September 28, 2016

Hump Day Tidbits

This day was a long one, and very busy...the emails never ceased. I got one taken care of and three more came in. Kind of exhausting! But, it was a good, productive day.

:: I went to my first book study today for "#struggles" and it was good! We had some good discussion and I think the next four Wednesdays will be beneficial time well spent.

:: During a meeting today, I was sitting there minding my own business...and out of nowhere, I get this awful back spasm!!! It is still hurting now. I'm not sure what happened. It sucks getting old! I'm lathered up in China Gel and that is helping. Hopefully it is gone tomorrow.

:: The weather is cooling off nicely is so refreshing!! I don't have a lot of in-between clothes though, so it is interesting coming up with stuff to wear to work. Especially when some of my wardrobe still doesn't quite fit again.

:: The Time Traveler's Wife is on right now...oh I love that movie! Hopefully we go to bed before I ugly cry. There is a part in the movie that gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. We'll see if I can get through it!

:: I tried curling my hair today...let's just say that didn't go well, and it ended up in a bun.

:: Chris had a double workout today. And one of them was a morning workout and he had to get up at 5:00 to get it in. He'll be asleep before long, that is way before he normally wakes up!!

:: Tomorrow is book club here at the house! Looking forward to discussing this book, there is a lot of meat to it that we can go over.

:: For now...I'm off to watch my favorite movie!!!

September 27, 2016

A Decent Tuesday

:: So today, Chris decided he wants us to do the 30 Day Plank Challenge -- oh boy!! This is the challenge we did awhile back, where you start with a 20 second plank on day one and progress up to a 5 minute plank on Day 30. Whew -- last time was sooooo hard! I ended up having to pray for the entire 5 minutes to get through last time...and Chris had stopped long before we got to that point! He better stick it out this time!!! We can do anything we set our mind to, right??? Yes!

:: Day 30 of Whole30 went just fine today! And on I continue until my treat on Saturday and the reading of my new is good!

:: Tonight, for dinner, we are having Taco Bowl and Spanish rice...and don't forget the guacamole! Meal prep at its finest...worked out and stopped at Walgreens, didn't get home until 6:40 -- and no cooking for me! Chris is currently doing a 90 minute bike ride and we'll dine when he gets home.

:: Tomorrow I have my first book study on the book "#struggles" -- we'll eat lunch together and we'll see what else. Chapter 1 was an easy read and had some good thought provoking topics.

:: We've decided to do a Secret Santa Exchange in our scrapbook group this year, and I'm looking forward to that!! We have a $25 limit, and I'm excited to start buying for my secret person!!!

:: The second episode of This is Us is on tonight and I am ready for it!! I hope it is as good as week one!

September 26, 2016

Whole30 #7 Thoughts

So, here I am...drawing to a close on my seventh Whole30. And I feel great! Tuesday is Day 30 and it seems like the month went very quickly.

My clothes are starting to fit again. Yay! My weight is lower -- 10 pounds lost. Yay! My food cravings are gone. Yay! I am sleeping really well. Yay! My allergies have been really good. Yay!

I love Whole30. I really, really do. Because it is such a wonderful RESET. I feel like I am back in control and I like that feeling. A lot. I am a big advocate for this program.

Butttttttt, here we are. Back at the point where I start to lose it. Oh, I'll just have one little treat. And next thing I know, I've jumped head first into a box of donuts and there is no turning back. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl, I've discovered. So here are my thoughts:

: I am going to continue on with Whole30 for a bit longer. There are still about 7-10 pounds that I want to lose. I'm not going to put a time frame on it, but I will continue on as-is for the time being. Maybe it will turn out to be a Whole60. Maybe I won't need quite that long. We shall see how it goes.

: On October 4, I will receive this book in the mail, and I am going to read it pronto.

