May 04, 2006

on the horizon


We can almost see the end of our debt, it's right around the corner! And with that comes a big old sigh of relief. And an excitement about our future and what lies on the horizon...

Our wedding!

We've agreed to diminish our debt before planning anything for the wedding...and then we want to save up money for the wedding, instead of putting it on a credit card. And to imagine that it's almost time for us to start planning for the wedding is so exciting!!

Chris and I talked a little about this the past two days...our original plan was to get married in Jamaica, which is a lovely idea. But after talking, we aren't sure that's the route we want to go anymore. We've both been to Tahiti now, and it would be pretty hard to beat that. It's top of the line tropical beach! Would we really be happy having our wedding not be the best experience?

I think we're leaning more toward having the wedding in some destination within the United States, some destination that neither of us have been to. We're thinking east coast maybe, like the Hamptons, or even Mackinaw Island. Somewhere quaint, with a lot of personality and beauty. We're just now rolling this idea around, and have to look into a lot of things.

But it's a start!

And it's so fabulous to even be thinking about this!!! I know our wedding will be beautiful and meaningful, no matter where we have it. Now we just need to figure that all out! :)

So tell me...know of any interesting locales???? :)


Kim :) said...

I am so dang excited for you guys!! Getting the debit paid off before you get married as a wonderful idea. Having the debit paid off will make life so much easier, so much more relaxed!

The idea for the wedding sounds wonderful also! You're right, it will beautiful and meaningful where ever you choose to say your vowels.

Great news indeed!!

Jackie said...

I think you should get married in Mississippi, but that's just a selfish idea on my part. I've heard the casinos in Tunica and Philadelphia are really nice...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

You KNOW I had to try! : )

Great news about the debt. I need to learn how to pay our all off!

I've heard so much about this tiny iron...please educated me on what exactly you'll be doing with it!

Miss you!!!

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