September 03, 2015


Hello there! I have some exciting news to share!

I am rounding up a group of people to do a Whole30 with me! So far, there are 6 of us total (me included)...I really did not expect to have more than one!!

If you are interested, I am happy to add you to the group! I will be doing Whole30 posts here, and sending out emails. The more the merrier, because with a Whole30 -- it is all about support!! Support from others who are going through the same thing and support from friends and family. Respond here if you'd like to join us!

I'm not sure what number Whole30 this will be for me -- I need to research that. But, I am looking forward to helping others through the process. I've learned more and more, with each one.

As for me -- it's time. Past time. Since my vacation in April, I have gained 15-20 pounds. I got off track on my eating and my workouts, and off track for me means loss of all control. I am an extremist, and am either 100% on or 100% off. I don't like this about myself.

My goal this time is to be diligent on my Whole30, lose some if not all of the weight, and then MAINTAIN. I need to find a way to continue my diligence and find a happy place. Where I am now is not so happy.

So excited!!

September 02, 2015

Bits (& Thank Goodness for Wine!)

Today wasn't my I come to you with a list of random bits!

:: Today is Wine Wednesday, THANK goodness...after my day, I needed to pop open a bottle! I decided on V Sattui Napa Moscato, and I forgot just how fantastically delicious this stuff is...give me a straw please! Ready to pour my second glass.

:: Next up for September Book Club -- The Kite Runner -- I'm looking forward to reading this one! It is older (from 2004 I believe), but it has been on my to-read list for awhile. I may get started on it this evening. Kim is our next hostess, and so this is her pick...good one Kim!

:: Speaking of books -- my other friend Kim discovered a pretty cool website for cheap books! Check out Thrift Books if you are interested. Any order over $10 has free shipping, and she bought four books for $14.95! They are used books, but as long as they are not old library books, I'm fine ;) She told me this after I had purchased the new book on my I will test it out next month!

:: I am working on a memory verse currently -- Galatians 5:22 which covers the Fruit of the Spirit. Much needed right now! In random conversations throughout last week, this verse was mentioned by different people a few times. I often find that is how God is trying to get my attention. So, I'm studying it right now.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control.

:: Last night was bunko, hosted at our house! We had four players total, so it was a cozy group. I don't mind the small groups at all, and when we don't have enough to play bunko, we are free to play whatever we wish! Lately that has been farkle, but Allison brought a cute little game called "Hey That's My Fish" and we played four rounds of that. It ended up being pretty fun, actually! It was a nice evening with the girls. I made stew, and the girls brought cornbread, salad, and apples...

:: I sewed a button on one of Chris' work shirts :) That's big for me! The dry cleaner had busted it in half, so I whipped out my trusty thread and worked my magic. Ha ha! Well, I got the job done at least. That's all that matters. :) Give me credit for not throwing the shirt away!

:: My Mom and Randy are currently lounging on a beach in Gulf Shores, living the life! I hope they are having an amazing time!! And while they are away, their sweet dog Roxy is living the life Dog Sitter Extraordinaire Dronda Louise! Lucky pup!

:: Time for more wine, possibly some reading but most likely some Friends!

September 01, 2015

Music & Memories

A song came on the radio the other day, and it instantly took me back to a specific memory...I'm sure this is probably the case for most everyone! Today I want to do a little documentary here, to capture some of these songs and throughout my life so far...

 :: I Love You a Bushel & a Peck -- Doris Day -- this song is one of the very first that I have a memory sweet Grandma Gene used to sing it to me when I was little. It's not one you hear very often, but when it randomly shows up, it always makes me smile.

:: Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue -- Crystal Gayle -- this, along with a few by Carol King and Fleetwood Mac, always remind me of cleaning the apartment with my Mom growing up -- we'd turn it up real loud and dance around while we did our cleaning. So fun! I tend to still enjoy listening to Fleetwood Mac while I clean!
:: I Think We're Alone Now -- Tiffany -- this song says middle school to me :) I can vividly remember sitting on my twin bed on Sheffield Street, listening to the weekly music countdown...waiting for this song to play so that I could see if it had reached #1!!! And when it did reach #1, my heart was so overjoyed! I was giddy!

