April 11, 2017

A Better Day

:: Today was better...my frame of mind was much better. My stress level was better. That was much needed.

:: Chris had to get up early this morning to get his swim workout in...so I didn't see him. He had a day long company-wide meeting, so I didn't even see him at all today until 5:15, when he stopped in to our zumba class to say goodbye before he headed to Perini for dinner with the company. More of the same tomorrow.

:: I'm using this evening to catch up on some Grey's Anatomy episodes. I've got about 4 to watch.

:: I finished my book club book last night...it was pretty good, I enjoyed it! Now I've started The Circle Maker -- I'm excited to get into this one.

:: Zumba was great tonight...I worked up a sweat! I wish zumba was every night!!!

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