May 23, 2006

all over the place

:: A three-day weekend ahead...looking so forward to that! We are planning a trip up to Lubbock, TX...we're going with the soccer team for another tournament. We're in a pretty tough bracket, so if we end up playing well we may proceed to Sunday's round. Otherwise, we'll be home Saturday evening. No plans for the holiday Monday yet...and that's A-Ok. I'm all about a good day of relaxation! Sounds good to me!

:: Finished up the book "In Her Shoes" was a good book, but took me forever to read. I think that's just because my attention span is not what it used to be, plus I also want to be reading my magazines and knitting too. There are only so many free hours in the day you know! It was a good story...

:: And now I am about to start the newest Harry Potter book! I'm so excited! It is a big-ass book, so this one is going to take me awhile too!! :)

:: Aspen's last day of school is Thursday! Where did the year go? I must say, and I know that Chris will agree with me, I am glad that 4th grade is almost over. Not the best year for Ms. Aspen.

:: Chris finally got his 3 new business suits altered, and he's been wearing them this week with his new ties. Dang, does he look dapper! Straight from the pages of GQ magazine!

:: American Idol finale performances tonights!! Woo hoo! I am excited to see what these two do to pull out the's going to be an awesome show! My vote is still for Taylor. I've liked him from the very beginning, and his antics make me smile. I would buy his cd. Katherine can sing, but she's got a bit of an "I've always gotten everything I've ever wanted" attitude, and that just doesn't sit well with me!

:: I wore a lime green shirt to work today...I think I have finally found "MY color" know, that color that you look the best in? Everyone looks the best in something different. I guess mine is lime green. I seriously got at least 11 compliments on the color today. That must mean something, yes??

:: Need to get changed...Chris and I are heading outside...he's going to run and I'm going to ride my bike. He thinks that he'll run fast enough so that we can go together, but we shall see...


PTS said...

:: 5 day weekend for me!!!

:: Such a late Idol watcher but have already tried calling in for Taylor tonight ~ that's a first too ~ dialing for a winner ~ busy, but will try again.

:: LOVE lime green ~ just makes you happy!

Kim :) said...

You DO look good in Lime Green! I would agree it is your color! :)

GOOO Taylor! Soul Patrol.. Yeah. I am so crossing my fingers that he wins.

Good luck at the tournament this weekend!

suburban mom said...

ooh, I love a well dressed man! :)

Kel said...

just popped over from Kim's blog

didn't realize your Aspen was hte same age/ grade as my Elleah -

4th grade is tough! I've been through it with 2 now, not looking forward to 5th grade (again) that was the worst, but it peaked and 6th has been better -

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