her before leaving for an extra gravy -- she went back in the back to get it and didn't come back out! I stood there for a few minutes, and when she did finally come out, she walked right past me and started waiting on another couple. So I just left. After the day I had had, I was surely going to bite her head off, and I just needed to leave. So, 100% we are not going back.

:: I also called the Mini storage company today, because we hadn't heard back from them after reserving a storage unit for delivery on their website. He and I played phone tag, and on my way home from Heff's I had a voicemail from him. He had not received our request, but he was super nice and told me to leave him a message tomorrow with the details and he'll get it set up for me. He called at 7:00 pm because his delivery guy was out all day and he had to do it all himself...and he had a motto to always return calls the same day they were received, and he wanted to honor that. I thought that was very good...I'll be calling him tomorrow.

Please pray for my sanity. Lots of big, big prayers.