November 17, 2011

thursday tidbits

:: Today I wore a cute outfit revolved around my leopard print scarf that I love...with 32 degree weather, it was so nice to be all snuggly all day long. 32 degrees outside means 25 degrees inside at work...always so cold in there. I might need to buy some more scarfs. Or make some!

:: I've been on a mission lately with my wardrobe...trying to pair things together that I normally wouldn't pair, step out of my box a little bit. I think it's been fun, and I've had some success pulling together some cute looks. The JCrew catalog inspired me, as well as In Style magazine. The things they pair together are so random (and I don't necessarily think they all work), but it showed me some things to try.

:: Left work at 3:00 today and took Aspen to get her sophomore shots. Had to go downtown to the health department...all I can say is that I wish we had a direct, fast route to downtown from our side of town. But we don't. We can zip down the highway lickity split, but then get stuck in lights all the way down S. 1st. Or we can get stuck in lights and traffic all the way down Treadaway and it takes forever. It's such a frustrating drive.

:: We grilled out a yummy dinner tonight...burgers, baked potatoes, onions...only the propane must've been too cold because the grill never really got going. It took a very long time for dinner to be ready! But it was tasty...

:: Poppy wore her first winter sweater today! She wasn't sure what to make of it at first. But she sure looked cute!! :)

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