November 22, 2011

quick bullets

:: Love crockpot meals that smell so good when you walk in from work! Waiting for the rice to finish up and then it's time for supper!

:: We enjoyed our Thanksgiving luncheon at work today and it was so yummy!!! Smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, cranberries, rolls, was delicious. Needed a nap after that!

:: Finishing up the last load of laundry today...our dryer has a major squeak and it is so annoying!!

:: Who will win the disco ball on Dancing with the Stars tonight?????

:: It is foggy and cold and wet to just snuggle up in. Which I love, except I've been so hot lately. Isn't it too early for hot flashes??? I'm only 35!! Chris looks at me like I'm crazy when I walk outside in a sleeveless shirt...

:: One more day of work and then off for four days. Then December will be interesting as I'm taking random time off then too. Can't wait!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hot Flashes - oh no! Hopefully for you - not! PTS

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