November 16, 2011

just another day

:: So, it's been a few days! Lots of tv watching one night, and we went to a college basketball game last night. Plus, just not much to blog about!

:: Poppy seems to be doing better. I am still giving her the medicine though, and so we'll see if she stays well after the medicine stops!

:: Mimi is back to work tomorrow...she is ready, she has cabin fever...

:: They have started on our landscaping!!! They sprayed the weeds yesterday and today we came home to a guy bulldozing the yard and making it level. It's so exciting to see progress! To see a beginning! I will post pictures along the way...

:: We've postponed our annual photo shoot, so I have a few weeks to decide what we're going to wear! I know the location I want for our Christmas card photo, and need to come up with the pose :) And time to order envelopes...

:: I've been printing off coupons...gotta get this figured out!!!

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