: This is the same author who wrote, "It Starts with Food", the Whole30 book that I love. I really love this woman and the way she thinks and the things she teaches. This book was written for people like me who do fantastic on the Whole30 and then lose all their progress once they reintroduce back into normal life. Her term for this is a "yo-yo Whole30er" -- yep, that's me 100%. I am very excited to read this book and see what kind of plan she has to offer. So, I will most likely stay on Whole30 until I can get this book read too.

: To celebrate my Whole30 success, I plan to enjoy one treat at an upcoming party this Saturday. Then it will be right back to business until the rest of the weight is lost and the book is read.

: Now the tricky part is that I have some big events coming up that I do want to enjoy a bit. A weekend at the drag races (there is NO healthy food there) and a weekend in Fredericksburg (so much good, favorite foods and wine). I will enjoy both events, but not be glutenous. I will not go crazy -- and I will stay away from corn regardless. I'm not going back to that as much as I can resist. I'll also be light on the gluten too.

: That is my plan for the near future :)

September 25, 2016

Weekend Update

:: Currently, we are sitting on our back patio enjoying the nice cool weather that a storm brought in. I'm on my laptop and Chris is doing some reading. Poppy Sue is laying in my lap and Ocho is resting inside. Cooler temps should be staying with us into this coming week. That will be a nice change! It's starting to feel like Fall!

:: Friday evening, Chris had a one hour run scheduled, so we came home after work for him to get that in. I worked on getting the menu planned for the week and making the grocery list. Once he got cleaned up, we headed for dinner at Jason's Deli. Yes, two weekends in a row! Unprecedented! He is doing really well with his healthy eating, and felt up to it again. From there we had a relaxing evening, and I did some reading in our book club book.

:: Saturday, Chris did a long morning bike ride and I headed to the crop at Kim's house! It was a fun day and we had a large group for a change. Nine people! After a sparse summer, it was nice to have everyone together again! I had a productive day, as always! That evening, we enjoyed a dinner party with a few couples at Jon and Nadene's house. Lot of laughter there!

:: Sunday was a busy day of picking up groceries, doing the meal prep for the week, and getting the laundry done. I also finished up my book club book, and it turned out to be a pretty good book. I'm glad that I didn't give up on it!

:: Our week ahead -- book club is at our house on Thursday evening. We also have a party to go to on Saturday evening at a coworker's house. They invited a ton of people from work, and it should be a fun evening! AND Whole30 #7 draws to a close on Tuesday, and I'm excited! I'm feeling really good and am ready to make it stick this time. I've got some ideas and plans, and will be posting about that this coming week.

Happy week to everyone! Have a great one!

September 22, 2016

Moving Right Along

Thursday is always good, because that means tomorrow is Friday...and we all know Friday means the weekend is nearly upon us! I am so grateful that God created weekends.

:: Chris decided to work from home today (he actually gets more done at home than at the office!), so I went to work alone today. Boo.

:: Kim has taken a few days off this week -- she thinks it is her birthday or something. :) Wednesday/Thursday/Friday...all spent crafting beautiful things for her upcoming craft fair! I sure have missed her chats at work though!!!

:: Tonight is the season premier of Grey's Anatomy! Very excited! I watched the first 12 seasons on Netflix, so it will be a little different watching it in real time, waiting from week to week to see what happens. I'm sure the premier will be a doozy!

:: I thought This is Us was pretty good on Tuesday! I am looking forward to where the season takes us. I was a little confused by the ending and had to read about it the next morning to fully understand. But I am all caught up now :) I'm a little slow sometimes.

:: My book club book has gotten much, much better! The first 20% was sooooo slow. Then the next 10% started to pick up just a bit. Now I'm at 67% and the story is really unfolding. I'm quite enjoying it! I really didn't think that I would so I am happy to report this!

:: I'm starting a book study at work next week, and it should be an interesting one. It's about the struggles of technology in today's it is overtaking everything. I was excited to hear Kim is in my group! That will be fun! And one lunch together a week!!

