July 16, 2012

well howdy

:: Back to Monday...they come around so quickly!! It was a full day, with lots going on. But made it through.

:: Received a sweet gift from my coworker/friend Kathy today...a card telling me how she appreciates the big and the small things I do for her, and a beautiful green gem paperweight that is gorgeous. She laid it on my desk right at a point when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, and I turned around and just smiled. Her timing is impeccable. 

:: Made delicious salisbury steak for dinner...mmmm mmm! May have been my best yet! Saved half of mine for lunch tomorrow :)

:: The Bachelorette was entertaining this evening...ready for the finale on Sunday!!! I have been rooting for Ari for awhile, but Jef has grown on me too. Like them both. Will be interesting to see what she decides.

:: Aspen's birthday is this Sunday! Sweet 16! Unfortunately, Chris has to work all weekend on a major system conversion. So, we decided to celebrate her big day tomorrow (Tuesday). Her best friend Bailey is going to go with us to dinner at the Beehive (yum!)! and then back to our house for red velvet cake and presents. 16 -- where has the time gone? She was 6 years old when I met her. Ten years.

:: Almost done with the fourth and final book in the Bailey Flannigan series...so sad it is coming to an end. Have really enjoyed it. It's a beautiful Christian-based story, and has really opened my eyes to living a Christian life.

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