May 01, 2006

what has happened?

For awhile now, there has been so much going on in life...every weekend has some big plan, weeknights are filled with stuff to do that leaves little time for relaxation. This week seems to have exploded...end-of-season soccer party, dentist for Aspen, hosting bunko, lunch with Marie on Saturday, house to clean that hasn't been touched in about three weeks, laundry to catch up on from being gone over the weekend, on and on.

I'm not feeling overwhelmed, exactly. But when things get so busy and the to-do list continues to grow, I have a hard time concentrating. I have a hard time focusing on the "here and now" and find myself thinking about what's next on the list.

I feel like I just go from one thing to the next, striving to reach that point where the to-do list will be cleared. Less busy. Where "relaxation" can be penciled in. But that point just remains elusive.

I guess I just need to focus on each thing that comes along. Stop thinking so far ahead. Try to just enjoy each part of the day without rushing it along to the next thing. Hard for me to do.

Gotta finish my laundry, so I can get to bed...

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Kim :) said...

I know exactly what you mean. When I have so much going on I feel like I am rushing each activity just to make it to the finish "relaxation line" We just have to learn to enjoy it and let the rest go. It will all work on in the end, one way or another!

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