:: I am so, so ready for the crop on Saturday!! It seems like it has been a long while since we've gotten together. Not sure why. I have lots of fun things to work on and I plan to make lots of progress!! Today, I mailed in our deposit to reserve our retreat house for February!!!! SUPER excited about that! Wish it was tomorrow. But, I have a lot of preplanning to get done before then so I have enough stuff to work on for four days!

:: For now...time for dinner, and then I'm settling in on the couch with my blanket and Poppy to atch Grey's!!!

September 21, 2016

My Favorites {a fun list}

This will be a tad random -- but I wanted to document a list of my favorites here, because I plan to do a scrapbook page about this soon. It will be an exhaustive list :) You can skip reading today, if you've no interest!

: Favorite Perfume - True Religion "Love Hope & Denim"
: Favorite Candle - Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works
: Favorite Ice Cream - Moose Tracks
: Favorite Movie - The Time Traveler's Wife
: Favorite Book - The Time Traveler's Wife
: Favorite Color - Grass Green
: Favorite Fruit - Mango
: Favorite Veggie - Cucumber
: Favorite Candy - Alter Ego Dark Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Bar
: Favorite Restaurant - August E's (sushi in Fredericksburg)
: Favorite Website - Pinterest
: Favorite Game - Rummy
: Favorite Food - Guacamole, Sushi
: Favorite Classic TV Show - Friends
: Favorite Current TV Show - The Walking Dead
: Favorite City - Fredericksburg, TX
: Favorite Drink - Iced Tea
: Favorite Blog - A Beautiful Mess
: Favorite Booze - Baileys on Ice
: Favorite Cereal - Golden Grahams
: Favorite Cookie - Shortbread with Chocolate Icing (Thumbprints)
: Favorite Book Series - Harry Potter
: Favorite Female Singer - Carrie Underwood
: Favorite Male Singer - Ed Sheeran
: Favorite Animal - Donkey
: Favorite Quote - Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken
: Favorite Chips - Lays Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper
: Favorite Store - Target
: Favorite Magazine - In Style
: Favorite Season - Spring
: Favorite Wine - Fantasia from Castello di Amorosa in Napa, CA
: Favorite Trait - Organization
: Favorite Pasttime - Reading
: Favorite Breakfast - Chocolate Chip Pancakes
: Favorite Dinner - Beef Stroganoff
: Favorite Outside Activity - Laying in Hammock
: Favorite Travel Food - Red Licorice
: Favorite Birthday Treat - Ice Cream Cake
: Favorite Indoor Activity - Scrapbooking
: Favorite Author - Liana Moriarty
: Favorite Flower - Peony, Gerber Daisy, Sunflower
: Favorite Vacation Destination - Tahiti
: Favorite Annoying Habit - Chewing Ice
: Favorite Word - Janky
: Favorite Cheese - Feta
: Favorite Chore - Laundry
: Favorite Holiday - New Year's Day
: Favorite Phone App - Project Life
: Favorite Snow Cone Flavor - Mango
: Favorite Fast Food - Taco Bell
: Favorite Guilty Food - Wing Stop
: Favorite Snack - White Cheddar SmartFood Popcorn
: Favorite Date Night - Dinner and a Movie
: Favorite Pen Color - Green
: Favorite Soda - Dr. Pepper
: Favorite Reality Show - So You Think You Can Dance
: Favorite Cartoon Growing Up - The Jetsons
: Favorite Cake Flavor - Chocolate
: Favorite Pizza - Thin Crust Pepperoni & Mushroom from Fratelli's
: Favorite Olympic Sport - Gymnastics
: Favorite Scrapbook Supply - Washi Tape

September 20, 2016

Trends let's discuss TRENDS -- some I like, some I don't!

1. Intense eyebrows. What is going on with eyebrows these days??? Nice, shapely brows -- sure. Yes, please. But I am talking about this:

It's everywhere. Especially with the younger generation. I really can't handle this. Why the emphasis on looking so extreme? Meh....

