March 30, 2006

spring / pears

I love getting pictures as things bloom into life...little signs of Spring, popping up all around. Such a "happy" thing...had to share this one I took yesterday. Don't know what these are, but I thought the picture turned out well! We're enjoying 80 degree weather...maybe we are finally into Spring. Time for flip flops and light skirts and tank tops. More that! Spring doesn't last too long in Texas, goes pretty much right into Summer. Gotta enjoy this while we can!! Before everything is scorched brown from the heat, and that beautiful neon lime green grass is gone...

I also want to share the above drawing...not too shabby, eh? This came home from school in Aspen's pile of work from the week. My jaw literally dropped when Chris held this up to show me. All the other artwork she's brought home has had that "grade school" look to it, cartoony flowers, etc. This has perspective! And shading! Crosshatch, no less! I think we may have a budding artist on our hands here people!

I took three Drawing classes in college and don't even know that I could draw this! We all know that I can't draw well at all, and got a "C" in my first Drawing class. Almost didn't get to continue in the art program because of that. So a 4th grader creating this really impresses me!!!

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Kim :) said...

The picture of the flowers is gorgeous!! Bring on Spring!!

And Miss Aspen did a fantastic job there! I for one couldn't have drawn that well. I am very proud of her! I think the picture should be framed! Great Job Miss Aspen!! Keep up the good work!

mama said...


beverly said...

I have read your blog for quite some time now and I have enjoyed checking in on your life as well. I'm Kim's sister-in-law. When I saw the pretty picture of the spring blossoms I felt pretty sure that the flowers are from an Indian Hawthorn bush. Great job on the picture.

Your daughter's drawing is pretty amazing especially from a fourth grader. Good Job!

suburban mom said...

wow - those pears are amazing!

mccalgiuri said...

WOW...Aspen's drawing is fantastic!!


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