June 01, 2006

got away

Well, the evening got away from me...and now it's time for bed and I realize I forgot to blog!

:: Aspen needs new basketball shoes for her camp next week...I guess Chris will be taking her to Academy tomorrow at lunch...her foot is growing like wildfire. It's crazy. She was wearing a childrens size 3 when school started, and now she's wearing about a womans size 6! How does a foot grow that fast!? It's almost as big as mine, and she's 9!

:: Had a phone call surprise this evening...thought it was my mom, but no! It was my new step-dad Randy! So sweet...he called to make sure I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, that I knew it was on...loved that!

:: Ocho has taken over Little Man's big polka dot pillow bed. ! Little Man is not happy, not one bit. A trip to PetSmart is in the works for Saturday...we need to get Ocho his own bed, and two new bowls too. He will NOT eat out of his metal ones for some reason?

:: Ocho slept through the night last night! A full night of sleep for me! Let's see if we can make it two nights in a row!!

:: I'm working up the legistics of a new scrapbooking job...looks like it might be two full scrapbooks and one smaller 6"x6" album. It will be a nice chunk of change, and also a great chance to do some very girly, fun pages!

:: My brown dog carrier with pink polka dots is on its way to me! It is scheduled to arrive on Monday!!! (see the Wishlist sidebar for a picture of it!)

:: Okay...I'm spent...


Kim :) said...

Kelsey's feet did the EXACT same thing!!! I felt like such a bad mom when we went for schools and her shoe size was so much different then what she was squeezing her foot into! It amazes me that their feet grow so fast!

What a sweet call from Randy!! Got to love Step parents like that. :) He's a keeper all the way around it seems!

Yes, you must find Ocho his own bed. :) That carrier is adorable! I can so see you carrying it around with little Ocho inside!

Have a super weekend! We will give you call to see when we can come by and see that adorable puppy!

Jackie said...

Great that Ocho slept through the night. Maybe he needs to hang out with Ashleigh for awhile...

I meant to watch that show, maybe I can catch it next time around.

That carrier is so cute-100% Kelley! Can't wait to see photos of Ocho in it.

suburban mom said...

yeah for full night's sleep!!! :)

PTS said...

Sleep ~ gotta love it!

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