:: Cheeseburger in Paradise -- Jimmy Buffett -- I took dance lessons (tap, ballet and jazz) for many years growing up, and this is honestly the only song I remember dancing to. I hated the song and the dance was so cheesy (no pun intended!)...all of my dance years wrapped up in this silly song.

:: I Go to Work -- Kool Moe Dee -- when I was a Freshman at Hazelwood East High School, this was a song we did a Spartanette dance to. I can still remember portions of it, after allllll these years :)

:: All Eyez on Me -- 2Pac -- when I moved to Grandview High School for the rest of my high school career, my best friend Jennifer and I were very much into 2Pac...we would drive the hour each way to South County Mall to shop, and we'd jam to this cd the whole way. I still love to listen now and then...2Pac was gone too soon...

:: Mr. Jones -- Counting Crows -- this song, and the entire album, represents college Freshman year to me. It was my favorite at the time, and I remember it playing in the dorm hallway while we moved in. To this day, I can remember every single word, and I go through spells where I am just in the mood to hear the album. I'll listen to the entire cd and just enjoy it thoroughly. 

:: Puddle of Grace -- Amy Jo Johnson -- during my college years, I got hooked on the show angst-ridden and love triangle! This song is on the soundtrack, and it was my very favorite! I was randomly talking about this show with a friend the other day, and I mentioned this song...and had to listen to it...STILL just as good!! 

:: Numb -- Linkin Park -- this song speaks to me of my early years dating Chris...Linkin Park was his favorite, and this was a song we listened to a lot.  

:: Forever and For Always -- Shania Twain -- this was my favorite love song back in the dating years...when I first knew that Chris was my soul mate and the one I wanted to spend forever with. Ahhh!

:: Drunk on You -- Luke Bryan -- that one time, when Chris and I went to the Luke Bryan concert?? And sat real close to the stage?? And this song came on and he asked me to dance in the aisle with him? Remarkably romantic!! A top 10 memory of all time!

:: Peace -- Oar -- this is a song that I turn to in times when I feel glum...when I get deep in self pity and feel stuck in always reminds me that we are only here for a short time and that we should embrace every single second. Love.

:: Kiss Me -- Ed Sheeran -- my current fave...another concert with my man and another top 10 memory...and this song is just IT.

This is just a sampling...there are so many others because music is made to touch the soul. For now, thirteen memories :) I'd love to hear some of yours! Leave a comment with one memory! :)

August 31, 2015

Why Monday?

:: Monday Monday, why did God create Mondays??? We may never know...

:: I had a pretty productive day, where I checked a good amount off my list. That is always a good thing.

:: We found someone to rebuild our stone mailbox! Finally. It is such a small job, most of the stone guys haven't been willing to take it on. A man named Domingo came to our door and offered his expertise, so we are going to give him a chance. He is coming over on Saturday, and then we hopefully won't be the white trash of the neighborhood any longer ha!

:: I'm watching SYTYCD currently...oh JaJa, I love her. Her alzheimer's dance this evening nearly brought me to tears (which is rare!). It was just truly beautiful to watch. Her solo was pretty awesome too! I also really liked Virgil's solo...and his military routine was outstanding! I've narrowed it down to these two...even though I think Jim is the most technically amazing, his personality doesn't compare...

:: Chris is getting antsy -- he is missing that endorphin high that running gives, and it's beginning to get to him...please say some prayers for him! As many as you can!

:: I'm still in the process of copying over my photos to cd...back up back up back up!

:: I had a good workout this was quick but intense...need more of those...I'm stuck and not happy with where I am and it's causing me day at a time...

August 30, 2015

Productive Weekend

::Whew...this weekend flew by! But I'm glad, because I am exhausted!

:: Chris arrived home from his management retreat on Friday at 5:30 pm...he was definitely a tired boy! The management retreat is 3.5 days of solid interaction, learning, etc. He had a great few days, and was happy to be home! We headed to eat sushi at Tokyo and that was quite delicious! From there, we headed home to relax and watch a movie on Netflix. We decided on "The Cobbler" with Adam Sandler, where he is a shoe cobbler and can turn in to different people when he wears their shoes. It wasn't my favorite of his, but it was decent. Mr. Baber fell asleep with about 10 minutes remaining, so he missed the ending :)

:: Saturday, after breakfast, Chris did yard work and I worked on things in the house. Lots to do. My back was sore and my forearms/fingers were sore too, when I got done.

