October 02, 2016

Weekend Recap

I'm in a major "get stuff done" mode today! It's been very productive! And overall, it's been a really nice weekend, too.

:: Friday evening, Chris had a run, so he met Kiki on their dirt rode and they ran together. Once they were done, and Chris was cleaned up, we went to dinner at Lucy's and then relaxed at home.

:: Saturday morning, Chris invited me to ride with him as he ran for about an hour and fifty minutes. It was a chilly morning, and he had a good run. The ride was nice too. We saw some wild turkey in a field, that was fun! After we got home, Neeley came over to help Chris work on the railing for the shop stairs. So close to being done with that! One more railing side to go!

:: While the boys were outside working, I was very productive inside! I did the laundry, and cleaned most of the house. That pretty much took all day! When they were done working, Chris and I met Kim and Gary at The Taylor County Tap House for dinner and drinks! It was a really fun evening with those two!! We had all planned on going to a party at a coworker's house, but they needed to reschedule it due to family health issues. I had planned to have a "treat" there to celebrate being done with Whole30, so in its place I decided to enjoy a yummy drink at Tap House. I ordered a strawberry drink with vodka, and it was yummy -- but oh my goodness, it was sooo sweet. That first sip, what a shock! After more than 30 days with no sugar, the system isn't used to that any longer. I love this about the Reset because it puts our taste buds back where they need to be. I honestly could have done without the drink, in hindsight. It wasn't as good as I had hoped.

:: Sunday, like I said, has been super productive! I picked up our groceries (still loving this service at Walmart!!) and stopped at the Natural Food Store too. Then, I came home and did all the meal prep for the week, including some breakfast items for Chris. Then all the clean up from that. Now I am taking a break and sitting down for a bit before I finish up the cleaning by doing the kitchen.

:: This coming week, our friend Nick will be in town for work! We are excited because it is his birthday, so we are going to take him out to eat one evening. Whoop!

:: Beyond that -- I have a dentist appointment and will have my book study on Wednesday at lunch. And my Food Freedom Forever book should arrive!!!! Hopefully Tuesday. Soooo excited to start reading that one pronto!!

:: My eating is going well -- I am pretty much still Whole30 for the most part. I will weight tomorrow and see if any additional pounds have disappeared. Fingers crossed! I am feeling a lot better in my skin now, but still some clothing is not yet fitting. Including my work pants, and with cooler temps coming, I really need to fit into those! One day at a time.

Have a super week ahead!!

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