March 25, 2012


It was the weekend of sod...whew. That is a back-breaking job. Every single muscle in my body is screaming, and I have never felt so exhausted. Two full days of solid physical work. Makes me very very grateful that I have a desk job!!!

Saturday morning, around 10:00, this was parked out in front of our house:

20 pallets of sod. Just waiting for the fun to begin!

As the sod guy was unloading the pallets from the truck, Chris received a text from Neeley that said, "Sod's here!" Chris was confused, as he didn't think Neeley knew about the sod. He asked, "How do you know?" and Neeley responded with, "I'm watching." We went out to the driveway and there he was, perched on his tailgate watching. Oh thank God for Neeley! He helped us both days and worked hard. We will never be able to repay our debt of service to him. He is continously helping us and he never has any projects for US to help him with!

Chris and his buddy, surveying the work.

Aspen was a big help both days...we got a lot more work out of her than I really throught we would. She is super sunburned now...she didn't apply her sunscreen very well! It was mid-80s both days and very sunny.

Mimi even helped out when she got home from work on Saturday, but we prevented her from helping on Sunday. Her breathing was not so good, after being with all the grass the day before.

No pics of me...I was taking them! Didn't need that kind of pic though, especially in my wide brimmed straw hat!!

Here's a pic of our two-day progres...14 pallets down. We have 6 more to go, and that is what we'll be doing in the evenings this week. The sod can't stay on the pallets for more than a week.

It's going to look so nice once it is all done, and once it gets established!!! The hard work will definitely be worth it.

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