:: Saturday evening, we met up with Kim and Gary and went to the Roller Derby! That was a lot of fun! They have it at the Civic Center, and they put the circle rink down with yellow duct tape! It was real "professional" :) A girl that works with us is on the team, and so it was fun to watch her! Roller derby itself is pretty fun -- the girls are aggressive and it gets rough at times. Our coworker got ejected from the game!! Ha! The score ended up being 59 to 328!! Abilene lost. We found out, though, that our Abilene team only has 2 players on the team who have played before. It was the first game ever for the other girls. So that explained a lot!!! After the derby, we went to eat a late dinner at Cracker Barrel -- very nice evening with Kim and Gary!

:: Sunday, more yard work and more cleaning. My computer had an issue, but Chris was (thankfully!!!) able to get it fixed after trying a few different things!! That would have been very bad news, let me tell you! Currently, I am burning photos to cds, so that I don't lose them.

:: The week ahead -- I am hosting bunko at our house on Tuesday (I'm making stew!); Chris has his surgery follow-up appointment on Thursday, which is his 3 week mark -- he'll be able to start lifting and doing more normal things; Friday is another Game Nite at Kim and Gary's -- the last one was so much fun, we are all really looking forward to it!!!

:: I haven't watched Friends since Thursday -- gasp!!! Tonight we'll be watching Fear the Walking Dead...

:: I had a horrible allergy attack last night so I didn't sleep too well. Hoping for a good night of rest tonight!!!!

August 28, 2015

FDLIC -- Great Place to Work!

Hi everyone!

Click this link to see a fun video about the amazing company I work for -- Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC)!!!

We were recently listed #2 on the Fortune magazine list of Great Insurance Companies to Work for in the US. What an incredible honor!


You might just see me in the video a few times :)

You can also check out our website, it's pretty cool -- the staff page is a lot of fun!


August 27, 2015

Pinterest Gift & Baby Donkey

There are a few things I want to share with you this evening!

First up! An idea I found on easy! This week, I made a gift for my sweet friend Nadene's is a "dry erase" frame where she can jot down prayers she wants to focus on each day. It was very easy to make, and I think she really liked it! In Photoshop, I created an 8x10 piece of art using a lime green polka dot pattern and a cute flag font for the title. At the bottom, I added a scripture and then printed it out. Trimmed it down, added it to a large frame, and adhered a dry erase marker to the center of the frame with black and white striped washi tape. Voila!!

Over the weekend, Chris and I went to visit my friend Roxanne, who's donkey Harley had a little baby recently. I was super excited to see the sweet little baby! The fun part is that Roxanne didn't even know that Harley was preggo! The baby was a surprise one morning!

This is Miss Priss! Last time I visited Roxanne, Miss Priss was small and very she's all grown up and she is very affectionate and curious! She was very happy to see us! Roxanne has changed her name to April -- but I still like Miss Priss :)

After awhile, mama Harley became curious too :) She was a precious mama, just a little protective of her baby...not obsessively...

This is Taylor Swift :) She was very, very skittish so I was never able to get close enough to pet her...maybe on the next visit! Since she is so skittish, Roxanne hasn't really been able to groom her so her fur is a matted, burr mess...she's still a cutie though!

When Roxanne fed them, Harley and Taylor Swift ate from the same bucket...and Taylor Swift gave her mom a hug! So sweet!

Roxanne recently got a goat as well and she named him Braaaaaaaaad :) Ha ha ha!! Look at his glorious comb over!

And the best shot of the day :) Miss Priss was very interested in my camera phone when I was trying to get a selfie of us together, and I love this shot of her nose!!!

I heart donkeys :)

August 26, 2015

Gus & Stuff

:: It's been a very long time since I've had the pleasure of seeing Gus Buttons! We drive by from time to time, but he is never down by the fence. His yard has grown up a lot and we were starting to worry that the owners had given him away :( I was prepared to be very sad. So, you can understand my excitement when I drove by the other day and he was there!!! He came running to see me, and he was so clean! His owners had obviously just groomed him. I wanted to snuggle, he looked so soft, ha! I spent a little time there with him, and was able to get this sweet pic of him...isn't he so cute?

