April 11, 2006

it's in the genes

Okay, so it's impossible that it's "in the genes", since I didn't give birth to Aspen...so, I guess there is something to be said for environment! :)

I am a huge organization freak...nothing makes me happier than to get all of my scrapbook supplies out and reorganize them all...it's such a refreshing feeling when you get done! Ahhhhh...

A few days ago, Aspen asked me if she could use the blue plastic drawers that I put in the garage. I used to use them for my scrapbooking stuff, but haven't in quite awhile. I told her that she could surely use it...and she proceeded to take all of "her" scrapbooking supplies out of the big pink box they've been in, and organize it all into these drawers.

That's my girl! :)

Then, when she was done, she proudly showed me her handywork...and then wanted to put labels on the drawers so she'd know what was where (like I have labels on my cabinets in my scrap room)...so I showed her how to use the labelmaker, and she got all her drawers labeled.

That's my girl! :)

I've got an Organizing Mini Me!!! How awesome is that??!


frenchy said...

Aww how cute is that! She obviously really looks up to. You've got her scrapbooking and organising! She seems like a really sweet kid! You're very lucky! You seem to really care about her too! How lovely...

Kim :) said...

That is great!! Got to love it when the kids pick up on our good traits! She will be organized and ready to scrap at a moments notice now!

suburban mom said...

awww, what a good girl! :)

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