April 26, 2009

best birthday on the books

Well, it's official...I just celebrated my best birthday on the books! #33 has been great so far!

Having my mom here with me on my actual birthday was gift enough...we figure it's been since high school since we've been together on the actual day...and that is 15 years ago! So, very special indeed...

On my birthday, my mom and I slept late and then met Chris for lunch at Zookini's salad bar. Delicious and great company! From there, mom and I headed to the park for some relaxation. It would've been perfect, except for the biting ants! That made it a little less relaxing...and then, once everyone came home for the day, we all went to the Beehive for a delicious dinner...we had a great waiter and my steak was like butter...mmmmmm yum! And the nice waiter took a photo of us all...

Then home for gifts and ice cream cake!! Oh, delicious "dirty" ice cream cake! (My granny gave me permission to "eat dirty" on my birthday, so I took her up on that!)

Aspen lent me her tiara for the gift opening...I'm such a princess, eh?

And Chris, my husband...sweet husband who always spends way way too much money...on top of flying my mom down here for the festivities, he bought me this amazing Kate Spade wallet...it's gorgeous!!

I got lots of goodies...a gift card to Whole Foods...gift cards to Express for more yummy work clothes...an adorable stuffed animal that looks just like Ocho! A hummingbird feeder and pole for hanging...a very cute glass birthday cake that doesn't have "one calorie"...very sweet and thoughtful gifts...I am very loved!

And then, of course, we took lots and lots of photos :) It's my birthday and no one could tell me no!

I enjoyed my birthday 100%! Surrounded by people I love, being just a wee bit spoiled...what is better than that!!


The Stucks said...

What a wonderful birthday for you!!! Nothing is better than a visit with your mom...your first home. So glad you had a great celebration!

Kim :) said...

It sounds like a perfect 33rd birthday! I'm glad that your mom was able to make the trip and surprise you. Great pictures, and even better memories!

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