2. Flower crowns. Why are these suddenly all the rage?? Sure they are pretty...they are so overpowering though.

3. Food trucks. Big fan! I love that there are more and more of these cropping up. Each one is just a little different, and you never know where you'll find them! Here in our town, we have a little Food Truck Park too, and they rotate in and out of there. Love this trend!

4. Kimonos. These floral, flimsy pieces really serve no purpose. They aren't like a cardigan that keeps you warm. These aren't warm at all. And they are almost all floral patterns, and I'm not a fan of that either!

5. Tiny houses. Yes!! The pinnacle of simplifying and decluttering!! The concept of living in such a small area and having only your very very favorite things and necessary that sounds good! And hey -- they are on wheels, so you can take them anywhere!!

6. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. No no no. Just no. WHY are people so obsessed with pumpkin?? They just can't wait for the fall pumpkin season to roll around so they can have their coffee, their cookies, their soap, their perfume. Ug. No no no.

7. Bath bombs. These are fun! I'm seeing them more and more places, and they make for a very delicious bath! Full of essential oils, these little bombs are thrown into the tub and make skin so very soft. And they make the bathroom smell soooo good too!!

What are some trends you are loving? And not loving?? Do share, I'd love to hear!!!

September 19, 2016

Looking Forward To

There are a few upcoming things that I am excited for!

: 9/20/16 -- the new tv show, This is Us, starts! I hope this one is as good as the previews! This is the first new show in a very long time that has looked interesting to me!

: 9/22/16 -- Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy begins! I watched Seasons 1-12 on Netflix, all in a it will be a different feeling watching one a week with the rest of the world! I'm excited to see what the new season holds.

: 10/4/16 -- I will receive the new book, Food Freedom Forever, from Amazon! This is a book written by the same author who created the her stuff. This book revolves around how to live once the Whole30 is over and you are back to normal life. This is what I REALLY need and REALLY struggle with. Can't wait to get it as soon as it comes out! My pre-order is in!

: 10/7/16 -- The movie, The Girl on the Train, comes out! This was an awesome book and I can't wait to see how they translated it into a movie! The movie actually looks a lot more intense and scary!

: 10/15/16 -- Chris and I are going to the Drag Races again! And staying in an awesome Air B and B too! I really enjoy these experiences with Chris and I hope we have some nice cooler weather for it!

: 10/21/16 -- Chris and I are enjoying a Fredericksburg weekend with two other couples, and it is going to be so fun! We are renting a house and there will be wine and food and fun! It will be the Food and Wine Fest while we are there, and we have never participated in that!

: 10/23/16 -- The new season of The Walking Dead begins!!!! We have waited tooooo long for it come back that show. What will happen now that Negan is in the picture!!?!

So much to look forward to! Makes me happy!

September 18, 2016

Weekend Update

Oh are too short!!!

:: Friday after work, we worked out and then headed for dinner at Lytle Land and Cattle. I was craving steak! It started to pour down rain on our way to the restaurant, but our meal was delicious! From there, we headed home to relax.

:: Saturday, we had a relaxing but productive day. Chris did a 100 minute run, and did some work. I worked on my Meal Prep book, did some scrapbook preplanning, and did some book club reading too. The book is better now. I am not loving it, but it is definitely becoming easier to read. The story has picked up! I also was able to get all of our laundry done too. I typically do laundry on Sundays, but it is not that easy doing my meal prep and laundry at the same time. So this worked out a lot better!

:: Then we decided it was time to get out into the world :) We went to dinner at Jason's Deli, yum! Chris rarely wants to go there, so this was a real treat! We had some delicious salad bars. Then we stopped at Academy for some running gels, and then Walgreens for a few things too. Then home again for more relaxing.

