May 27, 2009

my day

:: Slightly stressful day at work, but I made it up messes, but all well in the end.

:: Received my Gold Canyon candle order today and my house smells sooooo good! I got the crisp green apple scent and I'm in love...

:: Talked to my doctor today at my annual appointment...was thinking about having my tubes tied, but he mentioned an alternate procedure called Essure. Has anyone had this done? I would love to hear your take on it. To me, it sounds much less invasive, and seems to provide the best protection. The brochure he gave me does mention that people with allergies to nickle shouldn't have it done, so I need to break out my allergy list and see if that's on there. My body is very weird with stuff like that.

:: I'm going in the morning to have blood work done to test my cholesterol. I am very interested to see if my number has improved, because my horrible results on last year's blood work (272!!!)is what started me down my Clean Eating path. I will let you know...

:: Dear sweet Kim is letting us borrow her "Losing Control & Liking It -- How to set your teen (and yourself) free..." book. I have already started it, and can tell it's going to be a good one.

:: Rode 5 miles on my bike this evening as Chris ran beside me. Felt good to let the stress of the day drain out through my pedals, and feel the warmth of the 6:00 sun on my skin.

:: Short weeks rock...tomorrow is already Thursday!!!

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