August 10, 2015

Anniversary Trip Post 2

  MONDAY, 8/3/15  

We started the day with the continental breakfast at our hotel...biscuits and danish and cereal and sausage and eggs, etc. Tea and coffee. Mmmm! From there, we moved out to the porch and the rocking chairs, and did a little more reading. This was very unlike Chris, and I loved it!!! I know it only occurred because he had reading due for his meeting, but that's ok! I'll take it! After a bit, we decided to go swimming -- this was so refreshing in the 100 degree Texas heat. Fun fun! And then, finally, we decided to leave the hotel :)

Beautiful glass sculpture on Main Street
We headed to Main Street, and we decided that we wanted to eat at the Brewery again! It really is our favorite place in town (to eat), and we tried a few new things this time. It was all yummy! They make the absolute best cheddar ale soup that I have ever had, we lick the bowl clean!! Mmm.

After lunch, we headed back to Grape Creek...our time the day before was more social and fun with Shaylee and Austin, so we wanted to have a relaxing time this journey. Being a Monday, it was fairly quiet at the winery, so we bought a bottle of wine and sat outside. We were the only ones on the Member Patio, and that was soooo relaxing. We talked, we did more reading, it was wonderful!

Grape Creek vines and a beautiful Wine Country sky
Chris, enjoying his wine and reading on the Kindle
Proof -- not a soul on the patio! :) Loved it!
We spent quite a bit of time at Grape Creek, and then headed out to have a fun evening at Luckenbach! They had a Picker's Circle, where people sing, play guitar, say poems, etc. There was a good sized crowd, and the entertainment was fun! It wasn't dancing music, unfortunately -- but we still enjoyed it!! Everyone needs to go to Luckenbach at least is quite the experience! Population: 3! And about as "country" as it gets.

This guy -- as country as it gets!! He presented original poems, and they were
pretty funny! His voice cracked me up...and look at that face!!
This one!! He was an Asian Elvis / Wayne Newton!! So funny to see!
He was pretty entertaining, quite campy. We enjoyed him.
We have been to Luckenbach before, but we had never crossed over the little wooden bridge there. It opened up a whole new world to us! Luckenbach is dry and dirt and little wood buildings. The bridge crossed a dry creek. Then, up a hill, we came upon a nice little lake and some beautiful, lush hanging ivy. Crazy!! We had fun taking some photos here! (Of course!)

And of course, a pre-anniversary kiss selfie! :) I love my man and the wonderful life that we share together! Life is never perfect...certainly ours isn't...we even had a little spat later in the evening, but we always move on and keep loving one another. We are so blessed to have one another!!

Annnnnnnd just for fun!! I'm not sure if I am yelling in his ear, or trying to bite it!! But it's pretty typical ha ha! Kind of love this one!!

We finished off our evening with West End Pizza (yum, soooo good!) and then called it an early night...another great one in the books!!

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