November 21, 2011


On Sunday, we enjoyed a very special treat!!

Pastor Moses came to visit! And went to church with us!

Pastor Moses is from Uganda, but lives in Dallas. He was part of the group that Chris traveled with to Uganda on his Sabbatical. Moses' father is the Bishop in Uganda, in charge of 100s of churches there. He is a very important and powerful man, and when he retires it is expected that Moses will come home to take over the position.

Moses is an amazing man, with a wonderful presence and spirit. He is filled with God, and is a joy to listen to. He was passing through Abilene Sunday morning, and stopped in to see us. We also had three full computers to give him, so they can be shipped to Uganda. These were donated by our company, and we have had them for about a year, waiting for Moses.

He arrived around 10:00 and we chatted for a bit over coffee and hot tea. Then we headed to church and enjoyed the singing and the service together. From there, he was even able to partake in our church's Thanksgiving meal, and he enjoyed meeting people and telling his story. Then it was back to the house, where we visited some more...he is a great story teller, and knows the scriptures as though they are burned in his mind. We talked about a good many things, and before he left, he prayed a wonderful blessing over our family and our home.

It's amazing how lifted up my heart felt just being next to him. God is smiling upon him! Before he left, we snapped a few photos for the scrapbook...what an amazing man! I am so thankful that Chris met him, and that he is a part of our life now.

We look forward to his next visit, whenever he is next passing through...and maybe one day, Chris and I will head back to Uganda with him...

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