May 25, 2009

memorial day weekend

What a lovely 3-day weekend! Ahhhh...

Friday, we went to Celebrate the Arts to watch Aspen perform with the Honor Band...that's her below, in the pink. They sounded great! She has become quite the little flute is winding down for them...this coming week is their last week, with Thursday and Friday as Early Release days...and then summer begins.

We had a pretty full and busy weekend...but we did manage to sleep late here and there...which Ocho greatly enjoyed. For such a young guy, he sure loves to sleep!

Our plan was to work in the yard on Saturday, head to Fredericksburg for a day trip on Sunday, and continue with the yard work on Monday...

Below is a pic to give you an idea of the weed situation we are dealing with:

We have seven flower beds that look like this. Oi. Some of the weeds are as tall as Aspen! We are making good progress in the front three beds. Two are completely cleared out, and the third is on its way. Chris bought a tiller and we got the main big bed mostly tilled on Saturday...

Our West Texas dirt is for the birds...worms don't even live in it! Chris was able to get almost done with this bed, but his extension cord wasn't long enough. By the time we got to Lowes to buy another one, it was too late to continue on that day. We made some good progress though.

Sunday, we woke up early and got on the road to Fredericksburg. I love that little town! Aspen spent the nigh with some girls, so it was just me and Chris on our outing. We had such a lovely day!!! We had lunch at our favorite brewery, did some shopping, and made it to our favorite winery to get a new stock of our signature wine. Mmmm. Even sat out on the patio and enjoyed a bottle before taking off. We bought some goodies that I am excited about. First is this huge planter for our front porch, right next to the front door:

It took Chris and I forever to figure out what to buy to plant in it...neither of us is good with the plants. I think we chose some good stuff, so now I just have to keep it alive! My black thumb is ever-present, but I am determined! It looks so nice next to the door.

We also bought this very cute metal fencing to put across the front of the house, between our arch. It's adorable, and I think once we get that flower bed under wraps, that will be a cute little area.

We also bought a metal sculpture to hang on our back porch, on the fireplace...

In addition to all that metal, we spent a good bit of time in the scrapbook store, where I purchased bunko prizes for the next 7 months! Oh, the bunko girls are going to love these goodies! Too bad I am going to try to take my own prize each month! With our scrapbook challenge this year, we are all determined to use up our existing stock. Pages only count if we use old stuff. However, bunko prizes do not count in that, and CAN be used. All of that means that I have not done any scrapbook shopping this year, except for bunko prizes. That is a big accomplishment :)

Unfortunately, it rained some on Sunday, and then a little on Monday. Which means our flower beds were too wet to work in, which stalled our progress. Blah!!! We can only do what we can do...

In other news, I am excited because I found a table for our entry way...I want to go and purchase it this week sometime.
This table is just long enough and skinny enough to be perfect for that area...I have been looking for a table for awhile, but everything is too expensive. This is a good price, and now I just need to decide what to hang above it.

I finished the book I was reading...Same Kind of Different as was actually very good, and very heartwarming. It is a true story, and takes place around this area where I live. It is definitely worth a read. I picked up two more books this evening, and am not sure which one I will start with. Both are Jody Picoult books...

Well, I'm pooped, and need to get my to-do list ready for the week. Then into bed I go!

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Kim :) said...

SOunds like you guys had a great weekend! I love your new items for the yard!

Can't wait to see those bunko prizes you bought!

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