May 17, 2015

:: A nice, relaxing weekend is coming to an end...hope that you had a great one on your end!

:: Friday after work, we headed to Tap House for a burger -- it was the next place on the Best Burger in Abilene contest. We enjoyed our time together there, and then went for Nikki's frozen yogurt. Chris thought about getting another tattoo, but when we got there they were about to close. Another time!

:: Saturday, I did some errands! Stopped at Drug Emporium and Target, then went to Penneys to spend my birthday gift card! I found the cutest dress there! And it was on sale too, so I was able to get a bracelet and earrings to match it!

:: Afterwards, I headed home and got busy working on my scrapbook for hire! I was able to get 5 more pages done! That evening, Chris and I had dinner at Enchilada Express, and drove home in some hail...scary!

:: This morning, we had a great church lesson, and then I did the grocery shopping. This coming week, I am participating in a Group Cook experiment...I cook one meal four times...I keep one and take the other three to work tomorrow to swap with three girls. I will get three different meals from them. So, four meals are taken care of for the week. Should be interesting!! Us four girls are working on a Lunch & Learn about planning and prepping healthy meals...we will be presenting it at work on June 4th at lunch. Hopefully a lot of people will attend! One of the girls is going to discuss the concept of group cooking and so we wanted to try it out before she talked about it. So, I did my four meals today and will swap them tomorrow.

:: After that, I did some more scrapbooking -- I was able to get about three more pages done. I may be able to do a few more this evening...maybe!

:: Chris and I grilled out was delicious and so relaxing to sit on the patio with the water fountain and some wine!

:: I am happy to say that today was my first headache-free day!! I have had a headache for the past 10 days, and I was miserable. Pain meds didn't help. I tried peppermint essential oils, and that seemed to help a bit. I put it on my temples, and that brought relief. I also diffused it into the air and that was refreshing and good too. I bought an oil heater at Drug Emporium and was going to get some oils from a girl at work that sells them...until I saw the prices! Whew! I will try the cheap stuff from Drug Emporium first!!! I am hoping that today is the day of the end.

:: I should be receiving my next Stitch Fix this week sometime!! Very excited!

:: Mimi left Saturday after work for another visit to Decatur, to see Eddie! She will be back on Tuesday...hope she is having fun!

:: The week ahead...the crop is on Saturday and we also will be attending a wedding Saturday evening. Beyond that...normal week!

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