April 25, 2006


No work for me on Wednesday!!! :)

Most of the people in my department are heading to the Texas Rangers baseball game...8 of us will be using one of the company vans and driving three hours to Dallas...we get to park right next to the stadium...we have great seats...we get free food in the VIP lounge...it will be a marvelous day away from work, enjoying the company of coworkers, unwinding from the stress of the past few weeks.

Gotta love perks! There are many with the company that I work for, and this is one of the fun ones. This will be my third game with the company...but it's always a fun time. It's a 1:00 p.m. game, which means we'll leave work in the morning and be gone until evening.

Did I mention that there is NO WORK!?

Woo hoo!!!!!


Kim :) said...

yeah for you!! (however, I am very jealous!) Have a wonderful time!

Christie said...

hooray for no work!

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