May 24, 2006

more random

:: Yep...I'm in the Soul Patrol...go Taylor! Tonight is the whole family is keyed up to see the finale tonight, me and Mimi rooting for Taylor and Chris and Aspen rooting for Katherine. Chris and Aspen have signs even, with McFever on it...but, Mimi and I are so sure that Taylor is going to win, we don't NEED signs! :)

:: I am in dire, dire, dire need of a haircut. A trim of at least two inches. I feel like I am overwhelmed with hair. When it's so long that it gets caught in your armpits and you nearly behead yourself, that's when you know it's time!!

:: I am so badly wanting some espadrilles. I have looked ALL over town, and there are none that I like in Abilene. None. So, I finally decided that I would go ahead and order the ones out of the Chadwicks catalog that I like (see sidebar for link, I want the white ones)...they are on BACKORDER! Am I not supposed to have espadrilles this summer????

:: I've been listing lately...guess that means that I'm lacking big topics to discuss...after the soccer tournament this weekend, I'm sure that I'll stories and pictures...

Edited to add: Woo hoo Taylor!!! Go Soul Patrol!!! :) Quite the finale, I thought...lots of famous people. I was blown away that Prince was there! Goodness!!! I was also so excited because I thought that U2 was going to be there to sing with Elliott, since he was singing that song. Mary J. Blige?? What a let down. Katherine looked absolutely gorgeous in the gown she wore to hear the winner announced...and Taylor looked quite dapper in his tux...

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PTS said...

Taylor Rocks! He did it!

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