April 19, 2012


:: Today, we tried lumpia! What is that? Basically it's an eggroll from the Phillipines. My coworker Vanessa is from there, and she and her sister were doing a little fundraiser. I bought a pack from them, and we thought they were very tasty indeed! It had some kind of meat, carrots, and raisens. Mmm!

:: For dinner I made homemade mac and cheese, with ham and mushrooms. It was yuuuum!

:: No dancing this evening...one of the couples in our group is in the Bahamas this week so we are pushing this lesson to next week. Feels weird not being there!!

:: Went on a nice 6 mile bike ride with Chris after work. Whew, that wind is killer.

:: So happy that tomorrow is Friday!!!! Been a long week. I'm ready for the weekend! Can't wait to scrapbook with my girls on Saturday!!!

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