December 06, 2017

Hump Day

:: I have been thrown off all week, since I was off work on Monday! But, apparently today is Wednesday :) I got my allergy shot after work, so it must be!

:: Finally got a workout in after seems to be more and more difficult to fit in for some reason. Felt good to move the legs and get the heart rate up. Watched Gilmore Girls and Grey's Anatomy while doing so. Chris is swimming.

:: Made delicious shrimp and sausage jambalaya this evening for dinner and oooh it was so tasty!

:: I received the metal straws that I ordered! I'm loving the flavor of water with essential oils -- especially peppermint or lemon. The thing with oils, though -- I have to drink them from a metal or glass cup, and a metal straw because the oils are so concentrated and they break down the chemicals in the plastic straws. Definitely don't want those chemicals in my water!

:: I'm waiting to receive the foundation I bought from Younique. Excited to try it because it is full coverage and will hopefully help me cover up the sun damage on my face. I'll keep you posted. The Rodan & Fields Reverse regimen I tried didn't work at reversing the sun damage, unfortunately.  So without going to the dermatologist, the only thing I'm left with is covering it up. We shall see!

:: This weekend, I need to do some Christmas shopping and I need to scrapbook for the album I'm working on for Kasi. Busy busy!

:: And then next week...ooooooo eeeeeeeee....the craziest, busiest week of my entire year. The sales managers will be in town for a week-long meeting, we have our Christmas party, and we have our company-wide meeting. I also have to finish up 6 annual reviews for my team, and meet with each of them to discuss. Lots and lots going on. I need to eat my Wheaties.

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