June 02, 2009

a day's worth

:: Feeling much much more human today, thankfully. Back to normal for the most part, except for the part that has settled into my chest.

:: Today, I was able to mark off an item that has been on my long-term to-do list, and that felt great!! The tile guy came over and fixed the three kitchen tiles that were cracked when the granite countertop fell off. So, months and months later, that is finally a done deal. Yay! Who knew how messy it would be for him to take up three tiles and put down three new ones? There was dust and old grout chunks all over this house today!

:: We had a very rough storm blow through here this evening...small hail and gusting wind and water.

:: Wednesday is bunko night, and I'm ready! I am taking a fun prize from Fredericksburg and am hoping to get it for myself! :)

:: I got my results for my cholesterol test back today. The nurse said they mailed me a detailed breakdown, but that my main number dropped from 272 to 233. I think that is pretty good for a year's worth of work. I can fine tune some changes and hopefully get it to lower under 200, like they want. I need to do a little research to see what to fine tune...but pretty pleased with my lower number...

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Susan said...

Yeah...good for you on the cholesterol...saw the storm news tonight...Zach is obsessed with the weather channel and we saw the news on it...glad you are ok.

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