August 17, 2015

Texas Rangers & Marketing!

My department at work was blessed to get a second batch of Rangers baseball tickets for the season!! Jeff and I took the people who weren't able to go the first round, (except Shaylee, she got to go to both!) and it was a fun group! We were blessed to be able to take the company jet yet again -- our pilots Steven and Mason take such good care of us!
Victor, Becka, Shaylee, Emily, Jeff, Vanessa, Me, Kathy
In our seats -- row 11 and 12 right behind the third base dugout...they are such
awesome seats! Really have to pay attention to the game in case of foul balls!
It was Star Wars night at the stadium! They had the characters walking around,
and it was fun! This trooper pointed his gun right at me when I took his photo! Yikes! :)
My boss Jeff was very excited -- he went on the hunt to get photos with the characters and was thrilled to get this one! (Jeff's the one in the red, in case you couldn't tell -- ha!)
The Rangers won! We saw a few home runs too!
After the game, Darth Vader cut the lights in the stadium and we were all
treated to a fabulous fireworks show, set to the music of Star Wars. Incredible!!
On the plane ride home, lightening flashed near the plane and shook it! It was bizarre -- and then the pilots took the plane down quickly to get out of the area. Crazy stuff! But, we made it home safely! Thank you, FDLIC, for another fun evening at the ball park!!

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