June 12, 2006

things you always wanted to know {i'm sure!}

:: I can not sleep under a ceiling fan...it makes me cough...

:: I hardly ever wear anything gold...I am a silver girl. And my gorgeous engagement ring is platinum...

:: I am obsessive about sunscreen. My skin is pale 365 days a year. If I can prevent getting a sunburn, I will. I'd rather have pale skin that is the same shade all over than have tan lines. Ick.

:: I am a serious hater of visible bra straps.

:: I walk with great posture...I actually get compliments on it! Someone even asked me if I've been in pagents! (uh, no...)

:: There is no better way to waste away a day than by reading a good book.

:: I am obsessed with cherry Icees...I stop and get one whenever I can.

:: I will not ever write with a ball point pen. Only gel ink for me. As handwriting is so important to me, you know!

:: I will never wear gouchos. Or Crocs. Or tube tops.

:: I don't like my face to be wet. After I wash it in the shower, I have to immediately dry it off.

:: I wasn't obsessed with my eyebrows until I met Chris...

:: I have no patience. None. Sorry Clarence. I have failed you.

:: I would rather buy ten things for $10 than one thing for $100...

:: I hate mopping the floor. So much in fact that I just don't do it! (Sorry Chris) What's the point, when it never looks any cleaner when I'm done??

:: I hate the taste and smell of beer. But I love the way Chris' breath smells after he's had some.

:: I firmly believe that if you can't walk properly in high heels, you should NOT wear them!

:: I don't like having emails in my inbox...I like to answer them as soon as possible and get back to my clean inbox.

:: I do not participate in organized sports.

:: I am not an outdoorsy girl...I hate being hot, hate sweat, and the allergy-aftermath is just not worth it.

:: I would love to have a screened in porch with a hammock in it...or a porch swing...

:: I could eat my weight in chocolate.

:: I can not do math in my head.

:: I believe that cancer and drugs are going to be the end of the world.

:: I have milk every night with dinner.

Maybe there was something in there that you didn't know????


PTS said...

Some not know ~ know or assumed a lot and agree on a good percentage! Patience...

Kim :) said...

Loved this list! I always enjoying finding out little things like this about my friends!

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