December 26, 2011

merry xmas 2011

2011 was a really nice Christmas for us! We enjoyed a relaxing few days together for our first Christmas in our new home...

Santa always thinks we are better than we are...thankfully :) He showered us with wonderful gifts, a few of which are below:

This is Quentin!!!

Chris ordered this cutie from, and later found out that it was made by a woman in Lithuania! It is a little donkey made of felted wool...he could not be any cuter!!!! I love love love little Quentin!!!

Chris also bought this beautiful Fossil bag for is gloriously lovely. The leather is so soft, and I can't wait to begin toting my stuff back and forth to work in it...Love Fossil! I would rather have Fossil over Coach any day!!

Another wonderful gift from Chris, from At least I know that he reads my blog :) I posted this awhile back, and could not be more pleased with the way this looks. It is bigger than I realized, and I love that! It is called Autumn Kiss...

There were so many tennis shoes...a bright green fleece sweatshirt...a new high-end hair straightener and blow cards...scrapbook name it! I was a very lucky girl this year...

This is a wine barrel lid from Red Envelope for Chris' future wine room. Personalized for Baber! Unfortunately I had a typo on it and I almost cried when I opened the box and saw that. Instead of TX for Texas it has TS. Typos are a big pet peeve of mine...and I went and had one on a very expensive customized gift!!!!!! Boooooo!!!!!!!!!!

This is the afgan that Mimi knitted for Chris...he knew she was making it but none of us realized that she had it ready for Christmas. It brought tears to his eyes!!

A cute Juicy Couture purse for Ms. Aspen...made of velour!! She also received a ton of gift cards so she can go shopping!!!

One of Mimi's gifts was a gift card to Red Lobster so that she and Aspen can enjoy a yummy lunch out together...

Boy and girl Christmas hedgehogs for Ocho and Poppy...and some rawhide wreath bones. They loved their bones, so we'll have to give them to them more often. They don't ever get them. But they sure did occupy them for a very long time! We enjoyed our first Christmas with Ms. Poppy.

And, the family...

I hope that you all had a blessed holiday with your families. It is sad for me to be so far away from the rest of my family during the holidays. I need to work on getting them all down here to Texas one year to celebrate with us here!!!

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