March 22, 2017

A nice evening

:: My boss returned to work today, after a 30 day sabbatical...back to business as usual! It was good to see him. He's got a beard now!

:: This evening, we had dinner with Chris' boss, Jay, who is in from San Francisco for the week. We met him at Tap House for a yummy meal and good conversation. Usually Chris and Jay have dinner together, but I was invited this time and decided to tag along!

:: Ocho has something odd going on with his is usually up and wagging and perky. Last evening, we noticed that it is hanging limp. I'm not sure if something happened that we don't know of, and it is sprained somehow? He doesn't seem to be in any pain really, but we're still going to have it checked out. I'm taking him to the vet Thursday at 3:45. It's very odd to see his tail like don't really notice a tail, until it isn't doing its normal thing!!

:: I received some good news today at work, and that relieved some of the stress I've been feeling. Whew....that helps.

:: Time to squeeze in a little relaxing before bed...ta ta!

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