:: Sunday, I woke up with the worst headache :( Not sure why. We watched church online, and then I picked up our groceries at the Walmart pickup lane! Another successful week! I had a few other stops on the way home, and then put it all away. I spent a few hours doing the meal prep for the week, and also took some photos of the food to include in my book. Once I get photos for the remaining three menus, the book will be ready! So, three more weeks, and then into my shop it goes!

:: The week ahead doesn't have many plans thankfully -- but I am excited for the crop on Saturday at Kim's house!! We also have a fun dinner on Saturday evening at Nadene and Jon's with a few other couples. Looking forward to that too! Otherwise, I'll be reading for my book club -- I'm only about 28% done so far, and don't think I'll be able to finish it in time. Such is life :)

Hope you all have a great week ahead!!

September 15, 2016

Bring on the Weekend

:: Another successful trip to the best hairdresser Kasi! Bye bye gray hairs :) Had a great conversation with her and with Kim too! Fun times!

:: Chris went out to dinner this evening with his boss, who is in town for the week. I'm not sure where they went, but I'm sure they are enjoying some yummy food!

:: I sliced up an apple into thin slices, topped them with almond butter and raisins. It was quite yummy too!

:: I had an intensely productive day at work today...busy busy busy. Yet another exhausting mental exercise!

:: Chris found us an awesome Air B&B to rent when we go to Dallas for the Drag Races in October! He is getting really good at this :) I will post about it once I find out the name of it!

:: My book club book is getting a tad better...thankfully...still not great but perhaps there is hope.

:: Tomorrow is Casual Friday and hopefully it goes swiftly...and then the glorious, glorious weekend!!!!!

September 14, 2016

Short Bullets

:: Long long glad the evening has finally arrived!

:: We had some VIPs in the building and we presented from 3:45 on...and so I missed my afternoon stomach was growling so loudly during the presentation!!! I didn't have much energy for my workout after work, but I am inhaling a pre-dinner snack as we speak! This was the first time on this Whole30 where I felt like gorging on junk junk junk. It took all of my energy to choose a cutie orange and some cashews.

:: For dinner, we are having crockpot orange chicken, rice, and squash. It's a new recipe, we shall see how it turns out!

:: Tomorrow after work I'm getting my hair done...finally...these grays have gotta go!

:: And for now I apologize...I feel fairly brain dead lately, and my posts haven't been very jazzy...maybe I'll get my jazzy back soon! Until then...signing off for tonight...

September 13, 2016

Time is Dragging

:: How is it possible that it feels as though it should be Thursday? But it's only Tuesday? Time is moving slowly this week.

:: Tonight we are having hamburgers on Hawaiian buns, roasted potatoes, and baked beans for dinner...I'm looking forward to it!

:: I received my proofreader's round of revisions, and it is pretty minor stuff. Final round!! I may work on those this evening, if I find some energy. It's tough to be on the computer in the evenings, after being on it all day long at work.

:: I'm bummed, my good Canon camera is getting the dreaded Error 99 code -- unfortunately, that could mean any number of things. I tried a few "fixes" that I found online but nothing worked. So, I need to try to find a camera shop that can work on it. I don't think that Abilene has one though.

:: We were invited to a dinner party on the 24th, so we are looking forward to that!! Three other couples and us, at our favorite Smiths' fun!

:: I am struggling with this month's book club selection...I'm hardly into it at all, and just can't seem to find the interest to read it. I need to push through a little bit and get farther in. It's a Pulitzer Prize winning book, it has to be good right!!? I've got Me Before You waiting in the wings and really want to read that one. thing at a time :) I also signed up for a book study at work over the book #struggles...that should be a good one. We'll meet once a week to discuss, during lunch...

:: Time to dine with the family! Good night!

September 12, 2016

Bunko Night

:: Today was Day 15 of my Whole30 -- halfway done! I love the feeling of's back!

