May 19, 2006

look what we did

Chris thrives on impulsive decisions...after telling Aspen over and over again that no, she couldn't get her ears pierced, tonight at the mall he says, "Hey Aspen, wanna get your ears pierced??"

There's a history here, of course. Aspen had her ears pierced a long time ago, and the post stuck into the area behind her ear while she slept. Over time, this caused a lump of cartiledge to form there, and she had to have surgery to remove this lump. So Chris has been leery of getting them pierced again.

The girl that pierced them said that she would move the earring backs back as far as possible so that very little of the post would be sticking out. So hopefully, all will be well. Now it's just a matter of Aspen doing as she should and cleaning them 3 times a day/rotating them often. We'll see how it goes!

p.s. keep reading...there's another tantilizing post below! :)

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Kim :) said...

yeah!! How fun. :) I bet things will go better with the earrings this time. :) How fun for Aspen.

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