April 30, 2015

Aruba Day 4

Aruba Day 4 -- Thursday, April 23

Day 4 was very relaxing, it was perfect!

We woke up at 7:00 am for workouts -- the one and only workout we did while there! Chris ran 5 miles through Aruba, and I did the treadmill in the gym. Then, we met up and enjoyed the breakfast buffet at La Vista! Kyle and Kelsey joined us for the meal, and it was great spending time with them! From there, we all headed to the pool for much of the day. The girls laid in the sun and talked, and the boys got a pool volleyball game going for a few hours and had lots of fun! We broke for lunch at La Vista with Kim and Jason, and then Chris and I walked down to some shops to get a few souveniers. Then back for more pool relaxing!

For dinner, we joined Anna and Pillar at their table for the Carnival show -- that was fun! Their costumes were very intense! It was a great evening with friends, food, and entertainment.

I'm thinking this was breakfast, because I look a little sleepy!
Or maybe it was lunch, after a frozen drink!
Chris thinks they painted this lizard -- I think it's natural! Isn't he cute! I love his polka dots!!
I caught this one in motion, sticking his tongue out!
Look at my man, getting some serious air during volleyball! It was quite
impressive! All these boys, unfortunately, ended up with burned torsos after
hours of pool water reflecting on them!
Me and Kim, relaxing!
Kelsey spent the day with us, and Jessica (left) joined us for a short time.
Thursday's sunset -- almost looks like a backdrop! So pretty.
I wore my new white dress and loved it!
One of many crazy costumes! Feathers upon feathers!
At the end of the show, we were able to go up and take photos with the performers...
this woman was in 5 inch stiletto boots, and her wing span was huge. She was holding
massive horn handles in front of her, to control the wings.
Perfect vacation day -- food and drinks and relaxation and volleyball and a fun show!

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