April 20, 2006

more about my trip

Who couldn't fall in love with this sweet, adorable little face? Well, I must admit, I didn't "love" her as much as I had anticipated! She was as adorable as ever, but oh boy...the little bit of Jack Russell terrior in her really makes her one hyper puppy! Combine that with the fact that she is always in her cage because they are in the middle of moving to their new house, and also the fact that she isn't getting any exercise...and you get yourself one SPAZTIC pup! Meet Roxy...adorable, yes...maddening, yes... :) I'm quite surprised that I even got this picture of her, that she sat still long enough for me to capture it!

We also celebrated my 30th birthday while I was up there...unfortunately Randy wasn't able to join us for the dinner celebration, but Mom and I went for a fabulous meal at P.F. Changs. Yum! The waiter was kind enough to snap this picture of us. I enjoyed the evening with you, mom!

As a joke, this was what I unwrapped first for my gift. My first thought was, "Oh my, this wicker lamp looks just like the one that was in the kitchen of the house that my parents lived in when I was born!" And then my mom said, "That's the lamp that was in the kitchen of the house we lived in when you were born!" I about died! So funny! No, it wasn't the actual lamp, BUT it was an identical one, and it came from the dining room of the house they just bought. They got quite a kick out of making me open this! I had quite a kick walking it down to the dumpster!! I then opened my REAL gift, which was a beautiful set of rose quartz book ends. Gorgeous. And according to my mom, rose quartz is for happiness, love, and peaceful hearts. Just perfect!

And, this is the house that my mom and Randy are moving into. A cute little fixer-upper, perfect for them. The funny thing is, from the outside, it looks just like the house we lived in when I was in 6th grade. My bedroom was the one there on the right. The inside of THIS house is laid out a little differently though, and they've put so much work into it. They're officially moving all their stuff over there Friday/Saturday, and then they can make it a "home"...

It was a great trip home...I enjoyed the time with my mom, enjoyed getting to know Randy a little better, enjoyed getting to experience Voodoo Sue. Roxy was a "treat" to be sure. A good time was had by all!


PTS said...

Deja Vu ~ I had one of those wicker lamps too but in brown. I thought of Sheffield as soon as I saw the picture. It is a cute house.

suburban mom said...

wow, love all the pictures. You are a total babe-o-rama and I love pf changs. And happy birthday and that house is adorable :)

Kim :) said...

Enjoyed the post!

Roxy is adorable indeed! Maybe she was just trying to show off for you, and just got a little carried away? LOL Perhaps the next time you meet her she will be grown up a little more, more mature and a lot calmer! :)

Great picture of you and your mom! And the gift of the yellow wicker lamp.. who could've asked for anything more!! *grin* I think it would have looked perfectly in your dinning room!

The house is so pretty! It looks so homey and inviting! I think it will be a perfect place to start a new life together for your mom and Randy. Great memories to be had for sure.

Have a super Friday!

amy said...

Sounds like you had a very nice weekend. I'm glad you and your mom got to celebrate your 30th together.

I, too, thought it was your Sheffield house. I thought maybe you drove by and it was repainted or something like that. Ahhh, the memories....

Jackie said...

I'm not crazy about spastic little dogs, especially the ones that always want to like your face and have stinky breath. (Like my M-I-L's dog)

Looks like Angie and Randy found a wonderful house to make a home in.

I want to see those bookends!!!

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