March 26, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: Friday after work, we went to the YMCA so Chris could do his swim workout. It was fun to see him swim -- he was methodical and strong. It's coming along! Afterwards, we went to eat sushi (yum!) and then stopped at Academy for some things. Then we relaxed!

:: Saturday morning, we slept in a bit and then Chris did a three hour workout including biking and running. Then he did a lot of spring yardwork, trimming everything. I did laundry and worked on my scrapbook-for-hire. I made some good progress!

:: Saturday evening, our friend Alex was in town from Austin...we met him at The Mill for some fellowship and drinks! It was a fun and relaxing evening. Kim and Gary joined us as well, and we had some good laughs. We closed the place down, and got Mr. Baber some Taco Bueno on the way home.

:: Sunday was chores -- finished up the laundry, picked up the groceries, and did the meal prep for the week. We'll be having: ranch fish, chicken nuggets, tuna casserole, and spaghetti squash with shrimp sauce. Mmm! Tonight I am making turkey burgers and minestrone soup for dinner!

:: This week -- I'm getting my annual physical done at work, so will need to fast; Friday we are doing birthday burritos for first quarter work birthdays; Friday is also our luncheon -- we are having catfish mmm; and Saturday, our Ocho will celebrate his 11th birthday!!

:: Update on Ocho's tail -- the vet thinks he has sprained it somehow. We'll never know how, but how odd! He gave me some pain meds to give him daily, and said that it should heal on its own. It may be a slow process; we shall see. It does still wag, but it is still down instead of up. He doesn't seem to be in pain, so that is good! Poor chap.

March 22, 2017

A nice evening

:: My boss returned to work today, after a 30 day sabbatical...back to business as usual! It was good to see him. He's got a beard now!

:: This evening, we had dinner with Chris' boss, Jay, who is in from San Francisco for the week. We met him at Tap House for a yummy meal and good conversation. Usually Chris and Jay have dinner together, but I was invited this time and decided to tag along!

:: Ocho has something odd going on with his is usually up and wagging and perky. Last evening, we noticed that it is hanging limp. I'm not sure if something happened that we don't know of, and it is sprained somehow? He doesn't seem to be in any pain really, but we're still going to have it checked out. I'm taking him to the vet Thursday at 3:45. It's very odd to see his tail like don't really notice a tail, until it isn't doing its normal thing!!

:: I received some good news today at work, and that relieved some of the stress I've been feeling. Whew....that helps.

:: Time to squeeze in a little relaxing before bed...ta ta!

March 21, 2017

Hello, blog readers...

This is me. With nothing to say.

Goodbye, blog readers...

March 20, 2017

Monday Funday

:: Back to work we went...the day was pretty decent. I got a lot done, and enjoyed my peeps.

:: After work, I went to get my hair I'm all pretty and young again!

:: New Girl -- it makes me laugh...glad I chose this show. I was in need of some lighthearted fun!

:: Today I began week 2 of my Food Freedom Reset. I continue to struggle with being 100% all in or 100% all out. I need to find some happy medium ground. With my Food Freedom plan that I set a few months back, I am now working on a reset. Instead of doing a Whole 30 every time I get off track, it's just a reset with rules of my own making that lasts for as long as it takes for me to feel in control again. I think two weeks, but it may be more or less. After so many Whole 30s, I honestly started feeling back in control after about three days. Once I have a grasp on health again, I can work to stay in my maintenance phase longer.

:: We enjoyed some beautiful weather here today! It got up to 88 degrees and was just lovely and sunny. We are supposed to have a gorgeous week.

:: I was able to get all of our Colorado/Pikes Peak scrapbook layed out! Now I just need to work on the journaling. Loving this digital process!! I have accomplished so much already. This one is super cute, can't wait to see it! We have gorgeous photos from this trip!

:: Tomorrow is zumba and I can't wait!!!!!!

