April 27, 2015

Aruba Day 2

I'm back, with a post about Day 2! Tuesday, April 21.

Chris started bright and early, and joined a group for scuba diving! This was his
first dive as a certified diver, and they dove at two ship wreck sites. He had a great
time during the dives themselves. However, the water was pretty choppy on the boat,
and after a night of adult beverages, he ended up getting sick a few times, off the side
of the boat. :) He was fine when they were under the water! Jason (Kim's husband),
Tim (a funeral director), Josh (co-worker) and Melinda (CEO's wife) joined in on the
dive, and Chris and Melinda were even reprimanded because they got separated from
the group -- Melinda was trying to show Chris a big eel!
While they dove, Kim and I met at La Vista for the breakfast buffet at 9:00 am, and
then we headed to the beach for some sun for about two hours. We had a lovely time
chatting, she is such an easy girl to spend time with. We are very, very similar in many
ways! It was so nice to have a relaxing morning with my friend!
After the beach, we moved to the adult pool for a bit of shade in a cabana --
and met our little friend! He was not a fan of being photographed :) These things were
everywhere. Big iguanas and little lizards. All different colors!
Around 2:00, the dive group returned...I met Chris and we went to have lunch
at La Vista. He took it easy, after his rough morning! Kim took this adorable photo of us at
the table! (You'll most likely get tired of this hat, I wore it all week -- it was a life saver!!)
After eating, we walked up and down the beach to see what we could see...
along the way, we came across a coworker and she took this cute pic!
It's one of my favorites of us from the trip!
The pretty beach and water...check out the palm trees and you can see
how hard the wind blows there! Non-stop!
Walking back to our resort...Mr. Baber walking on the water edge!
These neat pods were hanging from a very tall tree! I have never seen
anything like them. There were two like this, and then two much smaller ones higher in
the air. They were pretty comfy, but a bit stuffy -- no wind could enter, so it was hot!
We attempted a selfie while in the pod...not too successful! This is us after dinner.
We made reservations to dine on the beach at Simply Fish. They transform
the beach in the evenings, for romantic water front meals. Our table was right at the
water's edge. We liked some of the food and didn't like some of it too...it was a $300
dinner (but, all-inclusive!). Chris had the mahi mahi and I had the steak filet.
Not easy to get a shot at night, but here is Chris during our dinner!
We called it an early night, since we needed to get up early the next morning for our mission trip to the orphanage!!

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