March 28, 2006

oi oi oi

Have you ever had one of those days?

Where you're off and running full steam ahead, as soon as you step foot into your work place? Everything is a "hot" priority, people coming at you from all different directions. And your whole day continues to proceed at break-neck pace, until you sit still for one second and realize that your heart rate has been elevated the entire day? All the while thinking, okay, this is kind of a crazy day, but nothing really "bad" has happened...

Oh, and then it does...

Right around 4:30, a big broohaha was discovered and now a job that was over and done has to be redone. {many details being purposely left out here} Oi oi oi.

And with a huge exhale of the air you've been unknowingly holding in all day, 5:00 arrives and you can't get out the door fast enough. And really the only thing that sounds appealing is a big fat margarita, frozen please.

I'll settle for American Idol... :)

Hope you all had a sunny, happy day! Someone needed to!


Kim :) said...

oh man, I sure hope your day has started better today!! I really hate days like that! I say you can have a DOUBLE Froze Margarita!

Jackie said...

You realize you just described a typical day for me, right? LOLOLOL

Except for the elevated heartrate. Things just don't get to me anymore, I've gotten too old to get that worked up over a job, I suppose. ; )

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