May 11, 2016

Hagerman Natural Wildlife Refuge

So...after the concert in Oklahoma, and after our pit stop in Sherman, we started our journey home. I had settled in with my book and then Chris saw a sign that announced the Hagerman Natural Wildlife Refuge was at the next exit. Wanna take another detour and see what it's all about? Yes! Let's!

Since we have had so much rain here in Texas, the Refuge was actually flooded in a lot of places...but we still made the best of it and saw some cool stuff!

The clouds were so gorgeous while we were there!
There is not much better in this world than this right here!
We sat on that little bench for a bit...
On our way back to the main road, we stopped and visited a bunch of cows...mooo!
I love that my hubby is so spontaneous sometimes, and gets us into this fun experiences! He is the best!!

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