:: This evening after work, I ran to Hobby Lobby! I love Hobby Lobby! I needed to get a few items for a birthday gift, and they also had their scrapbook albums on sale 50% off, and I needed to stock up. I had a big stack of layouts needing a home. I just scrapbook too fast, it's actually kind of a curse. I did 60 pages at the retreat, and that is one full album!! I did 30 this past crop, and that is half an album. I am going to need a full room just for my albums by the time this is all said and done :) Currently, I have 32 albums. Holy moly. So, I came home and put my layouts in their proper places and now I feel better!

:: I am loving my Friends...I am currently on Episode 18 of Season 1. It flows one to the next to the next. Best invention ever!!!

:: After watching SYTYCD last night, I guess I am still pulling for JaJa, Virgil, and Jim. JaJa and Virgil mostly, but Jim is quite amazing in his own style. Not so much in the other styles though. JaJa is very surprising -- she could take the whole thing! It's been an off season for me though...after my favorite went home during the Vegas portion, I haven't been able to get into it as much. Which disappoints me because this is my FAVORITE show.

:: Time to go scrapbook a little :) Kelley time!

August 25, 2015

Photo Booth & Update

Chris is currently in the process of transferring his work stuff from a PC to a Mac computer. The new company he is working for is mostly Mac based, and it is a bit of a new world for him. There is a learning curve for sure, ha! I think he is going to love it once he gets used to it.

There is a program on Mac called Photo Booth -- Chris discovered it, and we had to try it out...and oh the laughter! The laughter :) Maybe these will give you a good laugh too!

See now...don't you feel better!!

A few updates:

:: Chris is currently on his management conference at Joshua Creek Ranch -- according to him, it is gorgeous there! I can't wait to see some photos. He is healing well from his surgery...but at the conference he won't be participating in the workout sessions or the skeet shooting. He's a bit bummed, but I think it will still be a great few days for him.

:: I'm working my way through Friends and loving every minute of it! Yay Netflix! Tonight I am watching as many episodes as possible, and scrapbooking...and I am also catching up on last night's SYTYCD episode...nice evening for Kelley!

:: Mimi's hip is healing, but she is off work for another week...she needs to have another MRI, and they are waiting for insurance approval. They also switched her over to water therapy instead, and she really loved that today.

:: Looking forward to a good, quiet rest of the week at work! Time to get caught up on some stuff.

August 24, 2015


Today I have some exciting news to share :)

Well, it is exciting to the grand scheme of life, this is a small deal...but I really appreciate the small things!

Sunday morning, Chris announced to me that he signed us up for Netflix!!!

Netflix, for those of you who may not know, is a streaming service online that allows you to watch unlimited TV shows and movies for a flat fee per month.  And the first trial month is free!

We have been discussing the possibility of ending our monthly cable is expensive, and we really don't watch a lot of tv. You know that feeling of turning the tv on, flipping through the guide for 20 minutes, and then turning the tv off because there is nothing to watch? Yep. I rarely even turn the tv on anymore. I have a few select shows that I watch (like So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice), and beyond that, I watch Friends, Friends, Friends.

With Netflix, we can eventually get rid of our cable bill that is over $100/month and begin paying less that $10/month. With Netflix, we can pick whatever show we want to see, and watch it without commercials. With Netflix, we can watch entire seasons of a series that we wish we would have started watching back when it started, but didn't so now we are too far behind. With Netflix, we can watch movies without going to the RedBox machines around town.

Super excited!

All ten seasons of Friends was added to Netflix on January 1st, so I can now go and watch the entire life of Friends from #1 to #236, IN ORDER!!! I watch a lot of Friends on TBS, but there are whole seasons that they never show. I'm not sure why? I have entire gaps that I've been missing!! If you can't find me, you know where I'll be!

There are also a few other tv series that I am excited to begin:

: Gossip Girl
: Grey's Anatomy
: New Girl

What are some of your favorite shows?? I'm making a list and need to know, since I don't ever watch much TV!!! Chime in, give me your thoughts!

