April 19, 2006

wedding details

Mom, here's this picture zoomed in, like you wanted to see...

Okay, all...for those interested, I thought I would post about the "details"...because there are some very interesting details to be sure! :)

The wedding ceremony was at Castlewood State Park, at one of their Lookout Points along the trail. About 30 minutes before we left for the ceremony, it began to rain a little bit, and my mom got so perturbed! It didn't last very long luckily, and just the little bit of rain brought out the blooms of the dogwood trees. So that was a beautiful sight.

Six people were in attendance at the ceremony: my mom and Randy; me; Randy's daughter Crystal and son Chad; and the woman that performed the ceremony, Sue (affectionately referred to as Voodoo Sue). Now, Voodoo Sue is one of my mom's dearest friends, and she just so happens to be: a massage thereapist; a shaman; a psychic; etc etc...she was quite the interesting woman! Very into natural spirits and the energy of crystals, things like that. So to say the ceremony was unique is putting it lightly! She has lived with the indians, has become a shaman, and as a shaman, she conducted the ceremony.

My mom 100% believes in all of Voodoo Sue's powers...her psychic abilities, everything. Me, I'm not a believer OR a non-believer...and for the sake of the ceremony, I went into it with a completely open mind...just to experience it all.

We all arrived at the Lookout Point, where Voodoo Sue was waiting on us. With an open mind, we all took part in the ceremony, and below are a few of the highlights:

:: We each took a pinch of tobacco and tossed it into the wind, as an offering to nature.

:: Voodoo Sue passed around an owl skull, and then sat it down to watch the ceremony. Owls represent new beginnings and wisdom.

:: Using the smoke from a sweet grass braid, Voodoo Sue "smudged" each of us...passed the smoke over us, then took a big eagle feather and shushed off all of the old, negative past so that we could begin anew. She smudged us on the front, and also on the back.

:: Up on the Lookout Point, it was fairly windy. And then Voodoo Sue invited the spirits in to be with us, celebrate with us, protect us, and all of the wind died away for the rest of the ceremony.

:: Voodoo Sue expressed that there were people not able to be with us at the ceremony, people who have passed away, like Randy's brother, or parents, or friends. She expressed that those people were there with us in spirit...and right about that time, down below the Lookout Point, a train began to pass us, as though it was bringing in those spirits to celebrate with us. This was an incredible sight to see!

:: While Voodoo Sue was reading through her Eskimo poems and the vows, a bright red Cardinal bird appeared in the tree right by us. Voodoo Sue mentioned that he represented the Red Road, which leads to new beginnings. The Cardinal sang for us, then hopped down a few branches closer and sang some more. It was such a beautiful sound. Before flying off, he hopped down to a branch that was well within our reach, and sang sang sang...then flew off...this was a magical moment...

:: My mom handed us each a special crystal, one at a time. We were to concentrate on putting all of our good energy into the rock, all of our good thoughts and wishes for them for their future. After handing the crystal back to her, she passed it onto the next person. They will now keep this rock full of energy and goodness in a very special place in their home.

:: Throughout the entire ceremony, the biggest, fattest bumblebee I've ever seen hovered around the Lookout Point. Voodoo Sue informed us that bees are protectors. There were also three hawks that flew overhead for awhile, and two butterflies that romped behind Sue. It was as though all of nature was there to witness it.

:: After Voodoo Sue introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Venable, the ceremony closed with a kiss. And right at that time, in the eeriest way, another train came through. As though it was picking up those spirts that were there with us, and taking them off again. My friends, non-believer or not, this was freaky!

:: And Voodoo Sue wore her green Crocs to the ceremony...which, of course, was priceless!

Not what you would call "traditional" by any means...but it was indeed a very moving, touching ceremony. Just perfect for my mom and Randy. I'm so thankful that I was able to be a part of this with them...


amy said...

Sounds like the wedding was very sweet and romantic!! Please send my congratulations to your mom and Randy. I'm not sure I'm a total believer in that sort of thing, but it seems like something special happened there!!

I miss you!!!

Jackie said...

One when Kenneth and I attended a wedding in a Methodist church, there was some sort of little "bondage" ritual where the couple's hands were bound together with a long piece of silk. We thought that was odd, LOL! Nothing on your Mom's wedding though. But it does sound truly wonderful, something just for them, and that's what a wedding is supposed to be, right?

PTS said...

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason ~ not sure I always know the reason. Little different, some might say odd but seems to be that some of the things happened for a reason...

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