June 30, 2015

bees and life

 :: Well, last night we discovered that we had a good amount of bees, along with a few honeycombs, residing in our water meter box in the front yard. The man came to read the water meter and let us know that he would be coming back today to kill them. That sounded nice and all -- but I have this thing about honeybees. The world needs bees to continue to pollinate, and killing them puts us on a patch to losing out on that special skill. Why kill them? Just move them! We work with a man named Gregg who also deals with bees...unfortunately he was out of town for the week. He let me know of another bee guy, a husband of a coworker. So I arranged for him to come out this morning, and rescue my bees. All is good -- we are bee-free, but they have been transported to a good place (still alive)! Yay for pollination! I bet the water meter man was a bit confused when he came back today to kill them!

:: Today, my department at work hosted a wedding shower for Vanessa -- we had yummy treats to share, and we made a money tree with all of the money that people gifted. It was so cute! I made two batches of pine bark, which is made with saltine crackers, butter, brown sugar and chocolate chips. It is one of my favorite things, and every last piece was eaten my our crew. Yum yum! She is getting married next weekend (7-11) and it should be a fun day!

:: I have been reading swiftly in the "The Grip of Lions and Veils" -- it is a pretty intriguing story so far. I am almost halfway through, and I can not imagine what else the story holds. AND this is only the first book in a trilogy!

:: This evening, Chris is flying with his friend Alex...I should say, he is a passenger in the back seat while Alex flies with the instructor! But, I know he will be enjoying it, and he can learn through every experience.

:: I'd like to ask for prayers -- Chris' aunt Pat went in for a second opinion today, and discovered that her body is full of cancer. Lungs, throat, etc. She is dealing with a lot, and could definitely use prayers for peace of mind, knowledgeable doctors, and God's healing spirit.

:: I'm catching up on SYTYCD from Monday, and it's going well -- my only complaint about the audition process is that they don't show every audition. I think if someone is making it through to the next round, they need for their performance to be shown during the episode. So much depends on the audience connecting with the dancer from the beginning, and not showing all dancers starts them on uneven footing. Not fair :)

:: So there you have it -- true tidbits from my Tuesday!

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