June 06, 2006

:: Look what I found today...the most adorable knitting bag...I love how it's long for the needles!! So dang cute...

:: Chris is delayed for an extra day...so Friday it is...that makes me so sad! I'm ready for him to be home...BIG time! He's taken 300 pictures already...I've trained him well!

:: Ocho is not liking his little polka dot dog carrier bag :( Anybody out there know how to get a dog accustomed to being carried in a bag?

:: I really feel like scrapping...getting those 144 pictures back from Winkflash ;) makes me feel inspired! Maybe I'll pull out my scrapping table this evening and work on something...

:: Had a weird day at work...felt a little "down on life" and overwhelmed. I'm sure it's because I feel thrown off with Chris gone...

:: I'm in such a mood to GET THINGS DONE. To be productive. To work out and get toned and skinny. To do, do do...But, I just find myself sitting around, playing with the dog, reading, wasting away the evening...I need to light a fire under my ass, people. I have the best intentions, and then I never get anywhere with them. I really start to get disgusted with myself after awhile!

:: I royally hate it when I put something in a place where I'm sure to remember, and then when I need it, I can't for the life of me find it! {I totally get this from my grandma McCarthy! She used to hide gifts all over the house, and then could never find them...we'd get something for Christmas that was meant for us three years before!!} Chris wants me to make him a shadowbox display with his marathon finishers medal, his marathon jersey number, and the picture of him running. We finally got the picture in the mail, and now I can't find the marathon number! I have looked every stinking place I can think of! I am at the point now where I am probably going to have to recreate it on the computer and then print it out. Not as good as having the real deal, but I guess it's better than nothing. And then maybe, one day down the line, the real one will turn up, and I can switch it out!

:: My boss asked today for us to turn in our vacation requests. Hm. I have two whole weeks to use, and need to figure out what to do with them. I know one week will be spent travelling home to St. Louis, either for Christmas or for Thanksgiving. Probably Thanksgiving, though Chris and I haven't really talked about it yet. I think the Turkey Day trip was much more relaxed and just worked out better for everyone. What to do with the other week? We've talked about a little trip to Ruidosa, New Mexico, but that would probably just be a long weekend and we could just use a few personal days for it. I'm thinking I may just want to take the week to myself, have a little "Kelley renewal" time. Some glorious time just for me, to do whatever I want. Walking around for hours in stores that I always just rush through, piddling around, going to the park to read under a big shade tree, scrapbooking, whatever my fancy dictates. Just some perfect time for ME.

:: Which brings me to this post of Carrie Colbert's blog...I thought this tidbit of information was awesome and so so true...

An introverted person recharges by being by himself / herself, while an extroverted person recharges by being around other people.

By this definition, I am certainly an introverted person. Though I am social and tend to enjoy being involved in a group of fun activity, I RECHARGE by spending time by myself. I don't really feel like I ever recharge anymore. It's hard to find the time when I'm part of a family and when I have certain responsibilities. I don't take that time that I need. So I feel a little off balance most of the time. I think a little "recharging" is in order...

:: So You Think You Can Dance is on for 2 hours tomorrow night...can't wait!!


PTS said...

Love the bag!

Work on the alone time ~ one of the most wonderful times!

Kim :) said...

Hey my friend!!

Pull yourself up by those boot straps.. I'm sure having Chris away is making you feel an little "down on life" but we can't have that!! Get up and move, do a little dance!! There is NOTHING at all wrong with relaxing in the evenings, reading, playing with the dog! Nothing at all!! Honestly, don't beat yourself up over that. We still need some down time in each day. And you ARE getting some exercise each week. Three times a week infact! It may not be running a marathon, but you indeed are moving that body getting some exercise!!!

I love that knitting bag! Way cool. :) It looks so Kelley. :) I'm sure that number from the marathon WILL show up, it may take a while to surface, but it will show up!

I say take that weeks vacation just for YOU! Man, I tell you when I took that week and did only what I wanted to do.. It was the best thing I could prescribe. I say DO IT!! It is so worth it.

You have a WONDERFUL day today! I want you out of the down on life mood, and that Happy Kelley again!

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