* This post was not sponsored by Netflix, ha ha!

August 23, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #7

 I was very excited to receive my 7th Stitch Fix delivery! The anticipation is my favorite part...wondering what I will see when I open up that box with the beautiful turquoise pattern!

For this Fix, my note to my stylist, Kallie, requested the following:

: A midi skirt in a bright color
: Bright, cheerful colors and patterns for shirts
: A white, sleeveless shirt for work that isn't transparent, and that could be tucked in
: Not opposed to shorts, trousers, or jewelry, but no denim

So, let's see what Kallie sent!

Bay to Baubles : Caroline Crystal Link Bracelet -- Teal Green -- $28.00
When I picked up the box to open it, I heard something rattling around I knew there must be jewelry inside! I was excited to see what Kallie chose for me. And I was thrilled when I opened it!! The color of this bracelet is gorgeous, and perfect for me! I'm loving this. It will go with a lot of my wardrobe, and it is a definite statement piece. It is a TAD big on me, but not big enough to fall off, so I will make it work! Thank you for this stunner! Verdict -- KEPT!

Collective Concepts : Amstoy Split Neck Blouse -- White -- Size S -- $58.00
 So, I realize now that I set Kallie up to fail on this one, and I apologize! I am super picky about white shirts  -- this one was too transparent for my office unfortunately. Especially when tucking in, I don't want to have to wear a tank underneath. This shirt made me look very boxy, because it was an unstructured fit. I also really can not wear sleeveless shirts that hit me right at the top of the arm. I prefer a little cut-in to show off more of the shoulder because that prevents the boxy look. The small ruffle detail across the shoulder was sweet, but overall the shirt was a big NO. Verdict -- RETURNED.

Level 99 : Lyssa Cargo short -- Coral -- Size 6 -- $88.00
The color and the fabric of these shorts was so nice! The style was okay, but not my favorite. Unfortunately, I just recently purchased a pair of shorts this same exact color, and these were also a bit too snug. And the price of $88.00 is way more than I will pay for a pair of shorts. Verdict -- RETURNED.

Le Lis : Mia Crochet Detail Top -- Coral -- Size S -- $48.00
I really liked this one, when I pulled it out of the box. I love the colors and the patterns a lot, and even the crochet shoulder detail added a cute touch (I am not necessarily a fan of crochet, but it is subtle on this shirt). When I tried it on, I was on the was cute, but felt a little too big on me and not necessarily flattering. I went back and forth on this, and finally decided that since I was on the fence, I must not love : RETURNED.

Papermoon : Keever Button Back Blouse -- Turquoise -- Size S -- $48.00
Out of the box, these colors weren't quite for me...they are a little too "Easter". The pattern, as well, didn't strike me. But, I still tried it on...the style wasn't too bad, but it was a bit too tight across the chest. The button down back and the flap were cute, though my hubby didn't like the flap. It was weird, but this shirt had a "handmade" feel to me that I just wasn't fond of. Verdict -- RETURNED.

Kallie did mention that she is still searching for the perfect midi skirt for stay tuned on that!

So, this Fix ended up being a 1/5, and I am happy with that! I love my new bracelet a lot and can't wait to wear it! I also look forward to what Kallie sends me on my next Fix!! Already anticipating that! :) (Yes, I may be addicted!!)

Thank you, Stitch Fix, for this fun service!

Past Fix reviews: Fix #6, Fix #5, Fix #4, Fix #3, Fix #2, Fix #1

August 20, 2015

Bullets from Today


:: I was able to get pretty caught up at work and crossed a lot of things off my list...ahhh!

:: Was so nice and chilly when we woke up! 62 degrees to start the day. Now that is refreshing! Surely we aren't headed in to Fall already?

:: I took a lovely nap at lunch, which is one of my favorite things :)

:: We had a landscape company come to cut our grass, since Chris is out of commission for awhile.

:: Mr. Baber sneezed for the first time since his surgery...oh boy, that wasn't good. I felt so bad for him. Not only did he sneeze, but he sneezed five times in a row...then took a break, and sneezed about 7 times more!

