September 22, 2015

Tuesday, Not Bad

:: This week is going well...being productive at work and a tad less stress than normal. It's nice to have a little breather.

:: I'm 80% into The Kite Runner now...should be wrapping things up soon.

:: Today I had lunch with my bestie and it was so nice chatting with her (even though she has a sinus infection and is losing her voice boo!) Her birthday is tomorrow and so we celebrated a little bit...nothing like a birthday lunch at Subway! :) I am certainly blessed that Kim was born all those years ago!

:: Last night as I read on the couch, I was excited to have Ms. Poppy laying with me! With Mimi home so much these past few months because of her broken bones, Poppy has been spending a lot of time with it made my heart smile when she chose me last night! Tonight...she's back to win some, you lose some...

:: Wednesday after work, I am meeting with Nadene for our mentoring...I'm looking very forward to my time with her! We are going to meet at Mad Coffee for our chat, before heading home.

:: That's all for this post -- I am going to spend some time preparing my Stitch Fix review so I can hopefully post it tomorrow!

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