March 21, 2016


:: This weather -- it's being pretty fickle. So cold in the mornings, and then around 70 in the afternoons. Then this evening, the wind has gotten insane! We're supposed to get up around 85 later in the week, and then back in the 60s over the weekend. Geeze o pete.

:: Chris is still moving around pretty slowly...he's sore and stiff...but, still so proud! Working on that post :)

:: The Walking Dead was pretty insane last night...the first 45 minutes was pretty slow actually, and then the last 15 minutes got out of control. And then Carol left! What the heck??? There are two episodes left...we think it's going to get crazy!!

:: Yoga was good today, but I missed zumba...I had an hour and a half meeting that occurred at the same time. Maybe I'll make it Wednesday! :)

:: All of our patio furniture has arrived!!! Chris was awesome and got it all put together and we set it out and it looks incredible!!! Too windy tonight, but at some point soon we'll get the cushions put on and I'll share a full photo. We got two lounge chairs and an end table for around the pool, along with two cozy chairs and an end table. Down on the patio, we got two cozy chairs, a loveseat and a fire pit. It's going to be so fun this summer!

:: I'm signing off now so I can work on the 50 mile post!! :)

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