March 29, 2006


Recently, a friend sent me a list of "prompts" to help write about my LIFE STORY. We all have a story, and we're the only ones that know every single detail of that story. I've been tossing around an idea in my head, to create a scrapbook around my life story. So, on days when I don't particularly have anything of interest to blog about, I'm going to randomly pick one of these prompts and work on some journaling.

This will a) give me documentation that I can use in my scrapbook at a later date and b) allow me to share some random stuff with you, about's prompt is:

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I haven't really had a TON of incredibly embarrassing events happen in my life...maybe I'm lucky, or maybe I just don't get embarrassed too easily! So, it was easy for me to pick this one...

This moment took place about two years ago...I was at work, in the process of leaving for lunch. I stopped back in the workout center to weigh myself on the scale. There were a few guys in the workout center, lifting weights. I was chit chatting with them as I stepped on the scale, and before I even knew what was happening, my knee-length skirt crossed paths with the air draft from the fan they had blowing to cool the room off. Up that skirt went, for all to be seen!

I jumped off the scale with a scream, and whipped around to see if the guys had been watching. Two of them were iffy...maybe they saw, maybe they didn't see. But the third man. He definitely got an eyeful. He was sitting on the weight bench directly across from the scale, facing right at me. And the look on his face was priceless...there's no doubt he saw! His eyes were huge, and all the color rushed into his face. Poor guy...he's one of those quiet accountant types, a model Christian, probably in his late 40s...

He had no idea how to react! So I just kind of blew it off quickly and sashayed out of the room...mortified beyond words of course, but they didn't need to know that! Now, every time I see this man in the hallway, he always averts his eyes and says "Hello, Kelley" in a deadpan voice. I've scarred him for life!


frenchy said...

That would have been incredibly embarrassing!

Sorry I haven't posted for a while- been one busy bee!

Quick question for you- how do you make the edges of your scrap layouts shadowed. It kind of looks like you've burnt the edges of all of your papers?? How do you get that effect?? Im doing a scrap book for a friends birthday and I'm hoping to get a similar effect- please help!

Kim :) said...

OH Kelley! That is TOO Funny! And I would say very much an embarrassing moment indeed!!

I like your idea to post some of these things. I feel like I can journal so much better on my blog then when I just sit down with my scrapbook..

Looking forward to more of these post!

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