:: I received my 7th Stitch Fix delivery! The anticipation is just so high before it comes, I get so excited! It is always a thrill to see the box sitting on the counter when I get home from work. :) Currently I am thinking it may be a 1/5 or 2/5...we shall see. I'll be posting on this Fix soon!

:: I realized A LOT of my clothing no longer, that is a really bad sign. Time to get serious.

:: I got a big hug at work from Kim -- always a treat!

August 19, 2015

Sweet Randomness

:: Hello there! I think it's time for a random post :)

:: Chris is doing really well after his surgery! It is going to be a slow recovery, but he is well on his way. His pain level isn't too bad anymore, thankfully. He is still limited in what he can do. He still can't lift over 10 pounds, so I am carrying his laptop bag in to the office everyday. I swear that thing weighs at least 30 pounds! He also still can't really lay down in the bed, because the effort to get in the bed and out of the bed stresses his abs. So, he is sleeping in the recliner which isn't too comfy :( I miss him in the bed too! He is taking one day at a time and doing what he can. I help him with the rest. His spirits have been cheerful and relaxed, overall -- I can tell he is starting to get a bit antsy though. He is dedicated to following the doctor's orders, because he really wants to get back to running like he needs to. So, he won't be overdoing it, but all the relaxation is going to test his nerves!

:: This coming Saturday morning I am going to meet Nadene for our mentoring time...I'm looking very forward to it! From there, I am going to pick Kim up and we are headed to Clyde for the monthly crop! Yay! I am looking forward to a day of fun and scrapbooking with the girls.

:: I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet -- but Mimi has fractured her hip. She fell while she was at her boyfriend Eddie's house, and rolled a bit down a hill. Luckily there wasn't a break...just a fracture. But she is having some pain of course. She is currently off work, and is using a walker. She is having to do physical therapy three time a week for four weeks.

:: Today we had a lovely cool front come in! This evening it was breezy and 71 degrees...I had goosebumps! Very nice. I would love to have a few more

:: We rented a few movies over the weekend...we watched Focus with Will Smith -- it wasn't too bad. Then we watched Jupiter Ascending and holy moly that movie was awful! We couldn't even make it past 20 minutes. You win some, you lose some!

:: I had to stop reading, that book just wasn't for me. It was waaaaaaay too detailed. The concept of what the book was trying to accomplish was decent, but they went about it in the wrong way for me. I love to read...but it needs to be something that relaxes my mind. This book is totally not relaxing at all. Too much. Our book club is next Thursday, and I will still attend...and I'll have some feedback (I did read two of the six chapters)...but my heart is not in this one. My time is valuable, there are so many other things I'd rather read.

:: I've been making steps to get back on track with my eating goals...I've been 115% out of control for a few months now. The weight I have gained back makes me unhappy and I feel puffy and uncomfortable. Time to make some positive changes. The first week, I removed sugar. This week, I removed corn. So far, so good. I'll continue adding one thing each week, until I am ready to possibly start another Whole30.

:: I truly feel like I could go to sleep right now (it's only 9:00 pm)...whew, I'm getting old.

August 18, 2015

Bringing the The KonMari Method to my Closet

I've mentioned a few times that I recently read, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"...the book had a lot of concepts that I really latched on to, and I couldn't wait to get started! The KonMari Method asks you to begin with your clothes/closet, and so I jumped right in.

I spend a good bit of time in my closet...I have a dressing table inside, where I get ready in the morning and do my hair/makeup. My closet was always full of stuff, and I always felt crowded in there. When I would clean my closet in the past, I'd take it all out and then put it all back in again. Always with the same results. With the KonMari Method, you first pull everything out, and then you go through and keep only the things you love and that bring you joy. Everything else needs to go. This seems like a foreign concept...and at first it was a bit difficult. It is hard to get rid of things!! But once you get going, it does become easier and faster!

Here are a few of my before photos:

Pajama tops and bottoms
Loads of bags and purses
And oh, the shoes!