:: This evening, I subbed in for a different bunko group -- that was fun! As per my usual bunko prowress, I didn't do much of anything and certainly didn't leave with a prize ha ha!!! But the girls were funny and it's always interesting to go in as the outsider to witness the dynamics of a well-established group. A bonus was that I was able to see Kim's newly remodeled house and it was so beautiful! Those two did some amazing work on their kitchen, living room, bedroom, and son's room. Wow!

:: Beyond this, I don't have much to report for the day. Work was normal and fairly calm so that was nice. And now it's time to get a few things done before a new day starts, a short one tonight!

September 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

I love weekends...weekends are so good...thank you God for creating weekends!

:: Friday after 5:00, Chris went back to the house and did an hour and fifteen bike ride while I stayed and work and did some extra work to get caught up. Last week was insane at work. I worked until 6:30 and then headed home too. Once he got cleaned up, we went and had a nice dinner together at Lucy's and then relaxed at home.

:: Saturday, we got some rain so that meant no yard work for Chris! Once it stopped he did his long run and I worked on the fourth round of revisions on my Meal Prep book. I was able to get those done, and asked my coworker Heather if she would do a final proofing for me. She is our copywriter/proofreader, and is amazing. She agreed and I can't wait to see what she comes back with. Whatever it is, it will be the final round of revisions and then I hope to get the book into my Etsy shop! Whoop!! Afterwards, we went and did some errands -- Hobby Lobby, Hastings book store, etc. We also had a yummy lunch at Abuelos before heading home. Since the yard was still a bit wet, we pulled the Corn Hole game onto the porch and spent a fun evening playing. We are both getting so good! Chris is not one for games really, so I love that there is at least this!!

:: Sunday, I picked up my online order groceries at Walmart and did a few other errands. Then I got down to the business of laundry and meal prep for the week! Everything is ready now and so that means no cooking and very little dishes all week long yay!!!

:: The week ahead -- Monday, I am subbing in at a bunko group so that should be fun! I haven't played bunko in awhile. And Thursday I am getting my hair done. Much needed! We also have VIPs in the building Wednesday and Thursday. Beyond that, I pray for a calm week at work, and some relaxation. Hope you have a great one!

September 08, 2016

A Little Catch Up

I'm here today to do a little catch up, after all the Colorado posts! Which I hope you enjoyed, by the way!

:: Whole30 #7 is going great! Very great in fact. I'm feeling much more in control, which is what I like. I lost 6 pounds in the first week, which just goes to show how out of control my eating was! To put it in perspective, in my 6th Whole30, I lost 6 pounds the entire 30 days...the great thing about eating what your body needs -- I'm always stuffed. And cravings are gone. I'm on Day 11...nearly halfway through.

:: Football starts this evening...and thus, Fantasy Football as well! We shall see how Chris' team does this year.

:: I finished the book "Big Little Lies" -- REALLY enjoy this author. I think she is my new fave! She is really good at developing characters. And the story is never obvious...I didn't know how it would pan out until the very end. Love it. She has 7 books, and I have read 2. I will be reading the other 5 for sure!

:: But now, it's on to the next book club selection -- All the Light we Cannot See -- it's set in war time, which isn't my fave. A French girl and a German boy. It's starting off slow. We shall see how it goes. It is also written by a male author, which I struggle with sometimes. Fingers crossed!

:: Last Friday, I went to the Rangers baseball game with some people from my department -- and Jyl, our remote teammate, was able to meet us there and that was so fun! It was a good night -- Rangers won, the plane ride was uneventful, and the company was great!

:: Last weekend, I did some good work on my Meal Prep book! Getting so close. I had Chris do a proofing, and now I'm going to go through it closely for a final look. I need to get this in my Etsy shop, people are asking about it!

:: I did my second Walmart online grocery experience last weekend, and it went well! I was able to put the order in with plenty of time so I could pick it up Sunday morning -- that way I could meal prep! I love the week so much better when I don't have to cook or do dishes!

:: Beyond's been a fairly quiet week. Relaxing in the evenings. No plans for the weekend, so looking very forward to that!