November 13, 2011

the weekends are too quick

We didn't have much planned for the weekend, but still managed to fill it up!

:: Friday evening, we had dinner at Mary's...then shopped briefly at the mall. I bought two pair of new earrings, and Chris looked at the Xoom tablets. Once we got home, I laid on the couch with Poppy and the fuzzy blue blanket and read from "Blue Like Jazz"...

:: Saturday, Chris made us breakfast! We had scrambled eggs and toast, yummy! It's so nice to wake up to breakfast on the table! We ran quite a few errands after that...went to get carpet for the platform in the media room, but the store ended up being closed. Went and had the battery replaced in my watch. Had a delicious lunch at Szcheuan's...mmmm! Shopped at Target for socks and tights, along with a new Keurig coffee/tea maker. Ours went kaput, and we love it it was time for a replacement. Picked up a couple more pretty pillows at Pier One, for the living room couches. Then, before heading home, met Stephen, our landscaper, to look at trees. They are supposed to get started on our yard this coming Tuesday!!! I will try to post a photo of the landscape plan.

:: Saturday evening, Chris and I went to the Abilene Christian University Culture Show. A fellow marketing employee was part of the Philipine dance, so I wanted to go and support her. It ended up being a great evening, with so many fun dances from China, India, and around the world. All of those ethnicities are represented at the university, so it was fun. Afterwards, Chris and I grabbed a treat at Nikki's (I had the No Sugar Added variety), and then he was still hungry so we also stopped at KFC! :)

:: Sunday, we went to church and enjoyed the guest singer Zack. He is the brother of Josh, who was our old singer (Faith's husband). It was really great having him there, and made me realize just how much I miss Josh's style of music. Jessica has a beautiful voice, but it just isn't the same. From there, we did the grocery shopping, did some cleaning and laundry, and now we are wrapping up the weekend and preparing for the week ahead.

:: Poppy is still getting sick, so I am not sure what is going on. She had about 3 days where she was good, and now she is back to throwing up after every meal. We are wondering if her food is somehow making her ill...possibly a bad batch. We're going to pick up a different kind tomorrow and see where that takes us. It may come to another trip to the vet.

:: The crop is this weekend, and I am looking very forward to it!! Can't wait!

:: And Sunday is our annual photo shoot with the Halfmann's. Need to figure out what we're wearing and where we're going!

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