February 28, 2017


:: It was a decent day, with a few episodes of stress. Not too bad.

:: We had Salisbury steak for dinner with mashed potatoes and peas. Mmmm.

:: Zumba was fun tonight, but I didn't have much energy...still enjoyed it though.

::  I received the album I made today, for Chris' 100 mile run! It looks so great! I am loving this digital format and Becky Higgins albums are beautiful! I will work up a post!

:: Say a little prayer...my grandma is back in the hospital...trouble breathing and chest pains. They are currently running tests.

:: It was a beautiful day here...the weather has been so warm. It's lovely. The sunset tonight was gorgeous too!

:: Pretty bummed that This Is Us is not on tonight because of Trump's address. Oi. Was really looking forward to seeing it tonight.

:: I finished Stranger Things -- I enjoyed it! It was only 8 episodes and I liked that -- it didn't give me time to get obsessed! Season 2 comes out on Halloween -- and I have absolutely no idea where they could even take it for another season. Will be interesting!

:: For now, this is all I have...I am in need of some relaxing downtime...

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