July 13, 2012

dig gig

The Dig Gig was fun this year! It was held at the VFW -- they decided that we needed a large venue that was air conditioned, because the last few years have been so dang hot. The space was perfect, and we had lots of room! Being at the VFW, they did a red neck theme, which was quite interesting! People wore some funny stuff!! Chris wore his sleeveless shirt, and I wore my Nascar Ricky Bobby hat...too fun!

We had Catfish Corner for dinner - catfish, fries, cole slaw and peach cobbler. It was yummy. We played a few rounds of bingo, and then there was a talent show! Our people are quite talented, there were a lot of fun acts. And they gave Walmart gift cards for the prizes -- what's more red neck than that! :)

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