December 28, 2016

Reflecting on my 2016 Goals

Be Still -- that is the theme I focused on in 2016. As I sit here and begin to reflect, I come to the realization that I didn't achieve the level of success I had hoped for -- with any of my goals. And that's okay. I'm human, and sometimes life takes us in different directions than we plan. There is growth, but in different ways than expected.

Here are my thoughts on 2016; first I will list what I had written at the end of 2015, and then I will add my current thoughts! It's so good to have this reflection, and know how I want to proceed in the new year.

I will practice "being still" (daily, if possible) by laying flat with eyes closed, listening to soft music, for about five minutes. We did this at our end of year meeting, after our group workout. I found it to be quite relaxing and rejuvenating, and I am hopeful that practicing this daily will help control my stress level more effectively. It will also be a time where my mind can be blank and allow room to listen for God's nudging.

My thoughts: I wonder why I never really made this a priority? Because, sadly, I didn't. It rarely happened. I did take a yoga class for a few months, and we did this activity at the end of each one. Beyond that, I would estimate that I did it about 5 times on my own. I loved it. Why does it seem so difficult to take five minutes out of my day to allow myself this quiet time? I always feel there is too much in the way. This really leads into what my brain is thinking about for 2017.


As I ramp up the intensity of my workouts in 2016, I want to also take time to be still and focus on purposefully stretching my muscles afterwards to help with muscle recovery and flexibility. I need to take this time for myself, instead of rushing on to the next thing -- I need help being present, instead of always thinking of next next next. I may also throw some yoga classes in there when possible!

My thoughts: Stretching has always been a low priority for me, and while I did attempt to be a little more intentional with it this was fleeting and didn't last. I did enjoy the yoga classes when I attended them for a few months. Then, my company started a summer fitness contest and encouraged people to participate in the classes. Which means there were way too many people and not enough room. So I stopped going, and then just never started again. I do very basic and quick stretching after my workouts; again, I just don't take the time. In the grand scheme of my life, the affects of this missed goal are really minimal.


Chris and I have decided to read the entire Bible in 2016...we found a chronological plan that we both like, and we are going to follow it as closely as possible so we can complete it by the end of the year. I am excited to read it in chronological order because it will help put things in order for me...that's the way my mind works :) I will set aside this time each day to be still and read His word.

My thoughts: The best laid plans! Being very analytical, I started this goal off strong and really made some great progress with it. I was marking off each day's reading and feeling good about my plan. Then, life got in the way and I got a few days behind. And then, being very analytical, I felt like I needed to catch up and get back on schedule...which caused me stress and catching up was just never possible. I made it to about May, and then got discouraged and stopped. After a few months off, I finally decided that I needed to go about it a little differently. I needed to be less structured with it, and be okay missing here and there. And I had to completely do away with the concept of 'catching up'. So, I picked it back up, and now I read what I can each time, and that has been working very well for me. I feel much less stress! So...with all that being said, I made it about halfway through the reading plan. And I am good with that! I am going to carry this goal on into 2017 and finish the second half of the plan. I think that is very doable!

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