July 18, 2012

wednesday but feels like tuesday

:: Had a productive day today!! Love when that happens!

:: However, they are doing the tar roof on our section of the renovation, and the smell has given me a headache for two days now. Hopefully they are almost done. It is quite an unpleasant smell. Ew. And apparently full of chemicals that aren't good for the brain!

:: Delicious dinner tonight -- buttermilk chicken nuggets; steamed broccoli; quinoa with green olives, back olives green onion; and fresh cucumber. One of my friends gave us a ton of cucumbers from her garden and they are delicious. Another friend gave us tomatoes -- before dinner I ate one like it was an apple. Love that!!! Mm.

:: Finished the Bailey Flanigan series...very good story! I'm now without anything to read. I have a few things stocked up on my Kindle, so will need to browse through there. Any suggestions??

:: Tomorrow evening is our last dance class for the summer. August is a busy month for our group, so we decided to take the month off. We plan to start back up in September. Of course, by then, we'll have forgotten everything we've learned thus far :)

:: Chris is diligently working on another phase of his third style of wine tonight -- racking it. He is enjoying the process. Just for fun, we put a bottle of Barefoot Muscato in the fridge to chill...and will partake here in a bit! Love Moscato!

:: This weekend, while Chris is working, I am thinking about watching "Amelie"...one of my favorite movies. It has been a long time since I have seen it, and I am in the mood for a little quirky fun! He doesn't like subtitles, so he won't mind me watching without him!!

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