It took a little time to go through everything. She recommends taking things in
categories...all shorts, then all shirts, then all pants, etc. I diligently plowed through each
category in my closet. It took maybe two weeks total, doing it here and there. I was so
excited to watch my pile of "sell/trade/giveaway" growing in the corner!
Then I was ready! I pulled all of the "keepers" out of my closet and laid
everything out to see. I determined the best location for each category,
and worked to organize it in the most KonMari way possible.
In it all went...and I am so happy with the results! There are still a few tweaks
I can make here and there, regarding the actual storage containers, etc. But, working with
what I already had on hand, I am very happy. I feel so much less crowded, it is amazing.
There is no clutter; everything has its place; there is room to breathe.
The top row is shorts, the bottom row is jeans. I used to rough fold and stack these in bins,
until I learned that things become more wrinkled when stacked. It is much better to
fold things in a certain way and stand them next to each other. Then, there is no
weight on top to cause wrinkles. Storing them in this manner also makes it much easier
to see exactly what you have to choose from. Makes so much sense!

Remember that pile of pajama pants above....
now they are KonMari folded and stored vertically in the bin.
Purses are stored in a vertical hanging bag, making it easy to see what's
available. Next, dresses, pants, then skirts. She recommends going long to short,
left to right. It is more pleasing to the eye. Above the hanging clothes are two baskets.
One holds three of my most used/favorite purses, and the other holds my most used/favorite
bags (backpack, totes). Above that shelf is my workout bag and my laundry basket.
My hanging clothes now have room to breathe and I don't have to shove the items in now.
From left to right we have winter sweaters/jackets, long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless.
Heavy to light, again because it is more pleasing to the eye. Above the clothes is the shelf
where I have a few favorite items (photo frame, donkey from New York, colorful trinkets),
and where I store the purse I am currently using. It also has my dry erase board where I write
my weekly prayers. Also, the hangers with my scarves. Above this I have bins
with my swimsuits, hats, etc. Everything in it's place.
I am so pleased with this method. It still looks exactly like this, a few weeks later. I will be applying it to the rest of my house, as time allows. I will say this...there are some great concepts to apply, but she does have a few off-the-wall practices and thoughts :) Here are a few examples:

:: Socks should never be balled -- it wears out the elastic and stretches them out. Okay, that makes sense. But then she talks about how socks work so hard when they are on our feet, and when they are in our drawer they are getting to rest. So we should fold them in a non-stressing way and thank them for their service as we put them away. :) Seems a bit silly...but I must say, my socks might feel a little different on my feet now, after being folded instead of balled :)

:: Every day when she comes home, the first thing she does is put her purse away. Everything inside her purse is organized in smaller bags. She takes these out of the purse, puts them all in a specific storage place, and thanks her purse by letting it rest. Then in the morning, she places everything back in the purse. I can't seem to get on board with this...though I have started to put my items in smaller bags within the purse -- it keeps the purse insides tidy. :)

So...the KonMari Method -- I definitely recommend it! Grab the book and give it a quick read. See how you can apply it to your life. Use the concepts you like, disregard the others. Make it your own. I can't wait to do the rest of our house!

August 17, 2015

Texas Rangers & Marketing!

My department at work was blessed to get a second batch of Rangers baseball tickets for the season!! Jeff and I took the people who weren't able to go the first round, (except Shaylee, she got to go to both!) and it was a fun group! We were blessed to be able to take the company jet yet again -- our pilots Steven and Mason take such good care of us!
Victor, Becka, Shaylee, Emily, Jeff, Vanessa, Me, Kathy
In our seats -- row 11 and 12 right behind the third base dugout...they are such
awesome seats! Really have to pay attention to the game in case of foul balls!
It was Star Wars night at the stadium! They had the characters walking around,
and it was fun! This trooper pointed his gun right at me when I took his photo! Yikes! :)
My boss Jeff was very excited -- he went on the hunt to get photos with the characters and was thrilled to get this one! (Jeff's the one in the red, in case you couldn't tell -- ha!)
The Rangers won! We saw a few home runs too!
After the game, Darth Vader cut the lights in the stadium and we were all
treated to a fabulous fireworks show, set to the music of Star Wars. Incredible!!
On the plane ride home, lightening flashed near the plane and shook it! It was bizarre -- and then the pilots took the plane down quickly to get out of the area. Crazy stuff! But, we made it home safely! Thank you, FDLIC, for another fun evening at the ball park!!