March 19, 2017

Weekend Recap

** Be sure to keep scrolling after this post to see my Review of Fix #19!

:: On Friday, Chris and Mimi left town around 2:00 and headed to Oklahoma for their gambling weekend! This was Mimi's Christmas present...she loves to gamble those slot machines! They picked a weekend when Willie Nelson was going to be there in concert, so there were able to enjoy that too! Good old Willie, he is 84 and put on a good show for them! Mimi loved it, and bought a concert t-shirt too! They gambled and both ended up coming home breaking no big losses but no big wins either. They enjoyed their trip and their time together.

:: Friday evening, I went to the movies with the Marketing girls (+ Nadene and Tucker). We saw The Shack and it was really good. We all really enjoyed it. Then I headed home to spend some time with the puppers.

:: Saturday was the crop at Kim's ended up being a small group, and we enjoyed the day! It was me, Kim and Shelby for the majority of the day. Paula was able to come for about an hour. I worked on our Colorado/Pikes Peak Marathon album...and was able to get a ton done!! Very productive day.

:: Saturday evening, I picked up some sushi on my way home and spent the evening with the pups watching New Girl and scrapbooking in my scrapbook-for-hire. So it was a productive evening too!

:: Sunday, I picked up groceries and then did the meal prep for the week. Chris and Mimi got home around 2:30 and I enjoyed hearing about their trip. Now Chris is off on a 2 hour bike ride...he had no days of rest this week and is feeling pretty beat. We'll see what the new week of training looks like.

:: The week ahead -- I'm getting my hair done Monday evening, and we are having dinner with Chris' boss, Jay, Wednesday evening. Thursday evening is Book Club, and will be at our house. The best part -- we have no VIP trip this week!!!!!! Ahhhh.

March 18, 2017

Fix #19

I was excited to get another Fix! I knew as soon as I opened the box, though, that my normal stylist Kallie hadn't done this Fix. She was on vacation last month and for this Fix she was unavailable. :( I miss her. I really like having the same stylist every time. She has gotten to know my style well. This box was all subdued colors and Kallie knows my fondness for fun bright colors! Let's take a look. 

These ballet flats were ok. They were very comfy and I liked the blush color. The metallic toe was iffy and they were a tad big. But mainly I just can't handle that elastic trim. Ick ick ick. Plus, I had specifically asked for NO shoes this Fix. I think their shoes are a bit too pricey. So I'm not sure why these were sent. RETURNED. 

This shirt had potential. The fabric was super soft. The fit was nice. I'm a fan of polka dots and these were cute. Chris really isn't a fan of them though so I try to wear them sparingly. Two things kept me from keeping this shirt. One, I am not a fan of that acid wash look. Looks very sloppy. Two, this kind of fabric would easily look rumpled and I do not iron. RETURNED. 

This was a cute dress. I liked the racer back and the style. I also like that it is lined. I did not like this pattern though or the colors. Another unfortunate thing is that I couldn't even get it on. It was too slim in the chest. RETURNED. 

I have a bold note in my profile that asks for NO cream because of my pale skin. Hm. This fabric was weird. The polka dot style was weird. The fit was too boxy. RETURNED. 

This maxi dress was ok. When on, the gray top showed too many bumps from my bra. I like that the skirt was lined. Not a fan of these colors. Also I already have this exact dress in another color and I don't need two of the same dress. RETURNED. 

So. This Fix was a bust. I still love Stitch Fix though; every time can't be a success. I am very hopeful to have Kallie next month!!

March 16, 2017

C'mon Friday!!!

:: Tonight I went to Kim's Craft Night at work! This is the second one she's hosted, and she had a good turnout! There were 8 girls there, and she had them making a cute wreath made of tied fabric for Easter. Since I am decluttering, I didn't make one...I was there to help :) And enjoy the crazy ladies! Even though she didn't really need my help ha ha!!

:: I got my Fix for March today...meh meh...this is the second month that Kallie hasn't been able to style me. She was on vacation last month and it said she was unavailable this month. Not sure what that means. I miss her. I'll post what I received this month over the weekend. I won't be keeping any of it, sadly.

:: Tonight we are having turkey stuff bell's been awhile since we've had those, so I hope they are yummy!

