May 09, 2006


Is it possible that I have found my Ocho? Maybe.

On my break today, I thought I'd look at the local Rescue the Animals site to see what was there, since it's been quite awhile since I've looked. And there on page 3, was this sweet little face. A black chihuahua male mix, about 4-5 months old. Exactly what I was wanting for my Ocho.

And he's at the shelter that is literally right around the corner from my office. Meant to be?

I'm going to head over there tomorrow on my lunch hour. Feel him out. See what his personality is like. I want a fairly calm pup. Find out why he's at the shelter. But, I can't pass up going to see him, at least. When something happens that is like what you were hoping for, you very well can't pass it up entirely!

I am a little gun shy though. The whole experience with my mom's puppy Roxy really made me question whether I want a puppy. I wanted one sooo bad, but then a weekend with Roxy made me remember puppyhood. And all the non-fun stuff that goes with it. So I'm really going to have to think on this one. I LOVE my two adult dogs, they're calm and sweet. Trained. Am I ready for a pup??? Also, I don't know what he is mixed with...hopefully NOT a Jack Russell Terrier!!!

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Jackie said...

Well? Did you meet Ocho? Or was he a spastic little demented demon puppy?

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