May 09, 2016

The Next Women of Country Concert!

For Christmas, Chris gave me tickets to see Jennifer Nettles at The Next Women of Country concert in Durant, Oklahoma! And on April 29th, the occasion finally arrived!!!

Chris and I took off work a little early and drove 4.5 hours to Durant...we cut it a little short and ended up not having enough time to stop for dinner -- we stopped by our Best Western hotel room to drop off our stuff and change clothes...then we headed back out to make our way to the casino where the concert was being held. We found our seats and settled in to enjoy the event!!

There were three opening acts -- Tara Thompson, Lindsay Ell, and Brandy Clark -- Tara and Lindsay were both good and we enjoyed watching both! Lindsay Ell was quite talented on the guitar! Brandy Clark was a bit much -- she sang for quite awhile and her songs were about shooting men and other bitter things...  :)

And then Jennifer Nettles came on!!! The one thing I immensely love about Jennifer is how overly dramatic she is! And performing live, that's exactly what she brought! She was wearing a black body suit, and on top was a flowing, long red komono -- and knee high black boots! She sang some Sugarland songs, some of her solo songs, and songs from her upcoming album! And she even threw in a few random songs, like Salt-n-Pepa's Shoop! It was such a great concert! I love every minute!

When we left the concert, we stopped by the casino -- neither one of us is much on gambling, so we each spent $1.00 on the penny slots :) I got absolutely nothing, but Chris quadrupled his money! :) He walked away with $4.00!!! Whoop!

After Chris' big win, we ate at the diner in the casino and had a yummy meal before heading back to the hotel...soooo fun! Thank you to my amazing hubby for always planning this fabulous experiences!!

Tara Thompson
Lindsay Ell
Jennifer Nettles!!!
The big winner!!

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