:: Time to spend some time with my hubby! He just got home from a 2 hour bike ride. His triathalon training is TIME CONSUMING!!!!

March 15, 2017


:: Another VIP presentation is in the books...done deal! We don't have one next week...hopefully it will be awhile until the next one. They take up a lot of my afternoon!

:: No workout this evening...didn't leave work until 6:00 and was wiped out.

:: I'm sure the whole blog world (my two readers) are bored with me, but I just have no mental I won't continue to chatter.

March 14, 2017


:: Tonight is the season finale of This Is Us! I am excited to see how they end their first season, but I am so, so sad that it is over for awhile. I will miss it so!

:: I had another productive day at work...and then had fun doing zumba! I love Zumba Tuesday!

:: Mama Mockingbird is busy at work...her nest is really coming along.

:: I've got a Stitch Fix arriving on Thursday! We shall see what five beauties I get..whoo hoo!

:: I bought a subscription to In Style magazine for a fundraiser, and I am excited to start getting it. I love In Style!

:: Truly, that's about all I have the brain power for today...adios!

March 13, 2017


:: In my opinion...Monday comes around way, way too quickly.

:: Work was steady and busy but thankfully not overly stressful. Thankful for that.

:: Tonight's dinner is chicken nuggets, roasted potatoes, and roasted broccoli...hope Chris gets home from his swim workout soooooon because I am hungry!

:: Loving that it's staying light later...but it wasn't too easy getting up in the pitch black this morning! It's weird how one hour can affect a body!

:: New Girl is cracking me up!! She is such a kook!!

:: It's taking me awhile to get into The Last Anniversary -- not because it isn't good, just because she always has so many characters and it takes awhile to figure out who they are. We're starting to get somewhere now...

:: Time to sign off now...I need to work on some scrapbook pages!

March 12, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: Chris got home from New Mexico on Friday afternoon around 3:00...we went for a run, and then when I got home from work we headed to Brick Oven Pizza for our friend, Jon's, birthday. We had a great evening the Jyl, John, Julie and Dustin...the pizza was great, and we laughed a lot. They are a fun group! Afterwards, we headed home and relaxed.

:: Saturday morning, Chris did a 2.5 hour bike ride and a 20 minute run...once he got cleaned up, we went to the hospital to visit our other friend, Jon, who had surgery. It was good to chat for about an hour and a half with our good friends. Jon was looking good, and has since gone home. Now his recovery starts. Saturday evening, us and Mimi went out to Jojo's for catfish -- it was yummy, and we chatted with Aspen a bit while she worked.

:: Sunday has been chores and groceries and meal prep...and a 90 minute run for Chris. His triathalon training is intense!

:: I'm working my way through New Girl -- I'm enjoying it, there are some really funny parts!

:: I've started working on my that will keep me busy for awhile.

:: The week ahead...I'm seeing The Shack Friday evening with the girls from work, and then Saturday is the crop at Kim's. Not sure what I am going to work on yet. Need to get some things prepped. We also have VIPs at work on Wednesday, and Kim is hosting a craft night at work. Should be a good week!

March 09, 2017

Stress = Wine

:: A tad stressed out called for some wine this evening. One of those days.

:: I'm trying out New Girl as a new Netflix binge...we'll see how it goes. I just watched the Amy Schumer comedy special, and man...she is so raunchy.

:: I finished my book club book -- it was pretty good. I'm interested to see what the rest of our club thought of it! Now I am starting another Liane Moriarty book...The Last Anniversary.

:: Watching a little Grey's Anatomy tonight...I caught up on the current season last weekend, and so now I can watch it live. I'm not loving it like I used to, but it's ok.

:: Our friend, Jon, had surgery today...could you say a little prayer for him???

:: I posted my latest felting project in my Etsy shop! He turned out pretty cute. Check him out! His name is Nat :)

:: That's about all I've got...ready for Friday and the weekend!

March 08, 2017

Today I...

...had a decent, productive day at work...and also did an hour and a half of training with a new sales manager. She's a spitfire, I like her a lot!

