July 12, 2015

2015 Dig Gig

We enjoyed a wonderful Dig Gig on Thursday!

The Dig Gig is our summer company party...each year, we do something different because they like to keep things fresh and fun, and they like to outdo themselves each year!! This year, we had a tailgate party in our parking lot, with five different food trucks!

The food trucks were pretty cool! We each received a punch card when we arrived, which allowed us to sample one thing from each food truck. The food trucks had pizza, grilled cheese with bacon, hamburger sliders, pork nachos, and Nikki's frozen yogurt. Yum yum!!

Us, enjoying the festivities!

Oh Ms. Nadene...there is no one quite like her :)

We had tons of drinks to choose from -- beer and wine coolers and Lime-a-Ritas and sodas and water. Something for everyone!

Me and Kim
After everyone ate, there was a Minute to Win It tournament and that was so so fun to watch!! There were 16 teams, and the games they had to do were so hilarious!! What a night of entertainment!! Ha ha! The winning team got cash, which is only fair after making fools of themselves!

Jon and Nadene (don't mind the flower crown -- she was on a Minute to
Win It team, and their name was Pushing Up Daisies)
Me and my bestie!
Taylor and Shelby
We left the Dig Gig after helping clean up...then we headed to Taco Bell with a few couples because the boys were still hungry. We had a good time laughing there...then home to fall into bed because we had to go to work the next day!!!

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