...had a good workout after work.

...went to Kohl's after my workout to spend my Kohl's cash, Kohl's rewards, etc...altogether, I had $45 to spend (it expired today and had to be used), I saw my friend that works there, and she gave me a 30% discount too! Whoop!! Unfortunately, sometimes I just have trouble finding anything to buy when I have money to spend. I circled the store twice. I had gone in wanting to get a new pair of black flat shoes and possibly a nude color pair as well. I didn't like any that they had. So then I wandered. Finally, I settled on: two pair of earrings (one to replace the pair where I lost one, found it in the parking lot at work, but it had broken); a cute tank top; and 3 bottles of Essie nail polish. It took much longer than expected, and I was starving!!

...texted a few times with Chris...he made is safely to New Mexico and had a good day of meetings. They are all going out to eat this evening.

...made good progress in my book -- I'm at 85% now. I'm liking the story.

...sold some more goodies from my social media sale!

And...that's about it! Time to relax!!

March 07, 2017

Only Tuesday?

:: It feels like it was at least Thursday today...kind of a bummer that it is only Tuesday.

:: This is Us -- whew, tonight was sooooo good. I really love that show. I am quite sad that next week is the finale!

:: Tonight was zumba (yay!) and meal prepped dinner...then Chris got on the road to New Mexico for a work meeting. I miss him already!

:: I'm putting the finishing touches on my next felting project...he's really pretty cute! I enjoy this process so much. So glad I started doing it.

:: I'm about 65% done with our next book club book -- Traveling Light. It's been a good story so far, and a light read -- which is nice!!

:: I need to get started on a scrapbook project for hire, as well as a bridal brunch invitation...lots of creative outlets ahead!

:: I loaded a lot of our declutter sale stuff onto social media, and have actually had some good luck selling a lot of it! That makes me happy!! I still have a lot, so hopefully the sales will continue!

:: I've got about an hour left to my evening...I think I shall spend it reading while I snuggle with Poppy Sue :)

March 06, 2017

Becky Higgins Project Life Albums

So. Since I have gone digital with my scrapbooking in 2017, I have been very productive. I am loving it!!

I am still doing single 12x12 Project Life pages, which are just highlight pics from each week. I am also doing normal scrapbooking of our life events. 

The fun part, though, is that I have been able to knock out two album projects start to finish! I've done both of Chris' ultra marathon races. Who knows when I would've gotten to these, scrapbooking the normal way. In addition to being fast...the quality of these books is soooo nice!

I want to share these two projects with you!!

The cover of the 50 Mile Run album -- I chose turquoise for this one, and it is
a beautiful, bright color! I'm not sure what material the covers are made from,
but it is like yummy!! Soft and it!!
The embellishment pack I used for this album went along with the turquoise theme...
and I journaled throughout to capture all of the memories from that amazing day.
I chose to do an 8"x8" album, which is quite nice. I was doing 12"x12" printed albums,
and these are much  more friendly for viewing I think.
One of the great things about these albums is that they lay flat when you open
them. There is no hump or gap. The assembly is superb.
I chose red for Chris' 100 Mile Run is just as lovely! Same yummy
material, and the titles are engraved into it so you can feel it. The font is always the
same and the size is, too -- so there is always consistency there. I love consistency.
For the 100 Mile Run, I chose an embellishment pack that coordinated with the red theme...
It's so easy to place the photos...I use the app on my phone, and the photos are
already on my phone. For the 50 Mile Run, the photos were actually on my computer
instead...and Chris helped me transfer them into Drop Box, which I can then access
from my phone. It is super easy!! So I can go back and do this with a bunch of
themed albums that are needing to be done!
Here's a side view, of the album spines...again, the font is consistent and the size
is, sitting on a shelf, there will be a lot of uniformity. My initial plan is to
do our normal life albums in black...and then any themed album I do will be in a fun
color. There is also a chartruse green I can't wait to see! And possibly one other color.

So, there you have it!! My first dive into Becky Higgin's Project Life albums...and I must say, I am loving it!!!!